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Pride Month: Standing Up To A Dress Code after 25 Years

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FORT WAYNE and MARION, IN – Like any other woman, she often worries about her hair, her weight, her makeup, anything that impacting her femininity, or in my case even my bra size. Transgender women like myself are no different than any other woman but with several exceptions: bigger bone structure (most fixed by facial feminisation surgery), the dreaded beard shadow (effectively fixed with M2F hormones and electrolysis), and the fact this transgender woman has to keep her existing male reproductive organs for the time being. The reason for this woman is strictly for reproductive purposes as she still wants to have biological children and doing so as two women having sexual intercourse (obviously with my consent and the woman’s consent as well as being either in a long term relationship in addition of the woman’s benefit of automatically being a sex partner – a dating and relationship rule I’ve had since 1993) in order to conceive (only notable difference has to be the fact instead of a strap-on is the embarrassing imperfection as a woman has to be my enlarged clitoris and the second the erected enlarged clitoris is inserted into the woman’s vagina, conception occurs).

When I began my gender transition on December 1, 2004, I had a feeling that if I had rushed my transition, it will not only damage my family’s core beliefs (or even my core beliefs and values), lose a significant number of friends (there are some who I even went to high school with that I’m likely not going to be or even on good terms with) and I’ve responded by kicking them out of Facebook – I’ve banned and blocked as few as three and as many as 75 because they didn’t follow my rules such as addressing me as “Ava”, using male pronouns, or even not showing me the respect I’ve been entitled to or the other party unfriended me because I recently admitted to being a bully for 15 years after being bullied for over 25 years (there are times when bullying is a necessary tactic in order to get the truth uncovered and most of the time it is justified, effectively “bullying the bully” method). That is why a few years ago, I decided to implement the 2-5-10-BANNED FOR LIFE RULE to crack down on transphobia (it’s a very similar structure to Florida’s 10-20-LIFE Law) and to maintain perfection well as continuing many traditions and beliefs long before I began my gender transition.

Not to mention when I started transitioning my name (Frank to Ava), gender identity (male to female), and sexual orientation (straight male to gay female) may have changed as well as my appearance as a woman since I came out as not only as a transgender woman but subsequently as a woman identifying as a lesbian. There is always a feeling I get every time I step in front of a mirror or even looking at the damage male puberty did to me some 25+ years ago would do some damage eventually would effectively come back to haunt me.

Also not to mention, if viewers don’t like the way I am now living as a woman , my makeup, my weight or my outfit, they will make sure to let me know. And so far I’ve definitely have seen mostly negative comments that have caused me to stand up for what I believe in and defending my decision to transition from a man to a woman and responding the way I responded.

I found myself spending hours upon hours to make sure my overall appearance as a woman and image was perfect before I went out in public. Maintaining my appearance as a woman and hiding the dreadful male features I am cursed with may have been more exhausting than weightlifting or carrying a 50 pound bag of bird feeder. The experience shed light on how preoccupied I am with the details of my overall appearance, which made me realise after resuming counselling sessions after a 15 year a scene was the right decision after going through three rapes/sexual assaults.

LGBT Pride Month (June) 2017 is now in full swing. It’s hot. It is sticky. It’s a time of year when a woman or a transwoman’s appearance are a greater hassle than usual because of the humidity. Nonetheless, the battle to tame the dreaded male features (unfortunately) continues and no way of resolving them unless I pay extra money (something I don’t have) and the reason I auctioned off my virginity to Kymberly in July 2014 and still her $100,000 payment to deflower me wasn’t even enough. Kymberly finally admitted to me she had gambled it all away in Las Vegas in March 2017 and heard from one of my sources that Kymberly placed a $50,000 bounty on someone she held long standing grudge against, and that made me realise that I decided that I cannot marry Kymberly. What this means is the long-term relationship with Ava Zinn and Kymberly Alvaraz is ending in legal action.

Flashback to 1991 to 2001

I started questioning my gender identity and sexual orientation – unusual for someone eight years of age – while I was serving time at the since closed Silvercrest Children’s Developmental Center in New Albany until being released in December 1992. That was when I realised my childhood was already coming to an end and I knew I was already just too young to be a dad at 10 years of age. I remember I was about to use the restroom and saw something many see is quite frankly some will say made me retarded. I saw a girl (besides my mom) using the restroom and that made me realised I really was different, in addition to watching “The Little Mermaid” and I remember having some unusual crush but nowhere near as Mary Kay Letourneau. It was on the car ride from New Albany to Van Buren with my mom and brother, how fortunate I was and didn’t realise it at that time until I reconnected with someone on Facebook and did my best to stay in touch after leaving Silvercrest.
In middle school I had been picked on and bullied by that time it was for two years after being released from Silvercrest in New Albany. I wasn’t strong enough not because I have Autism. I had began to make an attempt to become a female thinking ‘I’d trade my male parts for female parts’ and have the same characteristics just like any other girl after I heard the term “sex change” in 1995.
Unfortunately, everyone I went to school with knows why I broke a classroom window on April 18, 1996, at least that was what they thought from their standpoint. Years later, and I recently admitted to bullying.

When I launched my web site in 1999 as a junior at Mississinewa High School, there seemed to be a standard of some sort. It was also when I launched the original INNewsCenter, and knew who I wanted to become after some needed TLC from the right resources and people I can know and trust, or so I had thought.

Several years after graduating from Mississinewa High School, there seemed to be a no standard or structure when I sat foot at Indiana Wesleyan University as a college freshman and literally had no structure as construction was going on that basically affected my performance academically. There were several theories why I simply was not emotionally ready for college and when I began the gender transition, I knew there was going to be a fourth and fifth requirement that Jennie Conrad did even mention on the infamous dis-enrollment letter I received on September 27, 2001. I knew there was (1) finding another college to attend to transfer credits to IWU, (2) have psychological and psychiatric clearance (but unfortunately not as a full-time student nor as a male), and (3) a signed release if I recall to even apply for readmission. It’s safe to say now it’s just only a matter of finding the right college, getting the right number of credits and the right tools and necessities needed to finally close the IWU Cold Case.

Being more successful emotionally as a woman and still a father.

I do know that after transitioning and after my eldest daughter, Samantha, graduated from high school and IWU, I knew as the father of Samantha Zinn, I knew I had done a lot better job with raising Samantha; a transgender daughter, Tiffani; a third daughter, Tabitha; and two adopted daughters, Ashli and Kylee. After Samantha graduated high school five years ago she decided to attend college in the fall of 2013 and she didn’t want to make the same mistakes I did. Sure enough, in the Spring of 2016, Samantha earned her Associates Degree in Communications and followed in my footsteps and my former father-in-law (aka Samantha’s maternal grandfather) beforehand. Though there were times when raising Samantha, Tiffani (then Timothy), Tabitha, and currently with my now only son Kenneth as well as Ashli and Kylee, I had to frequently found myself in a number of parenting and day care situations I knew it was the right parenting call as most of them were very bad situations that could have necessitated Child Protective Services. My mom, the late Laura Bakula, my aunt-in-law Sheena were a great babysitter to Samantha, Tiffani, Ashli, and Tabitha long before “Vote for the Girls” launched. I also knew I had done a far better job as a father and as a woman than my mom did when she raised myself and my late brother, most of the parenting and discipline skills my mom used with me and my skills with my children differs from my mom’s methods. One in particular was the “no TV punishment,” but often most of the “Vote for the Girls Punishment for Failure” when a female contestant doesn’t win were also used on my children in the form of the “punishment fitting the crime” or “a justified sanction”. In fact, recently I Googled ‘female fathers of children’ and it seems as though a woman fathering children are nearly as uncommon as same sex marriage.
There is a subtle or possible no-so-subtle message that the specific type of parenting of a child is the fact that the child always has a mother and father regardless and the terms “transgender mother” and “transgendered father” are useless. After I came out to my children and recently with Tabitha, I told them “I will always be your father you can still address me as ‘Dad’.” It was something I had in mind and realized that a gender transition is very similar to a television station changing its network affiliation.

With that in mind, in addition to already existing “Vote for the Girls” franchise and several other cultural references to Lauren Brill, Brandi Chastain, and two-woman anchor teams becoming the norm, as well as basically creating the “Producers Have A Choice, Viewers Don’t” philosophy ten years ago when what is now known as INNCD 47 Action News launched (two women co-anchor news, a female meteorologist, and a female sports director). After I first watched a South Bend late newscast with Cindy Ward and Deborah Daniels at the anchor desk 15 years ago, I knew and remembered and had that flashback that first time I ever had lesbian sex.

Flashback to Spring and Summer 2002

It was that particular moment when I had “lesbian sex” with my first wife Angie, she was being impregnated by me (for the last time living as a male before coming out as a transgender woman the following year) and Angie being pregnant with my daughter Tabitha. It was also around Father’s Day of 2002 and a month after my mom died from liver and kidney failure. At the time, I had recently healed from an injury I sustained after I had attempted to arrest my own brother for kidnapping my then-2 year old son Timothy (now daughter Tiffani). It was also around that time I had also just experienced the first time in my life I’d ever been raped. I knew I had failed as male and tried my best to mask the emotional pain and never even told anyone nor did I even realized it until my brother drowned at Pine Lake.

Today/June 2017

There seems to be a subtle or maybe not-so-subtle message that looking modest means everyone looking exactly the same. So recently as part of pride month as well as a “Vote for the Girls” Punishment for Failure–Normani Kordei finished third place on Dancing with the Stars and despite the Moderators’ Save being used to decline Lauren Duski’s second place finish–based from what I had seen during not only those two competitions but also took the deaths of Holly Everman, Perri Johnson, and other factors, I had to overturn the Moderators’ Save and decided that there was not going to be a winning moderator. The pink, purple, blue, and red teams all were declared losers and face the most demeaning and diabolical punishments in “Vote for the Girls” history.

The transmen on the red team (as well as Devin on the blue team) have to go out in public in nothing but a breast binders while the transwomen on the purple team (including myself, as well as Kendra, Hillary, and Maci on the pink team as well as Bria Savage on the blue team and Lydia Delagatto on the red team) go out in public in only a bra and pants/skirt for not just Pride Month (June) 2017, but also July and August as well as the America’s Got Talent 12 and So You Think You Can Dance 14 competitions and just let biology do its work.

To my surprise, amazement, and most importantly self-acceptance as well as self-worth (I only did it on three occasions on the Vote for the Girls set), I actually kind of like being outside in just a bra and pants or skirt. The outfit match my gender identity as a woman, sexual orientation as a lesbian and overall appearance as a woman, yet could use some feminization. I waited until it was the right time to do so and many of you are probably thinking ‘THIS IS WAR!’ It may be necessarily something I want to do for the month of June but additionally when I’m in the mood or feeling intimate or looking at a biological female I’m interested in.

Despite my decision to go out in what some of you say is inappropriate and in bad taste, I was still nervous about it. The first time I was in a bra but with no shirt was on May 12, 2011 when Ryan Seacrest announced that Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhardt were in the American Idol 10 Top 3 and the term “pull a Brandi Chastain” became well known. That’s because I think transwomen and women in our society and most certainly women and transwomen are scrutinized for too long. Every bit of the appearance of a woman and/or transwoman is picked apart.

While I was a bit self conscious, I had grabbed a shirt just in case should the “No Shirt. No Shoes. No Service” card come into play as this was constantly on my mind the whole time and trying to calm down chafing as I have yet to begin hormone therapy, I did my job as a transgender woman. In the process I realized the photos I posted on Social media should and—I hope do or will inspire more transwomen or even transmen binding his chest—speak louder to my professionalism as a webmaster than the way I look.

I’m just a woman: Officially a Transgender Woman since December 1, 2004. That’s not going to change.

I’m just a lesbian like any other woman who identifies as such: I was attracted to women as a male, and still find women attractive. But if the woman’s currently straight and is in a relationship with me and one benefit of the relationship is obviously having her as my sex partner (a rule I’ve had since 1993)… She will have to come out as a bisexual sooner or later. No ifs and or buts about it.

My gender identity and sexual orientation as a woman reflects the values and the family history I’ve always had long before the gender switch from man to woman and my work reflects my ability. The name, gender identity, and sexual orientation may change when transitioning from one sex to another, but everything else does not change, such as who you were before the transition, your personality, your lifestyle, your friends and family, etc.

Not even the DNA or chromosomes change with the gender transition: males and transfemales always have and always will have the dreaded Y chromosome and WILL ALWAYS BE A FATHER while females and transmales will ALWAYS BE A MOTHER.

Finally I can say I’m proud of my accomplishments as a woman despite the imperfections that were given to me such as the Y chromosome, the beard shadow (mostly unseen in photos if they aren’t covered or retouched), the flat chest (or my size 38AA cup) , the enlarged clitoris (this is what goes into the woman’s vagina to make children – the dreaded P-E-N-I-S), the big lumps between my legs (the male reproductive organs that produce sperm that go into the woman’s vagina). I can also say that once I am finally done having children and the timing is right then I can start the orchidectomy and begin estrogen and progesterone therapy for the remainder of my life, and help me get across the message that, like so many other transgendered men and women, not afraid to be different. Rather, I’m excited to embrace the truth of what a gender transition should look like in my view with all of the benefits and options available while they’re still intact before any genital reassignment surgery.

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New Details Regarding My April 2015 Rape…

Edited Version – An unedited version is available at the end of this post

On April 22, 2015, I became a victim of a female-on-male rape (and I had to report it as such even though my gender identity is female – I knew it was a sexual assault because I have a well-known and well-established dating and relationship policy of mine since 1993) and DNA evidence was collected for my rape kit. Since then I have been looking for the person who did this act and could have been pregnant as a result the female on male rape.

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I did my own research to generate clues based on what I had available if the suspect in my rape did get pregnant (or was pregnant since the suspect also used verbal threat I took very seriously to get an abortion) and used an app of what the suspect looked liked without her hair down (I used an app called FlashFace Woman to get a sketch of the suspect’s description) and with her hair tied back (which is what she looked like), and if the rape suspect did in fact follow through on the abortion threat then it’s a murder and I posted on social media as well as this web site hoping to generate leads just like any other crime.

Like most people, I usually try to respect one’s privacy request as a former journalist and webmaster, but because I’m the victim of the female-on-male sexual assault, I had no choice to deny the request (in many cases, the names and faces are pixelated or blurred and this is no exception) and basically looked at every angle of what I had to work with (including potential suspects and in my rape case, because the suspect is a female and possibly the mother of the child that was conceived (my definition of conceiving a child is the second my “enlarged clitoris” went in the suspect’s vagina) possible baby photos I obtained from research at the hospital and looked at detailed information).

I had posted not only a sketch of the suspect (with her hair down and now with her hair tied back) via the FlashFace Woman app I used and had probable cause to post a baby photo of what I believed looked like me 34 years ago as a baby boy in February 2016 (from what three people I’ve consulted with saw that baby in question did not look bi-racial and I’m 70 percent sure I’m not the biological father though the nose and lips look very similar) hoping to get leads in order to solve the female on male rape I did report to police in Marion on April 22, 2015.

From the summer of 2015 until April 2017, the case likely went cold and no one came forward with information.

On the morning of Saturday, May 6, 2017, I had learned that the one of the individuals that messaged me via my personal Facebook profile that came to a shock not even 24 hours after I had found a little girl lost at Meijer #153 in Marion.

My heart is pained as this is sadly another case of mistaken identity (probably the biggest case since the mixup of Laura VanRyn and Whitney Cerack in 2006) of my rape suspect. I have learned the suspect not a black woman yet sounds like one, but is instead a bi-racial or mixed race (Mixture of Caucasian and African American) I had misidentified when I reported the female on male rape on April 22, 2015 and very uncanny the resemblance between the person who messaged me and my rape suspect. The body types are somewhat similar, the hair color and texture are similar, etc.

Over the past few days after the initial contact, Kymberly and I reviewed the three Facebook messages I received (see below and the names and photos are pixelated) from the woman’s family–even Kymberly saw and two other Facebook messages that basically were threatening in nature–that met only 30 percent of my threshold of those threats being reported to police in Marion (pending 100 percent positive identification). Unfortunately, two of those threatening Facebook messages I received did meet the threshold of possibly having to take legal action and/or the person likely pay me a fine (I’m going to congratulations for being the first to be sanctioned by yours truly, Ava Zinn, under the 2-5-10-BANNED FOR LIFE).

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Although the April 22, 2015 rape occurred after I got off the Marion city bus and was reported to Marion police that afternoon, it should have also been reported to the Transportation Department and was too scared to do so within a time frame. It was finally reported to the Transportation Department on the late morning of May 15, 2017 since I had the confidence to do such. I had asked to obtain surveillance from the CVS pharmacy, a few weeks after my rape but the request was denied because I did not work for the Marion Police Department.

Later on the afternoon of May 15, 2017, I began making the process of making a positive identification. When I went to Lowe’s in Marion, I overheard a conversation (though I’m clearly 60 percent certain) it was my rape case. On the bicycle ride to my bank after leaving The Vapor Mill, I realized and knew (based on hair and remember) without any doubt, that it was unfortunately not my suspect after looking briefly and didn’t even get any DNA sample (obtaining the sample by trickery and my instinct told me not to obtain it). Had I obtained the DNA sample, I could have easily been arrested and could have turned bad. It could’ve easily turned into yours truly accused of stalking and another crime (theft if my memory serves me correctly). I know this because for most of my life while living as a male, I had been falsely accused of such in the past (most of them during junior high and middle school and at that point I was like ‘I am going fail’ since most of the males in my my family on my mother’s side are either criminals or sex offenders, something of which I am not but it could have been on one fateful prom night) and ever since I came out as a transgender woman (and subsequent sexual orientation from as a male, heterosexual or straight, to primarily homosexual or lesbian as a woman) my gender transition to female (and living full time) have become more successful socially, emotionally, and psychologically.

Unfortunately the rape of mine remains unsolved and as always, I will find out and will continue to keep searching with every available resource I have as well as with cooperation with Marion Police since I KNOW and even went to school with Marion Police Captain Amber Richards and fellow MPD office Drew Tittle.

The fact of the mater is, I’m seeking justice and answers on the woman who raped me and if the suspect did in fact get pregnant after raping me on April 22, 2015 and no father is listed on the child’s birth certificate, there would be a possible suspect in my rape case. At that point, like my 2010 rape case in Indianapolis, I will press charges for the suspect to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

It is not my intent to invade someone privacy or post something without one’s written consent. In this case I had a good probable cause to do so since it was a female on male rape investigation that I am conducting and hoping to get a lead (by obtaining a DNA samples of possible suspects and ask for someone’s ID to obtain some information to submit to police in Marion) to finally get justice and move on with my life.

For yours truly, it is frustrating to know that this suspect is still out there walking the streets while I’m still struggling (emotionally, financially, and psychologically) to to absorb this new development. I have sat up the Ava Zinn Sexual Assault Defense Fund that would come in handy if, for some unforeseen reason, the rape suspect decide to press charges at the time and that is one possibility – one I will be fighting tooth and nail until I win.

If my actions have caused more LGBT (especially the transgendered men and women) that want to have biological children (and this is what has kept yours truly from completing my gender transition) BEFORE a transwoman’s first Estrogen and Anti-Androgen or a transman’s first testosterone shot at an endocrinologist’s office, I may have helped more transgendered men and women (F2M and M2F) rethink their gender transition options because this is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS one of the things to consider.

Uncensored Version (13 profanities are used) – Edited Version is at the top of the post

There are some frequently asked questions that the public may have regarding the April 22, 2015 rape.


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Addressing Response Regarding Facebook post about 1994 Eastbrook/Mississinewa Inclimate WX Cold Case…

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to reaction to one decision made by the late Eastbrook Consolidated Schools Superintendent Dennis Fox (1945-2016) in February 1994. This is considered to be a “civil cold case” now resolved.

Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to Dr. Fox’s family and friends during this extremely difficult time. A brave husband and educator lost his life after an illness. We also extend our sympathy to one of my late brother’s friends Jessica (Todd) Fox and offer thanks to those who have stood by yours truly after Albert’s suicide on August 10, 2002 (even though he drowned at Pine Lake).

I have received a number of comments about a Facebook post that I had to post since it met my threshold of a post that seemed necessary in my judgement. It was Dr. Fox’s obituary nonetheless. The reason why I intercepted that particular post after I read it on Facebook via Jessica and the fact back in February of 1994, Mississinewa Community Schools was either under a delay or running on time while the home district at the time (Eastbrook) was closed due to weather conditions, and in violation of a Zinn Family Policy that went into effect on July 4, 1993 (follow the Mississinewa Community Schools Schedule regardless of the schedules of the home district–even if Eastbrook is on delay or closed).

As a fourth grader at Northview Elementary School (located in the Mississinewa School District) living in Van Buren (in the Eastbrook school district) back in February 1994, I had begun to take the role more of a parent than a child. Education then as now is important. It is just one reason why at the end of every Vote for the Girls episode, I add the phrase, “Help control your child’s education, have them immunized.” I would go on and on and on explaining in further details like the Energizer bunny, but I am not going to.

Twenty-two and a half (22 1/2) years later–in 2016–now as a woman and a father (yes, I still am a father despite the ongoing gender transition) of four daughters (one of them has since graduated from college, two in high school and one in middle school), it is safe to say that a dispute is finally resolved. Fall/Autumn is now in full swing. It’s chilly. It’s a time of year when you start preparing for winter weather conditions such as snow and ice, which is an even greater hassle than usual because of the cold conditions. Nonetheless, I used to love snow and play in it, but not anymore after 1994 after that incident and seeing a water heater pipe bursting when I lived at my mother’s in Van Buren. (I never forgot it as long as I’m alive)

After celebrating my 11th birthday, I took a vow of loyalty when I got the flu back in January 1994 and had to miss school due to that. It is also a vow of perfection and doing whatever it took and anything to achieve that goal–even if means going to school sick, making the three hour walk or one hour bike trip from Van Buren to Gas City in the event Mississinewa Community Schools is running on schedule while Eastbrook Community is either closed or delayed (which meant back then no transportation).

That particular incident of which following an investigation that was later determined to be at the decision of Dr. Fox back then (and at one point, if memory serves me right, even tried to confront him right after my brother’s high school graduation in June 1996, but my mother wouldn’t allow me to do so–despite knowing what I knew was right and wrong on my part). That decision of Dr. Fox to have the audacity to closing Eastbrook for the day in February 1994 while Mississinewa wasn’t, which to this day (and have now officially forgiven Dr. Fox for that) was ruled (based on 1994 rules and regulations) for CAUSING (yes, I said “causing” since then as now as it could have easily all been avoided had Mississinewa AND Eastbrook closed for the day) yours truly to lose out perfect attendance back in the 1993-94 school year.

It was after my mother, brother, and I relocated from Van Buren to Marion on October 15, 1996 influenced of what my immediate family would become and learning from the mistakes a parent made while growing up: to ensure my children get their education and becoming a far better parent than my mother was when she raised my brother and myself, I adopted a special system (dubbed the “Bothwell system” after the then-Mississinewa Community Schools superintendent Dr. Robert Bothwell when I attended RJB and Ole Miss High School), while my four daughters and son (Samantha, Tiffani, Ashli, Tabitha, and Kenneth) as well as my step-daughter Denise (Kymberly’s youngest daughter) would contractually stipulate (it’s a rule that I have enforced since July 4, 1993) about school closings/delays involving my children’s and my alma matter school district (Mississinewa Community Schools) regardless of the home school district (in this case since 1996, Marion Community Schools and from 1985 until 1996 Eastbrook Community Schools), and ensuring my children meet or even exceed a good attendance record–a very important aspect of having a good education.

Under the terms of the July 1993 rule passed by the family legislature, I had a contractual obligation as a 10 year old boy, I have to arrive promptly at Northview Elementary promptly at 8:25 a.m. Eastern, and cannot arrive late or be absent for any reason whatsoever, even weather conditions. I was inclined to favor my education over whatever any administrator says (two clear examples were on April 18, 1996 and in January 1997), as I only had two friends (Holly Everman and Robyn Hurd) being well treated well in hopes of return loyalty.

That obligation, unfortunately, often times includes controversy, backlash, negative criticism, uncomfortable subjects that are at times difficult to hear, make you upset, or even make you angry. And while this Mississinewa High School Class of 2001 Alumnus is now living as a woman 34 years of age, everyone involved is human and have similar reactions. So these are situations we take very seriously.

By learning about Dr. Fox’s death this week from a long-time friend of Albert’s that I inherited, I was able get a resolution to a 22 1/2 year old dispute automatically and officially forgave Dr. Fox.

Also by deciding to posting the obituary on Facebook with my thoughts, you were able to get an answer to “who caused Ava Zinn to miss school that day in February 1994?” I also wanted to give some insight and direction into someone I did not agree with about the decision to delay or cancel school involving two school districts–attending and home districts. For some, maybe it’s something you are already familiar with in Grant County or wherever you live; for others it may be something you simply do not understand or comprehend and I suggest you do some research–that’s how you will learn by reading and doing research.

Plus, if my memory serves me correctly when I read the obituary, I learned Dr. Fox was pretty much the predecessor of Dr. Bothwell and in a bit of an irony (not 100 percent sure or even confirmed this) from what I remember, I’m pretty sure there is an indirect lead (maybe just a hunch) to my dis-enrollment from Indiana Wesleyan University 15 years ago and the hunt for another college/university to attend in order for readmission to IWU after completing a few credit hours at another college/university (something I have determined back in January 2002). It was very difficult for to see, comprehend and understand — mostly for anyone who attended Mississinewa Community Schools but doesn’t live in the school district.

This story was just only one small part of my complete coverage of the IWU Cold Case and ensuring what I know is right for my children. I will continue to fight for family and continued do so.

It is not my my intention to bash someone that has recently passed while that same individual’s family is in mourning, as one person commented on Facebook. This is not the first time it has happened, and I’m sure it will not be the last.

Again, I honor Dr. Fox for his dedication to the Eastbrook Community Schools and we hope you understand the tough choices that must be made. Like my friends and fans–BOTTOM LINE–justice is officially served .

Ava Zinn
Transgendered sister of Albert Zinn (1977-2002)

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Ava Zinn to take part in Risperdal settlement


In August 2002, just days after my brother Albert took his own life (despite the Adams County Corner ruling my brother’s death an accident), I was prescribed by Dr. Jerry Co a drug called Risperdal after I said, “I’m OK, but not OK.”

I took that particular medication for as much as as six months and realised that my fate (as a biological male) was sealed the second the pill traveled through my liver.

Today, after reading through my Facebook feed, about Risperdal and male breaths growth, I had an obligation to make my story heard.

I will update this story.

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Ava Zinn on Google Maps: No IWU Zone – Marion

UPDATED: 10/10/2016 4:07 AM

The No IWU Zone map is updated to reflect what has happened since that fateful day.



To fill the void between posts, I have decided to launch a new feature called Ava  Zinn on Google Maps. In a post like this, there will be a map in the post that will give followers on this site. In this very first Ava Zinn on Google Maps, since the 10th anniversary of my dismissal from Indiana Wesleyan University is approaching, I have decided to create a Google Maps feature called “Ava’s No IWU Zone.” I first spoke about this with several of my friends and classmates during my high school reunion back in July. I remember Wendy (Becker) saying, “I don’t blame you,” after I commented on my IWU dismissal, “have never been in that vicinity since.”

In all Google Maps posts, you can navigate around the map by placing your cursor (the hand) on the map and dragging the image around or by using the up, down, left, and right arrows in the upper left corner of the map.

Zoom in or out by using the plus (zoom in) or minus (zoom out) buttons on the left side of the map.

Clicking on an individual marker will give you information regarding that specific location

Below the map you will find a key regarding specific stores and information





Black line Current No IWU Zone Boundary (as of 2016)
Orange line No IWU Zone Boundary (2011-2016)
Yellow line No IWU Zone Boundary (2006-2011, after the University Mail Services launched)
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How to Recreate a Prom for Someone Who Missed Theirs

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit
Prom night can be a wonderful experience for high school seniors. But we all know someone who missed their prom and now has some regret. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to re-create a prom experience for them so they can finally get some closure on the matter?


  1. Obtain a good, realistic venue. Your ideal venue is any facility with some kind of dance floor, such as a ballroom at a hotel or even a community center, and/or a high school or community college auditorium or gymnasium. As long as you have some kind of reasonable dance floor, any venue will do if it feels realistic enough. Check around in the area where you are planning to hold the event.
  2. Consider hiring an event planner if you can afford to do so. Depending on your budget, this might be a viable way to save yourself a lot of headache, but beware event planner fees can get pretty high too.
  3. If possible, try to contact your guest of honor’s high school and find out things like the school colors, the theme of the prom for the year (s)he would have gone, and maybe see if you can borrow one of the leftover tickets (some schools keep these on file or as keepsakes) to make reproductions of.
  4. Make sure you budget enough for a crown and tiara (for the prom king and prom queen), and make sure your guest of honor is crowned king/queen. His/her date or significant other should be crowned as the other royalty member.
  5. Make a yearbook. This will not be nearly as difficult or expensive as you might think. Obtain photos of your guest of honor and his/her friends from high school in advance, scan them, incorporate them into a 20-page-or-so Microsoft Word document which also includes mock yearbook text, convert it to a PDF file, and submit it to a site such as [ CreateSpace].
  6. Try to make the prom as close to what it would have been like the year your guest of honor graduated high school. Either play (or have your DJ play) songs from the era, and/or incorporate the popular trends of the time into the theme. For instance you might have something that resembles a Friends or Titanic theme if your guest of honor graduated in 1998, or an Austin Powers retro-1960s theme if your guest of honor graduated in 2001, etc.
  7. Try to get a few of your guest of honor’s best friends, from high school, college, and/or now, etc. to come., and try to get at least 20 people to come. You can invite more people if your budget will allow, but try to have at least 20 so it seems at least quasi-realistic. Make sure they all know to dress formally, as this is a “prom” theme.
  8. Arrange to rent a limo to pick up your guest of honor and his/her date – whether this is a current significant other or an arranged date.
  9. Make sure your guest of honor has a date for the event. If (s)he does not currently have a spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend, consider having someone serve as an escort for him/her. At a last resort, consider hiring a male or female escort (NOT an erotic one) for one night, but beware this can get expensive.


  1. Inquire about the possibility of having him/her attend an upcoming high school prom. If your “guest of honor” missed his/her prom for a really good reason, such as military service, being in a coma, or helping starving orphans overseas, a good alternate would be to write to his/her high school to inquire about the possibility of allowing him/her, perhaps with two to six of his/her best friends, to attend an upcoming high school prom. A well-placed letter to the principal or superintendent, especially if accompanied with an offer for a reasonable donation, can have surprisingly effective results – (NOTE: Sometimes a good enough donation can negate the need for a good reason…there have been people who were banned from the prom that attended one years later after becoming successful and “bribing” school officials with a donation.)
  2. Take your “guest of honor” with a few of his/her best friends to an Adult Prom. No – it’s NOT some X-rated event – just a prom-theme party for adults to either re-live or re-create their prom night. These are held everywhere from community centers to venues such as that of the audience-participation Broadway show/prom simulation “The Awesome ’80s Prom” in New York City.


  • Don’t forget the crown, tiara, and sashes for the prom king and prom queen. Especially if you are recreating a prom for a female. You don’t have to get an expensive crown, tiara, or sash – prom supplies such as Stump’s Prom sell really fancy-looking crowns and tiaras for about $35, or simple ones around $20. You can also get prom crowns and tiaras on websites like eBay, usually ranging from $9.95 for the novelty ones high schools use, to very real tiaras containing Swarovski crystals ranging from usually about $70-$100 and up. Or you can go to any craft store, such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, and find the materials to make a really nice one for about $10 to $20.
  • Find out what your guest of honor’s favorite songs were from his/her high school years, and burn them onto a mix CD. Or, if you have a D.J., have him/her play the songs.


  • Don’t serve alcohol, especially if anybody under 21 is attending. You don’t want to cause yourself and/or your guest of honor legal problems as a result of trying to do something nice. The other reason you don’t serve alcohol (though less important than the risk of serving underage persons) is that it will make the prom seem less realistic. High school proms don’t serve alcohol.
  • Don’t try to hold the event outdoors – especially if you live in any area where the weather is unpredictable. One storm will really put a damper on things.
  • Make sure that a re-created prom is something your “guest of honor” would actually be interested in before going to the expense – it would be terrible to go to all that expense and have the guest of honor not even show up.

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COLD CASE | Mississinewa 500 Investigation – Ava’s HS Senior Year: What Really Went On?

How to Have Fun As a Senior in High School

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit
After about 12 years of hard work and education, your senior year has come. There will be a lot of fun events that will make it a memorable year, but this year may be a very tough year in other areas.

NOTE: Bold indicates what Aeverine Zinn did during her underclass years. Bold italics indicate done after age 18.


  1. Try to stay on top of your homework – even though you are a senior, you are still in school. The senior slide might of kicked in already the fall of your senior year. This is not the time to slack and your grades still count as part of your GPA and this may give you many benefits such as lower car insurance, better college eligibility, higher career opportunities, etc. You will less likely to be involved in crimimal activity or get on academic probation in college if you get higher grades senior year.
    1. Despite staying on top of homework during my senior year, I still was a “second-rate” male student that ranked in the top 30% and was seeking to bump it up a notch by searching for my next relationship at the time to make look good.
  2. Take all your required courses in lower grades – if you have a leftover math credit or art credit, you might not be able to take the fun classes you want as a senior. Senior year is based on electives and that will be great for career exploration, not catching up on that missed freshman Statistics credit. If you love math,take more advanced math as well or something like that. If you have a passion for computers, take some web design, computer repair or programming classes. If you love PE, take some advanced PE courses.
    1. I did take a class my senior that intrigued me year and remembering from my 7th grade shop class would be the two interests that were really not the career I had envisioned.
  3. Go to the games, the concerts, the plays – it’s your senior year and it will make good memories many years after graduation. If you are a basketball fan, see every basketball game.
    1. Because I was 17 at the time of the Mississinewa Homecoming game, I wasn’t allowed to watch the football game in person due to my mother’s house rules.
  4. Break up the cliques – it is time to break the walls. You are a senior and you may not see all of your fellow classmates ever again after graduation, so it is time to mingle and be nice to everyone. You can still have your group of friends, but don’t clique. Be goofy and squirmy as well, nobody cares what others think at that age.
  5. Make your mark – if you have some major high school goal, it is the time to do it. If you want to go to state in track, work hard and do it. Or you can take the risk of pulling a senior prank, but you might get in trouble for that one, even hindering your graduation.
  6. Think about your future – during breaks, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, take college tours, take career assessments, decide what you want to do when you get out the door. You don’t have to work for your dream job yet; choose a major for a trade that is based on your talents and interests and go from there. You can also consider joining the armed services. For better results, it is best to have your future figured out by the summer of your senior year, not April.
  7. Attend the prom or formal – if you have a special girlfriend/boyfriend or a crush, ask that person to the prom/formal. Or take a real good friend. Try to look nice and approachable at the start of your senior year and start looking around Thanksgiving or Christmas if you are not in a steady relationship. You can go single but it may not be as fun, unless you are the type to go single. The prom is not mandatory, if you could care less and think it will be less stress, don’t go. You can attend the prom or formal a few years past senior year, so don’t sweat it. If you don’t have a chance in 2010, you can come back in 2011.
    1. This was a major goal of mine as it was a

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COLD CASE | Mississinewa 500 Investigation – Searching and nominating: Where did Ava Go Wrong?

How to Invite a Girl to the Prom

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit
Have an eye on that special girl you want to ask to the prom? Not only will asking a girl to a prom be a magical experience for both involved, but it can make a girl feel great knowing that someone wants to go with her to such a special occasion. There are some steps you can take to make this a most wonderful invitation.


  1. Smile at her when you make eye contact, and talk to her when you can. Make sure you’re relaxed, and then you can make friends without trying too hard. Being too tense can make this an uncomfortable situation. Just make sure she doesn’t feel awkward while using eye contact.
  2. Become friends with her if you aren’t already. She’s more likely to take someone to the prom if she knows them. When you talk to her, try asking questions about HER. People like having the chance to talk about their selves. Compliments are the great way to start conversations and girls love compliments. Why are they spending so much time to get the perfect outfit and hairdo each day? If you have trouble with conversations, see Have a Great Conversation.
  3. Look presentable. She will not want to go to prom with you if you have bad breath, greasy hair and/or oily skin. Don’t change yourself too much to please her, but remember to be hygienic. Brush your teeth every morning, before school, you want fresh breath when you talk to her. Also if it’s allowed, chew minty gum or mints whenever you’re with her. Put on some cologne but not so much that she gets dizzy. Try to stick with who you are originally, don’t do a makeover or ann attitude change just to impress her.
  4. Find out if she has a date for the prom already; if she does, it’s just better to back off. If she doesn’t, go for it.
  5. Compliment her when you are talking together. Remember, if you can’t think of anything to say, don’t freak out. Asking simple questions (“How was your weekend?”) will usually get a conversation going again.
  6. Be yourself, breathe deeply, and go ahead–and don’t forget to be nice and smile. What have you got to lose? It’s your life, and you might just be happy in the end!
  7. Smile wide – not cheesy – and ask her nicely, “(Girls Name), will you go to prom with me?” A straight question is the most tried-and-true tactic. If she says no, don’t think it as the end of the world. Just accept it and ask “can we still be friends?”


Tips (and where did Ava go wrong, and how didn’t prom date fulfill duties)

  • Remember that the prom is something that girls (and rarely guys) look forward to and probably won’t forget, so make it memorable when you ask her!
    • I asked 64 women and spent the entire senior year doing this.
  • Don’t over or undersell yourself. Try to find somebody that is about your level of attractiveness and social class.
    • Remember, I was voted best hair in high school

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COLD CASE | Mississinewa 500 Investigation – Asking someone

How to Ask Someone to Prom

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit
Prom is coming–that monumental, unforgettable night that marks a high point in your high school years. You’ve chosen the person you’d like to share that memory with, but how do you find out if they want to share it with you? The manner in which you ask can increase your likelihood of getting an affirmative response. So don’t say “Uh, I wanted to, um, see if you, like, wanted to go to, uh, prom with me?” Be creative and unique!


  1. Ask someone you already know as a friend. Inviting someone who’s never said more than “Can I borrow a pencil?” to you severely decreases your chances of getting a “yes”. Can you blame them? Who wants to go to the prom with somebody they barely know? You might want to be their date because they’re the best-looking person in school, but you probably won’t have a good time. Choose your date wisely. It is more fun to go to the prom when you are with a person you have known for at least a year or two than picking up somebody you barely know off the street just because you think the person is hot.
  2. Flirt before you ask. If the prom is several weeks away, “prime” your desired date by flirting a little bit, if you aren’t already. Make them laugh and put your best foot forward. If you’re not already dating, think about asking them out. Show the person how well you can get along, and how much fun you have every time you get together. Give them a positive association to think back to when you eventually do ask. A compliment is always a good start because girls are more emotional than boys, and they dig for that stuff..
  3. Ask creatively. Prom is nearing and it’s time to put yourself out there. If you’re a guy, you’ll probably be expected to go all out and be romantic. If you’re a girl, the guy might feel intimidated and embarrassed if you come on too strong. But you should know your potential date well enough to recognize what they’ll like best!
    • Hit and run methods. These are best for if rejection is a high possibility. They’re daring, but if the answer is no, it won’t be as awkward.
      • Get a plain white t-shirt. It can be any material you choose. Write your name on it in permanent marker. Write the names of about 30 other girls/boys (same gender as you) in washable marker, but make sure that the marker comes out in the wash. Write a note that says to wash the shirt to find out who asked him/her to prom, so that when he/she washes it only your name will be left. (Specify that they shouldn’t wash the shirt with other clothes.) Tell them that if the answer is yes, they should wear the shirt the next day. Wrap it up and leave it on his/her doorstep, or mail it.
      • Attach a note to a remote control car asking them to go to the prom with you and to write their answer on the note itself (provide them with a pen, too!). Knock on your date’s door and quickly run and hide. When your date answers the door, drive the car up to them with the note and wait until they answer and close the door before driving the car back to you. This method will not work if there are steps leading up to the door, or if the date isn’t home!
    • Romantic methods. Best for asking someone you’re already dating and who you can expect to say yes.
      • Put Hershey’s kisses in the doorway of their house or bedroom along with a note that says “Now that I’ve kissed the ground you walk on, will you grace me with your presence at prom?”
      • Leave a trail of roses from their doorway to their bed, where they’ll find a note surrounded by flowers and balloons.
    • Comical methods. Best for the brave and the humorous. Higher success rate for girls asking guys than any other method.
      • Lie down in front of the person’s house. Have a friend trace the outline of your body with chalk. Leave a note behind that says “I’d DIE to go to prom with you” or “My attraction to you is FATAL. Will you come to prom with me?” With this method, make sure you get their parents’ permission, or else even a “yes” from your date might get overridden by a “no” from a parent who doesn’t appreciate chalk graffiti on their property.
      • Bake them a cake or a pie with your request written on it in icing: “Only for (your name)’s prom date.”


This video shows a method slightly different than that described in the text steps above.


  • Find out if they already have a date before you ask.
  • Don’t procrastinate. The early bird usually gets the worm!
  • Don’t ask in front of a group of people. This will embarrass both of you.
  • If you don’t get an immediate answer, you might be on standby. It’s likely that they’re hoping someone else will ask, and you’re Plan B. If you suspect this is the case, tell them to let you know within a few days or you’ll assume the answer is “no.”
  • Take rejection gracefully – shrug and say “Thanks anyway! I hope you have a good time with whomever you go with.”
  • Ask them if they are going to the prom. If they say yes, then they probably already have a date. If they say no, ask them.


  • Asking through a friend is a big no-no. It not only shows lack of confidence, but it’s also unoriginal.
  • If you do that, the girl will most likely say no.

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COLD CASE: Relationship Troubles (Part 2), Asking A Woman Out

I know some of my Former Facebook friends that have recently chose to unfriend rather than work towards a resolution, those that have developed “Conspiracy Theroies” since June of 2010 may be on to something. 

After reading this article from WikiHow, my suspicions have NOW BEEN CONFIRMED after hearing the news of Jessica Berg. Fifteen years later, there are now a lots of “what if’s.” What should have taken me almost a year in middle school, took 15 years.

I know a lot of you will say, “Oh, My God! I should have helped Ava find her true love 15 years ago!” Since I am now living as a woman, I want to say that become better at asking a girl out–but so far no good results.


How to Ask a Girl Out

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit
Asking a girl out is no easy feat, especially when you’re a little shy, and you don’t want to ruin your chances with what feels like the girl of your dreams, but don’t worry about that because most girls will give you a chance for just trying. But there comes a time when you have to step up and be bold, or forever wonder what if. Read these guidelines, draw some courage, and ask her out! And remember, all you have to do is be yourself!


  1. Approach the girl you like. Say “Hi” or “Hey” and ask her a question or give her a compliment. It can be scary, but it’s really pretty simple. If starting conversations is not your strong point, read these articles:
  2. Flirt a little! Relax, crack a joke, and break the touch barrier.
  3. Gauge her interest. Take notice of eye contact, smiling, laughter, and enthusiasm in her responses. When you look at her, look at her face, specifically, her eyes. Pay attention to what she is saying so that when she asks you something, or stops talking, you can continue the conversation intelligently. DO NOT be staring at her body. Very few girls actually like this, and you staring at her breasts will turn her off of you and will most likely take your mind off of what she is saying, which is never good. Read her body language.
    • Notice if she touches you more often than what friends do (she’s constantly trying to touch your hand or something). If she finds excuses to do so, then you’re probably on the right track. But conversely, don’t assume that just because she isn’t touching you that she doesn’t like you. She may be too nervous to touch you yet. Likewise, don’t start touching her if she isn’t making contact with you. This usually scares girls, making them think that you are just after their body, and no girl wants to feel like an object instead of a person.
    • Observe how she looks at you. If she likes you, she will either hold your gaze for a long time or pull away immediately. Either of these could mean that she likes you. If she pulls away quickly, it means she is nervous but she still likes you. If you happen to glance at the girl and you see her staring back at you, then this means that she likes you, although she may quickly dart her head in a different direction. Remember that if you are having a conversation, girls tend to look at your face, so don’t immediately assume that she likes you if you are speaking and she is listening. Again, look at her face, specifically, her eyes. Don’t be thinking about how she kisses, because it shows on the look on your face. Listen to what she is saying and respond.
  4. Help her out. Offer to carry her books, or do something nice for her. If she refuses, then wait until she really needs help or comforting, like when she’s feeling down or just got really embarrassed. Be friendly and outgoing, and don’t be a pervert or you will never get ANY girls.
  5. Pop the question. “Hey, why don’t you come to the movies with me this weekend?” (It doesn’t just have to be the movies – it can be anything you’re interested in, and that you think she’ll enjoy too.)or you could try “what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?” then continue the conversation and offer to treat her with some.
    • Another good way to ask is “I heard about this movie, _______. What do you think about it?” If she says she thinks it looks good, ask her if shed like to go with you to see it. If she asks “as in a date?” say yes. Girls like guys who are sure of themselves much more than they do the cowardly guy who backs away from it. Make sure to ask her if she wants a snack and buy it for her; it will show that you will take care of her always.
    • Don’t make it seem like a big deal when you ask either. Another good way of asking is just by saying “I was wondering if you would maybe want to go to a concert this Saturday night. I think it would be fun if we both went together.” But it can be something else besides a concert.
  6. Keep your cool if she says no. Respond gracefully, like “No problem! Maybe another time.” and SMILE. Act as if you don’t need her, because that will make her want you more. Change the conversation to something else, or if you just want to get out of there, talk for a bit longer, following the rules from above, and then pretend you just got a text message from your mom saying you have to get home or call her or something. Don’t be harsh about it. If you’re too hard, she might feel guilty, as if she was supposed to say yes. And go about your business – As they say, there are other fish in the sea!


  • Ask her when you two are ALONE. Having others around you will stir pressure on her to say yes or no.
  • Ask her out directly. Instead of texting, getting other boys to ask her out for you, or beating around the bush, just ask her. Even if you’re nervous, this will increase your chances. Most girls will admire your confidence if you are not arrogant about it.
  • Being relaxed and confident is the difference between a comfortable silence and an unbearable silence. It’s natural to have breaks in the conversation. Don’t sweat it.
  • Try to look the girl in the eyes. This will let her know that you are going to ask her out and she will be prepared for when you ask her out and lets her know that you like her. It may take a lot of courage but its helps so much.
  • Don’t be afraid of rejection! Most girls have big hearts and will not let you down very easily, if at all. Some girls agree to one date just because you asked and they’re being nice. Don’t take it the wrong way, it simply means she likes you enough to not hurt your feelings but not enough that she’s ready for a relationship.
  • When you do approach the girl, try not to start the conversation by a “Hey, can I talk to you?” or a “Can I ask you something?”. Don’t ask her out randomly, but these lines are giant hints that you are about to ask her out. This would be awkward.
  • If she says no, just ask “Oh, OK. Is it fine if we’re still friends?”
  • Sometimes the girl may not have much experience and still not be comfortable with going out. They may say no just because they are nervous. If they bite their lip, look away, blush a lot or show any signs of nerves, give them time to think about it. After at least two or three weeks, ask again, casually, and they may say yes.
  • You can ask a friend to tell her you like her so she can get the idea. If she asks you, deny it until you are alone.


  • Be persistent, but not too persistent. If she turns you down gently, then she’s politely telling you she’s not interested. If she flat out refuses, back away. You don’t want any girl to think you’re a stalker.
  • If you have to ask her out through a friend, you will get a “no” by default. Girls do not enjoy hearing, “Hey! I’m asking you out for (Name of guy). He doesn’t like you enough to overcome his lack of confidence.” Just be a man and do it yourself! They will hear this regardless of how tactful your friend is, unless her friend is a very close friend to both you and herself.
  • Make sure you don’t have bad breath!
  • The worst thing you can do before asking a girl out is not even having a friendship with her! Become friendly with her so you are not a total stranger to her.
  • Don’t ever use an electronic device to ask her out. Girls hate that. If you are man enough to ask her out, you are man enough for a relationship.
  • Don’t assume they are giving you signs. If a girl is being friendly, it doesn’t always mean she is into you. She could be a normally friendly person trying to be nice by actually talking to everyone.

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