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Posted By : Ava Zinn
More havoc wreaked on relationship search… (BS ALERT)

The hunt to replace Chrsity has been non-stop since November of 2010. Just this morning, I was chatting online with another woman I had met on the dating  web site AreYouInterested.com, turns out she is a UK woman not interestd in dating a transwoman.     Here is the conversation for those interested (Note that the name of the chatter has been changed to “UK girl” have been used.  

AVA: Hi there

UK girl: hi

AVA: I did some research of the UK and tell me what you like about your locale

UK girl: not much hun

AVA: Are you considering moving to the US?

UK girl: yeah wht

UK girl: why*

AVA: I am also thinking about relocating as well.  From Marion, Indiana USA to Indianapolis, USA

UK girl: ok

AVA: London is also a good place.

UK girl: lol no it aint

AVA: What do you like the least about the UK?

UK girl: its a dump

AVA: Tell me more about yourself.

UK girl: what you wanna know?

AVA: You met on Are You Interetested.

UK girl: yeah

AVA: You look very stunning, nonetheless.

UK girl: ty hun

AVA: What do you like doing as far as your hobbies?

UK girl: reading writing and watching tv

UK girl: mainly

UK girl: you?

AVA: Same here, in addition to shopping, scrapbooking, and a lot more.

UK girl: ok your active

AVA: Did you lose your connection?

UK girl: no why

AVA: you said your active

UK girl: yes i said your active

AVA: is that a uk term

UK girl: nvm

AVA: my meggenger lingo is not what it used to be

UK girl: huh??

AVA: I am kind of nervous right now.

UK girl: i can tell

AVA: I did audition for the 11th season of American Idol

UK girl: ok

AVA: I made the initial cut but did not get to meet the judges.

UK girl: congrats

AVA: How long have you been single?

UK girl: about a 2 years

AVA: Wow. 😡

UK girl: you?

AVA: I have been single for nearly a year and a three months.

UK girl: not long then

AVA: I have been in three relationships. My first one started on my 10th birthday until my freshman year of high school.

AVA: The second was from my freshman year until the start of my senior year. After I graduated from high school I got married

UK girl: maybe i am not suited for you then?

AVA: To tell you the truth, I am a transgendered lady 29 years of age. I hope I didn’t upset you at all.

UK girl: good bye never contact me again

UK girl: you liar

UK girl: i am going to report you

My point in posting that chat is that this is even worse than being rejected. This post has to be classified as an AVA BS ALERT

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