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Posted By : Ava Zinn
It doesn't always end well for former flames of Aeverine Zinn

Well, today is Valentine’s Day and I figured it is a good post about previous relationships, which has gained a lot of controversy and complaints in recent years, and with the Indiana Civil Rights Commission striking down “Jesscia’s Policy” last April that caused yours truly to declare single as her relationship status for the first time in nearly 20 years.   For the past year and a half, I have been talking a lot of late about what would happen if I had to declare single after a break up and failure to finding a replacement, it is exactly what happned.   Since March of 2011, I have been in talks with Amber Dooley to replace Christy Johnson, but very little progress has been made to make that a reality.   Within a year after the break up with Christy, it turns out (according to confirmed sources) she is still on court commitement and still doing speed (or caffine pills.)   But go back to my very first relationship with Amanda from January 1993 until December 1997 — nearly nine years after I broke up with Amanda, it was learned that she was driver of a white vehicle that hit Sadie Hutchinson and killed Thomas Taz — a hit and run that I was an eyewitness to on the afternoon of November 29., 2006 at the 1600 block of South Nebraska Street in Marion. She was found liable of the death of Taz and had to pay nearly $60,000 in costs.    I just contacted another person I went to school with and now residing in Bloomington (Indiana’s largest LGBT community)  has decalred single this past Sunday. While several of my friends that declare single after a break up are heaping up on the online dating scene to find someone new, so far, it is not working out in Marion.   According to my research, the chances of finding someone new to replace Christy (and most likely Amber Dooley will withdraw her offer, which she might based on what opponents say) in Marion are not good compared to Indianapolis and or Fort Wayne, which are slighly higher.   So far, as of Februiary 2011, only one person on Plenty of Fish seems to be interested and two women on Adult Friend Finder do seem interested.

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