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Three VFTG Victories for Ava Zinn and Kymberly Alvaraz, Makeup Competitions not wasted


What’s better than a Vote for the Girls victory in America? Two victories: one male and one female on Vote for the Girls.

On American Idol XIV, Team Ava & Kymberly became the winning moderator as their pick of Nick Fradiani defeated Clark Beckham and Jax Cole even though it was, unfortunately an all-male final as Jax finished in third place and since the Moderator Panel of Zinn, Alvaraz, Holly Everman, Kellie Rock, Julia Passalt, Kendra Ray, Thia Tola, Tracia Ward and Lanise White all voted to pick Jax, the Moderators’ Save was used on Jax to decline the loss and effectively allowed Tracia Ward the dual winning moderator with Zinn & Alvaraz. This gave Zinn her 11th moderator victory and the first for both Alvaraz and Ward.


Then on The Voice 8 Final, as Koryn Hawthorne finished fourth and Joshua Davis finished third, that left Meghan Linsey and Sawyer Fredericks as the Top 2 and securing the DOUBLE VFTG Victory (instead of what would have been a Vote for the Girls loss had Fredericks not been a Vote for the Girls pick). However, since the web site decided to allow Sawyer Fredericks as a Vote for the Girls pick as well as Meghan Linsey, this necessitated the male and female victories….Sawyer’s win gave Thia Tola her first American VFTG Victory and her second overall after Maneepat Molloy won the first season of Thailand’s Got Talent (of which got imported onto the American version of Vote for the Girls following the cancellation of the Thai version of Vote for the Girls) and Linsey’s victory (as the female winner) also gave both Zinn and Alvaraz their respective 12th and second moderator victories.

And on the Dancing with the Stars 20 final, as Noah Galloway finished third, another Double VFTG victory occurred as Rumer Willis defeated Colorado-born Riker Lynch and giving Kendra Ray her very first Vote for the Girls victory in the United States and Lynch’s runner-up finish also gave the male VFTG Victory, securing the 13th and third moderator victories for Zinn and Alvaraz, respectively.

It may not make sense, but after research of the voting habits, the time finally came after we became successful with Nick Fradiani and Jax Cole on American Idol, the web site announced some very big changes for the web site’s seventh season in which a male soloist (known as a FLEX pick) can be allowed as a VFTG pick in addition to the existing VFTG picks (male-female duos, predominately girl groups, and of course, female soloists).

As for any make-up competitions, Ava has decided to give the entire moderator panel the summer off and as a result of the male and female victories on American Idol 14, The Voice 8, and Dancing with the Stars 20 as well as the victory on Dancing with the Stars 19, none of the moderators face any punishment for failure (such as the Leg Beards for Breast Cancer and No Shave November) nor participate in the America’s Got Talent 10 nor So You Think You Can Dance 12 competitions.

Just because the main moderator panel on VFTG were given the makeup competitions off, she’s not letting it go to waste as the participants of Santa Ava 23 will take turns as the main Vote for the Girls moderator panel. But not to worry, the main moderator panel’s positions are safe.

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Santa Ava 2013 Called off…

The last time Santa Ava was called with a Best of Nice, Evan Bayh was governor of Indiana, Bill Clinton was president, American Idol season 12 finalist Angela “Angie” Miller was just baby, Idol season 10 runner-up Lauren Alaina was a newborn,  Idol season 10 finalist Pia Toscano and The Voice US season 3 winner Cassadee Pope were in kindergarten, and yours truly was an 11-year-old boy that was heading to the 6th grade.

First some information… Why?

The news of the deaths of Ashley Rheam (1984-2013) on March 17,Braylee Rice on May 6,  and Travis Simpkins (1979-2013) on July 13, plus a severe thunderstorm in the Marion and Fairmount areas the knocked out power for as many as five hours on July 10, Five Points Mall (formerly North Park Mall) losing Sears and Christopher & Banks, Marion’s Greyhound Bus station basically moving across Indiana 18 to Doc’s BP/Subway as a pick-up/drop-off point and purchasing tickets on Baron’s Bus Lines, the Speedway station being converted to a Marathon Mini-Mart in June after Speedway bought Gas America last May, Flores Mexican Restaurant in Gas City permanently closed, and NoSirGifts (my late mother’s business) filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy–signaling to yours truly to believe that the economy of Marion, Indiana is only getting worse despite improvements.

So yours truly, Ava Zinn, at the end of the July makes the decision to call off Santa Ava for 2013 after at least three deaths


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Santa Ava 20 Results: Cornerstone/CSP

Another Santa Ava is officially in the books and this one is the last one in Marion.

Santa Ava 20 Best of Nice: Before the Christmas party at CSP, Santa Ava (or the Christmas version of yours truly) jokingly told the finalists that she would decide the Best of Nice then and there, telling them that Dave Kinzie (who earned dishonorable mention this year) was the Best of Nice. She then dismissed the team members and told the five ladies to wait at their offices at CSP, while Santa Ava decides who the real BEST OF NICE is. After looking at December’s service and their performance during 2012 as a whole, she made a decision and first had Tina, Diana, Ericka, and Ann come join her at the CSP Christmas Party. Ava called Ericka Collins at around 11:00 AM that Santa Ava has made a decision after learning that Ava herself passed her apartment inspection with flying colours and Zinn’s landlady, Eula Treadwell, giving Zinn a 8.5 out of a 10 point scale for the first time in four years.

First to find her fate after Ava arrived at the Christmas party was Debbie Medaras – she got three candy canes, a bag of Weaver Popcorn and a 4×6 photo of Ava Zinn (autographed by yours truly). She finished in 4th place.

Next to find out were Lois (Cassidy) Skinner and Karen Welsh – both ladies got two candy canes, a bag of Weaver Popcorn, a bag of Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn, and chose a stocking stuffer.

Next were Tina Sumner and Diana Branham two of the five finalists from CSP/Cornerstone in Santa Ava 20. Both were guaranteed a giant and regular size Hershey’s Candy Bar. Both Tina and Diana were given a padlock to open (Tina was holding the pink lock and Diana was holding a red padlock). Only Tina’s padlock opened.

Next was Cal Skinner, he was initially in 6th place, but due to the reinstating of Diana, Ericka, and Eula, Cal replaced Ericka for 3rd Place, Debbie Medaras replaced Diana for 4th Place, Bonnie Emerick replaced Eula for 5th Place, and Maryann replacing Cal for 6th Place.

There were more Best of Nice business to get through though. Ann and Ericka were next to find out their fates. Ava game some encouraging words to Ann about her time in Santa Ava and mentioned the last time Ann was in the finals, she lost to Paige Lank in addition this was the first time for Tina, Diana, and Ericka in the Santa Ava finals. Ann and Ericka each stood before a closed locked padlock (Ann was holding a purple padlock and Ericka was holding a blue padlock); whoever’s padlock opened would be the Best of Nice. Diana’s padlock did not open while Tina’s, Ann’s and Ericka’s padlock opened–the latter accidentally opened before Ava instructed to open the padlock–making Tina, Ericka, and Ann not only the Best of Nice of Santa Ava 20, but also the first time all three ladies earned their first Best of Nice. After Ann’s padlock opened, Ava announced that the streak is finally over, noting Ann’s very first Santa Ava Best of Nice. There is a silver lining to Diana’s defeat, she is invited to a special Santa Ava: REVENGE OF THE RUNNERS-UP.

Next were Kayla and Katie, both got three candy canes, a Christmas card, a bag of Weaver popcorn, and a 4×6 photo. BUT WAIT, are they joining Debbie Medaras? No, 4th-6th Place and Honourable Mention got the same prizes.

The next person and the second male CSP candidate to learn his fate is Travis. Ava then mentioned Travis is… BEST OF NAUGHTY (he got a Christmas Card, a bag of Weaver Popcorn, and his choice of M&M’s.) From Santa Ava 12 until Santa Ava 19, the Best of Naughty recipient got simply a Christmas Card and none of the dreaded coal as Naughty recipients get and Ava’s Chocolate Biscuits (basically mixing unsweetened cocoa and the recipe for buttermilk biscuits) plus double coal for one of two new Santa Ava Categories–DISHONOURABLE MENTION.

Next up, Kari (Elwood) Johnson, previously from Santa Ava 13 and Santa Ava 18. Ava delivered Kari three candy canes, a bag of Weaver Popcorn, and a 4×6 photo. Kari and Bonnie are tied for 5th Place. Zinn also told Kari that she is also awarded the runner-up prize from Santa Ava 18–Santa Ava 18 was called on October 1, 2010 due to a dispute and did not declare anyone Best of Nice in 2010; Jenna McCoy was the highest when Santa Ava 18 was called in the CSP division and did not award McCoy Santa Ava 18 Best of Nice in the CSP division until June of 2011.

Another person to learn her fate was Laura Yates. There were two Lauras at CSP–Yates is the Laura Senior and the other Laura is the Laura Junior. The senior Laura is…. joining Lois Skinner and Karen Welsh. Laura, Sr is NICE in Santa Ava 20. Laura Jr (via Ericka Collins) got a Christmas card with four candy canes attached thanks to Ericka’s Santa Ava 20 Best of Nice.

After the Christmas Party ended, Santa Ava has yet to deliver the Christmas presents for: Dave A., Leslie, Dave K. Debbie H., Maryann, Dave W, and Eula.  Many of the CSP staff said that Santa Ava went all out in 2012 alone.


The presents for Dave A. and Leslie were delivered on December 17.The first person (and next to final male) was Dave A, Santa Ava tells Dave A he is…. BEST OF NAUGHTY. Next was Leslie and she is…. HONOURABLE MENTION


But the biggest surprise happened only 30 hours after Santa Ava made her decision after Cassadee Pope won season 3 of The Voice was when Eula was awarded the final 8 x 10 and not only Santa Ava 20 BEST OF NICE, she was finally awarded Santa Ava 11 Best of Nice.  However, instead of making Dave K get the Dishonorable Mention present, Zinn deicided that Eula’s third Christmas Card went to him since a Christmas Card was delivered.

Reasons for Best of Nice:

  • Ava Zinn’s reason (Ann): “Ann’s passion and talent are undeniable. She has a very natural ability and a very sophisticated strong leader who is totally at home in her home away from home. She fought through ten excruciating Santa Ava seasons, landing Naughty in Santa Ava 13, 16, 17, 18 and 19; excelling in Santa Ava 12 and 20 and went on to be the Santa Ava 12 Runner-up and the Santa Ava 20 Best of Nice. She’s going to be an amazing asset to wherever she ends up after leaving GBMHI and I’d like to wish her the best of luck and as a woman of my word I’m very honored to hand her my letter of recommendation, but honestly, I don’t think she’ll need it .”
  • Ava Zinn’s reason (Tina): “Diana was great in 2012 but Tina deserved Santa Ava 20 Best of Nice because her standards are simply on a higher level.”
  • Ava Zinn’s reason (Ericka): “Ericka’s Santa Ava 20 Best of Nice because in a very short period of time, she grew more than any other candidate I’ve ever seen. She now has the talent, the maturity, to become a great leader. GBMHI should consider themselves lucky. I know I would when I hand her my letter of recommendation”
  • Ava Zinn’s reason (Eula): None.



Ann Leavitt
Ericka Collins
(Replaced Erin Hooten)
Eula Treadwell
Tina Sumner
Diana Branham
Cal Skinner
3rd Place
Debbie Medaras
4th Place
Kari (Elwood) Johnson
5th Place
Bonnie Emerick 5th Place
Dave Wilson
6th Place
Maryann Dawson
6th Place
Lois (Cassidy) Skinner
Debbie Hurd
Karen Welsh
Laura Yates
Dave Kinzie
(Later disqualified)
Erin Hooten
(Left in July 2012, replaced by Ericka Collins)
(Replaced Abby Key)
Dave Ables
Abby Key
(Left in March 2012, replaced by Katie)

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Santa Ava 20 Finals: Eight Finalists + Four Re-instated + One bye = 13 FINALISTS

For only the fourth time in the history of Santa Ava, the Best of Nice and Runner up will be a woman, we already know that is the case.

After Santa Ava (Ava Zinn, yours truly) chose which two deserved to be in the finals–the Santa Ava Elves (see table below) felt that five previously penalized candidates should have made the Santa Ava Finale.

Santa Ava’s Elves

Pink Holly (Everman) Willis
Purple John Steele
Red Sheena (Jay) Zinn
Blue Raymond Passalt
Yellow Lynsey (Everman) Matthewson
Green Frank Davidson

So now there are changes to the Santa Ava finale–Instead of eight finalists, five got reinstated. One of the reinstated individuals mentioned, “This has to be the largest Santa Ava final ever”

Michelle Mendenhall and Tammy Smith are still the final two in Santa Ava Neighbours division.

A third finalist, Amanda Smith, was given a bye to the finals for what another Amanda (my SO Amanda Davidson) “a tip that would eventually seal my fate in Marion and in a way now has AT&T Uverse as a television provider, in addition to free over-the-air upon relocating to Indianapolis after unable to find another provider in Marion to replcae Bright House). For that, Ms. Smith is joining Jackie Meza and Sherry Stepp in the Ava’s Colleagues division. Three individuals are in the Santa Ava finals (the last time three individuals were in the Santa Ava was last season, when Jackie Dickerson, Stacie Thomason, and Lois Bartley were in the finals–Only Lois was declared Best of Nice in the Carey Services Superiors division while Dickerson and Thomason were essentially runners-up yet Honorable Mention.)

Over at the Ava’s Superiours division, like last year, three individuals competed in the Santa Ava finals which was a first in Santa Ava history, and it is no different in Season 20. Sheena Burdette (previously compted in Santa Ava 5 and Santa Ava 19–Burdette finished in third place in season 5 in 1997 and Honorable Mention in season 19 last year) and for the first time in the Santa Ava finals 15 years after falling short of making the Santa Ava 5 finals. Burdette is joining Stacie Thomason and Jennifer (Reed) Ehmer in the Snata Ava 20 finals.


Perhaps one of the biggest in Santa Ava history has to be in the Community Support Program Division: Not three, not even four, but a RECORD BREAKING FIVE individuals for the first time are competing in the Santa Ava season 20 finals. The elves reviewed the overall performances of Eula, Ericka, and Dinana. There were six elves deciding and reviewing the perfomenaces after Tina Sumner and Ann Leavitt were the two finalists in the Santa Ava 20 finals… Four elves voted to reinstate Diana, but deadlocked whether or not to reinstate Ericka and Eula, so Santa Ava broke the deadlock in favour of reinstating Ericka and Eula. The reinstated individual that mentioned the largest Santa Ava ever was Ericka.


So here is how the Santa Ava finals placement for Season 20

Santa Ava 20 Finals line-up

Pink Purple Red Blue Yellow Green
Ava’s Neighbours Michelle Mendenhall
Tammy Smith

Ava’s Colleagues Jackie Meza
Sherry Stepp

Amanda Smith

Ava’s Superioiurs Stacie Thomason
Jennifer (Reed) Ehmer
Sheena Burdette (initially 3rd)

Community Support Program Tina Sumner
Ann Leavitt
Diana Branham (initially 4th)
Ericka Collins (initially 3rd)

Eula Treadwell (initially 5th)

As always stay up to date for the latest Santa Ava news by liking Santa Ava on Facebook:

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Santa Ava Season 20 Finalists Chosen

As the Christmas tree is up and the shopping already begun in the Zinn family, I chose the folllowing individuals competing for the Best of Nice.

Cornertsone/CSP: I determined that the remaining three finalists were so close to each other, that I wished that they could all compete in the finale–I had chosen Ann (Leavitt) as the first finalist in the Santa Ava Season 20 finale; however, I had to make one of my tougest decision as I had to decide who else will joining Ann in the finals. In the end, it was Tina (Sumner) would be joining Ann in the Santa Ava finals, guaranteeing one of the finalists will get her very first Best of Nice Award. Had Melanie Amaro not won last season’s X Factor and Jessica Sanchez not been saved from elimination, the finalists would have been Ericka (Collins) and Diana (Branham).

Neighbours: Michelle (Mendenhall) and Tammy (Smith)

Ava’s Colleagues: Sherry (Stepp) and Jackie (Meza)

Ava’s Superiors: Based on the overall performance, I personally decided who shall shall advance to the finals. Stacie’s pick of Phillip Phillips winning American Idol season 11 gave her immunity for the second semester and was chosen as the first finalist in the Santa Ava finals. I then chose Jennifer to advance to the final, meaning that Sheena finished in third place. Had Jessica Sanchez won American Idol season 11, missing the American Idol results on May 10 and May 17, 2012, a fateful Friday afternoon of June 29, 2012 did not seal my fate in Marion and decision to relocate to Indianapolis, Sheena (Burdette) and Debi (Johnson) would have been in the Santa Ava finals instead of Stacie (Thomason) and Jennifer (Ehmer).


So now here is what the season 20 Santa Ava finals will look like:

Santa Ava’s Best of Nice Season 20….

  • Cornerstone/CSP winner does not live in Marion, Indiana
  • Ava’s Superiors at Carey Services is not from Marion, Indiana

For those who are wondering about Santa Ava season 21, there is not going to be such season due to the relocation from Marion to Indianapolis. The very first full season of Santa Ava in Indianapolis will happen eventually and stay tuned to for more info. Meanwhile in Marion and until the relocation to Indinaapolis, there will be several special Santa Ava seasons, such as the Ultimate Santa Ava (past winners and runners-up will compete for a $2,500 AVA ZINN credit grand prize upon the relocation from Marion to Indianapolis), the Santa Ava Revenge of the Naughty (past naughty individuals from the 20 seasons will compete for a $1,000 AVA ZINN credit grand prize and an invite to a future wedding of AVA ZINN).

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Santa Ava Christmas 2012: The Stakes are Much HIGHER

The 2012 Santa Ava began with the announcement of the most personal prize and the largest ever offered in 20 years…. The Best of Nice present is valued at a quarter-thousand dollars ($250) that includes an 8 x 10 autographed photo of Ava Zinn (yours truly) valued at $35.

With such a coveted prize on the line, I designed a diverse set challenges and added a new category to the Santa Ava Christmas list–Dishonorable Mention. I did say at the beginning of 2012 "the stakes are higher than in years past."

My co-workers and superiors at Carey Services dominated early on in 2012 and reaped amazing rewards and enjoying superior months as well. While there was early success–trouble was also brewing as two different alliances were formed  and then a windstorm on the afternoon of June 29, 2012 really sank yours truly.

Over at Cornerstone/CSP a very difficult territory. The superiors and alliances may have had less trouble, but also had fewer satisfactory results with Santa Ava. They had problems in the month, that lead to three individuals that had immunity for the first semester to win mostly by default. 

When yours truly added AT&T's U-verse High Speed Internet (in addition to receiving over-the-air television) as her television provider, Cornerstone/CSP had a bit of success, but also had a lot of the drama. Even though this crop of candidates had their share of problems, never before in the twenty year history of Santa Ava has there ever been a group of candidates fight so hard to win Santa Ava's Best of Nice.

In the end, Santa Ava will have worthy candidates and may have an all-female Best of Nice since 2000 (season 8). At Cornerstone/CSP, four finalists are in the running to win her very first Santa Ava Best of Nice Award. Two individuals there–Ann Leavitt and Ava's Landlady–have worked with yours truly for nearly a decade and never recieved the Best of Nice Award. Last year, Ann, Ava's Landlady, and Tina Sumner landed naughty, but earned immunity for the first and second quarters since Melanie Amaro won the X Factor, and since Jessica Sanchez did not win American Idol nor a fellow auditioner from Pittsburgh made the Top 5–yet Christina Wilson won season 10 of Hell's Kitchen and Christine Ha won season 3 of MasterChef, I gave Ann, Tina, and the landlady immunity for the third quarter and will be at least Santa Ava Honorable Mention to their very first Santa Ava Best of Nice. Meanwhile over at Carey Services, the colleagues and superiors have done well (despite the fact I have only been able to attend 12 times out of 74 in the first three quarters of 2012.)

BEST OF NICE ($250 Value)
NICE ($50 Value)
  • 8×10 Autographed Photo of Aeverine Zinn ($35 value)
  • Two Christmas Cards with two candy canes attached on each card ($4 value)
  • Three stocking stuffers ($6 value)
  • Three bags of Weaver Popcorn ($1.50 value)
  • Three Bags of Orville Redenacher's Popcorn ($3.50 value)
  • $200 Ava Zinn credit 
  • TWO Invitation to AVA ZINN's 30th BIRTHDAY PARTY
  • 5×7 Autographed Photo of Aeverine Zinn ($10 value)
  • One Christmas Cards with one candy canes attached on card ($1 value)
  • One stocking stuffer ($2 value)
  • Two bags of Weaver Popcorn ($1 value)
  • One Bag of Orville Redenacher's Popcorn ($1 value)
  • $35 Ava Zinn credit
  • 4×6 Autographed Photo of Aeverine Zinn ($5 value)
  • One Christmas Cards with THREE candy canes attached on card ($1.50 value)
  • One bag of Weaver Popcorn ($1 value)
  • $17.50 Ava Zinn credit
NAUGHTY ($5 Value)
  • One Christmas Cards ($0.50 value)
  • One bag of Weaver Popcorn ($.50 value)
  • Two liters of Non-Store Brand Cola ($2 value)
  • $7 Ava Zinn credit
  • Two liters of Store Brand Cola ($1 value)
  • Two packs of M&M's ($2.50 value)
  • Five unsweetened chocolate balls
  • $1.50 Ava Zinn Credit
  • Five unsweetened chocolate balls
  • A humilaiting surprise from Santa Ava

The Honorable Mention category, added to Santa Ava in 2011, is an important Santa Ava award for those who distinguished themselves by acts of high bravery, but did not earn Best of Nice or Nice, but did exceed Best of Naughty, another category to Santa Ava in 2004. The Honorable Mention is in fact a worthy award in determining how the individual work not just during the final two months of the calendar year, but throughout the whole year as well. The 2012 Honorable Mention prize is a 4 x 6 autographed photo of yours truly plus a Christmas card with not one, not two, but THREE CANDY CANES attached

The newest Dishonorable Mention category is even worse than naughty on Santa Ava and is more unusual things in Christmas. In addition to receiving a no Christmas Card and just getting five golf-ball size unsweetened chocolate and low sugar, the individual also has to do ridiculous tasks between Christmas and January 4 of the following year. In one case, Santa Ava may ask one of Best of Nice or Nice individual to throw an entire pumpkin pie at the the dishonorable mention's face a man; in another, Santa Ava may buy a bra/panty set or pants (depending on the gender or gender identity of the dishonorable mention) and Santa Ava incinerates the pair of pants. Such decisions depend upon the seriousness of the offense. A notable example occurred on December 25, 1996 (Santa Ava Season 4) when Santa Ava (then a male) not only did award a Christmas prize to anyone (there was no one declared nice or even best of nice and everyone was naughty), but Santa Margaret (Ava's mother) threw a container of whipped topping onto Santa Ava's face and Elf Albert (Ava's brother) bitch-slapped Ava and kicked Ava's privates. The 1996 incident eventually lead to the Best of Naughty category being added in 2004.

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Santa Ava 19 Results: Cornerstone/CSP

It was another year of surprises on Ava’s Christmas List: Cornerstone version in 2011, with perhaps three of the most respected superiors ending up on the naughty list. I did say at the beginning off 2011, “the year is going to be a real bitch”.

My American Idol audition in Pittsburgh plans (or lack thereof) played a predominant role in the decision who landed Best of Nice, Nice, Best of Naughty, or Naughty. 

I made the Christmas list and told Abby Key and Erin Hooten they were on one category, Tina Sumner and the landlady on another earlier in the month.

First to know her fate was Abby Key, when I reminded her comment and said, “I can tell you that you will be throwing snowballs… at Ann Leavitt and potentially the landlady.” She was declared nice by receiving a Christmas card and two candy canes on Wednesday (12/14). This indicated that Ann was on Santa Ava’s Naughty List.

Then came the landlady and the maintenance guy to learn their fate, knowing the landlady already thinking her fate and commented, “I’m probably on the naughty list.” The maintenance man got a Christmas card on the Maintenance bulletin board early Friday morning (12/16.)

Ann Leavitt, Bonnie Emerick, and Erin Hooten were next. It was confirmed that Ann Leavitt was the first naughty individual on “Santa Ava’s Christmas List” with a coal and a copy of two letters I intercepted from my best friend of nearly 25 years, Robyn and former colleague at NoSirGifts, Lynsey. I then told Ann that it was her fourth conservative time and fifth overall

The results at Cornerstone would wait until I attended a Christmas party later in the day. That was because I had to deliver Christmas Cards to my colleagues and superiors at Carey Services. For those results, watch on Tuesday (12/20)

Before the Christmas party, Bonnie received a Christmas card, but since I had an appointment with Erin, she received a Christmas card and two candy canes. Erin and Abby were declared “Best of Nice.” Erin joins Cristi Kaufman and Paige Lank to make Best of Nice in their first year with Ava. While Abby joins Jenna McCoy, Rebecca Lencheck, and Lynne Mong to have never been on Santa Ava’s Naughty list, though the latter of the two have been on the Best of Naughty.

After the Christmas party at Cornerstone, Sumner and Ava’s landlady already looked strange and disappointed.

“And now the final result. The person on Santa Ava’s Naughty List and joining Ann (Leavitt) is – both of you..”

I am explaining why Ann, Tina, and my landlady landed on Naughty on “Santa Ava’s Christmas List”.

Ann Leavitt – Causing yours truly nearly lose the opportunity to audition for the 11th season of American Idol and/or failed to offer yours truly a reasonable solution that meets my requirements. Although I raised enough funds for a round-trip Greyhound bus ticket from Marion to Pittsburgh by raising $175 herself (yet for the second time found herself without a hotel room).

Tina Sumner – Much less severe than Ann’s. Sumner hassled with yours truly over Pia Toscano’s elimination on April 7 (which happened to be my mother’s birthday) and , stating that yours truly had no business in Pittsburgh (before I left for Pittsburgh)

Ava’s Landlady – Causing yours truly to be late to work on at least three occasions in one quarter. Also, due to Rags’ eviction on July 12, caused by making a servere mess, the landlady automatically landed on the naughty list, by default.

There may be a silver lining for Leavitt, Sumner, and Ava’s Landlady — had December 2011 alone been just a year, Sumner and Leavitt would have landed at least Best of Naughty on Santa Ava’s Christmas List. Santa Ava will grant immunity to Leavitt, Sumner, and Ava’s Landlady for the first quarter 2012 in the event should Melanie Amaro win the first season of “The X Factor,” immunity in the second quarter in the event should at least one of my fellow American Idol contestants from the Pittsburgh audition make the Top 5. Guaranteed immunity for those three for the first semester of 2012 will occur in the event should Melanie Amaro win the first season of The X Factor AND a girl wins American Idol ‘s 11th season.



Best of Nice


Best of Naughty


Ann Leavitt 2003, 2004, 2006 2007 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 AVA’s LANDLADY 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007 2009, 2010 2006, 2008, 2011 LANDLADY’s HANDYPERSON 2009 2011 2010 Bonnice Emerick 2011 Tina Sumner 2010 2011 Abby Key 2011 Erin Hooten 2011

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Santa Ava 19: Carey Services

It is that time of year again just the week before Christmas and as one song mentions: You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout. Well I’ll say better make idiotic mistakes, better not push Ava too far, and best of all do phenomenally well. I mean, clearly you’re here to read all about “Santa Ava’s Christmas List” Carey Services version in 2011 . Or are you here just to read what I say? I bet that’s the real reason. Either way, shall we get into the recap of who’s Naughty or Nice on Santa Ava’s Christmas List in 2011?

Your wish has been granted, let’s begin.  

Some Results (began 12/6)? NO WAY! (With Irrelevant Thoughts from Robyn Matthewson and Holly Everman.)

Best of         NaughtyBest of NiceSandy (McCullough): Robyn didn’t like the fact that Sandy’s emotions got the best of him. Holly Everman said that Sandy is typically a 9 or 10, but in 2011 she was an 8. I think that is being extremely generous, especially given how in 2010 I got criticized for the use of profanity, which even Robyn and Holly know that my frequent use of expletives earn yours truly the title of “Indiana’s Worst Entrepreneurs”. Sandy was placed to the far right of the list.

Stacie (Thomason): Robyn and Holly thinks she should be in the naughty category, based on an incident with one of my former colleagues in February. Holly gave Stacie the same critique Robyn did: great on the first song, but she really held back on the big moment of “Unchained Melody.” She was sent to the far left of the list.


On December 8, it appeared that Marcus Canty, who had already been there twice before, was about to be eliminated. But the judges’ votes were deadlocked, and Steve Jones, host of the X Factor, she was eliminated after she had fewer votes than Canty. Immediately after the results were revealed, Crow collapsed on stage and sobbed inconsolably. Nicole Scherzinger, the judge responsible for sending the vote to Deadlock, was visibly upset by the result (sound familiar to the eliminations of Siobhan Magus and Pia Toscano on American Idol?). When Steve Jones asked Nicole if she had anything to say, she turned away from Jones and was booed by the audience for taking the vote to deadlock.Nicole should have remained co-host and should have never been a judge.

More Results! (12/13)

 Best of NiceJackie (Dickerson): Robyn thought alerting yours truly for my swearing on November 18 after an accidental spill and lack of napkins in the cafeteria kinda broke her. Holly called it a tough call. Jackie was placed in the same list as Stacie.

Kim (Stewart): Robyn loves a great hard worker. Thought she did the best. Holly praised Kim for killing it in 2011, giving her a 10 across the board. I agree with that completely. Kim was placed in the same list as Sandy.


Finally some justice for Rachel Crow when Steve Jones announced that Marcus Canty was finally eliminated.

But first, while I was waiting for the results, an American Idol promo came on and finally revealed my status in the American Idol competition (HINT: There is a slim chance that I will be seen on national TV)

More, more, more results (11:30 AM 12/16)

NaughtyAfter letting Ann Leavitt over at Cornerstone that she was naughty (and did not get a Christmas Card at all, starting in 2011, it will have the autograph of yours truly that began with the American Idol audition in Pittsburgh) on “Santa Ava’s Christmas List,” clad in a Santa hat, red top with a red turtleneck underneath, red pants, with make-up and eyelashes done, and looked dolled-up It was time to deliver Christmas presents to my colleagues at Carey Services…. for the first time ever. It should be noted that I am in familiar company at Carey Services as two of my colleagues, Garon Losure and Sheena Burdette, all went to school with yours truly, while Bill Rock, Kim Jackson, and Jackie Dickerson,

First to learn her fate was Jennifer Ehmer. She received a Christmas card, which indicated she landed “Best of Naughty.”
Next was Bill Rock. He received a Christmas Card and a Candy cane, which indicated he landed “Nice”
Next was Anna Thomas, Richard, and Debi Johnson, as they also received Christmas cards. Only Richard got a candy cane attached, but inadvertently gave Garon’s card as it also contained the same candy cane as Mr. Rock’s.
Then Mike (one of my colleagues) and Shawn Fulton were the first of the colleagues to learn their fate as they both received Christmas Cards with a candy cane attached. I then told Shawn,  “Had you not made the 36 BFF Government, you would have been on the Naughty list” and mentioned about what happened between another Jackie and Shawn.

And last but not least of the Production supervisors, was Juli Jackson awaiting to learn her fate as follows:


NiceJuli (Jackson): Robyn thinks Juli with have an extraordinary future with Ava as a colleague or not. I then admitted to Juli last year she was not naughty — that told Juli “you were never naughty and this year is no different” — and that she was nice  But, then I did that one little terrible thing where I asked Juli to pick the list she thought was nice (the list with Stacie and Jackie or Kim and Sandy). Only Juli didn’t want too (obviously) so I moved her to the far right where Kim and Sandy, and told all 3 of them that they were nice on Santa Ava’s Christmas List. Juli, Kim, and Sandy all received a Christmas Card and a candy cane attached to the card.

After Juli’s fate was revealed, I then went to the Plant Manager’s office and gave Richard the right Christmas Card and also delivered Pam her Christmas Card with candy cane attached.

That left Stacie and Jackie still awaiting their fate Stacie was off that day and she would learn her fate the following Tuesday,. Both were to be “Best of Naughty.” BUT WAIT–Jackie and Stacie ended up getting two Christmas Cards, indicating that they are in a new category–“Honorable Mention”–which is used as a wild card pick. In a Facebook post by yours truly on the Carey Services page, it is revealed that two more would join Jackie and Stacie. See Notes for more details.

On Tuesday, the rest of “Santa Ava’s Christmas List” will be revealed.


Results revealed Best of Nice Nice Best of Naughty Naughty Honorable Mention1
12/16 Jennifer Ehmer 2011
Bill Rock 2011
Anna Thomas 2011
Richard 2011
Debbie Johnson 2011
Mike 2011
Shawn Fulton 2011
Juli Jackson 2011
Kim Stewart 2011
Sandra McCullough 2011
Pam 2011
Jackie Dickerson 20112
Stacie Thomason 20112
Lois Bartley 1988, 2011
12/20 Jackie Meza 2011
Kim Jackson 20113
Garon Losure 2011
Sheena Burdette 20113


1 Recipient got two Christmas Cards–one for the recipient and one for the recipient’s family member or a candidate of Ava Zinn’s choice
2 Dickerson and Thomason were initially on Best of Naughty, but later moved to Honorable Mention. Both Dickerson and Thomason blew the whistle on Zinn on November 18 after Zinn was criticized her use of expletives and on February 18 after an incident involving a former colleague on Dickerson’s team, respectively. Dickerson got a second Christmas Card for her daughter, Jennifer on December 16 while Thomason got a second Christmas Card for her husband, Kirk, on December 20.
3 Burdette and Jackson were initially on Nice, but also moved to Honorable Mention. Budette’s long-time friend (she has asked yours truly not to reveal her name) gave or intercepted a tip in March that lead yours truly to take action on the revocation of the prom date title from {now former prom date}. Jackson, meanwhile, impressed yours truly within a short amount of time. Jackson got a second Christmas Card with a candy cane attached for her daughter, Rhamey while Burdette got a second Christmas Card with a candy cane attached for her long-time friend, on December 20, respectively.


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