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Posted By : Ava Zinn
New Polices in effect January 4th of 2010

New policies take effect on my 27th Birthday

January 4 not only is the birthday of yours truly, but it also comes with new policies of mine and affecting everyone involved.

One policy that went into effect on Monday morning, is designed to crack down on errors. Six policies that were free until today will now cost you. at NoSirGifts.

2010 Fee 2009 Fee NoSirGifts Service
$5.00 + $2.00/add’l hr Free with verbal warning Late to a scheduled appointment
Cost is to the nearest minute.
$7.00 Free with verbal warning Cancellation of appointment four hours before the scheduled appointment
$37.50 $35.00 Returned check payable to “Aeverine Nieves” due to insufficient funds (NSF)
$5.00 Free with verbal warning Gift run after 7:00 PM and before 7:00 AM
Compensation for the cost of gift involved (NoSirGifts Customer) Free with verbal warning Yours truly gets a gift that does not meet standards
Exchange of gift that suits yours truly plus compensation in addition to verbal warning (NoSirGifts employee)
Two “Freebies” (NoSirGifts employees) Free with verbal warning Lack of a back-up plan
(such as extended warranty)
$10.00 (NoSirGifts customers

Another new policy aims to current Grant Blackford Mental Health employees and previous professors/teachers of mine at Indiana Wesleyan University and Mississinewa Community Schools. Look for yours truly to be Facebook and/or MySpace friends with Jenna (McCoy), Veronica (Schmerber), The McKenzies (Mr. McKenzie as Assistant Superintendent at Ole Miss Consolidated Schools and Mrs. McKenzie of Northview Elementary in Gas City), and others in the near future.

A third new policy targets Carey Services, by allowing yours truly the right to expand the number of hours from the current two to five hours.

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