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Zinn family lockout looming

The last time a Zinn Family lockout occured, yours truly was a boy in diapers, Ronald Raegan was president, Wheel of Fortune premiered in syndication, and Press Your Luck was becoming a hit on the daytime game show circut..

Nearly three decades and one generation later, Aeverine Zinn, yours truly is facing a potential family shutdown and lockout.

That is because not only is a May 11 (subject to be extended as late as May 26 and was extended from January 4) to replace Christy (Johnson) as the girlfriend of yours truly. And yours truly is already paying the price by joining an adult-related web site to find her (whomever she is).

LAST YEAR: The vote (for Crystal Bowersox after Siobahn Magus was eliminated) status on my Facebook profile as well as my page and Ava’s Rant has worked. Even a few people I went to school with commented on my deicison as well as the friendly wager I placed with Patrice Rafferty, a former co-worker from 1990 to 1999. A majority of Facebook friends have been supportive of yours truly, while others haven’t.

THIS TIME: The stakes are even higher than ever from last year. Not only is this another frindly wager between Patrice and youyrs truly. Two other Facebook friends sound so sure of themselves, I have also made a friendly wager with another (and more could soon follow.) I have predicted a top 4 of Pia, Lauren, Hayley, and Scotty. What’s even worse that the first four that got voted off American Idol were women.That lead me to take action similar to last year.

Since Thia Mageia did not make the Top 9 (I expected to make to at least the Top 7 or 8), I am now having to pay the price since I am finding someone new and have had no luck so far, I have decided to upgrade a membership ($22 per month, and maybe $44) at a XXX dating web site. Another is “Aeverine Zinn Uncensored,” which is basically an unedited version of my YouTube channel (plus what is considered “Too Hot for Facebook friends and fans”)

LAST YEAR: Michael Lynche finished foutrth on Idol, which did not surprise me at all and earned a vacation to Florida after 2011 (most likely after my high school’s 10th Anniversary reunion.). The following week, I wasn’t surprised that Casey James finished third and not make the Idol finale. Consequently, I had developed a new look. Unfortunetly, Lee DeWyze won last season and on June 1, 2010, my wife of nine years suffered a fatal heart attack.

THIS TIME: The big question now is will there be a Zinn Family Lockout, if I have to declare single by family policy if a relationship agreement is not reached and either Pia, Lauren, or Hayley does not win this year’s American Idol (I have predicted Pia and Lauren in the finale.)

By the way, nearly 1,200 votes were split between mostly Lauren, Pia, and Hayley last night

Will those votes be enough to get Lauren, Pia, and Hayley advance into the Top 8 on Idol, or is yours truly one step closer to a potentially horrible disastorus 2011? Stay with Aeverine.info and Aeverine Zinn Wherever You Are (including my Facebook Profile and Page, MySpace, Twitter, Tagged, Friend Feed, ICQ, Friendster, Google Buzz, and M.Aeverine.info) for updates.

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