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Posted By : Ava Zinn
DTV Transition Reaction

It’s been three weeks since the DTV conversion occurred. I was very fortunate to record all of Indy’s analog sign-offs and one from Fort Wayne (WANE).

Since I’m no longer a Bright House Networks subscriber, and now rely on an outdoor antenna just to get Fort Wayne TV (that was the reason I canceled my cable TV subscription back in January after 13 years–I didn’t tell them this because I don’t think the jackasses and jennies, let alone my landlady, would know how to handle that.)

The way I see it when it comes to cable TV now and in BHN’s case–Buz Nezbit has a choice, subscriber’s don’t and that is why I am not re-subcribing to cable TV anymore and use an outdoor antenna and been flipping them off by giving them the middle finger as an act of revenge.

Just days before the DTV conversion, sales at NO SIR GIFTS shot up to record levels I don’t think I have ever seen. That prompted a change to the gifts stores’ slogan being changed from “Enjoy the Gifts, Not the Kicks” to “Indiana’s Gift and Media Leader.”

I am very lucky to make a difference in Grant County. One of them is “doing what the cable company can’t do.”

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