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2014 Year in Review

The following is a list of events on and Vote for the Girls in 2014. Events listed include information about changes of Zinn Family and friend, controversies and  disputes.

Month Day Event LINK
January 1 Ava Zinn began an over-the-air/Internet stream (via AT&T U-Verse) hybrid as a television provider
(replacing Bright House), the Indianapolis stations (except WNDY and newscasts on WISH, WXIN and WTHR) were replaced by
out-of-market (and out-of-state) affiliates of the corresponding networks, including stations in Chicago (WBBM-CBS, WLS-ABC, WGN-CW, WMAQ-NBC, and WFLD-Fox), Miami (WPLG-ABC and WSVN-Fox), Tampa (WTVT-Fox and WTSP-CBS), New York (WCBS-CBS and WNYW-Fox), Chattanooga (WDSI-Fox), Harrisburg/York (WPMT-Fox, WGAL-NBC, WHTM-ABC), and Dayton (WRGT-Fox).  The substitution began on July 15, 2012 and continued in 2014.
March 1 Following the eliminations of American Idol favorites Marrielle Sellars and Jillian Jensen, Zinn goes on a meat strike (essentially going vegetarian) for an undetermined amount of time. It is later revealed in a  Twitter post on March 28 the meat strike will last for the rest of the year, and will last until January 3, 2015. The meat strike ended on December 25, 2014.
15 Vote for the Girls UK broadcasts the final Ariel Swaringen appearance before her death 1 week later.
18 and 20 The final episode of the original US version of Vote for the Girls with Ariel Swaringen as moderator. Swaringen had died on March 22; the remainder of the fifth season of Vote for the Girls USA were shown broadcast as an “in memoriam” tribute to her from March 25 to the season finale.
April 5 Vote for the Girls UK gets its first loss on The Voice UK series 3.
10 Five days after Jermain Jackman won The Voice UK series 3 and upon seeing that Malaya Watson had the lowest number of votes on American Idol, Holly Everman is shoved to the floor when a fight begins on the Vote for the Girls set between moderators of Vote for the Girls US and Vote for the Girls UK. The fight originated between Holly Everman and Khayla Chow, after Everman called Chow a bi-black bimbo.
18 Ava Zinn announced on her YouTube channel after learning Jessica Meuse landed in the bottom two that she followed through on her threat to auction her virginity as a male. It was announced on November 29 that 47 year old Kymberly Alvaraz, originally from Denver, Colorado had been the winning bidder.
29 Upon seeing that Bria Kelly was not saved on the sixth season of The Voice of America of which criticized the moderators for not including Indianapolis native Josh Kaufman as a Vote for the Girls pick because the site’s operations are in the state of Indiana, yet supported Alisha Bernhardt and Marrielle Sellars on American Idol 11 and 13, respectively. Kellie Rock stormed out muttering “this is a f—ing joke” while confrontation between Maribel Mort and Veronica Willis (in which Mort referring to either Willis or Everman as “slutty bi-bimbos”) led to Willis punching Mort into the face and forcefully shoving Mort to the floor, and subsequently a full-scale brawl in the audience with items hurled and punches thrown. Audience members, several stage hands, Jameson, and Everman themselves got involved, with Jameson and Everman intervening to separate the pair. In the process, Ava Zinn was struck in the head by a a can of shaving cream and escaped uninjured yet washed out the shaving cream off her head.
May 1 Upon hearing Sam Woolf was eliminated, Ava Zinn stripped naked after she celebrated by spontaneously whipping off her shirt and falling to her knees in her bra (a la Brandi Chastain in the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup finals). It was not the first time Zinn “pulled a Brandi Chastain” as three years earlier after learning Haley Reinhart and Lauren Alaina made the Top 3 of American Idol’s tenth season.
6 During The Voice season 6 Top 8 results after learning Christina Grimmie was saved, Ava Zinn creates more controversy by “Twerking,” a YouTube that some described as “raunchy” and “provocative”. It also included a strip tease by Zinn, which critics had similar comments about.
20 Supporters of Christina Grimmie (via Vote for the Girls) and Josh Kaufman (via Indianapolis NBC affiliate WTHR) engage in a Twitter and Facebook brawl involving WTHR anchors and Vote for the Girls moderators. Jennifer (Tedder) Morris, a supporter of Kaufman initiated the conflict with fans of Grimmie when another supporter of Grimmie (Holly Everman) began intercepting and cyberbullying non-supporters of eventual American Idol 13 4th place contestant Jessica Meuse after Zinn posted incorrect voting info for Meuse and calling supporters for Kaufman “girl-hating commies.” The fifth season of the site’s YouTube series was already called off on April 17 a day before Vote for the Girls founder and Aministrator Ava Zinn announced she was auctioning off her virgininty and her desire to have sexual interourse with a biological female for the final time as a biological male as part of Zinn’s ongoing gender transition from male to female, a threat Zinn made earlier if a male won The Voice and/or American Idol, which did happen on both The Voice and American Idol. The following day after Christina Grimmie’s third place finish (and Vote for the Girls’ first loss on The Voice), on May 21, Everman had shaved off her traditionally long hair immediately upon learning Jena Irene (Asciutto) was runner-up, and consequently, along with Vote for the Girls moderator Kellie Rock began to wear breast binders for the rest of the summer, while Ava Zinn and Kathi Jameson wore strapless tops and halters for the remainder of the summer.
June 1 For the Vote for the Girls Punishment following the losses on The Voice 6 and American Idol 13, the transgendered women (Ava Zinn and Kathi Jameson) and biological women (Kellie Rock and Holly Everman) essentially trade respective gender identity roles: To coincide with their gender transitions from male to female, Zinn and Jameson begin strapless tops, halters, and bikinis over the summer, accompanied by Zinn not wearing a skirt or dress for the summer while Jameson continues her gender transition with skits and dresses; Everman and Rock returns the favor by binding their breasts to create a flat-chested appearance, with Everman passing as a male after her head is shaved and appearing more masculine and wearing male clothing (later revealed to be her father’s) and Rock passing as a woman that had breast cancer.
26 It is announced that Ava will bring INNewsCenter back after a three year hiatus. The revival of INNewsCenter launched on December 28.
July 11 The sixth season premiere of the American adaptation of Vote for the Girls premieres with “Ava’s Virginity Auction,” following the decision to put Ava Zinn’s virginity to the highest female bidder, and the media firestorm that followed after the site’s failure to support Christina Grimmie and Jena Irene Asciutto to victory and a perfect season.
19 As part of a Vote for the Girls Reward as winning moderators, Ava Zinn (as the winning moderator for Tessannne Chin’s victory on The Voice 5), makes the bicycle trip from Marion to Muncie (clad in a strapless pantsuit) visiting Concannon’s Bakery and Cafe (as well as stopping by a Dollar General store in nearby Gaston, in addition to Dollar Tree, Walmart, Speedway, and Aldi) in Holly Everman’s hometown of Muncie. Everman returned the favor spanning three days starting on August 12, 2014 when she biked from Castleton Square Mall to Anderson, from Anderson to Marion (at which necessitated Everman’s relocation to Marion after announcing she and her wife, Veronica, divorced after two years) on August 13, and finally from Marion to Van Buren to visit the Popcorn Festival.
August 11 Tribune Broadcasting signs a deal with CBS to have WTTV (channel 4) become the network’s Indianapolis affiliate. The move to WTTV, effective New Year’s Day 2015, will end CBS’ 58-year relationship with WISH-TV (channel 8), and is reportedly the result of disagreements between CBS and the LIN Media-owned WISH over the network’s demands for reverse compensation of retransmission consent from its affiliates. This eventually spawned the second major network affiliation switch in Indianapolis in over 35 years as WRTV (channel 6) and WTHR (channel 13) switched networks with NBC moving from WRTV to WTHR and ABC moving from WTHR to WRTV, and was confirmed December 22 that WTTV and WISH will swap affiliations, with CW moving from WTTV to WISH.
22 Holly Everman is arrested for her second DUI on the northeast side of Indianapolis after driving northbound on the southbound lanes of Binford Boulevard, and was recorded as having a 0.17 percent blood-alcohol content. She was sentenced to one year probation in a Marion County, Indiana court in Indianapolis on September 10, 2014 and another year of probation and 40 hours of community service five days later in a Grant County court for her role in the Vote for the Girls brawl that began the brunt of Everman’s troubles. She entered a rehabilitation clinic for alcohol abuse and anger management counseling as part of her court obligation, of which she is forbidden from consuming or possessing alcohol and her driving privileges were revoked for a period of six months and 20 days (expiring on March 30, 2015). She will be subject to random drug testing as a condition of her probation. In addition, the judge stipulated that any subsequent OWI or DUI charge in a three year period will be treated as a felony. Everman was also forbidden from doing any media interviews or making comments related to the Vote for the Girls (other than voting but cannot post who she voted for) on social media during the suspension.
24 Vote for the Girls USA is dealt another loss as the site was unable to help Audrey Kate Geiger and Dana Williams to the site’s first victory on the ABC show “Rising Star.”
September 3 Valerie Rockey becomes the first Vote for the Girls supported contestant to be saved from the site’s first loss on the American version of So You Think You Can Dance.
18 Following the defeat of Emily West, a Vote for the Girls-supported contestant on the ninth America’s Got Talent, it is announced the terminations of Khayla Chow and Kathi Jameson from the respective United Kingdom and United States adaptations of Vote for the Girls following previous incidents between moderators. Jameson would later appear on the Australian adaptation of Vote for the Girls.
26 Production of the United Kingdom adaptation of Vote for the Girls was nearly abruptly halted by two guests, later identified as Khayla Chow and Victoria Glassering that would cause trouble. This was due to the fact that other commitments of Zinn’s had to be fulfilled and according to Zinn’s contract production of Vote for the Girls could not be rescheduled, stopped, or delayed for any reason, even weather delays.

A third guest (identified as Witney Mitchell), unaware Zinn’s schedule until being informed at a later date, tried to disrupt production 90 minutes into the rehearsal for the start of the second series, startling moderator Tracia Ward and creating a disruption.

29 A viewer of the American adaptation of Vote for the Girls, intentionally crashes a truck into the building’s lobby as the viewer went too far and one Vote for the Girls moderator (Karly Ryder, Jr.) was booed off the set and her future on the site was put in jeopardy. Ryder as well as Zinn, subsequently received death threats from some viewers, and in one instance the same viewer threatened to murder Holly Everman. No staffers were injured as a result of the incident. Ava did not upload the Dancing with the Stars result on its YouTube channel.
October 1 For the fifth consecutive year, the moderator panel of both the American and British adaptations of Vote for the Girls participate in the Leg Beards for Breast Cancer as part of the moderator’s Punishment for Failure after Christina Grimmie finished third place on the sixth season of The Voice and Jena Asciutto finished runner-up on the thirteenth season of American Idol
21 Just a month after she was terminated, Khayla Chow, is shot and killed in a shoot out with three Vote for the Girls moderators (Kymerly Alvaraz, Kendra Ray, and Julia Passalt) upon learning Vote for the Girls-supported contestant Brittany Butler was not saved by Pharrel Williams on the seventh season of The Voice, as well as violating a restraining order Zinn filed after Chow’s termination. Alvaraz suffered a gunshot wound to one of her calves as a result of the incident.Alvaraz is later charged with second-degree involuntary manslaughter and was later found not guilty of the charges while Ray is later charged with assisting a criminal.
November 1 The moderator panel of both the American and British adaptations of Vote for the Girls continue the moderator’s Punishment for Failure by participating in No Shave November for the first time in the site’s history.
12 Upon seeing Mia Pfirrman was not saved by her mentor Adam Levine on the seventh season of “The Voice,” Karly Ryder, Jr. gouges the eyes of two of Ava Zinn’s children using a pair of stilettos and the following day, Ava Zinn announces the terminations of Ryder from of Vote for the Girls USA and is replaced by Tracia Ward. Karly Ryder, Jr. would later appear on the Australian adaptation of Vote for the Girls.
18 A day after Vote for the Girls USA gets its only victory of 2014 after the elimination of Tommy Chong and Peta Murgatroyd, Ava Zinn announces she will impose the “Ava Zinn Close Friend Mandate” beginning at the start of 2015 and taking the Vote for the Girls Pledge as a condition of remaining close friends with Ava Zinn.
20 Dan Alvaraz, the husband of Kymberly Alvaraz, files for an at-fault divorce, citing adultery by his wife, Kymberly (Christian) Alvaraz and naming Ava Zinn and fellow transwoman Kristina Chow from Houston as co-respondents. News of the divorce filing became public when it was first widely reported that Kymberly Alvaraz and Ava Zinn are involved in a lesbian relationship, and is confirmed on November 28.
24 Alfonso Ribiero wins the nineteenth season of Dancing with the Stars, giving Holly Everman her fifth victory as the winning moderator. It would be the only Vote for the Girls USA Victory in 2014 (not counting the Moderators’ Saves of Valerie Rockey and DaNica Shirey)
25 The moderator panel of Vote for the Girls USA unanimously decide to use their Moderators’ Save on DaNica Shirey, the last remaining female contestant following the eliminations of Reagan James and Anita Antionette, on the seventh season of The Voice. Shirey is eliminated the following Tuesday.
28 Kymberly Alvaraz is found not guilty of fatally shooting Khayla Chow.
29 As part of an ongoing negotiation deal with Zinn and her desire to relocate to Indianapolis, it is revealed that Ava Zinn had successfully auctioned off her virginity to Kymberly (Christian) Alvaraz for an undisclosed sum with the sexual encounter that reportedly took place at Zinn’s home on August 31, 2014 with Alvaraz signing a three-year long term relationship deal with Zinn to have Alvaraz as the sixth girlfriend of Ava Zinn. The Ava Zinn/Kymberly Alvaraz relationship agreement ended Alvaraz’s 30-year relationship with Dan Alvaraz, Kymberly’s husband since 1994, is reportedly the result of irreconcilable differences between Dan Alvaraz and Kymberly as well as disagreements between Ava Zinn and several of Zinn’s friends on her Facebook profile over the Zinn’s demands for compensation. Zinn also indicated that as of January 4, 2015 pay yours truly a monthly fee of $2.50 or $35 a year if a majority of Ava Zinn’s Facebook friends choose not to support Ava Zinn’s popular, yet controversial Vote for the Girls the site securing a victory. Zinn also indicated she will find someone that will take the Vote for the Girls pledge as a condition of maintaining such close friendship as Holly Everman and Rachael Passalt are such friends that have taken the Vote for the Girls pledge.
December 1 Three children of the Vote for the Girls moderator panel begin their gender transition from male to female exactly ten years after Ava Zinn began her own transition. Rachael Passalt, Denise Alvaraz, and Tiffani Zinn, all become the respective transgendered daughters of Julia Passalt, Kymberly Alvaraz, and Ava Zinn.  The gender transition of Rachael Passsalt now leaves Nickolas Passalt as the only remaining son of Julia Passalt while the gender transitions of Tiffani Zinn and Denise Alvaraz results in both Ava Zinn and Kymberly Alvaraz with no remaining male children.
14 The moderator panel of Vote for the Girls UK decline the defeat of Fleur East, is announced the runner-up of the eleventh series of “The X Factor UK.”
20 Ava Zinn’s Vote for the Girls picks to win Strictly Come Dancing, Caroline Flack and Frankie (Sanford) Bridge are respectively announced announced the winner and runner-up of the twelfth series of Strictly, which is the UK version of Dancing with the Stars.


Family Changes in 2014


Date Name Previous Relationship to Ava Zinn New Relationship to Ava Zinn REASON
March 17 Clarissa Zinn
(formerly Bugsy Zinn)
Grand nephew Grand Niece Gender transition
November 29 Kymberly (Christian) Alvaraz Former NoSirGifts Colleague Significant Other Relationship Agreement and Virginity Auction

Friend Changes in 2014

Date BFF # Prior Friend New Friend
December 1 TBD TBA Rachael Passalt

Deaths in 2014

Date Name Age Notability to Ava Zinn LINK
March 22 Ariel Swaringen 23 Vote for the Girls UK Chief Moderator and Vote for the Girls US Moderator
March 27 Crystal Rose (announced) 27-28 Missisinewa High School Class of 2004 Alumnus
May 10 Michelle Steele 34 Vote for the Girls US Moderator
May 20 Amanda Davidson 32 First and fifth significant other of Ava Zinn
May 20 Deandra (Zinn) Alley 23 Transgendered Daughter of Ava Zinn
October 21 Khayla Chow 23 Former Vote for the Girls UK moderator and guest moderator on Vote for the Girls
December 5 Amber Pulley 28 Missisinewa High School Class of 2004 Alumnus


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2013 Year in Review

The following is a list of events on and Vote for the Girls in 2013. Events listed include information about changes of Zinn Family and friend, controversies and  disputes.

Month Day Event LINK
January 1 Six months after a television tower collapsed, Zinn began an over-the-air/Internet stream (via AT&T U-Verse) hybrid as a television provider
(replacing Bright House), the Indianapolis stations (except WNDY and newscasts on WISH, WXIN and WTHR) were replaced by
out-of-market (and out-of-state) affiliates of the corresponding networks, including stations in Chicago (WBBM-CBS, WLS-ABC, WGN-CW, WMAQ-NBC, and WFLD-Fox), Miami (WPLG-ABC and WSVN-Fox), Tampa (WTVT-Fox and WTSP-CBS), New York (WCBS-CBS and WNYW-Fox), Chattanooga (WDSI-Fox) and Harrisburg/York (WPMT-Fox).  The substitution began on July 15, 2012 and continues in 2014.
12-13 Zachary Thien, a 2004 graduate of Mississinewa High School, is accused of shooting Megan Chipman near the Hotel Marion on 4th Street. Ava Zinn issues an apology involving comments made about Thien in a post on the Fox 59 Indianapolis Facebook page. Ole Miss 2004 Grad Arrested in Marion Homicide
19 Yours truly suspends grocery shopping at Aldi #18 (2007 South Western Avenue in Marion) due to a dispute.
The dispute is resolved on April 21.
Ava Zinn falls to lowest January since 1994
February 1 Nearly three years after my wife’s death in June 2010, I exercised the option to adopt Angie Willis’ daughter, Ashli, outright.
7 Nexstar Broadcasting settles a lawsuit against Granite Broadcasting that alleged that the latter company controlled advertising sales through its carriage of five network affiliations on two Fort Wayne stations (WISE-TV and WPTA, former Marion Cable Channels 18 and 21, respectively), resulting in that market’s Fox affiliation returning to WFFT-TV (former Marion Cable Channel 2) from WISE’s second subchannel on March 1, reversing a 2011 switch that resulted from a dispute between Nexstar and Fox over retransmission compensation.
7 After four years, yours truly, announces that she will leave Carey Services (amid rumors of being laid off and wanting “to make Mark Draves’ job a little easier”) on May 31 to focus on my pending move to Indianapolis, declining mental health, unstable home life stemmed from a fateful prom 12 years earlier, a very big family, as well as Vote for the Girls USA. Ava Zinn Stepping Down at Carey Services
22 Marsh Supermarkets announces the closure of its southside Marion store and will not renew the store’s lease. The only remaining Marsh store, 1013 North Forrest Avenue has been the Marsh yours truly currently shops since my IWU dismissal since the Adams Street Marsh store is located in my NO IWU Zone.  The last visit to the Marsh on Adams Street was in 2000. March closing southside Marion store
March 5 Vote for the Girls USA posts American Idol voting information even though yours truly said since the American Idol 11 finale she was not watching does not mean that she did not vote. VFTG Encourages You To Vote for Angie Miller
18 Jackie Florea and yours truly reunite after a 21 year absence.
23 Yours truly attend the funeral of Ashley Rheam
29 Vote for the Girls USA declares its first ever clean sweep win, with all five female contestants (Kree Harrison, Candice Glover, Janelle Arthur, Angie Miller, and Amber Holcomb) being saved by public votes before the male contestants (Burnell Taylor and Lazaro Arbos) and Devin Velez being eliminated on American Idol. VFTG Clean Sweep Win! Sorry, guys. Idol’s just not into you.
April 8 Nearly a year after announcing yours truly was done watching American Idol (and making a 2013 resolution reflecting this), the 2013 Resolution is broken for a good reason with a Vote for the Girls victory on the line. Ava Zinn resumes watching American Idol
11 Yours truly gets the first Vote for the Girls Victory after the elimination of Lazaro Arbos. This marks the first time in VFTG history that a victory on American Idol occurs. Candice Glover wins American Idol on May 15 VFTG Victory: American Idol 12 (
12 Vote for the Girls gets the first victory of 2013.
May 4 Your truly has a meal at Flores Mexican Restaurant for her first and only visit.
9 Vote for the Girls USA pick of Angie Miller is eliminated.
13 Yours truly acquires infamous web site Vote for the Worst. The purchase of Vote for the Worst, which announced in January the site is shutting down on June 1, is expected to be approved by in February 2014, will be redirected to Vote for the Girls (and will add America’s Got Talent and Dancing With The Stars in the Vote for the Worst section of Vote for the Girls). Ava Zinn to acquire
21 Vote for the Girls USA declares its another clean sweep win, with all seven female contestants (Danielle Bradbery, Judith Hill, Michelle Chamuel, Sasha Allen, Sarah Simmons, Holly Tucker, and Amber Carrington) being saved by public votes before the male contestants (The Swon Brothers) with Kris Thomas and Josiah Hawey being eliminated on The Voice. VFTG Clean Sweep #2: The Voice 4
22 Yours truly sets a YouTube record for going on a profanity-laden tirade—one of the most censored events of Vote for the Girls USA history, though it results in some of the highest ratings of VFTG.
June 1 The British version of Vote for the Girls (Vote for the Girls UK) debuts with The Voice UK series 2 knockouts after earlier announcing the UK version would launch.
18 Vote for the Girls USA gets second victory for 2013 with Danielle Bradbery winning The Voice USA 4 VFTG Victory: Danielle Bradbery, (
22 Vote for the Girls UK gets the first victory in site history with Andrea Begley winning The Voice UK VFTG Victory: Andrea Begley  (Vote for the Girls USA)
July 10 Severe storms cause another power outage causing major inconveniences
17-18 I attend the wake and funeral of Travis Simpkins, I clearly saw raw emotional pain from Wendy’s part.  I would have stayed a longer (and wanted to utilize the six hour time frame) but was asked to leave. Initially it was a concern of my safety due to inadequate transportation (I am well aware of the Heat Advisory and willing to believe that is the case) or someone blew the whistle when Ashley (Dawson) alerted me about something, or what I could have seen was another wake-up call (similar to Jessica Berg’s wake in April 2010)–this time it may have something to do about the fact that upon relocating to Indy, I’ll be adding and making new friends down there in addition to existing ones in Grant County.

After a Zinn family meeting and review, it was determined I was asked to leave the wake and Sheena Fromholz, another party in the Mississinewa 500 Cold Case, asked me to sit in the back row, thus violating the civil rights of yours truly and penalized $175 per appointment policy.

This will be the main question I’m looking into whether or not I should change a funeral policy of mine in the Zinn family books since 1987.

The second question is somehow unrelated given the fact that there was a heat advisory while biking from Marion to Gas City. This the basis of the possible new funeral policy of mine since I had no other choice to bike to the wake and funeral. Had I knew about that and asked for a ride (which probably would have happen I asked nicely), I believe that would made a difference.

Additionally, Holly (Everman) Willis rules against Ms. Fromholz for being asked told to leave the wake of Mr. Simpkins due to the heat advisory (which was wrong of that person at the end of the day) and tells her to sit at the back row for the f***ing funeral just because yours truly doesn’t have a car or does not even have a Driver’s License, which was wrong of Ms. Fromholz to do that. Willis later reveals that were clearly other options available for yours truly while she biked from Marion to Gas City on the afternoon of July 18 and the morning of July 19, 2013.

An updated Weather Related Emergency Policy Bill was signed into policy that will go into effect January 4, 2014.

Ava Zinn considering making changes following snafu
22 The 21st season of Santa Ava is called off. It is later revealed that the 22nd and 23rd seasons of Santa Ava are called off due to low revenue. However, beginning with Santa Ava 24 (2016), a format change will take place. Santa Ava Called Off
29 Another Zinn Family Policy, 2-5-10-BANNED FOR LIFE is signed into policy. In October, a complaint was filed challenging the policy. The policy will go into effect July 4, 2014. 2-5-10-BANNED FOR LIFE POLCY signed into Policy
August 8-15 As a Vote for the Girls Reward for the victories of Candice Glover (American Idol 12) and Danielle Bradbery (The Voice of America 4), I attend the popcorn festival in my hometown of Van Buren while my BFF Holly (and US chief moderator of VFTG) attends all days of the Indiana State Fair with Bradbery’s concert falling on August 10. I attend the Indiana State Fair on August 13 and 14 as well as continue negotiations (and start serious negotiations) with various apartment complex leasing managers in Indianapolis.
October 1 Vote for the Girls fifth season premieres at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis. It is the first season to open in Indianapolis. VFTG USA Opens at The Indiana State Fair
2 I announce on that Vote for the Girls Australia will debut. Unlike the USA and UK versions, the Australian version will be tape delayed but will obtain voting information on the VFTGAU Facebook and Twitter feeds. The site is scheduled to debut July 4, 2014. Ava Zinn to launch Australian version of Vote for the Girls
6 Vote for the Girls UK gets second win with the Over 25’s mentored by Sharon Osbourne is all female on The X Factor UK 10. VFTG WIN: Team Sharon (The X Factor UK 10)
8 The UK version of Vote for the Girls moves to its own site at VFTGUK site goes online
November 6 For the third time in 20 years, I had to declare single as a relationship status due to Mandy’s behaviour after she shut off my laptop as a way to get my attention, an argument and brawl later pursued that evening, causing significant damage to my home. Mandy Davidson no longer Ava Zinn’s significant other
December 5 Vote for the Girls declares its first loss of 2013 with the eliminations of Ellona Santiago and Rion Paige Thompson on The X Factor. The loss is reversed two weeks later. Ava Zinn Gets First VFTG Loss of 2013
10 Yours truly presents a Vote for the Girls USA episode clad in a black swimsuit.
15 Samantha Bailey wins The X Factor UK 10 VFTG Victoty:  FACTOR UK 10 (
17 Tessanne Chin wins the fifth season of The Voice of America VFTG Victory : The Voice of America 5
19 Alex & Sierra wins the third season of The X FACTOR USA. The pick of Alex & Sierra marks the first time in Vote for the Girls history that the loss declared two weeks earlier had been reversed. It is also the first time in site history that an Ava Zinn’s Vote for Best of Worst pick had won any talent show. VFTG Victory : The X Factor USA 3


Family Changes in 2013


Date Name Previous Relationship to Zinn New Relationship to Zinn REASON
July 4 Tiffani Zinn (formerly Timothy Rags Zinn) Son Daughter Gender Transition
September 21 Kree Angie Alley N/A Granddaughter
September 21 Chaz Lazaro Alley N/A Grandson
November 6 Amanda Davidson Significant Other* EX-GIRLFRIEND End of Relationship

*Davidson was the girlfriend of yours truly from January 4, 1993 to December 20, 1997 (as Davidson’s boyfriend) and from June 3, 2012 until November 6, 2013 (as Davidson’s girlfriend).

Friend Changes in 2013

Date BFF # Previous
October 5 13 Rachel McPherron Ashley Dawson November 1
October 5 27 Ashley Dawson Robert Craven November 1

Deaths in 2013

Date Name Age Notability to Ava Zinn LINK
March 16 Ashley Rheam 28 Mississinewa High School Class of 2002 Alumnus, fellow alumnus Ashley Rheam (1984-2013)
May 6 Braylee Rice 14 Friend of Ashli and Tiffani (then Timothy Rags) McCulluogh Tragedy
July 13 Travis Simpkins 34 Husband of Ava Zinn long-time friend Wendy Becker Travis Simpkins (1979-2013)
November 21 Vicki Little 59 Former cousin of Ava Zinn.
December 3 Salome Padilla 30 Mississinewa High School Class of 2001 Alumnus Salome Padillia (1982-2013)


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2012 Year in Review


January 19 I finally reveal my status in
the American Idol season 11 competition from July 2011 in
the Pittsburgh auditions. Many of the Facebook friends
eventually unfriended and/or complained to yours truly for
not being able to audition in front of the judges.

Ava then reveals in a Facebook post that if a male won
American Idol, she will then switch to Verizon Wireless
(which actually happened on May 24) for The X Factor .

25 Amber Campbell was the first
to unfriend yours truly in 2012, in part due to my status in
the American Idol season 11 competition.Twelve additional
individuals including Alicia (Kendall) Jones and Samantha
(Rose) Callahan.
February 19 Several friends on Facebook
are shocked after five individuals – Craig Markley,
Dannielle Dooley, Mary Lamb, Brandon Jones, and Amber
Dooley. The two latter of the five were close friends dating
back from 1998 and 2001, respectively.  Mona (Reed)
Tyler replaces Brandon Jones the same day and Brooke Jones
replaces Amber Dooley on February 27.
March 15 Shannon Magrane, an American
Idol contestant finalist, finishes in 11th place.
22 Erika Van Pelt, an American
Idol contestant finalist (and auditioned in the same
Pittsburgh venue as Ava Zinn, finishes in 10th place. Ava
later gets a Brazilian wax.

A week later, another contestant that Ava auditioned with
(Heejun Han) finished in 9th place. Ava later gets a second

23 Yours truly is treated for
blown vocal cords due to one of the repercussions of her
American Idol audition in Pittsburgh. Yours truly already
missed most of the first half of calendar year at Carey
Services. It was later found out that Ava was diagnosed with
acid reflux as the cause of the blown vocal cords in
addition to hypothyroidism.
April 12 Jessica Sanchez, another
American Idol contestant, Ava rooted for, is saved from
26 Elise Testone, an American
Idol contestant finalist, finishes in 6th place.
28 After a 12 year
investigation, the Mississinewa 500 Cold Case is finally
solved. Alec Dailey and Justin Planck are named co-best men
to Ava’s future wedding while Veronica Schmerber and Telissa
Hunt are named co-prom dates, replacing a Mississinewa HS
Class of 2003 Alumnus that on March 15, 2011 had been
stripped of title.
May 3 Skylar Laine, an American
Idol contestant finalist, finishes in 5th place. One
Facebook friend said that she is done watching American Idol
Two of my pet grandchildren,
Alexis and Allison, were killed in a domestic dispute.
10 Hollie Cavanagh, an American
Idol contestant finalist, finishes in 4th place, and missed
that particular American Idol results programme as well as
the following American Idol results on May 17.
Ten years to the day of my
mother’s death, my pet daughter, Coco, commits suicide,
revealing that she is sorry for killing Alexis and Allison
and hurting her husband and her children.
14 A neighbor of mine, Victor
Humpfrey, is found dead.
23 Ava loses several friendly
wagers and has stopped watching American Idol after Phillip
Phillips won American Idol season 11. This is declared a
Vote for the Girls loss.
24 Ava’s BFF #1, Robyn (Hurd)
Matthewson, dies at 1:07 AM four hours after suffering a
stroke. Holly Everman is sworn in as Ava’s BFF#1.
June 3 Amanda Davidson, a woman
yours truly dated from 1993 to 1997, reconciles her
differences with Ava Zinn and becomes the first former
significant other in Ava Zinn history to have been in a
relationship with Ava both as Davidson’s boyfriend
(1993-1997) and Davidson’s girlfriend (2012-present.) Ava
also ended a 400-day search after declaring single on April
30, 2011.
28 Two years after being launched on as a campaign, Vote For the Girls is launched.
Vote for the Girls is dedicated to voting in favour of
female contestants on reality singing competition to end the
alliance between young women and grandmothers that tend to
vote for WGWG (white guy with guitar.)
29 The apartment complex
television tower where Ava Zinn resides at collapses due to
straight line thunderstorm winds that moved through Marion
at approximately 3:30 p.m, knocking Ava’s television
provider (which replaced Bright House Networks in December
2009 following the Marion repercussions of the
WISH-TV/Bright House dispute) to lower strength than usual.
The antenna tower, according to a conversation with
David Kinzie, the maintenance man at the apartment complex
on July 24, would most likely not be replaced, thus sealing
Zinn’s fate in Marion and the decision to relocate to
Indianapolis. On December 18, 2012, Kinzie became the very
first individual to be declared Dishonorable Mention in
Santa Ava’s Season 20.
July 12 Ava Zinn misses an episode of
Duets in which the last female contestant, Bridget
Carrington, was eliminated. A profanity laced video is
posted on YouTube (the video is bleeped a record 86 times in
the 15 minute video in the edited version.) Ava eventually
watches the program at the Starbucks the following Saturday.
20 Ava Zinn obtains AT&T’s
U-Verse High Speed Internet. The very first programme Ava
watches was the tenth season premiere of Hell’s Kitchen.
31 A month after the television
tower collapsed, Zinn began an over-the-air/Internet stream
(via AT&T U-Verse) hybrid as a television provider
(replacing Bright House), the Indianapolis stations (except
WNDY and newscasts on WXIN and WTHR) were replaced by
out-of-market (and out-of-state) affiliates of the
corresponding networks, including stations in Chicago
(WPLG-ABC and WSVN-Fox), Tampa (WTVT-Fox and WTSP-CBS), New
York (WCBS-CBS and WNYW-Fox), Chattanooga (WDSI-Fox) and
Harrisburg/York (WPMT-Fox).  The substitution would go
into 2013 until the relocation to Indinaapolis is
finalized–whichever comes first
August 8 Paying up on a wager with Jennifer (Tedder)
Morris on who would win American Idol season 11, Ava makes
the brutal two hour trip in nearly 100 degree heat from
Marion to Ivanhoe’s in Upland.
September 4 At 3:47 PM, two weeks (10 business days)
after being alerted of a lease violation, yours truly, my
girlfriend (Amanda), my nephew and niece-in-law (Weasel and
Sheena), my daughter (Sammi), my BFF and her partner (Holly
Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) correcting the lease

I had one of the most closest calls in 25 years when I was
almost forced to hire a company (Associated Supply/Dynamite
Building Maintenance) with a sex offender putting my family
in great danger.

October 1-31 Paying up on a wager with a majority of her
friends on who won American Idol season 11 and for the
second year in a row, Ava and several of her female friends
grew leg beards.The male friends grew out their facial hair
for Beards for Breast Cancer. Ava will also grow a leg beard
in October 2013 after losing a friendly wager on who won
season 2 of The X Factor.
1 Ava Zinn announces Santa Ava 20 will be the
last Santa Ava in Marion.
November 1 It is announced on the Santa
Ava Facebook page that for only the fourth time in Santa Ava
history, the Best of Nice and Nice recipients will go to a

The individuals advanced in Santa Ava finals were:

Carey Services Superiors: Stacie Thomason and Jennifer Ehmer

Carey Services Colleagues: Sherry Step and Jackie Meza

Cornerstone/CSP: Ann Leavitt and Tina Sumner

Neighbours: Tamara Smith and Michelle Mendenhall

12 Ava Zinn watches the NBC
singing competition The Voice for the First time
23 In a surprising move in Santa
Ava, five individuals were added to the Santa Ava finals,
bringing the number of finalists in the Santa Ava finale to
a record breaking 13. Sheena Burdette joins Stacie Thomason
and Jennifer Ehmer in the Ava’s Superiors; Amanda Smith to
the Ava’s Colleagues, and the biggest were adding Diana
Branham, Ericka Collins, and Eula Treadwell joining Ann
Leavitt and Tina Sumner in the CSP division.
December 14 Ann Leavitt, Tina Sumner, and
Ericka Collins are declared Santa Ava 20 Best of Nice.
18 Stacie Thomason, Jennifer Ehmer, and Sheena
Burdette, three of Ava’s superiors at Carey Services are
delcared Santa Ava 20 Best of Nice. Kim Jackson is declared
Santa Ava 20 Runner-up.
Sherry Stepp, one of Ava’s colleagues at
Carey Services, is declared Santa Ava 20 Best of Nice,
joining Amanda Smith.
Cassadee Pope, a finalist on
The Voice, wins the competition and declares a VTFG Victory.
20 Eula Treadwell, Ava’s landlady, is declared
Santa Ava 20 Best of Nice, joining Tina Sumner, Ann Leavitt,
and Ericka Collins in the CSP division.Treadwell is also
awarded Santa Ava 11 (2003) Best of Nice, making her the
first Santa Ava with two Best of Nice awards.
Fifth Harmony, an all-female
group finalist on The X Factor, finishes in 3rd place. Ava
loses more several friendly wagers after Tappy Stabby (Tate
Stevens) won The X Factor season 2. A Vote for the Girls
loss is declared after Carly Rose Sonenclar is runner-up–a
result that within an hour triggered several Twitter and
Facebook wars with Ava and angered Ava further.

BFF changes

Date BFF # Previous New Date Announced
February 19 7 Brandon Jones Mona (Reed) Tyler February 19
February 27 34 Amber Dooley Brooke Jones February 19
April 30 17 Mona Tyler Kyla Cox April 9
May 24 1 Robyn Matthewson* Holly Everman
May 24 2 Holly Everman Alec Dailey
May 24 3 Alec Dailey Karly Cope
May 24 4 Karly Cope Jessica Baisden
July 1 9 Ashley Dawson Wendy (Becker) Simpkins April 9
July 1 27 Wendy (Becker) Simpkins Ashley Dawson April 9
August 5 12 Robert Craven Lisa Pickett May
November 1 36 Maegan Elston Amber Clem September

*Died May 24, 2012

New Zinn Family Members

Date Name Relationship to AVA ZINN
April 26 Salvatore Alley son-in-law
June 9 Sheena (Jay) Zinn niece-in-law

© 2012, All rights reserved.


2011 Year in Rerview

In 2011, Aeverine Zinn (yours truly) has put colleagues, friends, and acquaintances though a trail of hear and the memories from 2011 remain. Memories of madness and cries of agony. A failure to find someone new to replace Christy Johnson as the girlfriend of yours truly, although a ruling on a dating/relationship policy ruled unconstitutional caused a yours truly to declare single for the first time in nearly 20 years. Also yours truly auditioned for the 11th season of American Idol and made the initial cut.



January 3 Hours before a relationship contract with Christy Johnson expire, I ink an extension that expires May 11
20 Two weeks after Jessica’s Policy goes into effect, several of my friends on Facebook and acquaintances complain about the dating and relationship policy that is supposed to prevent domestic violence.
February 2 It was announced that Hardee’s would be returning to Marion and Gas City after nearly a decade long absence.The original Marion location is the current location of Cash Land and the original Gas City location is currently occupied by STAR Financial Bank.The current Marion location is near Meijer and the Gas City location is near Interstate 69.
11 A mobile phone incident at Carey Services lands yours truly in hot water.
12 The north side Marion Lance’s New Market closes after nearly 30 years.
March 12 Two individuals (Joi Thurman and Kris Metzger) are the first (and only) to break “Jessica’s Policy.” Nearly 400 have complained about certain aspects of the dating/relationship policy ranging from deadlines and hurtful comments. A third and fourth individual are unfriended  for disrespectful comments.
15 Brittani G. has her title as my prom date stripped after an investigation that lasted nearly 10 years after evidence showed that she did not fulfill the obligations on April 28, 2001. It was also revealed that she indirectly caused the dismissal of yours truly from Indiana Wesleyan University on September 27, 2001.
After conducting her own investigation that started nearly 10 years earlier and tips that poured in following complaints of Jessica’s Policy and with the help of private detective Randy Weinstein and case coordinator Jenna McCoy, Aeverine Zinn stripped Brittani of her title as Zinn’s prom date and banned her for 20 years from participating in Aeverine Zinn-run events as either a date or a friend. Weinstein concluded that she knew about the the chain of events of Zinn that soon followed before it happened and displayed “a clear disregard for fairness, good sportsmanship and ethical behaviour”. The prom date title is still yet to determined.
30 Rumors about yours truly and Amber Dooley dating spring up. At this time, Amber and I are not dating, mostly due to mixed signals and personal baggage (mostly). Opponents say that yours truly isn’t the right person for Dooley. Dooley responds to the rumors.
April 7 On what would have been my mother’s 68th birthday, Pia Toscano, is eliminated. An uncensored version of AVA ZINN ON YOU TUBE is launched.
18 I announce on my YouTube channel that I would be auditioning for the 11th season of American Idol.
30 A ruling from the Indiana Civil Rights Commission and Indiana Transgender Rights Alliance and Advocacy ruled Jessica’s Policy unconstitutional. I declare single as a relationship status for the first time since 1992 and as a woman. Several friends react.
May 26 Yours truly retires as President and CEO of NoSirGifts after 24 years with the retailer.
June 16 Rags is diagnosed with a flea and soybean allergy.
20 The very last story on INNewsCenter is posted. WFFT loses Fox affiliation. INNewsCenter closes 10 days later after 12 years.
July 1 A check for $500 made to yours truly did not arrive and decided to take matters into my own hands. A yard sale was needed to raise the funds, but a car wash was denied due to lease restrictions.
10 $174 was raised for my American Idol audition in Pittsburgh, enough for a round-trip bus ticket, but did not obtain a hotel room.
12 Rags gets evicted and later moves to Muncie after living with yours truly since March 2003.
15 I auditions in front of American Idol producers at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.
29 At my high school reunion, several friends and acquaintances reunite with yours truly. A minority still are struggling with my gender transition that began nearly eight years earlier.
30 Completely came out as transgendered woman Nearly eight years after coming out as a transgendered woman
August 8 Yours truly travels outside of Grant County by bicycle for the first time. The destination was BioLife in Muncie. The drive takes nearly three and a half hours.
10 Yours truly returns to Van Buren for the first time as a woman. Also biked to Van Buren.
11 Yours truly attends the 39th Annual Popcorn Festival in Van Buren. Yours truly biked from the Popcorn Festival to Gas City.
17 Yours truly travels outside of Grant County, this time to Wabash and visits a Kroger store there. The first was in New Albany in late1992.
October 4 Yours truly went to Penguin Point for the first time in her life. The very first order is a Super Wally (tasted no better than a Big Mac from McDonald’s) and Tenderloin (tasted like a cat’s dinner)
November 18 Another incident at Carey Services, but less severe than in February. I saw complete failure in my area. I had to re-prepare the product involved (bundling cardboard) several times.
December 23 I finally have a good month after Melanie Amaro wins the first season of “The X Factor”

In 2012, the stakes are even higher and more intense than ever before.



The friends, colleagues, and acquaintances will be put to the ultimate test in ways they’ve never imagined. Some will have the time of their lives. But for others it will be their worst nightmare and wish they’ve never been born.

2012 will be like anything you’ve ever seen in recent years.

What is at stake in 2012:

Carey Services Colleagues – An invitation to my 30th Birthday party (whether it is in Marion, Fort Wayne, or Indianapolis), for a majority of the colleagues and superiors.

Cornerstone/CSP – Renewal of treatment or may receive services at the Park Center in Fort Wayne or Gallahue Mental Health Services in Indianapolis–thus ending a 25 year relationship with Grant Blackford Mental Health.

You can bet I will even push my friends, colleagues, superiors, and acquaintences even harder than in years past.

© 2012 – 2014, All rights reserved.


2009: Ava’s Year In Review

Since It’s January 4, 2010 and I’m 27, I thought it was appropriate to post the Year in review from January 4, 2009 to January 3, 2010. This goes to show that a person can start the year off bad and at the end of the year go on to be NoSirGifts Employee of the Year.

Please note I have mentioned some names that may ask me to remove the person.

Date Event
January 7 After 13 years, I cancel my subscription to Bright House Networks following the repercussions from the WISH-TV/Bright House Dispute that lead to WANE-TV dropped from the cable company three months earlier and later WPTA and WISE-TV almost a week earlier.
The cancellation of my cable TV subscription proved to be a mistake for Bright House (serving Marion, Gas City, and Jonesboro) and Comcast (serving Upland) as NoSirGifts begins to provide over-the-air outdoor antenna systems for affected subscribers in Grant County.

The last cable TV progam I watched on cable was a repeat of Dog The Bouty Hunter on A&E.

January 20 Just an hour after watching Barack Obama being sworn in as not only the 44th President of the United States–but also the first African American president ever to be inaugurated, I began working for Carey Services as a secondary job.
February 4 A transphobic from St. Martrin’s Community Center violated Indiana’s Transgender Law of 2004 by threatening to refuse my right to acquire a “gender transition-related tool” I use when I am unable to use the public restrooms specifically marked MEN or WOMEN. I was kicked out for 90 days (a similar incident happened at Homeland Mission over bread a year earlier).
March 3 What should have taken a few days actually took five months to finally watch WANE-TV (after several unsuccessful tries) and WPTA.

WANE-less drought ends after 151 days and the WPTA-less drought ends after just 62 days.

April 1 I joined Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Reports a few months later indicate that I’m pleased with early figures.
April 3 After nearly 24 years since watching Clyde Lee and Howard Caldwell anchor news on WRTV, I confronted a major pet peeve of mine and release the evidence on INNewsCenter on YouTube.
As a late April Fool’s Day joke, the day finally came at 6:00 AM on WXIN when Gene Cox was subbing for Angela Ganote.

This is no longer a major pet peeve.

April 23 Two damn good colleagues in the media department at NoSirGifts, Melvin Runecraft (of Milwaukee) and Robert Imperial (of Fort Wayne) alerted me to an illegal American Idol and Hell’s Kitchen gambling parlor. Several reporters from eight of the 11 NoSirGifts-owned Fox affiliates were suspended or/dismissed from their respective positions.
May 1 Dispute with St. Martins is resolved with yours truly drew up the “Aeverine Nieves Transgender Food Pantry Act” The Act allows a pre-operative transitioning transwoman individual to acquire urinary incontinence pads for M2F’s that cannot use the men’s or women’s restroom and no unisex restroom available.
May 15 Grant Blackford Mental Health officials make accusations that I have poor housekeeping skills. The accusations are eventually proven false.
May 24 Sevral NoSirGifts OTA users that switched from Bright House Networks to avoid the tape-delay of ABC’s coverage of the Indianapolis 500 on WRTV and wanted to watch the race live on WPTA were unable to do so, and were forced to watch the tape-delay on WRTV.
May 25 Just hours after watching the Indianapolis 500 live on WPTA at her mother’s home, Shushu died from oral cancer at the age of 9.
May 27 WFFT-less drought ends after 154 days and finally watch my ffirst WFFT 10PM newscast.
June 6 During my usual grocery shopping every 6th of the month, and on my way to the Marion South Lance’s New Market store, I was pulled over by a Marion police officer in an unmarked police car. Sammi was eventually arrested for DUI and disorderly conduct and I was not charged. Since Sammi was 15 at the time, I was held liable.
July 10 After a lockout of 280 days, INNewsCenter HD reopens the Fort Wayne section following the the Grant County repercussions of the WISH-TV/Bright House Dispute.

The WISE-TV-less drought ends after 198 days.

JULY 14 After lifting a 50 pound bag of bird seed, I suffered my second back injury in nine years. The last time was during my junior year in high school.
July 19 Just three months after joining Facebook, several individuals that met my requirements denied friend requests. The number of Facebook friend requests denied were at 60 and six people chose to unfriend. A proposal was made to combat the bad culture of Facebook and MySpace.
August 11 I decide to not allow employees of Grant Blackford Mental Health as Facebook and/or MySpace Friends. The decision would prove to be a bad move.
October 10 Samantha Rose, a classmate from the Mississinewa High School Class of 2001 and classmate at Indiana Wesleyan University,

© 2010 – 2012, All rights reserved.