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Posted By : Ava Zinn
EXCLUSIVE: New Details on the split of Aeverine Zinn and Christy Johnson

Johnson’s Cheating Confession Could Cost Zinn Thousands, job at NoSirGifts and Carey Services on the line

“Was that what I think that was?” That was the the phrase that lead to probably one of the nastiest and shocking break-ups Grant County (and Indiana) has ever seen that ended the relationship between yours truly, Aeverine Zinn, and Christy Johnson. The 30 year old confessed to cheating with an ex-marine named John. A couple of weeks ago, I had confronted Christy about her affair, and discovered the nasty truth about the affair that may have destroyed a relationship between the 27 year old Transgendered Sweetheart of Indiana and the 30 year old Seomerset, Kentucky native.

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