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Ava Zinn to take part in Risperdal settlement


In August 2002, just days after my brother Albert took his own life (despite the Adams County Corner ruling my brother’s death an accident), I was prescribed by Dr. Jerry Co a drug called Risperdal after I said, “I’m OK, but not OK.”

I took that particular medication for as much as as six months and realised that my fate (as a biological male) was sealed the second the pill traveled through my liver.

Today, after reading through my Facebook feed, about Risperdal and male breaths growth, I had an obligation to make my story heard.

I will update this story.

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Ava Zinn to auction virginity (as a male) with a catch – SHOCKING

UPDATE (4/20/14): I just published the site of my virginity auction. It is at AvaZinn.US. Once the auction is completed, I will turn to a message board/wiki type

It's Official, Ava is selling her virginity (as a biological male)

It’s Official, Ava is selling her virginity (as a biological male)

This is one of the biggest posts and quite frankly the hardest decision I’ve ever made. I had hoped that something like this would never happen and unfortunately it is something that I feel is now necessary after the factors that lead top my final decision to auction of my virginity. Yes, it means that I have unfortunately decided to have sexual intercourse (as a biological male for the last time) with a biological woman. After years of relationship failures as a male that led to a fateful prom night that changed everything.

I posted on Facebook:

Thank y’all so much for your kind words and support over the five years on Facebook and 20 plus years I’ve been friends with a majority–especially Holly Everman Willis, Alec Dailey, Karly Cope, Elaine Ellis, Ramona Reed Tyler, Ashley Dawson, Wendy Becker Simpkins, Telissa Hunt, Justin Planck, Veronica Schmerber, and Kayla Battishill,

Though many long-time friends will be critical of what I will announce on YouTube Friday, I know the true meaning of friendship lies in the heart and being loyal. Since 1994, a dark secret desire of mine was hidden of what eventually lead to this ongoing gender transition (and since the transition began 10 years ago this December, I’ve been more successful as a woman) and a clear evidence is Vote for the Girls USA – Official which has had success last year. Before I came out as ‪#‎MtF‬ in 2003 Megan Stone and Blake Pattison were the last individuals ever to see me as a male (as far as living as a male) and today had I not came out back then I would have taken my own life.

I am so much more than what you hear or see on Vote for the Girls and online (of which I often curse, occasionally bullying, telling those who to vote for) – it’s about being passionate, it’s about fulfilling a goal, it’s about fulfilling an obligation.

Everyone that I have met over the years have proven that to me since my kindergarten year over a quarter-century ago. Thank you for the support over the years allowing me to be far more successful as a woman

Whatever the consequences and repercussions of what I announce on YouTube Friday, I will always become a woman of my word and remain hopeful the best is still yet to come. Thank you all so much for your understanding!

To ensure I am not doing a porn site (of which I have threatened to do if Alex & Sierra did not win The X Factor USA in December), there will be a section of this web site with a link at the front page of about the virginity auction in the days to come.  I will also dedicated a section of to discussing my difficult decision to sell my virginity. Sure my views on prostitution won’t be posted, and what you will discover that this decision has something to do with Jessica Meuse landing in the bottom group on American Idol (You can bet that this will make national headlines such as “MARION TRANSGENDER WOMAN SELLS VIRGINITY” in the Marion Chronicle-Tribune or “INDIANA TRANSGENDER WOMAN SELLS VIRGINITY FOR LOSING ‘iDOL’ BET in The Indianapolis Star), of which was the final factor in this.

The factors that lead to the decision to auction off my virginity has to be:

  1. The prom my senior year (of which the prom date showed three hours late and 12 years later stripped her of the title) and consequent IWU dis-enrollment
  2. Years of rejection as a male finding a mate (WILL BE FINALLY RESOLVED)
  3. Years of being bullied for being different in the 1990’s
  4. A fourth factor has to be as a Vote for the Girls Punishment for Failure, I think it will make people start realizing that the site needs more support and realize voting for males on American Idol is a serious crime–regardless of how good he is (no offense)

As I hope you can tell, I have devoted a great deal of time, thought, and study to this decision. I have cherished every last moment, and already this will become the historic experience of a lifetime.

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Warm Front Coming… Looking at Final Proposal

View Ava’s Indiana State Fair Trip/Relocation to Indy in a larger map

My decision to move from Marion to Indianapolis remains in the hands of yours truly as I obtained a lot more more information including three apartment complex leasing applications and from what I saw while I was in Indianapolis, judging from the hundreds of individuals I’ve come across. It’s becoming clear that Indianapolis is seriously reinventing  itself into a ‘World Class City’. Since 2010, Indianapolis LGBT community leaders is a “special interest group” that is attracting those to make sure Indianapolis is the largest LGBT community in Indiana, knocking Bloomington to the second-largest. Recently, while I was in Downtown Indianapolis to look at progress on 16 Park and Milkman on Mass, that indicated to me that those apartment complexes will serve primarily as a boon to the city’s LGBT community  and, secondarily, as a lure for a LGBT Community Centre from what I’ve seen in Pittsburgh. To me, that serves as a finalized formal proposal.

While I was at the Indiana State Fair, my BFF Holly presented me with the economic package that potentially the LGBT community leaders in Indianapolis say hope will sway Ava Zinn, yours truly, to move to Indianapolis. Holly put the final touches on the proposal.

Officials assume that I will keep my promise to meet with Marion officials in the coming weeks and after that make some sort of decision and the conclusion I think I would come to.

Meanwhile in Marion, I have been presented with a counter-offer that’s being hammered out. Both Marion and Indianapolis have offered according to reports offered promising deals. In Marion, Ava would attend IVY Tech while in Indianapolis, a 2010 offer was made to lure Ava to Franklin University of Ohio in Castleton. “Indianapolis’ been patient and Indianapolis’ going to remain patient. We’re just waiting on Ms. Zinn’s final decision.”:

There are reports though that indicate that I have plans to have a meeting in Fort Wayne who want me to move to the second largest municipality in Indiana. “We anticipate an agreement in principle within the next couple of months. In the event we don’t reach an agreement by then, we will withdraw our offer.” Basically in a shouting match with homophobias recently since I’ve denied making a deal to move to Fort Wayne.

I continued discussions with several cities hungry for this LGBT individual (Chicago, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, South Bend, Lafayette, Bloomington, Muncie, Anderson, and Kokomo) eventually narrowing the list of cities to two, Fort Wayne and Indianapolis. Preliminary talks seemed promising. Fort Wayne was offering a below market rate to attend IPFW. But when word of a scheduled meeting leaked out and was reported by the sources, I simply canceled. Meanwhile, Indianapolis and officials at Franklin University of Ohio’s Castleton campus, were lobbying to bring yours truly to Indianapolis.

EDITOR’s NOTE: The title was named Warm Front Coming after I saw a billboard indicating that former WISH-TV meterologist Anglea Buchman will make her debut on WTHR (Channel 13) on September 3, 2013.

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New Allegations Learned About Mississinewa 500 Cold Case Incident


All of my friends, fans, followers, subcribers, and my family know the pain we have experienced over the past 11 years since that fateful evening in April of 2001 and having the case related to the incident finally closed on April 28, 2012. As deeply as I have begun to move forward and finally find someone new and the strength to move on with my life considering the case closed.

This evening, I have learned from from a cease and desist letter that there has been a case of hearsay, libel and slander involving the now former prom date involved in the incident . Until today, I had to post the person’s name that lost the prom date title and has just realized what was happening after the case was finally closed 11 years after the night of the incident. That individual has has notified yours truly to cease using the name on any web site owned and/or operated by yours truly, starting with and on the Aeverine Zinn Facebook profile and page. .

One can only imagine what impact this new development has had upon the involved parties as they process this information. I am cooperating fully with that person who I will now change the name of to protect the privacy of that individual instead of the real name of the now former prom date.

Stay with Aeverine Zinn in person and online as more infomation develops

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Mississinewa 500 Cold Case: Resolved and Closed after 12 years

Company’s report drops bombshells, blames Margaret Zinn posthumously

Eleven years to the day of junior senior prom, two longtime BFF’s are honored as “co-prom dates” replacing “prom bandit”

It has been exactly 11 years since my high school senior prom that ended my senior year at Mississinewa High School and apparently brought the turmoil of that night to my freshman year at Indiana Wesleyan University. It was the beginning of what was beyond a high school senior’s worst nightmare when an 18 year old senior boy agrees to take a sophomore girl to his high school prom and what became the beginning of the end of the same 18 year old boy’s life living as a male.

An ongoing 11 year investigation went cold in 2003. But new light and details on the fateful night on the civil cold case was reopened in August of 2009, by one independent company hired to investigate the April 28, 2001 incident at Mississinewa High School released their findings Friday night.

Aeverine Zinn (yours truly), at the suggestion of my then-case coordinator over at Cornerstone (Jenna McCoy), hired Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates to investigate the timing and the actions taken before and after the incident.

I began the Zinn family meeting, stating “Ladies, gentlemen, transladies, and transgentleman, my years of waiting are over.”  I said the “intensive investigations” were not intended to place blame on anyone, but instead, put the family under a microscope so they can learn and prevent another incident in the future.

Yours truly, Aeverine Zinn, said the company hired to investigate the incident was chosen because of her reputation.  The reports are significantly important for not only our family, but also my friends affected by the incident and the investigations will serve as blueprint.  The findings shall help others across the United States.

Before Sheena Jay, founder of the Muncie-based company, presented her findings, Sammi Zinn stated the reports were “extremely important to use as a road map” to move not only yours truly, but bring closure to the Zinn family forward. Sammi said our family is and will always be shaken about the events that occurred on the night of April 28, 2001.

“For me personally, not a night goes by when I don’t replay those events over and over again in my head,” said yours truly.

Robyn Matthewson, BFF #1 of yours truly expressed her friendship with the Zinn family and what the family friendship to the Zinn family meant to her and what being the best friend of yours truly meant to her.  Deandra Alley (aka Deanna Zinn) said she hopes, in some small way, the changes that are implemented after the release of the reports will lead the way for the future of Aeverine Zinn.

Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates later released their findings. I hired Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates a little more than eight years  after the incident.  The Muncie-based company was hired to conduct a comprehensive, independent analysis of the family’s preparedness and response to the incident.

Heather Jay, General Manager at Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates, presented a timeline of events that occurred the evening of April 28, 2001.

The report found the possibility of heavy turnout, sexual misconduct, and disorderly conduct was a concern and the topic of many discussions among family members.  Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates said the Zinn family, friends, and connections did a number of things to follow protocol, including calling for updates periodically throughout the day and holding a pre-prom meeting to discuss turnout conditions.

However, the company found the overall state of preparedness was not adequate for the amount of people attending the Mississinewa 500.  The report revealed the plans and procedures were not fully developed and not used on April 28, 2001. One of the findings included the handwritten note ________________ wrote to Margaret Zinn, in which Margaret only allowed ____________ and I to only to the prom  Another finding is that yours truly lied about _______________’s age since she was a minor at the time, and Margaret was concerned about yours truly safety, including concerns of yours truly being charged with sexual misconduct with a minor and believed the age of consent was 18, rather than than the amount of time spent with ____________. Additionally, Heather stated yours truly did not use contingency plans to make dating-related decisions.

EDITOR’S NOTES: Margaret Zinn (1943-2002) is the the mother of yours truly, whom passed on May 10, 2002 and Sammi Zinn and Deandra Alley are the pet daughters of yours truly and the granddaughters of the late Margaret Zinn. 

Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates said the response to the incident was overall successful.  The company stated yours truly responded immediately and acted in a timely manner.

Click here to read Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates’ report in its entirety.

Following Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates’ presentation, Deandra addressed the questions surrounding Robyn’s BFF #1 of Aeverine Zinn. 

Veronica Schmerber (right) in this July 30, 2011 (and left on inset from April 28, 2001) photo proved to fulfill the prom date title of yours truly. According to Sheena Jay, Angela Willis, my finacee at the time would have been ineligible due to being over the age of 21.Revised prom date ticket after Sheena Jay's report being released. Since I was a man of my word to Telissa Hunt my junior year and Veronica Schmerber's actions on the night of April 28, 2001; though there are no romantic feelings for either Ms. Hunt and Ms. Schemerber  was proved back then (and with my ongoing gender transition) led me to that conclusion. According to Sheena Jay's report,  my dating and relationship policies from 1993 were valid on the night of April 28, 2001.Yours truly, Marshall Davidson, and Veronica Schmerber, the latter of which actually spent more time than Ms. ________ at the Mississinewa 500, has received scrutiny for their roles in the incident.  Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates examined yours truly’s actions on the evening of April 28, 2001.  In their report, Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates stated Davidson attempted to convince yours truly to postpone the date with Ms. _____________several times, though he stated that Ms. Zinn and Ms. _____________ were in a relationship, while Schmerber tried to convince yours truly to allow her to take over prom date duties in case _____________ did not show up.  However, yours truly did not feel it was necessary.  The full timeline leading up to the collapse and what occurred after can be found in Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates’ report.

As a result of the incident, the yours truly has since implemented changes in the dating and relationship policies. On March 15, 2011, yours truly revoked the prom date title from ______________ after she did not fulfill the duties of my prom date.

Near the end of the meeting, Matthewson issued the following statement after the release of the reports:

“I don’t think Aeverine Zinn could have done better than this renowned firms. I thank Sheena Jay for her thorough and professional work.

“Aeverine Zinn knows that we, as her close friends, will insist on immediate and complete implementation of the recommendations in this report. But it’s also now clear that most, if not all individuals, have been deficient in this area and have much to learn from this incident We will share freely all these findings and suggestions with any of Ms. Zinn’s friends and family who will listen, starting later in the summer at a family meeting of Aeverine Zinn.

“We’d give anything to have that night over, but occasionally something positive can come out of terrible incident, and we have to do all we can to make that happen here.”

Telissa Hunt (left) and Veronica Schmerber (right) in this July 30, 2011 photo, have been named "co-prom dates" to replace _______________, and are officially invited to my wedding in the event should I remarry. Also invited are Justin Planck and Alec Dailey.Following the release of the report, yours truly officially named Veronica Schmerber and Telissa Hunt, BFF’s of yours truly since 1999, to replace ____________________ as the actual co-prom dates, and will invite Schmerber and Hunt to a future wedding of mine (to be released in a future post), in addition to Alec Dailey and Justin Planck (both of them will be named “Co-Best Man”), as well as Jessica Baisden, should either Phillip Philips or Joshua Ledet win season 11 of American Idol as part of a friendly wager

Whether or not the State of Indiana allows same sex marriage in the event should I remarry, depending on my gender transition status, the wedding will happen and eventually have Indiana’s unofficial same sex wedding. and as long as there is no ordained minister performing the ceremony, the wedding should not have any problems.

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Company release findings of 2001 Mississinewa 500 investigation; meeting underway

An independent company hired to investigate the 2001 Mississinewa 500 at Mississinewa High School will release their findings on Friday night.

Aeverine Zinn (yours truly) announced Tuesday Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates will share key information in their investigation into actions taken before and after the Misssinewa 500 on April 28, 2001.  

Ms. Zinn hired Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates a little over eight years after the Mississinewa 500 incident in August 2009.  The Muncie-based company was hired to conduct a comprehensive, independent analysis of the preparedness and response.  Their report was to include their findings about the adequacy of the procedures and the effectiveness of the decision-making during and after the incident.

Friday’s meeting will be held during a Zinn family meeting at 7 p.m.

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2001 Mississinewa 500 incident to be revealed Friday, as late as Saturday

CREATED: April 25, 2012 3:00 PM EDT (Aeverine Zinn)
UPDATED: May 8, 2012 10:30 PM EDT (Robyn Matthewson)

The friends and family of yours truly are bracing for an investigation into the 2001 Mississinewa 500 (Mississinewa High School’s Junior Senior Prom) incident at Mississinewa High School that sparked controversy between ________________ and yours truly.

The report from Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates will be revealed during a Zinn family Friday evening, if not Saturday afternoon.

Despite a restaurant mishap that may have led to the incident April 28, 2001. Outside investigators were called in eight years and four months after the incident.

At first, Aeverine Zinn (yours truly) was blamed for the incident. Other attendees of the prom, said their own investigators have come up with other findings regarding whom yours truly really took to her high school prom.

“Indications are that one person actually spent significantly more time than originally reported,” said one prom attendee in a 2003 interview. “We consulted with some consultants. We’re waiting to find out what all the facts were.

“The initial information from 2001 was, although there was a conversation between Ava and Margaret (Aeverine’s mother) about the age of the prom date, that this lack of the so-called Romeo & Juliet law occurred well in advance of the the night of the prom.”

An independent public safety consultant said he expects the report to paint a picture of confusion and legal failures.

“There were problems with the decision matrix,” said one individual, “and there were some decision making issues. It wouldn’t surprise me if Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates find that there was some decision paralysis because of the amount and nature of stimuli that decision makers were faced with and feared.”

Another individual also expects that the entire Zinn family be punished for providing false information and yours truly a lack of social skills, lack of dating and relationship establishment, the curfew Ms. Zinn had to abide by during her senior year, unwillingness of the Zinn family to support Ms. Zinn at the time, lying about the prom date’s age, and weak dating and relationship skills may provide a preview of the report.

“I think that these reports are going to look an awful lot like any Grant Blackford Mental Health diagnosis report in that they are going to identify a series of issues but they are not necessarily going to assign blame.”

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Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates hired to review 2001 Mississinewa 500 Prepardness and Response

Aeverine Zinn contacted Sheena Jay, a private civil cold case investigator doing business as Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates, Wednesday to conduct a comprehensive, independent anaysis of the Zinn family preparedness and response to the Mississinewa 500 on April 28, 2001.

Muncie based-investigative firm Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates has been hired to assist Aeverine Zinn’s investigation of the Mississinewa 500 incident at Mississinewa 500 on April 28, 2001.

Aeverine Zinn, yours truly, contacted Sheena Jay, owner of Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates, Wednesday to hire Ms. Jay’s company to conduct a comprehensive, independent analysis of the Zinn family’s preparedness and response to the fateful Saturday night’s event in April 2001. Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates, based in Muncie, Indiana, will complete an investigation and provide a report to the friends and family of yours truly on all aspects of the adequacy of the procedures and the effectiveness of decision-making during and after the event as well as the response to the incident.

“With Cornerstone’s conducting the psychological investigation and Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates reviewing decision-making and preparedness, we believe we have the best people in the Marion/Muncie area looking at every angle of the incident,” said Robyn Hurd, Aeverine Zinn’s BFF #1.

Sheena Jay Private Detective Agencies Associates specializes in civil cases and disputes that have passed the statues of limitations, incident response and preparedness services, including after-action evaluation and analyses, event and effort documentation, and assessment of operations procedures. The company has been brought in by other entities across the state of Indiana to conduct independent investigations. For example, the company performed an independent review of the Grant County repercussion of the WISH-TV/Bright House Networks dispute in 2009.

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