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Posted By : Ava Zinn
Aeverine Zinn hits a lowest point since April of 2001

The last time yours truly, Aeverine Zinn, endured a relationship ratings so low, I was known as “Frank Zinn” and an 18-year old high school senior, Kelly Clarkson was a waitress from Texas, George W. Bush was president, Frank O’Bannon was the Governor of Indiana, Christy Johnson (the woman I am seeing) was living in Florida, and my mother and brother were still alive.

But during the month of July, as a 27 year old transwoman reverted using “Aeverine Zinn” for her professional life and still using “Aeverine (Ava) Nieves” for her personal life, it seems that I have dropped to my lowest overall rating since April 28, 2001, the same day I took (name removed) to the Mississinewa 500 only to be together for 50 minutes.

Yours truly, Aeverine Zinn, cratered to a lowest rating point total since 2001, but yours truly may be losing Judging from my recent Facebook statues that I wrote:

“Just what the f**k is going on?! Every month so far nothing’s coming out well. It seems more are screwing me and it’s f***ing useless! It seems that every time something finally goes good for me or nearly does, it goes bad! I’ve been pushed to the G*****n m*****f***ing limit!”

Profanity by yours truly on Facebook, has been a bit quite frequent in recent days and so far more often since 2007. Due to regulations in the United States regarding profanity, the Facebook and MySpace statuses are usually bleep censoring and pixelization on photos to mask the profanity. The words are bleeped in their entirety on Facebook and MySpace.

Despite being Marion, Indiana’s highest rated transgendered resident, the I managed 181 Facebook friends overall on my profile with

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