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Posted By : Ava Zinn
Watching live TV online, just not the same

Nearly a month and a half has passed by since the fateful storm June 29. One of my neighbors, Brian, mentioned that he would be subscribing to cable television from Bright House, and that really touched a nerve, and I had no choice besides getting high speed internet from AT&T’s U-Verse.

I have heard a lot of feedback about U-Verse High Speed Internet and TV. However, I am one of the 10 percent that still watches TV over the air and have been since dropping Bright House (and cable TV) alltogether–not because of the cost, but the repercussions that stemmed from the WISH-TV/Bright House dispute from October 2008.

So I had no choice but to get AT&T High Speed Internet, however, initially, my home phone got knocked out after the High Speed activation and was unable to make or receive phone calls (or even send FAXes) for nearly five days.

After reading posts on the WXIN (Fox 59)/DirecTV dispute in April 2012 and The WLKY/Time Warner Dispute last month (and apparetly a solution that really led to what I am having to rely on for the time being until I relocate from Marion to Indianapolis, shown below)

Harrisburgh,PA (WPMT): Pretty much all SD, no widescreen of any kind (via livecaster.tv)

Tampa (WTVT)

West Coast feed (three hour delay)–Los Angeles (KTTV)

I was surprised to watch the Chicago feed (something I have not done since I was in diapers) from BarryDriller.com (but lost the feed Monday night)

I can say that watching live online is really not 100 percent the same as watching on TV… (so in a way I am really watching satelite without the dish and since my current apartment complex’s lease prohibits satelite, but allows high speed interent and eventually U-Verse TV). Nonethless, I am watching an out-of-market affiliate mostly Tampa and to a lesser extent Los Angeles.

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