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It's Official, Ava's in a relationship.

A few weeks ago I quietly began seeing a woman that I met at a support group in Marion just a few days after I suffered a heart attack. Of course, just only two days after Angie’s death, the same woman asked me out and unexpectedly went out on a date with her–unusual for a widow 27 years of age–at a local bar.

After the date I blew the lady a kiss to let her know I am very interested in developing a relationship and she says she might not be 100% ready for a relationship. Eventually, she did tell me about her future plans including a potential move to Florida and I recommended she save up for a vacation home in that state since she told me she is from Florida and went to school there. I also told her everything on what happened while I was on vacation in Indianapolis.

Just a few weeks after the first date, I heard from other sources she was caught drinking and was hospitalized at a mental health institution. I did give her a “Thinking about you” card since I figured her birthday was coming up, even delivered the card to her in person. She did say “That’s very thoughtful of you and very sweet of you.”

So, today I was clicking through my usual Facebook roll of reports looking for stories for Aeverine.info, when I noticed that almost everyone I went to school with are married or taken. I wasn’t surpised and was curious if they knew that they were supporive of a 27 year old transwoman (yours truly) dating a 30 year old woman (Christy) on the transwoman’s website that is “On It 24/7”. This is also the first time I’ve ever dated as “Ava” and the last time I was dating was during my senior year of high school (if my memory serves me right).

I also did some research on Christy Johnson (as I do with everyone else by googling the individual’s name), and according to a search on MyLife.com. She is from Cocoa Beach, FL, which is approximately 60 miles east of Orlando. She did say she is also a widow, mentioned that she was single for too long and reminded me of her first boyfriend.

After someone in my family learned of the news that I have started dating just two days after Angela’s death and reportedly leaked the news onto the Internet. I belive Christy may not handle being depicted in the media with someone whom she believes to be a “famous stupid tranny”, and in the event Christy and I are not girlfriend and girlfriend, only to discover I am well-educated, articulate and quite accomplished. I may be, in fact, smarter than Christy is, something I think Christy may not know how to deal with.

During the date with Christy, I briefly mentrioned Angela as an urge to unburden my emotions of grief and loss since Christy did indeed ask me about Angela. The imortant thing is I was on a date and I owe it to Christy as much as to myself to see that I indeed had a wonderful time. I was careful of subconsciously comparing Christy to what Angela did or looked like, but in an ironic twist of fate Christy did in fact, mentioned that I was compared to Christy’s first boyfriend. I shared a damn good relationship with Angela for nine years, at least now is the time for me to look ahead and explore other experiences.

Unfortunately, there are some “idiots” that don’t believe a word of the hog wash about yours truly dating too soon since I later found out it may take a minimum of nine weeks to begin dating after Angela passed away in June of 2010. I never saw my mother begin dating after she left my dad when I was 10 months old. Many of my Facebook friends and fans really ought to real happy about that. But there are some bad apples that may potentially responded with shock at the fact that I am seeing someone too soon. Among the comments that WILL be deleted (if they are posted):

  • “How stupid of Ava dating way too f***ing soon. There is something seriously wrong with you, Ava.”
  • “As bad as what you’ve went though in 2002 and 2010 – NOW—- (bleep) PATHETIC. Ava as a Hoosier Transgendered icon was the only reason I’ve been following Ava online. Who cares now?”
  • “I am sooo glad that Ava was sexually assaulted in Indianapolis. The tranny bitch got what she deserved ”
  • “This is just ridicoulous! Makes me so sick to my stomach, I will NEVER be Facebook friends with Ava again!”
  • “Aeverine.info just committed suicide. The site just lost 35% of its audience for the rest of 2010.”
  • “Aeverine Zinn’s never going to find true love again. If she never found love as ‘Frank’ why in the Sam Hell makes her think she’ll find love now?”
  • “Oh, Aeverine Zinn, she’ll never have someone to settle down with. It’s just the same s**t from high school.”

I will say on the other hand, some positive comments may already see a silver lining:

  • “Well Alexis Arquette and Candis Cayne don’t identify as lesbian, look how succesful they is. It will happen to Ava once her gender transition is completed. I belive a few lesbians will probably be jumping and very lucky to have Ava.”
  • Have you seen the news about Aeverine Zinn and Christy Johnson? You know, a lot of these great transwomen carry their “female condoms” around in their purse. But Aeverine carries one… in her panties.
  • Yeah, so Aeverine Zinn and Christy Johnson are reportedly now a couple. Apparently, the transwoman (Aeverine) blew the woman (Christy) a kiss, and… the woman gave it right back!

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