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Posted By : Ava Zinn
New Allegations Learned About Mississinewa 500 Cold Case Incident


All of my friends, fans, followers, subcribers, and my family know the pain we have experienced over the past 11 years since that fateful evening in April of 2001 and having the case related to the incident finally closed on April 28, 2012. As deeply as I have begun to move forward and finally find someone new and the strength to move on with my life considering the case closed.

This evening, I have learned from from a cease and desist letter that there has been a case of hearsay, libel and slander involving the now former prom date involved in the incident . Until today, I had to post the person’s name that lost the prom date title and has just realized what was happening after the case was finally closed 11 years after the night of the incident. That individual has has notified yours truly to cease using the name on any web site owned and/or operated by yours truly, starting with Aeverine.info and on the Aeverine Zinn Facebook profile and page. .

One can only imagine what impact this new development has had upon the involved parties as they process this information. I am cooperating fully with that person who I will now change the name of to protect the privacy of that individual instead of the real name of the now former prom date.

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