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2001 Mississinewa 500 incident to be revealed Friday, as late as Saturday

CREATED: April 25, 2012 3:00 PM EDT (Aeverine Zinn)
UPDATED: May 8, 2012 10:30 PM EDT (Robyn Matthewson)

The friends and family of yours truly are bracing for an investigation into the 2001 Mississinewa 500 (Mississinewa High School’s Junior Senior Prom) incident at Mississinewa High School that sparked controversy between ________________ and yours truly.

The report from Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates will be revealed during a Zinn family Friday evening, if not Saturday afternoon.

Despite a restaurant mishap that may have led to the incident April 28, 2001. Outside investigators were called in eight years and four months after the incident.

At first, Aeverine Zinn (yours truly) was blamed for the incident. Other attendees of the prom, said their own investigators have come up with other findings regarding whom yours truly really took to her high school prom.

“Indications are that one person actually spent significantly more time than originally reported,” said one prom attendee in a 2003 interview. “We consulted with some consultants. We’re waiting to find out what all the facts were.

“The initial information from 2001 was, although there was a conversation between Ava and Margaret (Aeverine’s mother) about the age of the prom date, that this lack of the so-called Romeo & Juliet law occurred well in advance of the the night of the prom.”

An independent public safety consultant said he expects the report to paint a picture of confusion and legal failures.

“There were problems with the decision matrix,” said one individual, “and there were some decision making issues. It wouldn’t surprise me if Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates find that there was some decision paralysis because of the amount and nature of stimuli that decision makers were faced with and feared.”

Another individual also expects that the entire Zinn family be punished for providing false information and yours truly a lack of social skills, lack of dating and relationship establishment, the curfew Ms. Zinn had to abide by during her senior year, unwillingness of the Zinn family to support Ms. Zinn at the time, lying about the prom date’s age, and weak dating and relationship skills may provide a preview of the report.

“I think that these reports are going to look an awful lot like any Grant Blackford Mental Health diagnosis report in that they are going to identify a series of issues but they are not necessarily going to assign blame.”

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