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How to Invite a Girl to the Prom

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Have an eye on that special girl you want to ask to the prom? Not only will asking a girl to a prom be a magical experience for both involved, but it can make a girl feel great knowing that someone wants to go with her to such a special occasion. There are some steps you can take to make this a most wonderful invitation.


  1. Smile at her when you make eye contact, and talk to her when you can. Make sure you’re relaxed, and then you can make friends without trying too hard. Being too tense can make this an uncomfortable situation. Just make sure she doesn’t feel awkward while using eye contact.
  2. Become friends with her if you aren’t already. She’s more likely to take someone to the prom if she knows them. When you talk to her, try asking questions about HER. People like having the chance to talk about their selves. Compliments are the great way to start conversations and girls love compliments. Why are they spending so much time to get the perfect outfit and hairdo each day? If you have trouble with conversations, see Have a Great Conversation.
  3. Look presentable. She will not want to go to prom with you if you have bad breath, greasy hair and/or oily skin. Don’t change yourself too much to please her, but remember to be hygienic. Brush your teeth every morning, before school, you want fresh breath when you talk to her. Also if it’s allowed, chew minty gum or mints whenever you’re with her. Put on some cologne but not so much that she gets dizzy. Try to stick with who you are originally, don’t do a makeover or ann attitude change just to impress her.
  4. Find out if she has a date for the prom already; if she does, it’s just better to back off. If she doesn’t, go for it.
  5. Compliment her when you are talking together. Remember, if you can’t think of anything to say, don’t freak out. Asking simple questions (“How was your weekend?”) will usually get a conversation going again.
  6. Be yourself, breathe deeply, and go ahead–and don’t forget to be nice and smile. What have you got to lose? It’s your life, and you might just be happy in the end!
  7. Smile wide – not cheesy – and ask her nicely, “(Girls Name), will you go to prom with me?” A straight question is the most tried-and-true tactic. If she says no, don’t think it as the end of the world. Just accept it and ask “can we still be friends?”


Tips (and where did Ava go wrong, and how didn’t prom date fulfill duties)

  • Remember that the prom is something that girls (and rarely guys) look forward to and probably won’t forget, so make it memorable when you ask her!
    • I asked 64 women and spent the entire senior year doing this.
  • Don’t over or undersell yourself. Try to find somebody that is about your level of attractiveness and social class.
    • Remember, I was voted best hair in high school

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