- January
Posted By : Ava Zinn
Aeverine Zinn to evacuate, considering restraining order and sue Bully Neighbor, and close to a relationship agreement

Over the next several days and weeks, yours truly may not have a choice but to evacuate my home in Marion, IN as the apartment complex I have been living at for nearly 8 years is being fumigated due to a bedbug epidemic in the Grant County area. Some explainations blame the ban of toxic chemicals for the resurgence of bedbugs.

Unfortuately, this will only cause more hardship due to a lack of a back-up plan (since I really have no family left due to the deaths of my mother and brother in 2002 and the lack of support of THE BIG SWITCH TO AVA and not accepting yours truly as a woman, and thus having to rely on my “in-laws”.) Becuase Christy and I are no longer in a relationship, I cannot rely on Christy’s family for any help since I caught her cheating. With the search for my next girlfriend and Christy’s replacement, which

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