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Ava Zinn on Google Maps: No IWU Zone – Marion and Fort Wayne

UPDATED: 09/02/2020 4:47 PM
Added the Fort Wayne version after relocating from Marion to Fort Wayne in 2018. This is considered the Fort Wayne version of The No IWU Zone.

UPDATED: 10/10/2016 4:07 AM
The No IWU Zone map is updated to reflect what has happened since that fateful day.

To fill the void between posts, I have decided to launch a new feature called Ava  Zinn on Google Maps. In a post like this, there will be a map in the post that will give followers on this site. In this very first Ava Zinn on Google Maps, since the 10th anniversary of my dismissal from Indiana Wesleyan University is approaching, I have decided to create a Google Maps feature called “Ava’s No IWU Zone.” I first spoke about this with several of my friends and classmates during my high school reunion back in July. I remember Wendy (Becker) saying, “I don’t blame you,” after I commented on my IWU dismissal, “have never been in that vicinity since.”
In all Google Maps posts, you can navigate around the map by placing your cursor (the hand) on the map and dragging the image around or by using the up, down, left, and right arrows in the upper left corner of the map.
Zoom in or out by using the plus (zoom in) or minus (zoom out) buttons on the left side of the map.
Clicking on an individual marker will give you information regarding that specific location
Below the map you will find a key regarding specific stores and information


Black line Current No IWU Zone Boundary (as of 2016)
Orange line No IWU Zone Boundary (2011-2016)
Yellow line No IWU Zone Boundary (2006-2011, after the University Mail Services launched)
Blue line original No IWU Zone Boundary (2001-2006)

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