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Posted By : Ava Zinn
It's Official…. GasAmerica is Now Speedway

You have been hearing about the Speedway buyout of Gas America and I can say that it is pretty much offical as of Saturday morning.

As I walked towards what was Gas America in Marion (see photos), I saw the GasAmerica sign and storefront still in existence. But don’t let the sign fool you. As I got closer to enterance, I was emotionally moved as the newest Speedway store in downtown Marion officially becomes the second such Speedway store in Marion after normally visiting the Speedway store on the North side. If you had read my earlier posts about the repercussions that my dismissal from Indiana Wesleyan Univeristy, you should know that the southside Marion Speedway store is located in the NO IWU ZONE and thus prior to May 12, 2012 the only Speedway in Marion available was the northside Marion Speedway store.

Just about one hour after learning (from a subordinate, worst of all MY OWN SUPERVISOR AT CAREY SERVICES) that Hollie Cavanagh got eliminated and was very pissed that I did not get to see the results show due to poor reception, and if you are reading this and known me from high school or Carey Services, you know I was surprised as this was the first time in the five years of watching American Idol that I had to miss a results show due to reception issues–whether it is due to bad weather, a bad signal on my landlady’s or WXIN-TV’s end.That is completely unacceptable and I have to blame the landlady (not 100% sure on this though) for causing the problem. Someone is going to end up pay yours truly a fine of $110 for the cost of yours truly missing the American Idol results show out of all days for this to happen–IT WAS TEN YEARS TO THE DAY THAT MY MOTHER PASSED!!! Unbeliveable!

Back to the Speedway buyout of GasAmerica, while I was, for the last time (for now) Thursday night, visiting the Speedway store on the North side of Marion where near the end of my purchas of a 44 ounce fountain drink and two hot dogs, I informed one of clerks about the Speedway buyout of GasAmerica and would be going to the “Downtown Marion Speedway” (formerly Gas America).

Saturday night, I made good on that promise and while I entered, and I was ready to use the Speedy Rewards card the second I saw with my two eyes that Speedway buyout of GasAmerica became evident and official. Once again, I purchased a 44 ounce fountain drink and two Roller Grill items, and saw other customers very surprised to learn that Gas America is history and no more. If you didn’t see the signs that GasAmerica’s Convience Card program was ending on May 9, 2012, and did not see my tweet earlier last week, hang your heads in shame.

So let me tell you what you will now be seeing what was GasAmerica Store #90 (as well as the 87 other now former GasAmerica stores in Indiana and Ohio) and now Speedway Store #8084 located at 318 West Third Street. However, if you look at your Speedy Rewards or Speedway receipt from the downtown Marion Speedway you have probably noticed the address is “1335 S Lebannon St.” I, as a fellow Speedway customer have contacted Speedway Customer Service about the address correction last Monday and in an email from a Speedway officail told me that “a date to convert to Speedway has not been finalized. The address will be updated once Speedway (we) have converted (from GasAmerica).” Nevertheless, her is what you can expect now that Speedway has officially bought out GasAmerica.

  • The fountain drink prices are higher
    • Gas America: Up to 32 oz were 79 cents and 44oz and above were $1.09
    • Speedway (not 100%): 20 oz. 89 cents, 32 oz. 99 cents , 44 ounce $1.39 – With your Speedy Rewards Card, when you buy any six Fountain, Speedy Freeze Frozen, Iced Coffee, or Hot Beverages and receive a coupon for your choice of the 7th any size beverage FREE
  • You will need a Speedy Rewards card instead of the Gas America Convience Card
  • The coffee prices are higher
    • Gas America: 99 cents got you 20 ounces of coffee
    • Speedway: 99 cents now gives you just 12 ounces. – With your Speedy Rewards Card, when you buy any six Fountain, Speedy Freeze Frozen, Iced Coffee, or Hot Beverages and receive a coupon for your choice of the 7th any size beverage FREE
  • Roller Grill Items
    • Gas America: Prices really varied if you purchased a hot dog or a Tornado.
    • Speedway: Any roller grill item is now two for $2.22 or $1.49 for just one. However, with your Speedy Rewards card, when you buy any 6 Food Court Club items (Hot or Cold Sandwiches, Pizza slices, Roller Grill, Nachos, Salads, Speedy Treats, and Fruit Cups) and receive a coupon good for 1,000 Speedy Rewards Bonus Points to be used for anything.

There is one benefit that Spedway’s buyout of GasAmerica’s stores has is that the fact the downtown Marion Speedway along with the already existing northside Marion Speedway that I visit.

Besides the two aforementioned Marion Speedways, yours truly has also been to two other Speedway stores–one in Wabash, Indiana on August 17, 2011 and one in Dayton, Ohio (while I was at a layover on my way to my American Idol audition on July 13, 2011.) There will be more Speedway stores in the event should I relocate from Marion to Fort Wayne or most likely the signs are pointing to Indianapolis.



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