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POLL RESULTS (Day 1): What's Wrong With Aeverine Zinn? What You're Saying…

What you’re saying on “What’s Wrong with Aeverine Zinn?”

What’s Wrong With Aeverine Zinn?

Total Votes (as of 8:00 AM EDT 7/27/2010):  28

  Ava has lost touch with reality and I want to beat her up so bad. (4) 14%
  Ava’s friends from Mississinewa Community Schools are just tired of Ava ‘s system all around (2) 7%
  I just hate Ava’s Facebook profile, I’d rather follow her on her Facebook page. (1) 4%
  Most of Ava’s Facebook friends are married and/or are in a relationship except Ava in my opinion makes her jealous (1) 4%
  There’s just too much “TRASH TV” and Ava may have invented “Trash Social Media” (2) 7%
  Ava has been less appealing since the last time I saw her and the last time I saw her as Frank (2) 7%
  Ava has been less appealing now than the first time I met her long ago (1) 4%
  Ava is just plain old rude (3) 11%
  Ava’s male friends are full of themselves and she seems to be more mean since Lee DeWyze won “American Idol” (1) 4%
  Ava’s female friends are “just a bunch of bimbos and sluts” (1) 4%
  I don’t think Ava and Christy are right for each other (3) 11%
  Ava being romantically involved women is just ridiculous and never be Facebook friends with Ava again (1) 4%
  I don’t think Ava will ever going to find true love again. She’ll never have someone to settle down with (1) 4%
  None of the above (2) 7%
  Other (please explain) (3) 11%

A majority of Aeverine.info blog readers that voted say that yours truly has lost touch with reality (4 people), being rude (3 people), and against her open relationship with Christy (3 people).

Two voterseach say they are tired of how I do things, and has become less appealing.after graduating high school and to a lesser extent announced in Decembver 2004 when she announced her gender transition. That group of people also say that yours truly is the “Jerry Springer of Facebook.”

In addition, one person says they hate my Facebook profile and would rather follow yours truly on her Facebook page, most of her friends are married/taken, unbenknown to yours truly. In fact, nearly 67% of her Facebook friends are married/taken, and have speculated that yours truly may have been “unhappily single” and wanted revenge for what she went through during the Mississinewa 500. Another person says yours truly has been less appealing now compared to nearly 20 years ago.

I am not surpised at all what one person said speculating that I have beeen meaner to male Facebook friends after Lee DeWyze won American Idol and did not discuss the upcoming makeover. One other voter says while my female Facebook friends have discussed my upcoming makeover, they are not “bimbos and sluts” referring to a phrase as one person from Milwaukee states my staff at NoSirGifts.

One other voter says yours truly, now living as a woman, being romantically involved with women is ridicoulus while another vote tallied that “I don’t think Ava will ever find true love again.”

These are the types of comments that have criticised yorus truly.

Not surpised at all, yet a little shocked that I received a wall post from someone eearlier today stating “please quit sending me friend suggestions”. It just happens to show something is wrong with yours truly. There are some Facebook users I have not added from high school, especially those classified “high-profile,” and I believe there was speculation that after I took Brittani to the Mississinewa 500 nearly a decade ago I went from “Cool to Tool.”

Remember if you have not voted yet either on Facebook (if you have a Facebook account), you can cast your vote on my Facebook page at Facebook.com/aeverinezinn or vote right here on Aeverine.info (you can log in using your Facebook account) and if you choose other, you will be asked to explain your decision.

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