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Ole Miss 2004 Grad Arrested in Marion homicide

Zachary Allen Thien

Zachary Thien Mugshot

Our folks over at Fox59 and Chronicle-Tribune are reporting Marion police department has made an arrest in the shooting death of 23-year-old Megan Elaine Chipman.

27-year-old Zachary Allen Thien, last known address 1515 W. Third St., Marion was arrested early Sunday morning in a Walmart parking lot in Westchester, OH. He has been charged with murder.

Thien, a 2004 graduate of Mississinewa High School, is accused of shooting Chipman near the Hotel Marion on 4th Street. Chipman was found lying in the street after being shot in the head.  Police found Chipman of Montpelier lying in the 500 block of East Third Street after they responded at about 6:50 a.m. to a report of shots fired in the vicinity of Hotel Marion.She died at Marion General Hospital.

AVA’s COMMENTARY: As a fellow Ole Miss graduate and went to school with Mr. Thien I vaguely remember him, and now the news that Zachary did this horrible thing to a young woman, that really met my threshold of a murder or a rapist.

What you are saying”

Angela S. “WOW can’t believe it was Zach that murdered that Megan…(bleep)HEAD! I hope you rot in Hell! The only way I know that jerk is because he worked at the gas station I always go to every morning before work……”


I strongly entourage all my friends to unfriend and block Zachary because “once a murder, always a murder” and have issued an alert on Facebook and Twitter.

Meanwhile, my girlfriend, Amanda and I are praying for Ms. Chipman’s family and have decided to ban Thien from any AVA ZINN O&O venues, including sites owned and/or operated by yours truly.

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New Policies going into effect today

Today I am turning 30 and I know it seems that I am at that point where I have to start making changes now that just hours ago I was in my 20’s.

One policy of mine has something to do with my sexuality since I came out as a transwoman 10 years ago this upcoming November… For the first time I will add trangendered males to the dating pool in the event should Amanda and I break up and the current long-term relationship expires. What this means for the transgender man if he is non-op and keeping his female reproductive system intact as a condition of the long-term relationship with my first ever boyfriend. This may sound like a strange but the reality as a transgender woman wanting children is that as transgender individuals wanting children prior to going on hormones is very expensive sperm or egg banking and when I first made my transition attempt my 7th grade year in 1995 I thought I would be able to go through the normal pregnancy other women do like a uterus transplant, fallopian tubes and ovaries.
Once I came out as a woman I knew the truth of living as a transgender woman and according to research I found online I would have to store sperm before going on estrogen and progesterone.

After realization I could not afford sperm banking the only choices I have left are selling my virginity on Ebay or keeping my male parts for the time being until I have enough children.

THAT is why I am allowing transgender men to the dating pool with biological bisexual females since I have been in two relationships with such ladies with such sexual orientation.

Another new policy going in effect is Renters Insurance due to the close call I had back this past Labour Day Weekend. I had an apartment that was truly HOUSING HELL.

After that close call back in September I knew I wouldn’t even consider having sexual intercourse in my home in that condition or let alone conceive a child in filthy conditions I was living in when I lived with my mother.

So that’s it for me.

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A 5-Year Old Boy’s Xmas Dress…

Not very often do I find something that kind of relates to me as a transwoman, but I wanted to share a post on after going through the feeds of the blogrolls of mine. This blog post I found kinda brought back memories of what I wish I had 25 years ago and if my mother was a little bit more tolerant.

It was the most sincere display of appreciation that my five-year-old son has ever shown.  He looked me straight in the eyes and said a very mature and worldly “thank you.”  The words were full of honesty, relief, happiness and a little bit of anguish.

“You’re welcome, baby,” I said looking at him with a smile and masking the pain I was feeling.  “You look so pretty.”

My gender creative son was thanking me for buying him a dress to wear to Christmas Eve dinner.

photo 3

He had eyed the ensemble at Target weeks ago and asked to wear it for Christmas so he could take “fancy pictures by the fireplace and the tree.

I told him no.  Not because the outfit was made for girls and he is a boy, but because had I bought it then he would have wanted to wear it immediately and often and when we finally sat down to Christmas Eve dinner it would have been thrashed.

He talked about his “Christmas outfit” nonstop and asked everyday if it was time to go buy it.

Today was the day.  We got home and both ran up the stairs to my bedroom with its mirrored closets.   I sat on the floor removing price tags while he tore off his “school clothes,” which he wears as a disguise when out in society so that people will think he is all boy.  He wears “school clothes” so that he won’t get teased, have to sit by himself at the lunch tables and so he will get invites to birthday parties.  More than anything he wants to be thought of as “normal.”  But, he’s not.

He closed his eyes as I put on the black bubble skirt covered in sequins, the red long sleeved t-shirt that says “JOY” on it in glitter and the black sequined vest.  I spun him to the mirror.  He opened his eyes, took himself in and then thanked me.

photo 4

My first reaction was to smile.  He reminded me of when I was a little girl and wanted a show stopping dress for the holidays.  My dresses were made of scratchy fabric that made noise when I moved.  I wore white socks with lace trim and stiff, shiny Mary Janes.  I learned at an early age that beauty is pain.

My son looked sassy and beautiful.  He looked natural, happy and truly comfortable for the first time that day.  Then I felt pain.  If the rest of the world could be more empathetic, accepting, welcoming and kind, my son could be this happy and comfortable all of the time — because then my son could be a boy who dresses like a girl and not have to think twice about it.  The world isn’t like that.

Other people can’t see the beauty in my son in a dress.  I haven’t always seen the beauty either.  Two and a half years ago this scene from my life wouldn’t have happened.  I wouldn’t have bought girl clothes for my son.  Never.  Ever.  Back then, I felt uneasy when he played with Barbies.  When he tried to dress feminine, I’d hand him his brother’s masculine hand-me-downs and tell him to put them on.  I didn’t give him choices because I knew that his choices would be pink with sparkle and rhinestones.  His choices would smell like the raspberry vanilla body spray he snuck from bathroom and hid under his bed.

Then I realized that my actions were telling him “you can’t be you because I want you to be what society wants you to be.”

photo 3

My husband and I changed the way we were parenting.  There was something unique about our son that we could choose to support or destroy.  We had to follow his lead.  He led us to the pink aisles at Target; and, that’s not a dangerous, harmful, unhealthy place for a boy to be.

My son’s Christmas dress is hanging in his closet.  He checks on it before and after school and a few other times each day.  On Christmas Eve, a dozen members of our family will gather around the table in honor of religious beliefs and to celebrate the passing of one year and the start of another.  It will be the first holiday that my son will join us at the table dressed as a girl.  We won’t care.  We will tell him that he is beautiful, inside and out.  And, we’ll mean it.

Apparently C.J. thinks that two Barbies are better than three wise men.

Apparently C.J. thinks that two Barbies are better than three wise men.


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Watching “The Voice” for the first time Monday night

So I have heard a lot of buzz about the NBC singing competition, “The Voice” from one of neighbours, Derrick several months ago.   However, while I was going through my usual newsfeeds and research, and the fact that I am relocating to Indianapolis after 2013 as it is the only way to permanently resolve a four year Cold Civil Case, as my niece-in-law, Sheena, says is not as major as it seems. As you may recall a windstorm knocked my landlady’s outdoor antenna onto the apartment complex on the afternoon of June 29, 2012 definitely sealed my fate in Marion after 16 years, and having to rely on internet streams as a television provider (in addition to FREE over-the-air television reception) after missing a fateful episode of Duets where I swore nearly 90 times in a 15 minute YouTube video–such behaviour, in my opinion was necessary and demonstrating a passion to grow an alliance of transwomen and lesbain women to vote for the female contestants (I’m not sure this would be classified as to combat the alliance of grandmothers and ladies that vote for the cute male contestants 100 pecent yet) and putting the WGWG (White Guy With Guitar) BS out if its misery. There is a reason why Vote for the Girls lanched in 2012–not to destroy Vote for the Worst, but a real alternative to said site, to post attack ads on the Vote for the Girls YouTube channel.   I would not believe Vote for the Worst’s picks at all and to simply put it in layman’s terms–It’s Politics As Usual.

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Watching live TV online, just not the same

Nearly a month and a half has passed by since the fateful storm June 29. One of my neighbors, Brian, mentioned that he would be subscribing to cable television from Bright House, and that really touched a nerve, and I had no choice besides getting high speed internet from AT&T’s U-Verse.

I have heard a lot of feedback about U-Verse High Speed Internet and TV. However, I am one of the 10 percent that still watches TV over the air and have been since dropping Bright House (and cable TV) alltogether–not because of the cost, but the repercussions that stemmed from the WISH-TV/Bright House dispute from October 2008.

So I had no choice but to get AT&T High Speed Internet, however, initially, my home phone got knocked out after the High Speed activation and was unable to make or receive phone calls (or even send FAXes) for nearly five days.

After reading posts on the WXIN (Fox 59)/DirecTV dispute in April 2012 and The WLKY/Time Warner Dispute last month (and apparetly a solution that really led to what I am having to rely on for the time being until I relocate from Marion to Indianapolis, shown below)

Harrisburgh,PA (WPMT): Pretty much all SD, no widescreen of any kind (via

Tampa (WTVT)

West Coast feed (three hour delay)–Los Angeles (KTTV)

I was surprised to watch the Chicago feed (something I have not done since I was in diapers) from (but lost the feed Monday night)

I can say that watching live online is really not 100 percent the same as watching on TV… (so in a way I am really watching satelite without the dish and since my current apartment complex’s lease prohibits satelite, but allows high speed interent and eventually U-Verse TV). Nonethless, I am watching an out-of-market affiliate mostly Tampa and to a lesser extent Los Angeles.

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It’s official… Aeverine Zinn to stop watching American Idol…

Well, I just watched my last American Idol tonight, and proved to be an intense one. In the end it was Phillip Phillips that stole the season 11 American Idol title from Jessica Sanchez. A lot of people are really pissed off that happened. I will post the result on Aeverine Zinn on YouTube later tonight or over the weekend.

This is probably not going to sit well with Jessica voters, like myself and several of my other friends.


Clearly something is wrong with the American Idol voting and I belive it is time to shut down “Vote for the Worst. I even sent a very mean tweet to Mr. Phillips. Boy, will he ever be sorry.


Nevertheless, here is what will happen now that I have to pay up on several wagers:

Robyn Matthewson (Ava’s BFF#1): Will grow a leg beard for breast cancer.

Hillary Matthewson: I will be dunked in a dunk tank (either by Amber C. or Sheena B.).

Holly Everman (Ava’s BFF #2): I get a pie thrown at my face.

Lynsey Everman (my predecessor at NoSirGifts): Lynsey gets a nose pirecing and I will wear a bikini in a housekeeping job.

Ava Zinn (yours truly): Obviously will stop watching American idol and I will grow a Leg Beard for Breast Cancer in October 2012.

Wendy S. : I get my first driver’s license and get my first car.

Jennifer M.: I will be biking from Marion to Ivanhoe’s in Upland.

Jannell M. and Crystal W.: Both are invited to my bachelorette party (if and when I do remarry)

Heidi M. : No double date with Heidi’s husband and my prospective significant other.

Erin N.: My 30th Birthday party will take place at Applebee’s in Marion


Here are some of the photos that reflect what I saw tonight on American Idol (feel free to download them and use them on facebook



Here are the posts and tweetsmade by several of my followers


Jessica should have won! Thank the site vote for the worst for that screw-up America – Amanda S.

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It doesn’t always end well for former flames of Aeverine Zinn

Well, today is Valentine’s Day and I figured it is a good post about previous relationships, which has gained a lot of controversy and complaints in recent years, and with the Indiana Civil Rights Commission striking down “Jesscia’s Policy” last April that caused yours truly to declare single as her relationship status for the first time in nearly 20 years.   For the past year and a half, I have been talking a lot of late about what would happen if I had to declare single after a break up and failure to finding a replacement, it is exactly what happned.   Since March of 2011, I have been in talks with Amber Dooley to replace Christy Johnson, but very little progress has been made to make that a reality.   Within a year after the break up with Christy, it turns out (according to confirmed sources) she is still on court commitement and still doing speed (or caffine pills.)   But go back to my very first relationship with Amanda from January 1993 until December 1997 — nearly nine years after I broke up with Amanda, it was learned that she was driver of a white vehicle that hit Sadie Hutchinson and killed Thomas Taz — a hit and run that I was an eyewitness to on the afternoon of November 29., 2006 at the 1600 block of South Nebraska Street in Marion. She was found liable of the death of Taz and had to pay nearly $60,000 in costs.    I just contacted another person I went to school with and now residing in Bloomington (Indiana’s largest LGBT community)  has decalred single this past Sunday. While several of my friends that declare single after a break up are heaping up on the online dating scene to find someone new, so far, it is not working out in Marion.   According to my research, the chances of finding someone new to replace Christy (and most likely Amber Dooley will withdraw her offer, which she might based on what opponents say) in Marion are not good compared to Indianapolis and or Fort Wayne, which are slighly higher.   So far, as of Februiary 2011, only one person on Plenty of Fish seems to be interested and two women on Adult Friend Finder do seem interested.

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IWU Dismissal Ten Years Later

The dismissal of yours truly and the chain reaction that followed is perhaps one of the most infamous college dismissals. It is certainly one of the most frustrating. Over the years after that fateful Thursday morning, a suspect confessed and recanted several times. But as of March 2011, the prime suspect of my IWU dismissal is identified.

Two bags of Lay’s Potato Chips and two 12-12 ounce cans of Coca-Cola were on sale at Lance’s New Market and K-Mart, respectively for $10.50 on the week that changed my life forever. I can also say that on September 27, 2001, my wife was at the south side Marion Marsh picking up a jar of Ragu Spagetti Sauce (for 88 cents each) and bananas (38 cents a pound) and the CVS pharmacy next door to get a couple of two-liters of Coca-Cola (which were also on sale at $1.99 for two,) and then stopping at the Speedway station to get gas for car. It would be the very last time that my wife and to a much more servere extent, yours truly would ever set foot in that area.

In September of 2001, I was among the more than 700 freshmen and new students at Indiana Weslean University. There was a lot of construction, remodeling, and apparently as it turned out may be the potential cause of what I always have belived to this day ten years later that caused my dis-enrollment from Indiana Wesleyan University,.There were many services that should have been available for yours truly, such as a commuter’s lounge at IWU (that was not available), and the suggestion of a food pantry. Had those been available PRIOR to ten years ago today, I would have offically be posting as an alumnus of Indiana Wesleyan University.

I was a typical 18-year-old college freshman whose life revolved around media and education. I lived with my mother, Margaret, my brother, Albert, and to a lesser extent, my newlywed wife, Angela, in a comfortable three bedroom home on North Branson Street in the near northeast side of Marion.The household also consisted with my youngest pet nephew (Albert’s boy), Baxter, turning 3 that October, and my boy, Timothy Rags, turning two that November. Angela had her own place in Gas City.

September 27, 2001 started like any other fall morning for the Zinn’s. My mother, Margaret, 58, planned her day over a cup of coffee and in poor health. Yours truly, went to college as usual just sixteen days after the horrific tragedy of 9/11. Angela was helping Albert getting prepared for his new job at Leroy’s, while Baxter and Rags were watched cartoons on the family couch. Angela was heading to the gym, but needed to run a few errands for herself before going to her doctor’s appointment over in Gas City.

Angela fed Rags a hot dog and took him out for a walk while Baxter watching the Game Show Network. Rushed for time, Angela let it go. And besides, it was unusually mild, around 57-60 degrees already. Angela, Albert, and I got into what was considered to be the family car, a tan 1981 Ford F-150, and took off to run errands.Angela had to get her car (a Chevy Lumina) out of Intergrity. At the time there were family issues with my step-grandfather, in which I will explain in more details at a later date.

After dropping off yours truly at IWU , Albert dropped Angela off to the Marsh store in the Panamora Plaza, to see about some items they had on sale, (the spagetti sauce and bananas). Angela entered the store and walked past the customer service desk and entered the grocery department. It was around 9:00 a.m. There was a tons of construction at the Indiana Wesleyan University Student Center which lacked a Commuter’s Lounge. Also hampering were family budget trouble (at least with yours truly and Angie), which did not help matters at all.

What Are the Next Steps?

In the fall of 2001, yours truly was living the Hoosier dream. I was starting to build a degree in Special Education and had the potential to building a successful teaching career.

Only five to ten minutes after being informed that I was dis-enrolled from Indiana Wesleyan University, most of my friends from school were wondering “Where’s Frank?”. They had no idea that I was no longer enrolled from Indiana Wesleyan University. I informed my professors and a few of my friends at IWU that I had been suspended. I will never forget my mother’s expression when she threw her hands as if she was successful (and did not even care) that I was dismissed from Indiana Wesleyan University; my wife, on the other hand, was extremely devastated (and this was only four months after I got married) and I was pretty sure that the marriage would not work.

My search for another college that September afternoon grew into a years-long search for answers: Who caused yours truly to be dis-enrolled from IWU? Why did this happen? When will I return to IWU? But in the months (later years) that followed, the harsh reality set in.

Finally, A Break?

As the months and years went by with little progress on my IWU readmission, in August of 2002, a woman I took to the Mississinewa 500 (Brittani), reportedly confessed to causing my dis-enrollment from IWU. It was the beginning of a whole new emotional roller coaster for yours truly, and assistance from Cornerstone was needed after Dr. Maloney apparently screwed my education up and Vocational Rehabiliatation did not offer a solution. It was also the beginning of a much bigger change that changed my family’s landscape forever.

After numerous consulting over at Cornerstone, a client of the mental health facility told me to take the university to civil court for “wrongful dismissal” even though the Indiana Statues of Limitations expired on September 27, 2007.

Denied Closure

That very night my brother, Albert, took his own life in August of 2002 sat off at a dramatic event in my life lead to more weaknesses exposed, such as more financial problems that stemmed from not only my IWU dismissal and failing to find another college plus the deaths of my mother and brother: The person responsible for my IWU dismissal had been located and confessed. I thought we were on the way to closure.

Yours truly, then a 19 year-old and my wife, then 24, newly-wed had separated a month after Albert’s death, but reconciled after I came out as a transgednered lady. But there was still no IWU readmission. Without a new college to attend, thus the college credits from IVY Tech needed to transfer back to IWU,

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