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Jessica's Policy ruled unconstitutional
At 5:21 PM April 30, 2011, Aeverine Zinn, yours truly, was informed by the Indiana Civil Rights Commission (ICRC) and the Indiana Transgender Rights and Avocacy Alliance (INTRAA) that the dating and relationship reform legislation known as “Jessica’s Policy,” assailed from complaints from former Facebook friends of yours truly, was ruled unconstitutional.


A source from the ICRC declared the policy unconstitutional in a ruling. On July 28, 2010, the same day yours truly officially signed “Jessica’s Policy” into Zinn family policy the legislation intended to combat dating and relationship abuse as the toughest policy in the nation. According to sources, a former Facebook friend, Lacey (Mort), complained about the policy over the summer of 2010. Nearly 35 soon joined Lacey, and after Deanna created a web site called “CHANGE IT AVA – Zinns for Relationship Choices”  back in March.


Yours truly promises to appeal the ruling.


Jessica’s Policy bars not only dating violence, relationship abuse, infidelity, and other acts of domestic violence. In an April 7 decision letting the case to proceed, the issues to whether the policy exceeded the constitutional powers of the Zinn family by requiring all Zinn family members over the age of 13 to obtain a relationship of the opposite or same sex and expanding the policy to Zinn’s family members.


On the same day Jessica’s Policy went into effect the maximum age limit for a woman born a girl from 36 (as of January 4, 2011) to 40 and the minimum age limit from 26 to 24. That meant for yours truly, she can now date a woman born a girl between January 4, 1971 and January 3, 1987 and identifies as a bisexual.
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