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Pittsburgh – Ava’s Audition for American Idol July 15, 2011

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is home to many winning sports teams. Will it be the home of the eleventh American Idol? Pittsburgh has a long tradition of jazz, blues, and bluegrass music, and it’s the birthplace of the first all African-American opera company in the United States. Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa’s current hit, “Black and Yellow,” is a tribute to his hometown’s colors. Welcome to “The City of Champions!”


Registration will occur July 13 and July 14. Auditions will occur July 15. Additional details TBD.


The City of Bridges has 446 bridges, 40 of which take you over the city’s rivers. If you’re flying to the Idol audition, Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) is most likely where you’ll land. Port Authority (PAT) is Pittsburgh’s mass transit system, consisting of buses, trains, and light rail transportation, and for just $2.60 you can take the Port Authority bus to and from the airport. Pittsburgh is also serviced by Amtrak, so you can ride in from Chicago, Washington, DC, New York, and other big cities. Port Authority has a Free Fare Zone, which offers free bus and trolley services downtown. This zone is bound by the rivers, Ross Street, and 11th Street.


Walking around the hilly city will keep you fit on your trip to Pittsburgh. The best way to get a breathtaking view of the city is at the Duquesne Incline. Ride to the top of the incline in a cable car that is over one hundred years old, and it costs less than $5 round trip. Pittsburgh is known as Pop City because of the presence of pop art. Pop art fans won’t want to miss the Andy Warhol Museum. If sports are your thing, look into attending a Pittsburgh Pirates game at PNC Park or check out Heinz History Center’s Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum. Pittsburgh is shaped by three rivers. Get to see them up close and learn about the city’s history and highlights with the Gateway Clipper sightseeing cruise.

Here are some frequently asked questions I am sure that many have asked about the “Aeverine Zinn for American idol 2012”

I’m a friend or a family member of Ava’s, can I join Ava?
Since I am auditioning, there is only room for ONLY ONE FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER with them into the interior of the Pittsburgh audition venue (Heinz Field). In order to be allowed in the audition venue, that friend or family member MUST come with yours truly on registration day in order to obtain their wristband and seat ticket. All others will not be allowed in the audition venue.

No children under the age of 5 years are allowed at the audition venues (you will need to make arrangements for children under age 5.)

What can I bring with me to the auditions?
The list below is not exhaustive and even if an item is listed below, the producers and security reserve the right to ask you to remove any such items from the venue. Any items you bring are your responsibility and all bags are subject to search:
 Banners
 Blankets
 Bottled water
 Cell phones
 Digital or still cameras (no video cameras)
 Hats
 Small bags / backpacks
 Small umbrellas (outdoor venues only)
 Sunglasses
 Sunscreen

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Adding more work and schooling…

More than a year and a half after expanding NoSirGifts services and joining Carey Services, Aeverine Nieves (yours truly) is adding more work and schooling. She will be working at Carey Services more and attending Franklin University of Ohio.

With all the sad news that has been going on during the month of June, I’m happy to report exciting news for yours truly, Aeverine Nieves.

Thursday afternoon, I announced on my Facebook profile that I have been promoted at Carey Services just nearly a year and a half after joining as an employee. Also while on my vacation in Indianapolis, I officially became a student at Franklin University of Ohio, effectively ending a nearly nine-year search for another college/university to attend following my dismissal from Indiana Wesleyan University in September 2001. And last but not least, I am happy to announce NoSirGifts will officially enter the “going green” as a partnership with the Grant County Recycling Center in Gas City.

The unbelievable growth and success of NoSirGifts’ Outdoor Antenna System Package and Carey Services made this an easy decision for the expansion to include Franklin University of Ohio demonstrates the my commitment to my past and the future. I’ve lived in the Marion, Mississinewa, and Eastbrook School districts and attended Mississinewa for many years. And so, yes, what happened — I
chosen Franklin University of Ohio’s Indianapolis location for the placement teasting because there was no college or university that met my standards in Marion; there weren’t. And as we looked at all the
variables this was THE location in the State of Indiana — ’cause I looked all throughout Indiana — that worked for me. But yet I’ve served readers of my web site and blog (as well as NoSirGifts and INNewsCenter HD since 1999 throughout Indiana’s 92 counties and throughout this whole entire region. That’s home for me.

The newly-added Franklin University of Ohio I will be attending will be only over the interent with a schedule yet to be released, and scheduled to make the debut on Monday, August 16th—also the same day that my complete feminine makeover begins.

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New Feature on Ava BS

So I’ve been watching TMZ on TV recently and over the past few months, I’ve been reading the web site of Britney Spears, and with the dispute with Encyclopedia Dramatica that has been ongoing since August of 2007, I’ve decided to kick up a notch.

What is an Ava B.S. Alert?

If you’ve been watching shows such as Entertainment Tonight or TMZ, plus if you read the blog of Britney Spears, you probably have an idea what I am talking about. Anytime you see an Ava BS Alert on this blog from now on, you will also see an image with the word “BULLS#!T” for those of you that want a piece of Ava. Very often since the Encyclopedia Dramatica dispute began, I’ve been plastered all over with bulls#!t stories about Aeverine “Ava” Nieves (yours truly).  This blog on has this new feature “Bulls#!t Alerts.” This will give you the inside-scoop- straight from Ava herself on what’s true and what’s just BS plus a bunch of bunk.

Effective July 4, 2010, if you see or hear about a potential rumor of Aeverine “Ava” Nieves that you belive meets the treshold of an Ava B.S., it should be reported to yours truly Aeverine Nieves Facebook page ONLY (not on the Facebook profile)! If your tip is approved, a free gift from NoSirGifts with a MSRP of $9.99 will be sent to you at the expese of yours truly.


Examples of Ava B.S.

Ava B.S. images are shown are screenshots from the internet in three colors depending on the serverity.


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Ava’s Blog 3.0

After much lazyness on my part, Ava’s Blog 3.0 is now online. The blog now comes to you in social networking format, so you can comment on my posts as they are posted. There are still a few bugs that need to be worked out and a couple a links, buttons, tabs…etc may change in the next couple days.

If you come across issues, find any problems or just plain old mistakes, please email me You can do so in many ways on nsgavafwa (at) Hotmail (dot) com, nsgavafwa (at) Gmail (dot) com, aeverinezinn (at) Ymail (dot) com, or if there’s a problem that needs to be addressed faster contact me on my personal Facebook page (FB friends only–either message or post on wall), Professional Facebook page (everyone else, and become a fan if you aren’t already), MySpace page, on Twitter, on YouTube, or on Veoh.

For now though, enjoy the new blog and upgraded site!

Aeverine (Ava) Nieves
Mississinewa HS Clas of 2001

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Ava’s April Fool’s Joke finally happened…

I will never forget April 3, 2009. It was kind of a late April Fool’s joke that will be featured on the series finale of “Amanda and Elisa.”

On that series finale–Amanda and Elisa will finally do something for the first time ever. The hint the last time I did this was over 24 years ago in Van Buren, Indiana. The date was November 23, 1985.

November 23, 1985 was the last time I watched a WRTV late newscast with Clyde Lee and Howard Caldwell. Eight thousand five hundred and thirty one days later, it is from WXIN’s morning newscast with Scott Jones (formerly of WANE-TV) and Gene Cox filling in…. It was two men anchoring.

I imagine a lot of people will say, “Thank you for confronting your fear, Ava” or even something better.

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Franky Zinn announces gender transition

A divorce and marriage announcement that is shocking for the Mississinewa High School Class of 2001 Alumni. The 20 year relationship between yours truly and living as a male is over. Instead, yours truly will be hitching up with the female gender identity named “Ava.” The decision to come out as a transwoman and identifying as a lesbian is over a Zinn family fullfillment.

If you have been the family of the late Margaret Zinn, you’ve seen her as a longtime employee of NoSirGifts, the mother of the late Albert Zinn, an Eastbrook High School Class of 1996 and automotive mechanic. The late Margaret Zinn has had two sons, Albert and Frank. But within ten years, Margaret’s youngest son will be undergoing a gender transition from male to female and the late Albert Zinn will be the only son of the late Margaret Zinn. What does that mean for you–a loyal friend and fan of Franky Zinn?

“As a woman, I will still pursue a typical male-female relationship. I’m still going to be a father. I’m still going to continue the typical male chores. I will not be wearing male underclothes and I will not be wearing any male clothes like a suit, dress shirt, and tie,” commentted Zinn.

Zinn says that living as a woman and becoming a lesbian is more contempoary and it is what people want to see.

“As a male, I am not attracting the young female demographics, and I am not attracting the new generation, the new generation of socialism.”

Franky Zinn is part of a developing group of biological males that are part of a new Indiana law that prohibits discriminates against someone’s sexual orientation and gender identity. In return for leaving the male gender and joining up with the female gender, INTRAA or the Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy and Alliance, plans on seeing Zinn as a major coup.

And that marriage between Frank and Angela, a biological male and female, will be biologically straight, but as Ava and Angela, they will be lesbians.

“More people say to me since high school, ‘I know you like women a little bit older than you, and you have a hard time pursuing a relationship, I just can’t see you as a gay guy.’ So I think, I will be able to convert future realtionships with women in the event should Angela and I divorce to lesbians.

Aeverine Zinn’s decision to live her life authentically represents an important step forward, both for her personally and for all who are committed to advancing discussions about fairness and equality for transgender people. Coming out as a transwoman and lesbian is an extremely personal decision and one that is never made lightly. We look forward to hearing Ava’s story in her own words in the future. We do encourage media outlets to cover this story accurately, as we do with all other public figures, and to avoid speculation about the details of Ava’s story before she is ready to tell it in her own words. The Associated Press Stylebook call on media to use the name and pronoun preferred by the transgender person – in this case, referring to her as Ava and using female pronouns.

The changes are scheduled to be taking place next year.

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