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Posted By : Ava Zinn
Amy Jacobson Scandal One Year Later…

When this story broke last year at East Central Indiana’s Action News (back when it was just INNCD Internet Television.). The story broke around 4:45 PM when word that now former WMAQ NBC 5 reporter Amy Jacobson had just resigned after 11 years.

The person doing the special report is was not shown, but you have probably heard her voice, and also on another show that is the voice of Heather Willis on “Queen of the Willis.” That person was yours truly, Ava Nieves. At the time, this was one of the most shocking stories ever in the history of INNCD Internet TV and INNewsCenter.

The above video was ranked #17 on July 13, 2007 as one of the most viewed on INNCD’s YouTube account. Enough said already, but I should say that “The Amy Jacobson Scandal” has really gave me a wake-up call.

Back then, the INNCD News department was only five months old and everyone thought “INNCD News would never survive.” That changed after CBS 41 (here in Marion) and FOX 12 (in Kokomo) were acquired by NO SIR GIFTS and created a Media Department, and even though I am freelancing at both stations–I don’t think I will be behind the anchor desk anytime soon–unless NO SIR GIFTS Venues goes out of business.

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