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Santa Ava 19: Carey Services

It is that time of year again just the week before Christmas and as one song mentions: You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout. Well I’ll say better make idiotic mistakes, better not push Ava too far, and best of all do phenomenally well. I mean, clearly you’re here to read all about “Santa Ava’s Christmas List” Carey Services version in 2011 . Or are you here just to read what I say? I bet that’s the real reason. Either way, shall we get into the recap of who’s Naughty or Nice on Santa Ava’s Christmas List in 2011?
Your wish has been granted, let’s begin.  

Some Results (began 12/6)? NO WAY! (With Irrelevant Thoughts from Robyn Matthewson and Holly Everman.)

Best of         NaughtyBest of NiceSandy (McCullough): Robyn didn’t like the fact that Sandy’s emotions got the best of him. Holly Everman said that Sandy is typically a 9 or 10, but in 2011 she was an 8. I think that is being extremely generous, especially given how in 2010 I got criticized for the use of profanity, which even Robyn and Holly know that my frequent use of expletives earn yours truly the title of “Indiana’s Worst Entrepreneurs”. Sandy was placed to the far right of the list.
Stacie (Thomason): Robyn and Holly thinks she should be in the naughty category, based on an incident with one of my former colleagues in February. Holly gave Stacie the same critique Robyn did: great on the first song, but she really held back on the big moment of “Unchained Melody.” She was sent to the far left of the list.
On December 8, it appeared that Marcus Canty, who had already been there twice before, was about to be eliminated. But the judges’ votes were deadlocked, and Steve Jones, host of the X Factor, she was eliminated after she had fewer votes than Canty. Immediately after the results were revealed, Crow collapsed on stage and sobbed inconsolably. Nicole Scherzinger, the judge responsible for sending the vote to Deadlock, was visibly upset by the result (sound familiar to the eliminations of Siobhan Magus and Pia Toscano on American Idol?). When Steve Jones asked Nicole if she had anything to say, she turned away from Jones and was booed by the audience for taking the vote to deadlock.Nicole should have remained co-host and should have never been a judge.

More Results! (12/13)

 Best of NiceJackie (Dickerson): Robyn thought alerting yours truly for my swearing on November 18 after an accidental spill and lack of napkins in the cafeteria kinda broke her. Holly called it a tough call. Jackie was placed in the same list as Stacie.
Kim (Stewart): Robyn loves a great hard worker. Thought she did the best. Holly praised Kim for killing it in 2011, giving her a 10 across the board. I agree with that completely. Kim was placed in the same list as Sandy.


Finally some justice for Rachel Crow when Steve Jones announced that Marcus Canty was finally eliminated.
But first, while I was waiting for the results, an American Idol promo came on and finally revealed my status in the American Idol competition (HINT: There is a slim chance that I will be seen on national TV)

More, more, more results (11:30 AM 12/16)

NaughtyAfter letting Ann Leavitt over at Cornerstone that she was naughty (and did not get a Christmas Card at all, starting in 2011, it will have the autograph of yours truly that began with the American Idol audition in Pittsburgh) on “Santa Ava’s Christmas List,” clad in a Santa hat, red top with a red turtleneck underneath, red pants, with make-up and eyelashes done, and looked dolled-up It was time to deliver Christmas presents to my colleagues at Carey Services…. for the first time ever. It should be noted that I am in familiar company at Carey Services as two of my colleagues, Garon Losure and Sheena Burdette, all went to school with yours truly, while Bill Rock, Kim Jackson, and Jackie Dickerson,
First to learn her fate was Jennifer Ehmer. She received a Christmas card, which indicated she landed “Best of Naughty.”
Next was Bill Rock. He received a Christmas Card and a Candy cane, which indicated he landed “Nice”
Next was Anna Thomas, Richard, and Debi Johnson, as they also received Christmas cards. Only Richard got a candy cane attached, but inadvertently gave Garon’s card as it also contained the same candy cane as Mr. Rock’s.
Then Mike (one of my colleagues) and Shawn Fulton were the first of the colleagues to learn their fate as they both received Christmas Cards with a candy cane attached. I then told Shawn,  “Had you not made the 36 BFF Government, you would have been on the Naughty list” and mentioned about what happened between another Jackie and Shawn.
And last but not least of the Production supervisors, was Juli Jackson awaiting to learn her fate as follows:
NiceJuli (Jackson): Robyn thinks Juli with have an extraordinary future with Ava as a colleague or not. I then admitted to Juli last year she was not naughty — that told Juli “you were never naughty and this year is no different” — and that she was nice  But, then I did that one little terrible thing where I asked Juli to pick the list she thought was nice (the list with Stacie and Jackie or Kim and Sandy). Only Juli didn’t want too (obviously) so I moved her to the far right where Kim and Sandy, and told all 3 of them that they were nice on Santa Ava’s Christmas List. Juli, Kim, and Sandy all received a Christmas Card and a candy cane attached to the card.
After Juli’s fate was revealed, I then went to the Plant Manager’s office and gave Richard the right Christmas Card and also delivered Pam her Christmas Card with candy cane attached.
That left Stacie and Jackie still awaiting their fate Stacie was off that day and she would learn her fate the following Tuesday,. Both were to be “Best of Naughty.” BUT WAIT–Jackie and Stacie ended up getting two Christmas Cards, indicating that they are in a new category–“Honorable Mention”–which is used as a wild card pick. In a Facebook post by yours truly on the Carey Services page, it is revealed that two more would join Jackie and Stacie. See Notes for more details.
On Tuesday, the rest of “Santa Ava’s Christmas List” will be revealed.


Results revealed Best of Nice Nice Best of Naughty Naughty Honorable Mention1
12/16 Jennifer Ehmer 2011
Bill Rock 2011
Anna Thomas 2011
Richard 2011
Debbie Johnson 2011
Mike 2011
Shawn Fulton 2011
Juli Jackson 2011
Kim Stewart 2011
Sandra McCullough 2011
Pam 2011
Jackie Dickerson 20112
Stacie Thomason 20112
Lois Bartley 1988, 2011
12/20 Jackie Meza 2011
Kim Jackson 20113
Garon Losure 2011
Sheena Burdette 20113


1 Recipient got two Christmas Cards–one for the recipient and one for the recipient’s family member or a candidate of Ava Zinn’s choice
2 Dickerson and Thomason were initially on Best of Naughty, but later moved to Honorable Mention. Both Dickerson and Thomason blew the whistle on Zinn on November 18 after Zinn was criticized her use of expletives and on February 18 after an incident involving a former colleague on Dickerson’s team, respectively. Dickerson got a second Christmas Card for her daughter, Jennifer on December 16 while Thomason got a second Christmas Card for her husband, Kirk, on December 20.
3 Burdette and Jackson were initially on Nice, but also moved to Honorable Mention. Budette’s long-time friend (she has asked yours truly not to reveal her name) gave or intercepted a tip in March that lead yours truly to take action on the revocation of the prom date title from {now former prom date}. Jackson, meanwhile, impressed yours truly within a short amount of time. Jackson got a second Christmas Card with a candy cane attached for her daughter, Rhamey while Burdette got a second Christmas Card with a candy cane attached for her long-time friend, on December 20, respectively.


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