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Posted By : Ava Zinn
Two New Policy Goes into effect Tuesday

Two new policies will be taking effect on my 28th birthday on Tuesday. One of them involve future long-term relationships with a lesbian or biseual woman dating a transwoman like myself, a policy with teeth. Another involves Aeverine.info.

Relationships with women like Christy (Johnson) and my late wife were major issues after the second I was alerted about Jessica Berg’s murder by her ex-boyfriend, Jeremy Blanchard. Clearly changes needed to be made on how I pursue a prospective mononogomus relationships. The new policy is called “Jessica’s Policy” which is named after Jessica Berg.

Jessica’s Policy

Back in July, I began to use a site called Plenty of Fish, which is a dating web site, which would come in handy if yours truly was ever dumped. Apparently, some of the women I have asked out have complained about the profile. So after Chrsity and I separated, I created a second profile (for the purpose of having the last intimate encounter as a male before I can resume the gender transition.)

I have recived a message from a woman I’ve tapped:

Well dont take it to heart but i do have the right to have my “not my thing” even if it was you gender transition. In all honesty my personal opinion is that if you were to have remained a man I may find you to be more attractive. The other factor to you being “not my thing” was how you have every nook and cranny of your expectations of someone else spelled out in your profile. I know you dont know me at all, but a word of advice to ya, dont expect anything from anyone. You’ll only set yourself up to be let down.

I explained my gender identity to the same woman – I have one unresolved issue, which turned out to be something that began 15 years ago.

I’m sorry to hear that you had to go such a hard route to get where you needed to go. About your profile, sum it up a little more. We’re not looking for your whole life story, although I am sure there’s a little more you may feel you need to disclose than those of us whom have began the sex that we are today. I think you should leave some things to be learned about yourself over the time period it takes to get to know someone. you know, i realize that i told you i’m interested in a romantic relationship, and although i’m sure you get sick of getting that response, maybe a good friend may come of it instead.

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