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Posted By : Ava Zinn
After the Bright House/WISH-TV Dispute… NOW WHAT?! (Part 2)

I looked at my cable bill today and when I opened it, my heart just fell to my stomach. I told Angie (my wife/domestic partner) about the news and she started crying like I’ve never seen her cry in the 7 years her and I have been together.

Earlier I just got the news that a mortgage company would not work with me on a home that I planned on purchasing. I spent all morning trying to find a mortgage company who would work with me on the home I am purchasing. I am purchasing an approximately $15,000 home that will be my primary residence. I already made an offer and the seller accepted the offer, which is fairly good–but not real good.

Back to the reaction about the news concerning WPTA and WISE. I am sorry to say this, Bright House Networks–but you made a deadly crooked mistake.

TO BRIGHT HOUSE NETWORKS IN MARION: THIS IS THE LAST MOTHERFUCKING STRAW! You just lost a customer over this. WPTA, WISE-TV, and WANE-TV are stations that I grew up with. I can’t belive BHN is doing this to customers. I have had enough. As soon as I buy my first home, the first thing I’ll do is get satellite TV (likely DirecTV) and get BOTH the FWA ad INDY Markets. I plan on kicking Bright House’s ass over this.

In the ten years INNewsCenter has been online I will say that this is one of the most shocking stores ever covered.

I agree with a lady named Monica Meador from Jonesboro, IN. I understand that customers want a lower rate for cable TV, in Marion. After being a Bright House Networks subscriber for 12 years (six with my late mother), I am saying goodbye to Bright House.

But the question NOW is should I run for mayor of Marion, Indiana to make it legal to have Fort Wayne and Indianapolis TV on Bright House Networks. I know this is a looooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnngshot, and unpopular, but in the event I do run for Mayor of Marion, IN in 2011, I do plan on having an exploration committe to look at my potential platform. BTW, the campaign slogan for “AVA NIEVES for MAYOR” is unknown at this time.

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