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Posted By : Ava Zinn
Franklin University Era Delayed…

It has happened again!

Another setback for the “Indiana Wesleyan University Cold Case” from 2001. But this time, I was not expelled nor dis-enrolled, only have to take a few “other” courses before the Franklin University of Ohio era is official. That began at Ivy Tech Community College in 2002, but talks broke down in 2004.

It’s unclear whether this new setback will lead to another “IWU Dismissal” disaster or suffer the same fate as nine years ago (September 27, 2001).

The Franklin University of Ohio era of yours truly has hit several hurdles, including, but not limited to resistance from very powerful special interst groups from the mental health, anti-transgender, and homophobic communities who want more reluctance and negative comments from others, as well as from homophobias and transphobias.

However, talks are continuing between yours truly and Franklin University.

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