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Posted By : Ava Zinn
My thoughts after the passing of my mother and brother

The outpouring of support following my mother’s death in May 2002 overwhelmed her family that she left behind. Of course there was no autopsy done on my mother. So I obtained a report from Ball Memorial Hospital and after I read the medical reports, which became a shocker!

On April 4, 2002, she left the hospital AGAINST THE ADVICE AND RECOMMENDATION of the physician and Ball Memorial Hospital. That meant there was a “warning sign” that I missed until AFTER HER DEATH!. Sylvia O’Brien, my mother’s nurse, and I found my mother in a pool of dark red blood consistent with melena. That was on April 23, 2002. Days later, Dr. Nicki Turner found her esophagus that showed varicose with red wheal markings and a clot shown on the varix.

My mother was admitted to the Marion hospital in a comatose. Twenty-four hours later, she was admitted to the Ball Memorial Hospital. Her abdomen was distensed and tense. A theraputic and diagnstic paracentus was completed. She continued to have focal seizures and did very poorly. The hospital adjusted her fluid but she accumulated multiple liters of ascitic fluid. Despite three separate drainages, my mother re accumulated the ascities. The hospital had several discussions with Albert and myself, Albert chose to “remove the ventilator” and I DID NOT choose to “remove the ventilator.” Since Albert was next of kin, the hospital went with Albert’s decision. On May 10, 2002, the hospital made her a NO CODE and she passed away.

The reason why my mother died is that she did NOT get her way with many things. So that is what I believe what happened to my mother. I will beive this—no one else will ever know! But according to my case coordinator at Cornerstone, Steve Cooper, there was noting that I missed. I was told AFTER MAY 10, 2002 because my mother did NOT tell me the deciding factor to leave the hospital because she was going to die anyway! She was later cremated on May 28, 2002

My brother’s death—that is a whole different story. Albert died shortly after 6 p.m. Saturday at Pine Lake, Berne. According to the Adams County Sheriff’s Department, Albert had been sliding down a zip line that ran from a tower into the water. Ruth Shoop told Albert not to go into the swimmers area and he did so anyway. Upon reaching the water, Albert did not resurface at all. The paramedics began CPR on Albert after lifeguards recovered his body from the lake at 6:23 p.m., Adams County Coroner Leslie L. Cook said, adding that an autopsy revealed Albert died of asphyxiation. Ms. Cook said that I had told authorities that Albert was not a very good swimmer. Funeral arrangements were still pending as of August 13, 2002, she said.

Albert was a mechanic at Leroy’s Automotive Service. My maternal grandmother-in-law (Elanor Nieves,) my cousins, Sharon, Linda, and Patty, and myself are the only family members that are left in the Zinn family. His funeral was held on August 17, 2002 10 a.m. at Bethel Worship Center, 1715 East 38th Street (across from the VA Hospital), with the Reverend Gary Dalton officiating. Burial was at

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