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Pride Month: Standing Up To A Dress Code after 25 Years

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FORT WAYNE and MARION, IN – Like any other woman, she often worries about her hair, her weight, her makeup, anything that impacting her femininity, or in my case even my bra size. Transgender women like myself are no different than any other woman but with several exceptions: bigger bone structure (most fixed by facial feminisation surgery), the dreaded beard shadow (effectively fixed with M2F hormones and electrolysis), and the fact this transgender woman has to keep her existing male reproductive organs for the time being. The reason for this woman is strictly for reproductive purposes as she still wants to have biological children and doing so as two women having sexual intercourse (obviously with my consent and the woman’s consent as well as being either in a long term relationship in addition of the woman’s benefit of automatically being a sex partner – a dating and relationship rule I’ve had since 1993) in order to conceive (only notable difference has to be the fact instead of a strap-on is the embarrassing imperfection as a woman has to be my enlarged clitoris and the second the erected enlarged clitoris is inserted into the woman’s vagina, conception occurs).

When I began my gender transition on December 1, 2004, I had a feeling that if I had rushed my transition, it will not only damage my family’s core beliefs (or even my core beliefs and values), lose a significant number of friends (there are some who I even went to high school with that I’m likely not going to be or even on good terms with) and I’ve responded by kicking them out of Facebook – I’ve banned and blocked as few as three and as many as 75 because they didn’t follow my rules such as addressing me as “Ava”, using male pronouns, or even not showing me the respect I’ve been entitled to or the other party unfriended me because I recently admitted to being a bully for 15 years after being bullied for over 25 years (there are times when bullying is a necessary tactic in order to get the truth uncovered and most of the time it is justified, effectively “bullying the bully” method). That is why a few years ago, I decided to implement the 2-5-10-BANNED FOR LIFE RULE to crack down on transphobia (it’s a very similar structure to Florida’s 10-20-LIFE Law) and to maintain perfection well as continuing many traditions and beliefs long before I began my gender transition.

Not to mention when I started transitioning my name (Frank to Ava), gender identity (male to female), and sexual orientation (straight male to gay female) may have changed as well as my appearance as a woman since I came out as not only as a transgender woman but subsequently as a woman identifying as a lesbian. There is always a feeling I get every time I step in front of a mirror or even looking at the damage male puberty did to me some 25+ years ago would do some damage eventually would effectively come back to haunt me.

Also not to mention, if viewers don’t like the way I am now living as a woman , my makeup, my weight or my outfit, they will make sure to let me know. And so far I’ve definitely have seen mostly negative comments that have caused me to stand up for what I believe in and defending my decision to transition from a man to a woman and responding the way I responded.

I found myself spending hours upon hours to make sure my overall appearance as a woman and image was perfect before I went out in public. Maintaining my appearance as a woman and hiding the dreadful male features I am cursed with may have been more exhausting than weightlifting or carrying a 50 pound bag of bird feeder. The experience shed light on how preoccupied I am with the details of my overall appearance, which made me realise after resuming counselling sessions after a 15 year a scene was the right decision after going through three rapes/sexual assaults.

LGBT Pride Month (June) 2017 is now in full swing. It’s hot. It is sticky. It’s a time of year when a woman or a transwoman’s appearance are a greater hassle than usual because of the humidity. Nonetheless, the battle to tame the dreaded male features (unfortunately) continues and no way of resolving them unless I pay extra money (something I don’t have) and the reason I auctioned off my virginity to Kymberly in July 2014 and still her $100,000 payment to deflower me wasn’t even enough. Kymberly finally admitted to me she had gambled it all away in Las Vegas in March 2017 and heard from one of my sources that Kymberly placed a $50,000 bounty on someone she held long standing grudge against, and that made me realise that I decided that I cannot marry Kymberly. What this means is the long-term relationship with Ava Zinn and Kymberly Alvaraz is ending in legal action.

Flashback to 1991 to 2001

I started questioning my gender identity and sexual orientation – unusual for someone eight years of age – while I was serving time at the since closed Silvercrest Children’s Developmental Center in New Albany until being released in December 1992. That was when I realised my childhood was already coming to an end and I knew I was already just too young to be a dad at 10 years of age. I remember I was about to use the restroom and saw something many see is quite frankly some will say made me retarded. I saw a girl (besides my mom) using the restroom and that made me realised I really was different, in addition to watching “The Little Mermaid” and I remember having some unusual crush but nowhere near as Mary Kay Letourneau. It was on the car ride from New Albany to Van Buren with my mom and brother, how fortunate I was and didn’t realise it at that time until I reconnected with someone on Facebook and did my best to stay in touch after leaving Silvercrest.
In middle school I had been picked on and bullied by that time it was for two years after being released from Silvercrest in New Albany. I wasn’t strong enough not because I have Autism. I had began to make an attempt to become a female thinking ‘I’d trade my male parts for female parts’ and have the same characteristics just like any other girl after I heard the term “sex change” in 1995.
Unfortunately, everyone I went to school with knows why I broke a classroom window on April 18, 1996, at least that was what they thought from their standpoint. Years later, and I recently admitted to bullying.

When I launched my web site in 1999 as a junior at Mississinewa High School, there seemed to be a standard of some sort. It was also when I launched the original INNewsCenter, and knew who I wanted to become after some needed TLC from the right resources and people I can know and trust, or so I had thought.

Several years after graduating from Mississinewa High School, there seemed to be a no standard or structure when I sat foot at Indiana Wesleyan University as a college freshman and literally had no structure as construction was going on that basically affected my performance academically. There were several theories why I simply was not emotionally ready for college and when I began the gender transition, I knew there was going to be a fourth and fifth requirement that Jennie Conrad did even mention on the infamous dis-enrollment letter I received on September 27, 2001. I knew there was (1) finding another college to attend to transfer credits to IWU, (2) have psychological and psychiatric clearance (but unfortunately not as a full-time student nor as a male), and (3) a signed release if I recall to even apply for readmission. It’s safe to say now it’s just only a matter of finding the right college, getting the right number of credits and the right tools and necessities needed to finally close the IWU Cold Case.

Being more successful emotionally as a woman and still a father.

I do know that after transitioning and after my eldest daughter, Samantha, graduated from high school and IWU, I knew as the father of Samantha Zinn, I knew I had done a lot better job with raising Samantha; a transgender daughter, Tiffani; a third daughter, Tabitha; and two adopted daughters, Ashli and Kylee. After Samantha graduated high school five years ago she decided to attend college in the fall of 2013 and she didn’t want to make the same mistakes I did. Sure enough, in the Spring of 2016, Samantha earned her Associates Degree in Communications and followed in my footsteps and my former father-in-law (aka Samantha’s maternal grandfather) beforehand. Though there were times when raising Samantha, Tiffani (then Timothy), Tabitha, and currently with my now only son Kenneth as well as Ashli and Kylee, I had to frequently found myself in a number of parenting and day care situations I knew it was the right parenting call as most of them were very bad situations that could have necessitated Child Protective Services. My mom, the late Laura Bakula, my aunt-in-law Sheena were a great babysitter to Samantha, Tiffani, Ashli, and Tabitha long before “Vote for the Girls” launched. I also knew I had done a far better job as a father and as a woman than my mom did when she raised myself and my late brother, most of the parenting and discipline skills my mom used with me and my skills with my children differs from my mom’s methods. One in particular was the “no TV punishment,” but often most of the “Vote for the Girls Punishment for Failure” when a female contestant doesn’t win were also used on my children in the form of the “punishment fitting the crime” or “a justified sanction”. In fact, recently I Googled ‘female fathers of children’ and it seems as though a woman fathering children are nearly as uncommon as same sex marriage.
There is a subtle or possible no-so-subtle message that the specific type of parenting of a child is the fact that the child always has a mother and father regardless and the terms “transgender mother” and “transgendered father” are useless. After I came out to my children and recently with Tabitha, I told them “I will always be your father you can still address me as ‘Dad’.” It was something I had in mind and realized that a gender transition is very similar to a television station changing its network affiliation.

With that in mind, in addition to already existing “Vote for the Girls” franchise and several other cultural references to Lauren Brill, Brandi Chastain, and two-woman anchor teams becoming the norm, as well as basically creating the “Producers Have A Choice, Viewers Don’t” philosophy ten years ago when what is now known as INNCD 47 Action News launched (two women co-anchor news, a female meteorologist, and a female sports director). After I first watched a South Bend late newscast with Cindy Ward and Deborah Daniels at the anchor desk 15 years ago, I knew and remembered and had that flashback that first time I ever had lesbian sex.

Flashback to Spring and Summer 2002

It was that particular moment when I had “lesbian sex” with my first wife Angie, she was being impregnated by me (for the last time living as a male before coming out as a transgender woman the following year) and Angie being pregnant with my daughter Tabitha. It was also around Father’s Day of 2002 and a month after my mom died from liver and kidney failure. At the time, I had recently healed from an injury I sustained after I had attempted to arrest my own brother for kidnapping my then-2 year old son Timothy (now daughter Tiffani). It was also around that time I had also just experienced the first time in my life I’d ever been raped. I knew I had failed as male and tried my best to mask the emotional pain and never even told anyone nor did I even realized it until my brother drowned at Pine Lake.

Today/June 2017

There seems to be a subtle or maybe not-so-subtle message that looking modest means everyone looking exactly the same. So recently as part of pride month as well as a “Vote for the Girls” Punishment for Failure–Normani Kordei finished third place on Dancing with the Stars and despite the Moderators’ Save being used to decline Lauren Duski’s second place finish–based from what I had seen during not only those two competitions but also took the deaths of Holly Everman, Perri Johnson, and other factors, I had to overturn the Moderators’ Save and decided that there was not going to be a winning moderator. The pink, purple, blue, and red teams all were declared losers and face the most demeaning and diabolical punishments in “Vote for the Girls” history.

The transmen on the red team (as well as Devin on the blue team) have to go out in public in nothing but a breast binders while the transwomen on the purple team (including myself, as well as Kendra, Hillary, and Maci on the pink team as well as Bria Savage on the blue team and Lydia Delagatto on the red team) go out in public in only a bra and pants/skirt for not just Pride Month (June) 2017, but also July and August as well as the America’s Got Talent 12 and So You Think You Can Dance 14 competitions and just let biology do its work.

To my surprise, amazement, and most importantly self-acceptance as well as self-worth (I only did it on three occasions on the Vote for the Girls set), I actually kind of like being outside in just a bra and pants or skirt. The outfit match my gender identity as a woman, sexual orientation as a lesbian and overall appearance as a woman, yet could use some feminization. I waited until it was the right time to do so and many of you are probably thinking ‘THIS IS WAR!’ It may be necessarily something I want to do for the month of June but additionally when I’m in the mood or feeling intimate or looking at a biological female I’m interested in.

Despite my decision to go out in what some of you say is inappropriate and in bad taste, I was still nervous about it. The first time I was in a bra but with no shirt was on May 12, 2011 when Ryan Seacrest announced that Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhardt were in the American Idol 10 Top 3 and the term “pull a Brandi Chastain” became well known. That’s because I think transwomen and women in our society and most certainly women and transwomen are scrutinized for too long. Every bit of the appearance of a woman and/or transwoman is picked apart.

While I was a bit self conscious, I had grabbed a shirt just in case should the “No Shirt. No Shoes. No Service” card come into play as this was constantly on my mind the whole time and trying to calm down chafing as I have yet to begin hormone therapy, I did my job as a transgender woman. In the process I realized the photos I posted on Social media should and—I hope do or will inspire more transwomen or even transmen binding his chest—speak louder to my professionalism as a webmaster than the way I look.

I’m just a woman: Officially a Transgender Woman since December 1, 2004. That’s not going to change.

I’m just a lesbian like any other woman who identifies as such: I was attracted to women as a male, and still find women attractive. But if the woman’s currently straight and is in a relationship with me and one benefit of the relationship is obviously having her as my sex partner (a rule I’ve had since 1993)… She will have to come out as a bisexual sooner or later. No ifs and or buts about it.

My gender identity and sexual orientation as a woman reflects the values and the family history I’ve always had long before the gender switch from man to woman and my work reflects my ability. The name, gender identity, and sexual orientation may change when transitioning from one sex to another, but everything else does not change, such as who you were before the transition, your personality, your lifestyle, your friends and family, etc.

Not even the DNA or chromosomes change with the gender transition: males and transfemales always have and always will have the dreaded Y chromosome and WILL ALWAYS BE A FATHER while females and transmales will ALWAYS BE A MOTHER.

Finally I can say I’m proud of my accomplishments as a woman despite the imperfections that were given to me such as the Y chromosome, the beard shadow (mostly unseen in photos if they aren’t covered or retouched), the flat chest (or my size 38AA cup) , the enlarged clitoris (this is what goes into the woman’s vagina to make children – the dreaded P-E-N-I-S), the big lumps between my legs (the male reproductive organs that produce sperm that go into the woman’s vagina). I can also say that once I am finally done having children and the timing is right then I can start the orchidectomy and begin estrogen and progesterone therapy for the remainder of my life, and help me get across the message that, like so many other transgendered men and women, not afraid to be different. Rather, I’m excited to embrace the truth of what a gender transition should look like in my view with all of the benefits and options available while they’re still intact before any genital reassignment surgery.

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Addressing Response Regarding Facebook post about 1994 Eastbrook/Mississinewa Inclimate WX Cold Case…

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to reaction to one decision made by the late Eastbrook Consolidated Schools Superintendent Dennis Fox (1945-2016) in February 1994. This is considered to be a “civil cold case” now resolved.

Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to Dr. Fox’s family and friends during this extremely difficult time. A brave husband and educator lost his life after an illness. We also extend our sympathy to one of my late brother’s friends Jessica (Todd) Fox and offer thanks to those who have stood by yours truly after Albert’s suicide on August 10, 2002 (even though he drowned at Pine Lake).

I have received a number of comments about a Facebook post that I had to post since it met my threshold of a post that seemed necessary in my judgement. It was Dr. Fox’s obituary nonetheless. The reason why I intercepted that particular post after I read it on Facebook via Jessica and the fact back in February of 1994, Mississinewa Community Schools was either under a delay or running on time while the home district at the time (Eastbrook) was closed due to weather conditions, and in violation of a Zinn Family Policy that went into effect on July 4, 1993 (follow the Mississinewa Community Schools Schedule regardless of the schedules of the home district–even if Eastbrook is on delay or closed).

As a fourth grader at Northview Elementary School (located in the Mississinewa School District) living in Van Buren (in the Eastbrook school district) back in February 1994, I had begun to take the role more of a parent than a child. Education then as now is important. It is just one reason why at the end of every Vote for the Girls episode, I add the phrase, “Help control your child’s education, have them immunized.” I would go on and on and on explaining in further details like the Energizer bunny, but I am not going to.

Twenty-two and a half (22 1/2) years later–in 2016–now as a woman and a father (yes, I still am a father despite the ongoing gender transition) of four daughters (one of them has since graduated from college, two in high school and one in middle school), it is safe to say that a dispute is finally resolved. Fall/Autumn is now in full swing. It’s chilly. It’s a time of year when you start preparing for winter weather conditions such as snow and ice, which is an even greater hassle than usual because of the cold conditions. Nonetheless, I used to love snow and play in it, but not anymore after 1994 after that incident and seeing a water heater pipe bursting when I lived at my mother’s in Van Buren. (I never forgot it as long as I’m alive)

After celebrating my 11th birthday, I took a vow of loyalty when I got the flu back in January 1994 and had to miss school due to that. It is also a vow of perfection and doing whatever it took and anything to achieve that goal–even if means going to school sick, making the three hour walk or one hour bike trip from Van Buren to Gas City in the event Mississinewa Community Schools is running on schedule while Eastbrook Community is either closed or delayed (which meant back then no transportation).

That particular incident of which following an investigation that was later determined to be at the decision of Dr. Fox back then (and at one point, if memory serves me right, even tried to confront him right after my brother’s high school graduation in June 1996, but my mother wouldn’t allow me to do so–despite knowing what I knew was right and wrong on my part). That decision of Dr. Fox to have the audacity to closing Eastbrook for the day in February 1994 while Mississinewa wasn’t, which to this day (and have now officially forgiven Dr. Fox for that) was ruled (based on 1994 rules and regulations) for CAUSING (yes, I said “causing” since then as now as it could have easily all been avoided had Mississinewa AND Eastbrook closed for the day) yours truly to lose out perfect attendance back in the 1993-94 school year.

It was after my mother, brother, and I relocated from Van Buren to Marion on October 15, 1996 influenced of what my immediate family would become and learning from the mistakes a parent made while growing up: to ensure my children get their education and becoming a far better parent than my mother was when she raised my brother and myself, I adopted a special system (dubbed the “Bothwell system” after the then-Mississinewa Community Schools superintendent Dr. Robert Bothwell when I attended RJB and Ole Miss High School), while my four daughters and son (Samantha, Tiffani, Ashli, Tabitha, and Kenneth) as well as my step-daughter Denise (Kymberly’s youngest daughter) would contractually stipulate (it’s a rule that I have enforced since July 4, 1993) about school closings/delays involving my children’s and my alma matter school district (Mississinewa Community Schools) regardless of the home school district (in this case since 1996, Marion Community Schools and from 1985 until 1996 Eastbrook Community Schools), and ensuring my children meet or even exceed a good attendance record–a very important aspect of having a good education.

Under the terms of the July 1993 rule passed by the family legislature, I had a contractual obligation as a 10 year old boy, I have to arrive promptly at Northview Elementary promptly at 8:25 a.m. Eastern, and cannot arrive late or be absent for any reason whatsoever, even weather conditions. I was inclined to favor my education over whatever any administrator says (two clear examples were on April 18, 1996 and in January 1997), as I only had two friends (Holly Everman and Robyn Hurd) being well treated well in hopes of return loyalty.

That obligation, unfortunately, often times includes controversy, backlash, negative criticism, uncomfortable subjects that are at times difficult to hear, make you upset, or even make you angry. And while this Mississinewa High School Class of 2001 Alumnus is now living as a woman 34 years of age, everyone involved is human and have similar reactions. So these are situations we take very seriously.

By learning about Dr. Fox’s death this week from a long-time friend of Albert’s that I inherited, I was able get a resolution to a 22 1/2 year old dispute automatically and officially forgave Dr. Fox.

Also by deciding to posting the obituary on Facebook with my thoughts, you were able to get an answer to “who caused Ava Zinn to miss school that day in February 1994?” I also wanted to give some insight and direction into someone I did not agree with about the decision to delay or cancel school involving two school districts–attending and home districts. For some, maybe it’s something you are already familiar with in Grant County or wherever you live; for others it may be something you simply do not understand or comprehend and I suggest you do some research–that’s how you will learn by reading and doing research.

Plus, if my memory serves me correctly when I read the obituary, I learned Dr. Fox was pretty much the predecessor of Dr. Bothwell and in a bit of an irony (not 100 percent sure or even confirmed this) from what I remember, I’m pretty sure there is an indirect lead (maybe just a hunch) to my dis-enrollment from Indiana Wesleyan University 15 years ago and the hunt for another college/university to attend in order for readmission to IWU after completing a few credit hours at another college/university (something I have determined back in January 2002). It was very difficult for to see, comprehend and understand — mostly for anyone who attended Mississinewa Community Schools but doesn’t live in the school district.

This story was just only one small part of my complete coverage of the IWU Cold Case and ensuring what I know is right for my children. I will continue to fight for family and continued do so.

It is not my my intention to bash someone that has recently passed while that same individual’s family is in mourning, as one person commented on Facebook. This is not the first time it has happened, and I’m sure it will not be the last.

Again, I honor Dr. Fox for his dedication to the Eastbrook Community Schools and we hope you understand the tough choices that must be made. Like my friends and fans–BOTTOM LINE–justice is officially served .

Ava Zinn
Transgendered sister of Albert Zinn (1977-2002)

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Ava Zinn to take part in Risperdal settlement


In August 2002, just days after my brother Albert took his own life (despite the Adams County Corner ruling my brother’s death an accident), I was prescribed by Dr. Jerry Co a drug called Risperdal after I said, “I’m OK, but not OK.”

I took that particular medication for as much as as six months and realised that my fate (as a biological male) was sealed the second the pill traveled through my liver.

Today, after reading through my Facebook feed, about Risperdal and male breaths growth, I had an obligation to make my story heard.

I will update this story.

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Another 9/27 Copycat…


A woman will be confronted with disrupting the schedule of yours truly after attempting to interrupt the production of the UK version of my popular American web site (Vote for the Girls) Friday afternoon. The woman, whose name will not be released due to doctor patient laws, will be sanctioned.

The woman will be disciplined for attempted disruption three and half hours before the start of the “Strictly Come Dancing” (UK version of Dancing with the Stars) and the UK version of “The X Factor”. The clash caused a chain reaction.

The moderator panel of Vote for the Girls UK, including Tracia Ward, was startled.

“All of a sudden, after an hour and a half after I finished the plans of the competitions I sensed something wasn’t quite right since it was Friday, ” said Nermal Everman.

The incident might have been deliberate, “but I can’t verify it.”

ORIGINAL STORY: We’re learning more details about a schedule clash that caused the UK version of Vote for the Girls that is set to premiere it’s second season tomorrow.

Around 1:30 pm, as I was going to lunch, was caught off guard for the third time, but this time, it proved to be the last straw as I had tried on at least seven occasions tried my hardest to avoid more schedule conflicts.

This incident occurred on the eve of the 13th anniversary of my dis-enrollment from IWU.

This story will be updated.

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Warm Front Coming… Looking at Final Proposal

View Ava’s Indiana State Fair Trip/Relocation to Indy in a larger map

My decision to move from Marion to Indianapolis remains in the hands of yours truly as I obtained a lot more more information including three apartment complex leasing applications and from what I saw while I was in Indianapolis, judging from the hundreds of individuals I’ve come across. It’s becoming clear that Indianapolis is seriously reinventing  itself into a ‘World Class City’. Since 2010, Indianapolis LGBT community leaders is a “special interest group” that is attracting those to make sure Indianapolis is the largest LGBT community in Indiana, knocking Bloomington to the second-largest. Recently, while I was in Downtown Indianapolis to look at progress on 16 Park and Milkman on Mass, that indicated to me that those apartment complexes will serve primarily as a boon to the city’s LGBT community  and, secondarily, as a lure for a LGBT Community Centre from what I’ve seen in Pittsburgh. To me, that serves as a finalized formal proposal.

While I was at the Indiana State Fair, my BFF Holly presented me with the economic package that potentially the LGBT community leaders in Indianapolis say hope will sway Ava Zinn, yours truly, to move to Indianapolis. Holly put the final touches on the proposal.

Officials assume that I will keep my promise to meet with Marion officials in the coming weeks and after that make some sort of decision and the conclusion I think I would come to.

Meanwhile in Marion, I have been presented with a counter-offer that’s being hammered out. Both Marion and Indianapolis have offered according to reports offered promising deals. In Marion, Ava would attend IVY Tech while in Indianapolis, a 2010 offer was made to lure Ava to Franklin University of Ohio in Castleton. “Indianapolis’ been patient and Indianapolis’ going to remain patient. We’re just waiting on Ms. Zinn’s final decision.”:

There are reports though that indicate that I have plans to have a meeting in Fort Wayne who want me to move to the second largest municipality in Indiana. “We anticipate an agreement in principle within the next couple of months. In the event we don’t reach an agreement by then, we will withdraw our offer.” Basically in a shouting match with homophobias recently since I’ve denied making a deal to move to Fort Wayne.

I continued discussions with several cities hungry for this LGBT individual (Chicago, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, South Bend, Lafayette, Bloomington, Muncie, Anderson, and Kokomo) eventually narrowing the list of cities to two, Fort Wayne and Indianapolis. Preliminary talks seemed promising. Fort Wayne was offering a below market rate to attend IPFW. But when word of a scheduled meeting leaked out and was reported by the sources, I simply canceled. Meanwhile, Indianapolis and officials at Franklin University of Ohio’s Castleton campus, were lobbying to bring yours truly to Indianapolis.

EDITOR’s NOTE: The title was named Warm Front Coming after I saw a billboard indicating that former WISH-TV meterologist Anglea Buchman will make her debut on WTHR (Channel 13) on September 3, 2013.

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Marsh closing southside Marion store

FISHERS, Ind. (WXIN) – Marsh Supermarkets Inc. said it plans to close two supermarkets in central Indiana. Both stores have leases that expire soon.


Officials at Marsh confirmed the impending closings in Columbus and in Marion. A confirmed source says March 9 is the final day of operations at the Marsh Supermarket, 4512 South Adams Street in Marion and the Columbus Marsh Hometown Market Store at 2710 State Street.

The closures will leave one Marsh store in Marion and Columbus.

Marsh officials say intends to grant as many employees as possible a severance package or give them the opportunity to transfer to other locations.

The closures will leave Marsh with 91 stores in Indiana and Ohio. About 45 percent of those are in the Indianapolis area.

Marsh closed a Main Street market in Wabash and three Marsh Supermarkets in Anderson, Greenwood, and Martinsville in 2012 and three others in 2011.

WEBMASTER’S NOTE: The affected Marsh Supermarket in Marion is located in the No IWU Zone. The last item purchased at the particaular Marsh store was a package of hamburger buns for $1.29  in August 2001. The first item ever purchased at the Adams Street store was a TV Guide magazine for 50 cents.

NO IWU ZONE NOTE: The Marsh closure means that

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It’s Official…. GasAmerica is Now Speedway

You have been hearing about the Speedway buyout of Gas America and I can say that it is pretty much offical as of Saturday morning.

As I walked towards what was Gas America in Marion (see photos), I saw the GasAmerica sign and storefront still in existence. But don’t let the sign fool you. As I got closer to enterance, I was emotionally moved as the newest Speedway store in downtown Marion officially becomes the second such Speedway store in Marion after normally visiting the Speedway store on the North side. If you had read my earlier posts about the repercussions that my dismissal from Indiana Wesleyan Univeristy, you should know that the southside Marion Speedway store is located in the NO IWU ZONE and thus prior to May 12, 2012 the only Speedway in Marion available was the northside Marion Speedway store.

Just about one hour after learning (from a subordinate, worst of all MY OWN SUPERVISOR AT CAREY SERVICES) that Hollie Cavanagh got eliminated and was very pissed that I did not get to see the results show due to poor reception, and if you are reading this and known me from high school or Carey Services, you know I was surprised as this was the first time in the five years of watching American Idol that I had to miss a results show due to reception issues–whether it is due to bad weather, a bad signal on my landlady’s or WXIN-TV’s end.That is completely unacceptable and I have to blame the landlady (not 100% sure on this though) for causing the problem. Someone is going to end up pay yours truly a fine of $110 for the cost of yours truly missing the American Idol results show out of all days for this to happen–IT WAS TEN YEARS TO THE DAY THAT MY MOTHER PASSED!!! Unbeliveable!

Back to the Speedway buyout of GasAmerica, while I was, for the last time (for now) Thursday night, visiting the Speedway store on the North side of Marion where near the end of my purchas of a 44 ounce fountain drink and two hot dogs, I informed one of clerks about the Speedway buyout of GasAmerica and would be going to the “Downtown Marion Speedway” (formerly Gas America).

Saturday night, I made good on that promise and while I entered, and I was ready to use the Speedy Rewards card the second I saw with my two eyes that Speedway buyout of GasAmerica became evident and official. Once again, I purchased a 44 ounce fountain drink and two Roller Grill items, and saw other customers very surprised to learn that Gas America is history and no more. If you didn’t see the signs that GasAmerica’s Convience Card program was ending on May 9, 2012, and did not see my tweet earlier last week, hang your heads in shame.

So let me tell you what you will now be seeing what was GasAmerica Store #90 (as well as the 87 other now former GasAmerica stores in Indiana and Ohio) and now Speedway Store #8084 located at 318 West Third Street. However, if you look at your Speedy Rewards or Speedway receipt from the downtown Marion Speedway you have probably noticed the address is “1335 S Lebannon St.” I, as a fellow Speedway customer have contacted Speedway Customer Service about the address correction last Monday and in an email from a Speedway officail told me that “a date to convert to Speedway has not been finalized. The address will be updated once Speedway (we) have converted (from GasAmerica).” Nevertheless, her is what you can expect now that Speedway has officially bought out GasAmerica.

  • The fountain drink prices are higher
    • Gas America: Up to 32 oz were 79 cents and 44oz and above were $1.09
    • Speedway (not 100%): 20 oz. 89 cents, 32 oz. 99 cents , 44 ounce $1.39 – With your Speedy Rewards Card, when you buy any six Fountain, Speedy Freeze Frozen, Iced Coffee, or Hot Beverages and receive a coupon for your choice of the 7th any size beverage FREE
  • You will need a Speedy Rewards card instead of the Gas America Convience Card
  • The coffee prices are higher
    • Gas America: 99 cents got you 20 ounces of coffee
    • Speedway: 99 cents now gives you just 12 ounces. – With your Speedy Rewards Card, when you buy any six Fountain, Speedy Freeze Frozen, Iced Coffee, or Hot Beverages and receive a coupon for your choice of the 7th any size beverage FREE
  • Roller Grill Items
    • Gas America: Prices really varied if you purchased a hot dog or a Tornado.
    • Speedway: Any roller grill item is now two for $2.22 or $1.49 for just one. However, with your Speedy Rewards card, when you buy any 6 Food Court Club items (Hot or Cold Sandwiches, Pizza slices, Roller Grill, Nachos, Salads, Speedy Treats, and Fruit Cups) and receive a coupon good for 1,000 Speedy Rewards Bonus Points to be used for anything.

There is one benefit that Spedway’s buyout of GasAmerica’s stores has is that the fact the downtown Marion Speedway along with the already existing northside Marion Speedway that I visit.

Besides the two aforementioned Marion Speedways, yours truly has also been to two other Speedway stores–one in Wabash, Indiana on August 17, 2011 and one in Dayton, Ohio (while I was at a layover on my way to my American Idol audition on July 13, 2011.) There will be more Speedway stores in the event should I relocate from Marion to Fort Wayne or most likely the signs are pointing to Indianapolis.



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IWU Dismissal Ten Years Later

The dismissal of yours truly and the chain reaction that followed is perhaps one of the most infamous college dismissals. It is certainly one of the most frustrating. Over the years after that fateful Thursday morning, a suspect confessed and recanted several times. But as of March 2011, the prime suspect of my IWU dismissal is identified.

Two bags of Lay’s Potato Chips and two 12-12 ounce cans of Coca-Cola were on sale at Lance’s New Market and K-Mart, respectively for $10.50 on the week that changed my life forever. I can also say that on September 27, 2001, my wife was at the south side Marion Marsh picking up a jar of Ragu Spagetti Sauce (for 88 cents each) and bananas (38 cents a pound) and the CVS pharmacy next door to get a couple of two-liters of Coca-Cola (which were also on sale at $1.99 for two,) and then stopping at the Speedway station to get gas for car. It would be the very last time that my wife and to a much more servere extent, yours truly would ever set foot in that area.

In September of 2001, I was among the more than 700 freshmen and new students at Indiana Weslean University. There was a lot of construction, remodeling, and apparently as it turned out may be the potential cause of what I always have belived to this day ten years later that caused my dis-enrollment from Indiana Wesleyan University,.There were many services that should have been available for yours truly, such as a commuter’s lounge at IWU (that was not available), and the suggestion of a food pantry. Had those been available PRIOR to ten years ago today, I would have offically be posting as an alumnus of Indiana Wesleyan University.

I was a typical 18-year-old college freshman whose life revolved around media and education. I lived with my mother, Margaret, my brother, Albert, and to a lesser extent, my newlywed wife, Angela, in a comfortable three bedroom home on North Branson Street in the near northeast side of Marion.The household also consisted with my youngest pet nephew (Albert’s boy), Baxter, turning 3 that October, and my boy, Timothy Rags, turning two that November. Angela had her own place in Gas City.

September 27, 2001 started like any other fall morning for the Zinn’s. My mother, Margaret, 58, planned her day over a cup of coffee and in poor health. Yours truly, went to college as usual just sixteen days after the horrific tragedy of 9/11. Angela was helping Albert getting prepared for his new job at Leroy’s, while Baxter and Rags were watched cartoons on the family couch. Angela was heading to the gym, but needed to run a few errands for herself before going to her doctor’s appointment over in Gas City.

Angela fed Rags a hot dog and took him out for a walk while Baxter watching the Game Show Network. Rushed for time, Angela let it go. And besides, it was unusually mild, around 57-60 degrees already. Angela, Albert, and I got into what was considered to be the family car, a tan 1981 Ford F-150, and took off to run errands.Angela had to get her car (a Chevy Lumina) out of Intergrity. At the time there were family issues with my step-grandfather, in which I will explain in more details at a later date.

After dropping off yours truly at IWU , Albert dropped Angela off to the Marsh store in the Panamora Plaza, to see about some items they had on sale, (the spagetti sauce and bananas). Angela entered the store and walked past the customer service desk and entered the grocery department. It was around 9:00 a.m. There was a tons of construction at the Indiana Wesleyan University Student Center which lacked a Commuter’s Lounge. Also hampering were family budget trouble (at least with yours truly and Angie), which did not help matters at all.

What Are the Next Steps?

In the fall of 2001, yours truly was living the Hoosier dream. I was starting to build a degree in Special Education and had the potential to building a successful teaching career.

Only five to ten minutes after being informed that I was dis-enrolled from Indiana Wesleyan University, most of my friends from school were wondering “Where’s Frank?”. They had no idea that I was no longer enrolled from Indiana Wesleyan University. I informed my professors and a few of my friends at IWU that I had been suspended. I will never forget my mother’s expression when she threw her hands as if she was successful (and did not even care) that I was dismissed from Indiana Wesleyan University; my wife, on the other hand, was extremely devastated (and this was only four months after I got married) and I was pretty sure that the marriage would not work.

My search for another college that September afternoon grew into a years-long search for answers: Who caused yours truly to be dis-enrolled from IWU? Why did this happen? When will I return to IWU? But in the months (later years) that followed, the harsh reality set in.

Finally, A Break?

As the months and years went by with little progress on my IWU readmission, in August of 2002, a woman I took to the Mississinewa 500 (Brittani), reportedly confessed to causing my dis-enrollment from IWU. It was the beginning of a whole new emotional roller coaster for yours truly, and assistance from Cornerstone was needed after Dr. Maloney apparently screwed my education up and Vocational Rehabiliatation did not offer a solution. It was also the beginning of a much bigger change that changed my family’s landscape forever.

After numerous consulting over at Cornerstone, a client of the mental health facility told me to take the university to civil court for “wrongful dismissal” even though the Indiana Statues of Limitations expired on September 27, 2007.

Denied Closure

That very night my brother, Albert, took his own life in August of 2002 sat off at a dramatic event in my life lead to more weaknesses exposed, such as more financial problems that stemmed from not only my IWU dismissal and failing to find another college plus the deaths of my mother and brother: The person responsible for my IWU dismissal had been located and confessed. I thought we were on the way to closure.

Yours truly, then a 19 year-old and my wife, then 24, newly-wed had separated a month after Albert’s death, but reconciled after I came out as a transgednered lady. But there was still no IWU readmission. Without a new college to attend, thus the college credits from IVY Tech needed to transfer back to IWU,

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Ava Zinn on Google Maps: No IWU Zone – Marion

UPDATED: 10/10/2016 4:07 AM

The No IWU Zone map is updated to reflect what has happened since that fateful day.



To fill the void between posts, I have decided to launch a new feature called Ava  Zinn on Google Maps. In a post like this, there will be a map in the post that will give followers on this site. In this very first Ava Zinn on Google Maps, since the 10th anniversary of my dismissal from Indiana Wesleyan University is approaching, I have decided to create a Google Maps feature called “Ava’s No IWU Zone.” I first spoke about this with several of my friends and classmates during my high school reunion back in July. I remember Wendy (Becker) saying, “I don’t blame you,” after I commented on my IWU dismissal, “have never been in that vicinity since.”

In all Google Maps posts, you can navigate around the map by placing your cursor (the hand) on the map and dragging the image around or by using the up, down, left, and right arrows in the upper left corner of the map.

Zoom in or out by using the plus (zoom in) or minus (zoom out) buttons on the left side of the map.

Clicking on an individual marker will give you information regarding that specific location

Below the map you will find a key regarding specific stores and information





Black line Current No IWU Zone Boundary (as of 2016)
Orange line No IWU Zone Boundary (2011-2016)
Yellow line No IWU Zone Boundary (2006-2011, after the University Mail Services launched)
Blue line original No IWU Zone Boundary (2001-2006)

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Adding more work and schooling…

More than a year and a half after expanding NoSirGifts services and joining Carey Services, Aeverine Nieves (yours truly) is adding more work and schooling. She will be working at Carey Services more and attending Franklin University of Ohio.

With all the sad news that has been going on during the month of June, I’m happy to report exciting news for yours truly, Aeverine Nieves.

Thursday afternoon, I announced on my Facebook profile that I have been promoted at Carey Services just nearly a year and a half after joining as an employee. Also while on my vacation in Indianapolis, I officially became a student at Franklin University of Ohio, effectively ending a nearly nine-year search for another college/university to attend following my dismissal from Indiana Wesleyan University in September 2001. And last but not least, I am happy to announce NoSirGifts will officially enter the “going green” as a partnership with the Grant County Recycling Center in Gas City.

The unbelievable growth and success of NoSirGifts’ Outdoor Antenna System Package and Carey Services made this an easy decision for the expansion to include Franklin University of Ohio demonstrates the my commitment to my past and the future. I’ve lived in the Marion, Mississinewa, and Eastbrook School districts and attended Mississinewa for many years. And so, yes, what happened — I
chosen Franklin University of Ohio’s Indianapolis location for the placement teasting because there was no college or university that met my standards in Marion; there weren’t. And as we looked at all the
variables this was THE location in the State of Indiana — ’cause I looked all throughout Indiana — that worked for me. But yet I’ve served readers of my web site and blog (as well as NoSirGifts and INNewsCenter HD since 1999 throughout Indiana’s 92 counties and throughout this whole entire region. That’s home for me.

The newly-added Franklin University of Ohio I will be attending will be only over the interent with a schedule yet to be released, and scheduled to make the debut on Monday, August 16th—also the same day that my complete feminine makeover begins.

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