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2011 Year in Rerview

In 2011, Aeverine Zinn (yours truly) has put colleagues, friends, and acquaintances though a trail of hear and the memories from 2011 remain. Memories of madness and cries of agony. A failure to find someone new to replace Christy Johnson as the girlfriend of yours truly, although a ruling on a dating/relationship policy ruled unconstitutional caused a yours truly to declare single for the first time in nearly 20 years. Also yours truly auditioned for the 11th season of American Idol and made the initial cut.

January 3 Hours before a relationship contract with Christy Johnson expire, I ink an extension that expires May 11
20 Two weeks after Jessica’s Policy goes into effect, several of my friends on Facebook and acquaintances complain about the dating and relationship policy that is supposed to prevent domestic violence.
February 2 It was announced that Hardee’s would be returning to Marion and Gas City after nearly a decade long absence.The original Marion location is the current location of Cash Land and the original Gas City location is currently occupied by STAR Financial Bank.The current Marion location is near Meijer and the Gas City location is near Interstate 69.
11 A mobile phone incident at Carey Services lands yours truly in hot water.
12 The north side Marion Lance’s New Market closes after nearly 30 years.
March 12 Two individuals (Joi Thurman and Kris Metzger) are the first (and only) to break “Jessica’s Policy.” Nearly 400 have complained about certain aspects of the dating/relationship policy ranging from deadlines and hurtful comments. A third and fourth individual are unfriended  for disrespectful comments.
15 Brittani G. has her title as my prom date stripped after an investigation that lasted nearly 10 years after evidence showed that she did not fulfill the obligations on April 28, 2001. It was also revealed that she indirectly caused the dismissal of yours truly from Indiana Wesleyan University on September 27, 2001.
After conducting her own investigation that started nearly 10 years earlier and tips that poured in following complaints of Jessica’s Policy and with the help of private detective Randy Weinstein and case coordinator Jenna McCoy, Aeverine Zinn stripped Brittani of her title as Zinn’s prom date and banned her for 20 years from participating in Aeverine Zinn-run events as either a date or a friend. Weinstein concluded that she knew about the the chain of events of Zinn that soon followed before it happened and displayed “a clear disregard for fairness, good sportsmanship and ethical behaviour”. The prom date title is still yet to determined.
30 Rumors about yours truly and Amber Dooley dating spring up. At this time, Amber and I are not dating, mostly due to mixed signals and personal baggage (mostly). Opponents say that yours truly isn’t the right person for Dooley. Dooley responds to the rumors.
April 7 On what would have been my mother’s 68th birthday, Pia Toscano, is eliminated. An uncensored version of AVA ZINN ON YOU TUBE is launched.
18 I announce on my YouTube channel that I would be auditioning for the 11th season of American Idol.
30 A ruling from the Indiana Civil Rights Commission and Indiana Transgender Rights Alliance and Advocacy ruled Jessica’s Policy unconstitutional. I declare single as a relationship status for the first time since 1992 and as a woman. Several friends react.
May 26 Yours truly retires as President and CEO of NoSirGifts after 24 years with the retailer.
June 16 Rags is diagnosed with a flea and soybean allergy.
20 The very last story on INNewsCenter is posted. WFFT loses Fox affiliation. INNewsCenter closes 10 days later after 12 years.
July 1 A check for $500 made to yours truly did not arrive and decided to take matters into my own hands. A yard sale was needed to raise the funds, but a car wash was denied due to lease restrictions.
10 $174 was raised for my American Idol audition in Pittsburgh, enough for a round-trip bus ticket, but did not obtain a hotel room.
12 Rags gets evicted and later moves to Muncie after living with yours truly since March 2003.
15 I auditions in front of American Idol producers at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.
29 At my high school reunion, several friends and acquaintances reunite with yours truly. A minority still are struggling with my gender transition that began nearly eight years earlier.
30 Completely came out as transgendered woman Nearly eight years after coming out as a transgendered woman
August 8 Yours truly travels outside of Grant County by bicycle for the first time. The destination was BioLife in Muncie. The drive takes nearly three and a half hours.
10 Yours truly returns to Van Buren for the first time as a woman. Also biked to Van Buren.
11 Yours truly attends the 39th Annual Popcorn Festival in Van Buren. Yours truly biked from the Popcorn Festival to Gas City.
17 Yours truly travels outside of Grant County, this time to Wabash and visits a Kroger store there. The first was in New Albany in late1992.
October 4 Yours truly went to Penguin Point for the first time in her life. The very first order is a Super Wally (tasted no better than a Big Mac from McDonald’s) and Tenderloin (tasted like a cat’s dinner)
November 18 Another incident at Carey Services, but less severe than in February. I saw complete failure in my area. I had to re-prepare the product involved (bundling cardboard) several times.
December 23 I finally have a good month after Melanie Amaro wins the first season of “The X Factor”

In 2012, the stakes are even higher and more intense than ever before.

The friends, colleagues, and acquaintances will be put to the ultimate test in ways they’ve never imagined. Some will have the time of their lives. But for others it will be their worst nightmare and wish they’ve never been born.

2012 will be like anything you’ve ever seen in recent years.

What is at stake in 2012:

Carey Services Colleagues – An invitation to my 30th Birthday party (whether it is in Marion, Fort Wayne, or Indianapolis), for a majority of the colleagues and superiors.

Cornerstone/CSP – Renewal of treatment or may receive services at the Park Center in Fort Wayne or Gallahue Mental Health Services in Indianapolis–thus ending a 25 year relationship with Grant Blackford Mental Health.

You can bet I will even push my friends, colleagues, superiors, and acquaintences even harder than in years past.

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