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Ava's New Relationship

Yours truly, Aeverine Zinn, may now be in a open relationship, but not without controversy.

In a conversation I had with Christy Tuesday evening she said, “I’m attracted to men, and you are one of the very sweet.girls I’ve ever met, sweetie. If you had remained a guy, that would be a different story”

I may never see Christy as a “Mrs. Aeverine Zinn” nor see her known as “Christy Nieves” and I may never be known as “Mrs. Christy Johnson” nor ever legally change it to “Aeverine Johnson”. I do recall that I am more comfortable as “Being Christy’s girl” and that more than enough for a relationship for me, and it was “a close, tough call.” I praised Christy as “a interval, yet vital member of the Zinn family for years to come.”

I ought to admit that I’m handled the news that Christy and I are in an open relationship (as a birthday present to Christy) pretty well. “I don’t think Christy has any plans on pursuing a romantic relationship with Ava; but I just see Ava as a woman developing the open relationship with Christy,” according to a conversation that I overheard from someone else.


The Decision To Post The Photo and “Open Relationship Status” on Facebook

The decision to post the photo of Christy and yours truly and declare an open relationship was not made in haste.

“Once I started to realize how what my relationship with Christy was going to end up, clearly Christy identifies as a straight and I identify as a trans-woman lesbian (biologically straight) and clearly it was provocative, but there were so many questions. For sure I could have easily said I am in a relationship, but it wouldn’t be the right thing to do because there was no sexual agreement between Christy and I. What was it? Was it a relationship? I had many, many discussions about that”
I struggled with the decision to post the open relationship status and over whether to post the photo of yours truly and Christy for days.

I shared the photo of Christy with several close friends. “I can’t see any reason that Ava and Christy could be lesbians,” one person said. “Clearly, this is an open relationship, based on what Ava should have mentioned in high school”.

By Wednesday, word of the photo and the open relationship had been spread throughout Marion and I felt an obligation to inform friends and fans.

Once late (Wednesday) I learned that I was heading towards a serious relationship and decided based on a similar decision I made for the Mississinewa 500. I knew that Christy is in love with me and I taking the compliment very seriously and vice versa, that met the threshold of an “open relationship” on Facebook and “swinger” on MySpace in my judgment. Had that not happened the relationship status on Facebook and MySpace would remained widowed or the dreaded “unhappily single”..

Why the “open relationship” and what is the definition and the difference?

An open relationship is when two lovers, such as yours truly and Christy, do not limit (an in this case, I don’t really mind) each other in having other lovers. There are many other words used to describe this (e.g.. multiple relations, non-monogamy, poly-fidelity, omnigomy). In part the open relationship challenges part of our socialization: society’s standard is monogamy, a possessive contract which implies love is scarce and once you’ve got it, you better grab it and hold it, because you don’t want to be without it.

The obscure term describes individual freedom in choosing relationship partners, as it is an agreement unlike an exclusive relationship. The open relationship with Christy means that Christy could choose to enter into a relationship with a guy based on her personal preferences and I could choose to enter into a into a relationship with another woman since I identify as a lesbian.The idea behind the open relationship is that it will not includes sex with Christy.

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