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Mandy Davidson no longer in a relationship with Ava Zinn

Ava Zinn regrets to announce that Mandy Davidson is no longer the significant other or spouse of yous truly. Mandy was a valued individual in my life and there will not be a day I will not miss her.

For yours truly, there is nothing sacred than the trust in a significant other of yours truly and as such is expected to be a leader as a future spouse of Ava Zinn and a supporting gitrlfriend and mother (or stepmother). It is what my family expects day in and day out what I work very hard to deliver the highest quality. I can accept no less. Mandy definitely has the righht to express her anger and outrage like any other spouse or significant other would, but causing significant property damage was definitely not the way to handle a dispute. It is with my belief as a transgendered woman approaching 31 year of age on January 4, 2014 that as the significant other of Aeverine Frathleen Nieves, Mandy’s actions on the morning of November 6, 2013 made it it too difficult for any circumstances on certain matters of yours truly going forward without an irreconcilable difference which is inconsistent with important interpersonal realtionship standards set  between yours truly, a transgendered woman and Mandy, a bisexual woman approaching 32 years of age.

On the morning of November 6, 2013, Mandy and I got into a heated argument lasting 13 hours after she turned off my laptop (and causing the laptop to crash and is currently not booting up properly) as a way to get my attention to to Mandy, causing yours truly problems that spread out onto Vote for the Girls  and in the end, Mandy turned herself into and served two days in jail for disorderly conduct and aggravated assault. Earlier Friday morning, I had learned from a trusted source that she got released from jail with a temporary restraining order, and is no longer welcome at my home.

Mandy decided to end the relationship, which for the first time since I began dating over 20 years ago meant that had I remained a male, this would have turned out really ugly. But as a woman, I handled the news okay, but had known that something was not quite right as she made some serious allegations that I had spent thousands of dollars getting my current home in good shape and in good condition.

Mandy Davidson had originally been the first significant other of yours truly from January 4, 1993 to December 20, 1997 and again since June 3, 2012. She is officially now the first (and thus far only) significant other of yours truly whom had been in a realtionshipo with yours truly — both as a male (1983-2003) and as a woman (2004-present).

As a result, I have to declare that dreaded Facebook post saying “Ava Zinn went from being in a relationship to  single” and the search for Mandy’s replacement is underway. Sadly, this officially marks the second time as a woman I’ve ever declared single. and that proved to be very costly and causing yours truly to go deep in debt as it turned out from April 30, 2011 until June 2, 2012.

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Ava Zinn misses Vote for the Girls deadline – X Factor Top 16 and The Voice Knockouts results

For the second time in Vote for the Girls‘ 5-season history, I missed the deadline to complete an episode, and yes it .

On Tuesday night, due to a schedule conflict with The X Factor and The Voice. From capturing video to rendering to editing and sound, all of our equipment needed to get the episode online were taking longer than expected  and we were unable to finish episode 510 and 511 in time.  When episode 511 finally got on YouTube NBC took the episode down, and requiring yours truly to redo the episode

VOTE for THE GIRLS 2014 – THE VOICE KNOCKOUTS & VOTE FOR THE GIRLS 2014 – X FACTOR TOP 16 RESULTS  will be uploaded Sunday, November 3.

So what caused Vote for the Girls team to  miss the mark? A little problem called a schedule conflict between The X Factor and The Voice, required yours truly, Holly Everman, and Ariel Swaringen. Also during the episode Holly and Ariel got into a heated feud over Holly Henry losing and I had to break up the dispute. Ava Zinn said, “It’s heart-wrenching to miss an air date but after four years of multitasking by delivering the show to YouTube at the last possible minute, I guess it was unavoidable.”

More details will be posted as soon as more info becomes available.

Ava tries to tell Holly and Ariel to calm down after the most shocking elimination since Pia Toscano

Ava tries to tell Holly and Ariel to calm down after the most shocking elimination since Pia Toscano

Ava's pounding the counter and something almost hits her in the face..

Ava’s pounding the counter and something almost hits her in the face..

Ava swears Shelbie Z will win The Voice.

Ava swears Shelbie Z will win The Voice.

As the host and admin of Vote for the Girls, she has to take a lot of heat not just from the moderators Holly Everman, Ariel Swaringen, and Michelle Steele, but also nearly 30 million viewers that watch The Voice, The X Factor, and American Idol

As the host and admin of Vote for the Girls, she has to take a lot of heat not just from the moderators Holly Everman, Ariel Swaringen, and Michelle Steele, but also nearly 30 million viewers that watch The Voice, The X Factor, and American Idol

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Ava Zinn Indy Relocation… UPDATE

Back in July, I realized when the search to relocate from Marion to Indianapolis had almost reached a dead-end.I had contacted various apartment complexes in Indianapolis, with mixed results–either got no response or worse.

Make It Marion Indiana FAILEDSo I put two and two together, and decided that I would actually make another trip to Indianapolis because I had won my wager with my former boss at ATE Media on who won The Voice – my pick of Danielle Bradbery won the voice and earned the Indianapolis visit and Patrice Rafferty wanted to take me on a shopping spree, but then on July 30, I checked my mail and received something from IndyGo thinking “did I order a Day Pass online” and when I opened the letter, I had found out that I won four tickets to the Indiana State Fair.

Also, I wanted to avoid the same mistakes that were made in Indianapolis from three years ago. Particularly for me, because this is my life: I go out to eat on occasion. I live like this because as a transgender woman 30 years of age in a relationship with a bisexual woman 31 years of age (nominally that’s essentially have a significant other, but since the state of Indiana doesn’t recognize same sex marriage, I am forced to use single as a relationship status and not on Facebook).

Like many families in East Central Indiana, I recently had to resign from Carey Services following a dispute over housekeeping skills, essentially no reliable transportation (the closest thing to reliable transportation is a bicycle and public transportation), yet only an affordable roof over my head and in Marion, have updated technology. They, sadly,  rely on food stamps, now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, and food banks, and perhaps more serious using credit cards to survive. And use of the SNAP program is growing, not shrinking.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Enough with the sob story! People abuse the system to buy things they shouldn’t. If they would use a little common sense, they could get by on $132.46 per person per month. But while I was in Indianapolis, I had to rely heavily on credit cards (especially fast food from White Castle and convenience stores like Ricker’s across the street from the Fairgrounds and Circle K) and SNAP to get by. Thankfully, I usually go grocery shopping every month or when I am bored and had just completed my monthly run, and had enough left over for the Indianapolis trip and also did the same when I auditioned for American Idol in Pittsburgh two years ago.

However, this is an opportunity as a transgender woman nearing 31 years of age to boost my venues into 2014-15 television season. I’m insisting I have no intention of backing down from this fight and that I’ll be in for the long haul. But word back in Marion from several weeks and months according to notable critics of the relocation to Indianapolis are opposed just because of the recent violence in Indianapolis, to which I’ve acknowledged as “no municipality has such a safe neighbourhood if think long enough” .

All this comes as yours truly nearly a month after several of my friends have complained and criticized about my mode of transportation during the wake and funeral of the late Travis Simpkins on the afternoon of July 18, 2013. That caused yours truly to pass several new policies that will go into effect such as the 2-5-10-LIFETIME BAN (effective 7/4/14), a weather-related emergency plan (effective 10/4/13), a watered-down version of Jessica’s Policy (since 1/4/2013).

It is a tough stance to head off a rebellion among those concerned about yours truly that are worried that my relocation from Marion to Indianapolis might do more harm than good, leaving fewer choices for yours truly. Another reason has to be the recent violence that has plagued in Indianapolis to which Kayla Cox commented on July 15 in a Facebook post, “…you keep saying you want to get away from Marion because of all the shootings, have you been watching the news last week alone there was 13 shootings in 7 days down here!”

I’m seeing it as a statement as well: This is a big business opportunity for yours truly, and I’m in it to make money. Opponents are only saying I should let the opportunity pass because of the issues of crime and public safety. However, the late Robyn (Hurd) Matthewson (1961-2012), my BFF, had said “Ms. Zinn cannot continue to lose offers and opportunities with a flawed support system. We need to find a way to receive a fair value for every individual working with Ms.; Zinn and those who are friends with Ms. Zinn, whether recently or have known Ms. Zinn recently or before her gender transition,” Mrs. Matthewson said I would consider changing friend affiliations to another individual as a last resort, if existing friends of my friends did not agree to the terms sat forth in Mrs. Matthewson’s letter.
In 2012, I dropped friendships from with four individuals with three of the replacement friends that became interested. In the Mississinewa district, two existing friends go from a primary friend of Ava Zinn (yours truly), as I sought to make some upgrades: in the then-BFF #7 (now #6) position, yours truly moved the position from Brandon Jones to Ramona (Reed) Tyler, while in the BFF #12 position yours truly moved the position from Robert Craven to Jessica Baisden.. As a result, the friend changes also saw Alec Dailey and Justin Planck becoming the only remaining Top 12 (later 13) male friends with yours truly. The BFF #1 position moved from Robyn (Hurd) Matthewson to Holly (Everman) Willis following Matthewson’s death on May 24, 2012. At which point Wendy (Becker) Simpkins and Dara (Williams) Richards (becoming the only two newer close friends thus far) were promoted the BFF #11 and BFF #13 positions in 2012 and 2013, respectively.
“Make no mistake, Indianapolis is the perfect fit for yours truly. The crime rate and neighbourhood might not be the right place, but yeah,” I said, “You’ve got Franklin University (of Ohio) in Castleton as a college to replace Indiana Wesleyan in Marion, you’ve got the same stores you have in Marion as well as some new retailers in Indianapolis. In some cases you’ve got a typical Muncie and lots of store availability compared to Marion as well as the obvious answer–more LGBT friendly. It makes no sense to keep living in Marion and continue to lose offers and opportunities due to geography limitations and safety issues.”

Losing the opportunity to relocate to Indianapolis would be dicey for yours truly, further dragging down quality.

That’s the last thing Ava Zinn needs because she has dealt with far too many setbacks since the WISH-TV/Bright House Networks dispute.

Then there are those people that really don’t want yours truly in Indianapolis, the ones that say they don’t want Ava to leave Marion, the ones that are non-LGBT, the ones that do not support same sex marriage in the State of Indiana, the ones that support gay conversion therapy, the ones who would rather see Ava Zinn deceased.

“I think Ava’s making a bad decision of relocating to Indianapolis,” said a Grant Blackford official who’s opposed to the relocation. “She basically has no business in Indianapolis.”

Issues aside, Tyler, for one, thinks yours truly will need more research before making a final decision. Tyler, like Cox also thinks Indianapolis’ crime rate and public safety issues will only add fuel to the recent headaches of yours truly in recent years.

Besides, Tyler believes writing Zinn off is always a mistake. “That’s done too often and she (Ava)’s proven people wrong a lot,” she said.

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Marion Cable TV provider pisses off Justice for Ashley Rheam Supporters…

Ahley Rheam 1984-2013First and foremost, I am speaking on the behalf on anyone who has cable or satellite in Grant County. Secondly, I also speak to anyone that like yours truly whom until the WISH-TV/Bright House dispute of October 2008 decided to end the cable television subscription just because the cable company no longer carries the big four Fort Wayne television stations, and forced some to whom I say I applaud you to now rely on over-the-air television.

Given the number of conversations in-person, emails and messages following the WISH-TV/Bright House Dispute five years ago on this website (as well as the former INNewsCentrer, a web site I launched in November 1, 1999 as a Mississinewa High School junior that discussed the television industry changes that only covered Fort Wayne and Indianapolis before expanding to all 10 markets that serve all of Indiana’s 92 counties until June 2011 when the site closed when WFFT lost the Fox affiliation and has since rejoined that network) about where the big four Fort Wayne stations were and no longer being carried on Bright House Networks for Marion, Gas City, and Jonesboro subscribers, I thought I would try to explain the issues for like yours truly that share their frustrations and could not watch the Indianapolis 500 live since the 2009 race LIVE (via WPTA-TV, former Marion cable channel 21) and more recently WFFT’s (former Marion cable channel 2) news coverage of what I will call “Justice for Ashely Rheam” coverage.

First, some background (WHERE DID WFFT-TV GO):

Industry-wide, the United States is divided into 210 television markets. The largest is New York City, with Glendive, Montana, the smallest. The Fort Wayne market is the 109th largest, with approximately 600,000 television homes. Each market has defined boundaries. Fort Wayne has 11 counties.

However, the Fort Wayne market does not include Grant County – which is, unfortunately, in the Indianapolis market, which is the 26th largest with approximately 2.5 million television homes in 32 counties.

Why is that important?

In the case of WFFT, the Fox Broadcasting Company (FOX) is enforcing contract language with companies that retransmit a FOX station’s signal –for example Bright House (Marion, Gas City, Jonesboro) and Comcast (Upland, Fairmount) – that only the affiliate for that market be provided on a channel lineup. As such, the signal of WFFT, unfortunately–despite being significantly viewed in Grant County, has been removed from the channel lineups in those areas I mentioned, such as Grant County, where just WXIN (Marion Cable channel 11) is provided.

This is absolutely not being done at the request of either WXIN or WFFT and like many of my friends, fans, followers in Grant County–like you–no longer have access to WFFT.

In the case of WANE-TV–the Fort Wayne CBS affiliate (former Marion cable channel 20), five years ago LIN TV of Providence (which also owns fellow Indianapolis CBS affiliate WISH-TV), began enforcing contract language with Bright House that retransmits the signals of WISH and WANE. Unlike the case of WFFT, is affiliated with FOX, whereas WANE and WISH have been very close sister stations for as long as I can remember. However, five years after the WISH-TV/Bright House dispute and  seeing this from what I believe, and thus have a theory led to the Marion repercussions that soon followed with the removal of WPTA and WISE-TV.

My theory is that five and a half years ago right after my 25th birthday in January 2008 while INNewsCenter was in operation, I had revived an email from a LIN TV Indianapolis official concerning YouTube videos I posted on the INNewsCenter YouTube channel, that not only paved to my eventual decision to take INNewsCenter offline in June 2011.  The theory is that LIN TV of Providence (Rhode Island) knew that what the big four networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) were going to try to do were basically create a pay TV-big five (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW) television network (or the lesser Pay TV-Station) model of strict contractual policies against network signal duplication (Marion’s a clear example since Bright House is the only major cable television provider)  from out-of-market signals in other markets (thus Bright House still carries mostly Indianapolis’ big four stations and eventually discontinuing of Fort Wayne stations on Bright House), basically meaning discontinuation of out-of-market distribution; all of the communities listed have their own broadcast network affiliates.

The networks aren’t “picking” on WFFT, WANE, WPTA, and/or WISE. In fact, those stations would expect that in Huntington County – which is part of the Fort Wayne market – that systems there will be seeing WTTK or WNDY removed from the lineup at some point in the near future for the same reason.

While the network’s programming may be the same on Fox stations WFFT and WXIN; CBS stations WANE-TV and WISH-TV; NBC stations WISE-TV and WTHR; and ABC stations WPTA and WRTV, many other shows – particularly the FWA and INDY newscasts, football shows, IndyStyle on WISH-TV, are unique to aforementioned stations. If a cable company chose to carry WFFT (and very unlikely re-carry WANE-TV, WISE-TV, and WPTA) for local programs, the cable company would have to block out all the network shows that are duplicated from the network – and in most cases cable companies do not provide a channel when they have to block out so many programs.

Viewers like myself that lost WANE-TV on October 2, 2008, WPTA and WISE-TV on January 1, 2009, and WFFT via Bright House Networks have just ONE Option–get the Fort Wayne stations with an outdoor antenna (no higher than 60 feet as an FAA requirement–if your apartment complex allows this in the lease), but success with an indoor antenna isn’t guaranteed given the distances involved.

I ALWAYS OFFER THIS ADVICE (and have done so since my mother founded NoSirGifts, a gift/media retailer that has since closed stores due to Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in 2013)–make sure to get an antenna that receives BOTH VHF and UHF signals. As assigned by the FCC, WFFT’s broadcast signal is on Channel 36.1 (PSIP 55.1); WANE-TV is Channel 31.1 (PSIP 15.1); WPTA is channel 24.1 (PSIP 21.1); and WISE-TV is 18.1 (PSIP 33.1). The Indianapolis stations, however,  BOTH use VHF and UHF signals that’ll come in pretty much handy should a cable/sattelite dispute like the WISH-TV/Bright House dispute in October 2008, WXIN/DirecTV dispute in April 2012, and WTHR/DISH Network dispute in September 2002.

As for why the networks will do this, at the end of the day, it all comes down to protecting the local affiliate within a select market.

Four Examples:

  1. If a viewer in Grant County living in Marion watches “American Idol” on WFFT “Fox Local 55” and records that with Nielsen, WFFT does not get ratings credit for it because it’s outside the Fort Wayne market. And because that viewer in Marion didn’t watch WXIN “Fox 59”, they can’t get credit. So, Fox 59 doesn’t get any credit for a viewer that watched American Idol. With Fox Local 55 (and basically all the Fort Wayne stations) taken off the Bright House Networks system in Marion, viewers in Marion, Gas City, and Jonesboro (and eventually Comcast will do the same in Hartford City/Upland/Fairmount)  there will have to watch Fox 59 for American Idol – and WXIN and FOX will get the appropriate credit.
  2. If a viewer in Ripley County watches “The Voice” on WTHR “13NBC” and records that with Nielsen, 13NBC does not get ratings credit for it because Ripley County is outside the Indianapolis market. And because that viewer didn’t watch WLWT, they can’t get credit. So, WLWT-TV doesn’t get any credit for a viewer that watched The Voice. With 13NBC off the Comcast system in Lawrenceburg/Versalles, viewers there will have to watch WLWT for The Voice – and WLWT and NBC will get the appropriate credit.
  3. If a viewer in Kosiusco County living in Warsaw watches “Dancing With the Stars” on WPTA “21Alive” and records that with Nielsen, 21Alive does not get ratings credit for it because Kosisoco  County is outside the Fort Wayne market. And because that viewer didn’t watch WBND-TV “ABC 57”, they can’t get credit. So, ABC 57 doesn’t get any credit for a viewer that watched Dancing with the Stars. With 21Alive more likely to be off the cable system in Warsaw, viewers there will have to watch ABC 57 for Dancing with the Stars – and WBND-TV and ABC will get the appropriate credit.
  4. If a viewer in Tippecanoe County living in Lafayette watches “The Price is Right” on WISH-TV and records that with Nielsen, WISH-TV does not get ratings credit for it because Tippecanoe County is outside the Indianapolis market.  And because that viewer didn’t watch WLFI–even though there’s no ABC, NBC or Fox affiliate in the Lafayette market, they can’t get credit, and WLFI may as well be a semi-satellite of WISH. So, WLFI doesn’t get any credit for a viewer that watched Dancing with the Stars. With WISH more likely to be off the cable system in Lafayette, viewers there will have to watch WLFI for Dancing with the Stars – and WLFI and CBS will get the appropriate credit.


We know it may not make a lot of sense. Marion, Muncie Central, and Anderson High Schools are in a conference with a Fort Wayne area high school while Mississinewa, Eastbrook, Oak Hill, and Madison-Grant are in a conference with a high school in the Indianapolis DMA, for example. Or maybe you just like Fort Wayne and/or Indianapolis newscasts better. I don’t blame you for that. However, in this case, we’re all paying more when you come to think of it.

SOURCES: WLUK-TV “Where did Fox 11 (Green Bay) Go?”

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Ava Zinn considering making changes following funeral snafu…

Travis Simpkins (1979-2013)

Travis Simpkins (1979-2013)

The last time I had attended a funeral and endured many more weaknesses revealed by several of my friends, the late Frank O’Bannon was governor of Indiana, American Idol was in its first season, and yours truly dealt with two deaths in her family three months apart and forced to find another college/university, that as of July 2013 has not become a reality, to replace Indiana Wesleyan University.

While I was at the wake of the late Travis Simpkins, Here’s my thought when I saw Wendy–I clearly saw a friend with raw emotional pain and knew first hand what that was like when my wife, Angie (Willis) passed in June 2010.
I would have stayed longer, but apparently left somewhat disappointed and at 10:00 on the morning of July 19, 2013 it was CONFIRMED (according to Sheena Fromholz) out of the concern of my safety due to inadequate transportation (I was well aware of the Heat Advisory and was already taking precautions, apparently that may prove to be the case according to long-time friend Ashley Dawson, unfortunately after yours truly biked from Marion to Ivanhoe’s in Upland last August after losing a wager with Jennifer (Tedder) Morris on who won American Idol.)

Unlike many companies that terminate individuals for blowing the whistle–While I was at Mr. Simpkins’ wake, I was alerted from either Ashley (Dawson) and/or Sheena (Fromholz) about what could potentially change the funeral policy of yours truly–should that become the case, those two ladies will get a reward. I was wanting to utilize the six hours, but was asked to leave feeling more disappointed. Many would have believed I was asked to leave because this parallels to a similar situation from Owen Weilert Duncan Funeral Home when my late brother handled my mother’s funeral arrangements, and knew my brother messed them up because he was the next of kin (I had wanted to do a memorial service for my mother and a burial, which did not happen as I was still in deep pain since I was close to my mother until late 1999 when my little 4-legged girl, Tiffani (formerly Timothy Rags) was born.

The BOTTOM LINE is that I am always supporting my good friends and Wendy happens to be one of them, regardless of what Mother Nature plans. I’ve been friends with Ashley and Wendy since 1995 and 1997, respectively, in times of need. Clearly, by the medium response to AVA ZINN,, my Facebook page and/or profile, many of you share the grief Wendy is currently going through and is clearly saddened when a spouse passes on. I know first-hand of what that is like first hand and I’m sharing the pain Wendy’s been through as my wife (Angela Willis) died three years ago.

I also understand the concerns whether I was asked to leave due to the heat advisory and my safety, and usually have a plan in action. I also had to factor whether the correct course was really being followed, considering yours truly being one of Mississinewa High School’s strongest  Alumnus (as well as the very first transgender alum), higher expectations year after year, several (nearly 25 percent) of my friends or followers on Facebook and/or Twitter are tied directly or indirectly to Travis. I will assure you that I will be taking a closer look at every single action I am taking to make sure a similar snafu does not happen again.

Near the end of the funeral service, I joked about the fact that I still don’t have my first driver’s license and my driver’s ed teacher was also attending the funeral. But I had the next best thing called bicycle that had traveled nearly 2,700 miles since 2010 and has been to Gas City (many times), Muncie, Wabash, my hometown of Van Buren, Upland, and until a more appropriate time Fairmount. It’s been in three counties (Grant, Delaware, and Wabash.) The last time I checked it was not against the law to go to a funeral or wake via bicycle or even walking, and has never been against the law nor had a problem when I attended the wakes of Nichole Birky in April 2006, Jessica Berg in April 2010, and Ashley Rheam in March 2013.

Once again, thank you again for your support in my work to get you this basic information. I welcome your feedback, phone calls and emails. There is not one that is not important to us. We will continue to investigate every piece of information the public provides us and keep everyone updated in person and online with every development in this possible new policy in honor of the late Travis Simpkins called Travis’ Policy.

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AVA ZINN on You Tube: Vote for the Girls Emotional Victory

To fill the void in between posts I thought it would be appropriate since Candice Glover won American Idol on May 16, 2013.

There is simply no other way to raw emotion after that just one week ago that my pick of Angie Miller was eliminated and then a week later, a wild card pick officially wins.

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It’s Official, Ava Zinn may have killed Vote for the Worst

In case you had not been watching American Idol and not watching that particular programme, I would suggest that NOW may be the right time to do so, regardless of what you think about the judges this season.

I had made a resolution for 2013 after Phillip Phillips won season 11 that I was done watching the programme. But that did not mean I did not vote. However, once I got alerted that there was one guy left in the American idol competition, I wrangled with the decision to resume watching American Idol after an 11-month “boycott.”  I made good on a promise that sounded like a threat when I launched Vote for the Girls three years ago after Siobhan Magnus was voted off and asked everyone on this web site (then located on to vote for eventual runner-up Crystal Bowersox that year.

The following season, I asked again on this web site, but that year began on deaf ears after the first five eliminations were all female. The video(s) I posted on my YouTube channel from April 2011 should ring a bell…. and most recently MY VOTE FOR THE GIRLS web site from Thursday.

You might as well say that it is safe to say the following quotes: “Ava Zinn took down Vote for the Worst? Really?”

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Ave Zinn to resume watching American Idol

As most of you are likely now aware, I wasn’t watching American Idol after Jessica Sanchez was robbed of last year’s crown. It was also a 2013 resolution.

I wrangled for weeks whether or not to resume watching the Fox reality singing competition.

Once the finals began, The first four contestants were all male.

“When the word about Burnell Taylor getting voted off Idol, an obligation to watch the programme was deemed necessary,” Ava Zinn commented.

So there… After two straight New Years resolutions were kept the not watching Idol resolution will be broken.

In other news I have decided to expand Vote for the Girls across the Atlantic Ocean into the United Kingdom.

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Hell’s Kitchen fans angry at AVA ZINN for pre-emption….

The blind auditions continued on The Voice season 4 two night première and 17 chefs were competing on Hell’s Kitchen Tuesday night.

You would think that I, Ava Zinn, could watch both programmes at the same time (via online streaming). Expectations were high, only to find out the stream to watch Hell’s Kitchen wasn’t working, but The Voice was and likely surprised, disappointed and in some cases, downright angry, when I had tried to view the West Coast Hell’s Kitchen feed, but that too, was plagued with problems and did not see the Hell’s Kitchen programme until 12Midnight, because I decided to watch The Voice.

When I learned in February that the Hell’s Kitchen would air on Fox Tuesday 8 to 9 p.m., and just after Cassadee Pope won season 3 of The Voice, season 4 would air on NBC Tuesday from 8 to 9 p.m., I knew I had a problem — a scheduling conflict.

Watching the fourth new episode of Hell’s Kitchen would mean forgoing the second night of the season four two-night première and postponing The Voice Updates on Vote for the Girls on a week when a historic Vote for the Girls victory is lurking. Going with The Voice would mean postponing Hell’s Kitchen by a day. I decided at 7 p.m. Tuesday to go with both and see if it would work, bypassing broadcast of Hell’s Kitchen, earning the ire of Hell’s Kitchen fans.

It was a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. What people need to realize is that I have certain obligations when I launched Vote for the Girls in 2010, and of course I wanted to watch The Voice show as well as local news. I did learn (based on a similar ruling) that I could not re-air Hell’s Kitchen, insisting it be watched live (when it airs). “Hell’s Kitchen people are angry (but) if I hadn’t done this, the Vote for the Girls people would have been angry,” I added, who couldn’t say how many angry phone calls and tweets I had gotten. “Turns out, Hell’s Kitchen fans are quite vocal.”

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An Open Letter to My Friends and Fans Regarding Marion Shooting…

Dear AVA ZINN Friends and Fans:
I am writing to bring you up to date about a homicide in Marion that was brought to my attention around 1:00 on the Saturday afternoon of January 12, 2013 via Facebook. and digging into the AVA ZINN archives from my senior year after I received a message on Facebook as follows:

>>I saw you a few times go in the gas station on 30th and Western do you remember that one dude that was a cashier there that had black hair he was a short guy? He is the one that murdered that girl

You also know my cousins TIna Eib and David Huffman, small world huh? They said you went to school with them

When I got that message, I then checked my wire sites and researched, and it turns out the suspect was someone I went to school with back when I was living as a male. Once I had found out about of Zachary Thien had been arrested for a shooting on the near east side of Marion, and yes, it is the same Zachary Thien from the Mississinewa High School Class of 2004 and I then replied:

I just found out after I looked at the yearbook from my senior year and I imagine everyone from the Ole Miss Classes of 2001-2007 are in shock and most importantly surprised.

Being a responsible blogger and service to the community to my web site, I have no choice but to post that on my web site…

Once I had read the articles about the suspect of  the near east side shooting in Marion, my first thought was to “post it on” since it is an important story that will be worth posting.

However, once the post made the WXIN-TV’s Facebook page, many of Zachary’s friends are flooding the phones and email, shocked and perhaps more serious, have slammed yours truly of not being more forthright and wished that I had been a little bit more sensitive. I can’t tell you how much I must agree with you and, without any doubt, share the pain and grief with my girl (Amanda Davidson) and obviously appreciate condolences as well as thoughts and prayers of the victim, Megan Chipman of Montpielier, and to quote former Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi–“Criminals Have A Choice, Victims Don’t” and the “once a murderer, always a murder” quote I learned from the late Margaret Zinn, my own mother. It was for that reason I believe my initial comments on the WXIN-TV Facebook page were necessary and showing a passion for justice for Megan and at the same time completely shut out Zachary only.

Three letters were all it took of what made my comment way to extreme and want to share a comment that has stirred controversy around 4:00 Saturday afternoon:

Ava Zinn, how dare you say sob cause his mom is far from that she is a friend of mine so don’t you dare refer to her as that thank u..

…and another…

Ava, after reading your uncalled comments you posted on Fox59 website I don’t give a damn to read what u have to say on!!! You (probably) don’t know him, the situation, or his family so calling him a s.o.b was way outta line..yes he was wrong for what he done but that doesn’t give you right to run him and his family into the ground with your nasty comments..his family has feelings too and they are hurt just as much as Megan’s family!!! – Devon H.

In the wake of a tragedy I really don’t think it’s a good time to be plugging – Jason F.

What a douchebag..goes to show u there is real evil in the world and I’m talking about zack. I’m referring to Ava it takes a real winner to speak of (bleep) she knows nothing about…Zack is not a monster or crazy I watched him grow up he has been a part of my family for over 20 i do not agree with his actions i stand behind him and his family…I truly hope Ava Zinn that no one you love is ever put in this kind of situation and if so I hope people show you more compassion than what you have shown to Zack’s family.. – Mandie R.

Those three letters S, O, and B was what really got me going and I am usually careful what I post online and apparently should have said another word or phrase such as donkey, twat, or another phrase to replace “sorry SOB” since it was the very first thing that came to my mind.

The BOTTOM LINE is that a young woman that had her whole life ahead of her got taken away by the hands of a man that quite frankly, I am now aware of the situation. Clearly, by the medium response to AVA ZINN and, many of you are saddened that her children (if she had any) won’t be seeing their mother ever again. As a transwoman that grew up as a boy without a father now living as a woman 30 years of age, I know first-hand to know what it is like growing up without a parent. However, at the end of the day, as a pet father of five, pet grandfather of two, and eventually a (biological) father to a son and/or daughter that will never meet his or her paternal grandparents

I also understand the concerns (based solely on negative feedback and criticism I have received) about whether the correct course was really being followed, considering yours truly being one of Mississinewa High School’s strongest  Alumnus (as well as the very first transgender alum), higher expectations year after year, several (nearly a quarter to 30 percent) of my friends or followers on Facebook are tied directly or indirectly to Zachary. I assure you that I will be taking a closer look at every action I am taking to make sure justice for Megan is served.

Once again, thank you again for your support in my work to get you this basic, public information. I welcome your feedback, phone calls and emails. There is not one that is not important to us. We will continue to investigate every piece of information the public provides us and keep everyone updated in person and online with every development in this case.



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