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Santa Ava 19 Results: Cornerstone/CSP

It was another year of surprises on Ava’s Christmas List: Cornerstone version in 2011, with perhaps three of the most respected superiors ending up on the naughty list. I did say at the beginning off 2011, “the year is going to be a real bitch”.

My American Idol audition in Pittsburgh plans (or lack thereof) played a predominant role in the decision who landed Best of Nice, Nice, Best of Naughty, or Naughty. 

I made the Christmas list and told Abby Key and Erin Hooten they were on one category, Tina Sumner and the landlady on another earlier in the month.

First to know her fate was Abby Key, when I reminded her comment and said, “I can tell you that you will be throwing snowballs… at Ann Leavitt and potentially the landlady.” She was declared nice by receiving a Christmas card and two candy canes on Wednesday (12/14). This indicated that Ann was on Santa Ava’s Naughty List.

Then came the landlady and the maintenance guy to learn their fate, knowing the landlady already thinking her fate and commented, “I’m probably on the naughty list.” The maintenance man got a Christmas card on the Maintenance bulletin board early Friday morning (12/16.)

Ann Leavitt, Bonnie Emerick, and Erin Hooten were next. It was confirmed that Ann Leavitt was the first naughty individual on “Santa Ava’s Christmas List” with a coal and a copy of two letters I intercepted from my best friend of nearly 25 years, Robyn and former colleague at NoSirGifts, Lynsey. I then told Ann that it was her fourth conservative time and fifth overall

The results at Cornerstone would wait until I attended a Christmas party later in the day. That was because I had to deliver Christmas Cards to my colleagues and superiors at Carey Services. For those results, watch Aeverine.info on Tuesday (12/20)

Before the Christmas party, Bonnie received a Christmas card, but since I had an appointment with Erin, she received a Christmas card and two candy canes. Erin and Abby were declared “Best of Nice.” Erin joins Cristi Kaufman and Paige Lank to make Best of Nice in their first year with Ava. While Abby joins Jenna McCoy, Rebecca Lencheck, and Lynne Mong to have never been on Santa Ava’s Naughty list, though the latter of the two have been on the Best of Naughty.

After the Christmas party at Cornerstone, Sumner and Ava’s landlady already looked strange and disappointed.

“And now the final result. The person on Santa Ava’s Naughty List and joining Ann (Leavitt) is – both of you..”

I am explaining why Ann, Tina, and my landlady landed on Naughty on “Santa Ava’s Christmas List”.

Ann Leavitt – Causing yours truly nearly lose the opportunity to audition for the 11th season of American Idol and/or failed to offer yours truly a reasonable solution that meets my requirements. Although I raised enough funds for a round-trip Greyhound bus ticket from Marion to Pittsburgh by raising $175 herself (yet for the second time found herself without a hotel room).

Tina Sumner – Much less severe than Ann’s. Sumner hassled with yours truly over Pia Toscano’s elimination on April 7 (which happened to be my mother’s birthday) and , stating that yours truly had no business in Pittsburgh (before I left for Pittsburgh)

Ava’s Landlady – Causing yours truly to be late to work on at least three occasions in one quarter. Also, due to Rags’ eviction on July 12, caused by making a servere mess, the landlady automatically landed on the naughty list, by default.

There may be a silver lining for Leavitt, Sumner, and Ava’s Landlady — had December 2011 alone been just a year, Sumner and Leavitt would have landed at least Best of Naughty on Santa Ava’s Christmas List. Santa Ava will grant immunity to Leavitt, Sumner, and Ava’s Landlady for the first quarter 2012 in the event should Melanie Amaro win the first season of “The X Factor,” immunity in the second quarter in the event should at least one of my fellow American Idol contestants from the Pittsburgh audition make the Top 5. Guaranteed immunity for those three for the first semester of 2012 will occur in the event should Melanie Amaro win the first season of The X Factor AND a girl wins American Idol ‘s 11th season.



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