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Posted By : Ava Zinn
The Decision to post "It's Complicated" on Facebook

The last time Aeverine Zinn was on the market, Jim Mora was named the head coash of the Indianapolis Colts, Kelly Clarkson was a waitress in college, and “Giabrianna” was just some jenny that was entering her sophomore year

The decision to declare “it’s complicated ” as a relationship status on Facebook

The decision to declare “in a relationship and it’s complicated” last week without a name was not made in haste.

Once I had caught Christy cheating and the hunt for someone new was becoming a standstill, clearly no agreement was going to the dreaded single post and clearly it would mean a broken promise I had made to my mother on her death bed when I was in a wheelchair after I had a leg injury in May of 2002, but there were so many questions. Sure there could have easily been a post “Aeverine Zinn is single and available,” but it wouldn’t be the right thing to do becuase I had separated from Christy the very second she was caught having an affair. What really was it? I had very many discussions about that and nearly went off.

I struggled with the decision to post the current relationship status and over whether to change the post from separated to “it’s complicated”

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