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How to Recreate a Prom for Someone Who Missed Theirs

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Prom night can be a wonderful experience for high school seniors. But we all know someone who missed their prom and now has some regret. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to re-create a prom experience for them so they can finally get some closure on the matter?


  1. Obtain a good, realistic venue. Your ideal venue is any facility with some kind of dance floor, such as a ballroom at a hotel or even a community center, and/or a high school or community college auditorium or gymnasium. As long as you have some kind of reasonable dance floor, any venue will do if it feels realistic enough. Check around in the area where you are planning to hold the event.
  2. Consider hiring an event planner if you can afford to do so. Depending on your budget, this might be a viable way to save yourself a lot of headache, but beware event planner fees can get pretty high too.
  3. If possible, try to contact your guest of honor’s high school and find out things like the school colors, the theme of the prom for the year (s)he would have gone, and maybe see if you can borrow one of the leftover tickets (some schools keep these on file or as keepsakes) to make reproductions of.
  4. Make sure you budget enough for a crown and tiara (for the prom king and prom queen), and make sure your guest of honor is crowned king/queen. His/her date or significant other should be crowned as the other royalty member.
  5. Make a yearbook. This will not be nearly as difficult or expensive as you might think. Obtain photos of your guest of honor and his/her friends from high school in advance, scan them, incorporate them into a 20-page-or-so Microsoft Word document which also includes mock yearbook text, convert it to a PDF file, and submit it to a site such as [www.createspace.com CreateSpace].
  6. Try to make the prom as close to what it would have been like the year your guest of honor graduated high school. Either play (or have your DJ play) songs from the era, and/or incorporate the popular trends of the time into the theme. For instance you might have something that resembles a Friends or Titanic theme if your guest of honor graduated in 1998, or an Austin Powers retro-1960s theme if your guest of honor graduated in 2001, etc.
  7. Try to get a few of your guest of honor’s best friends, from high school, college, and/or now, etc. to come., and try to get at least 20 people to come. You can invite more people if your budget will allow, but try to have at least 20 so it seems at least quasi-realistic. Make sure they all know to dress formally, as this is a “prom” theme.
  8. Arrange to rent a limo to pick up your guest of honor and his/her date – whether this is a current significant other or an arranged date.
  9. Make sure your guest of honor has a date for the event. If (s)he does not currently have a spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend, consider having someone serve as an escort for him/her. At a last resort, consider hiring a male or female escort (NOT an erotic one) for one night, but beware this can get expensive.


  1. Inquire about the possibility of having him/her attend an upcoming high school prom. If your “guest of honor” missed his/her prom for a really good reason, such as military service, being in a coma, or helping starving orphans overseas, a good alternate would be to write to his/her high school to inquire about the possibility of allowing him/her, perhaps with two to six of his/her best friends, to attend an upcoming high school prom. A well-placed letter to the principal or superintendent, especially if accompanied with an offer for a reasonable donation, can have surprisingly effective results – (NOTE: Sometimes a good enough donation can negate the need for a good reason…there have been people who were banned from the prom that attended one years later after becoming successful and “bribing” school officials with a donation.)
  2. Take your “guest of honor” with a few of his/her best friends to an Adult Prom. No – it’s NOT some X-rated event – just a prom-theme party for adults to either re-live or re-create their prom night. These are held everywhere from community centers to venues such as that of the audience-participation Broadway show/prom simulation “The Awesome ’80s Prom” in New York City.


  • Don’t forget the crown, tiara, and sashes for the prom king and prom queen. Especially if you are recreating a prom for a female. You don’t have to get an expensive crown, tiara, or sash – prom supplies such as Stump’s Prom sell really fancy-looking crowns and tiaras for about $35, or simple ones around $20. You can also get prom crowns and tiaras on websites like eBay, usually ranging from $9.95 for the novelty ones high schools use, to very real tiaras containing Swarovski crystals ranging from usually about $70-$100 and up. Or you can go to any craft store, such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, and find the materials to make a really nice one for about $10 to $20.
  • Find out what your guest of honor’s favorite songs were from his/her high school years, and burn them onto a mix CD. Or, if you have a D.J., have him/her play the songs.


  • Don’t serve alcohol, especially if anybody under 21 is attending. You don’t want to cause yourself and/or your guest of honor legal problems as a result of trying to do something nice. The other reason you don’t serve alcohol (though less important than the risk of serving underage persons) is that it will make the prom seem less realistic. High school proms don’t serve alcohol.
  • Don’t try to hold the event outdoors – especially if you live in any area where the weather is unpredictable. One storm will really put a damper on things.
  • Make sure that a re-created prom is something your “guest of honor” would actually be interested in before going to the expense – it would be terrible to go to all that expense and have the guest of honor not even show up.

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