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Posted By : Ava Zinn
Aeverine Zinn Falls To Another Lowest Point since 1988

The hits and devastating blows keep coming to Aeverine Zinn, yours truly, and have apparently spread to NoSirGifts..

One night after the slumping 27-year old transwoman hit her lowest point since 2001, “lost it” for the third time since 1996, and losing touch with reality since 1988, it has apparently spread onto her positions at NoSirGifts as the Marion-based gifts and media retailer garnered its worst August sales, revenue and apparently a big net loss since 1992, as well.

But NoSirGifts’ pain was felt far and wide, with my position at Carey Services witnessed the catering of its Tuesday afternoon and future Friday afternoon slot.

Here are the night’s ratings, er, highlights:

SLIPPIN’ AND SLIDIN’:Sales at NoSirGifts and my performance as the President and CEO has been slipping away due to rising costs and passing them to the consumer, in turn caused NoSirGifts’ expenses up nearly 184 percent and revenue down 60 percent from July 2010. It’s only recent strong performace after Holli won Hell’s Kitchen and Lauren won So You Think You Can Dance which was badly needed after Crystal Bowersox lost the Americn Idol titile to Lee DeWyze. The performance, however, represented an uptick from the beginning of my makeover, in which the demo score gave yours truly the satisfying win for the second quarter in that money category.

WHO KNEW THE AVENUE WAS BOUND FOR THIS? My performance at Carey Services may have bounced back from a weak July 2010. It didn’t help that the Tuesday afternoon timeslot

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