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AVA ZINN on You Tube: Vote for the Girls Emotional Victory

To fill the void in between posts I thought it would be appropriate since Candice Glover won American Idol on May 16, 2013.

There is simply no other way to raw emotion after that just one week ago that my pick of Angie Miller was eliminated and then a week later, a wild card pick officially wins.

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Ava Zinn to acquire “Vote for the Worst”

MARION, IN – Aeverine Zinn Holdings (“Ms. Zinn”) announced Monday that Ms. Zinn intends to purchase the web assets of infamous web site Vote for the Worst (, VFTW) for an undisclosed sum upon the site’s closing June 30, 2013 at the latest with the URL expiring in February 2014.  The transaction is subject to approval by regulators, and antitrust clearance. Ms. Zinn anticipates the closing and funding of the acquisition to occur no earlier than August 2013, subject to closing conditions. Upon closing, Ms. Zinn expects to finance the undisclosed purchase price, less a $20 deposit, through cash on hand along with a bank loan and/or by accessing the capital markets.

“Since I launched Vote for the Girls in 2010, it is becoming quite clear that American Idol viewers want change. When I heard that VFTW is shutting down, and learning the news that my pick of Angie Miller got eliminated, it literally made the decision to acquire VFTW a relatively easy decision after much thought and consideration,” commented Ava Zinn. “Vote for the Girls has become successful in the past few years and is consistent with the focus of of one goal and that goal is quite clear.  Assuming the ability to create synergistic opportunities and given current market conditions, we believe the acquisition of VFTW will add approximately 20 percent more advertising revenue for 2013/2014. I am  excited to add VFTW to the Aeverine Zinn works portfolio joining and of the Internet works as well as other franchises owned and/or operated by Aeverine Zinn Holdings (Housing Hell, Santa Ava, INNewsCenter, and Vote for the Girls)  and look forward to welcoming the VFTW employees to the Aeverine Zinn Holding family–but honestly I don’t think it will be necessary.”

Aeverine Zinn Holdings owns, operates, programs and/or provides sales services to 10 venues serving East Central Indiana. Pro forma for the VFTW  transaction, Aeverine Zinn Holdings will own and operate, program or provide sales services to three web sites. Aeverine ZInn Holdings web portfolio will include Vote for the Girls, Vote for the Worst, INNewsCenter, and Aeverine Zinn Holdings owns equity interests in various non-internet related companies. Ms. Zinn regularly uses her website as a key source of information and can be accessed at

Forward-Looking Statements:

The matters discussed in this news release, include forward-looking statements regarding, among other things, future operating results. When used in this news release, the words “outlook,” “intends to,” “believes,” “anticipates,” “expects,” “achieves,” and similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements. Such statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties. Actual results in the future could differ materially and adversely from those described in the forward-looking statements as a result of various important factors, including and in addition to the assumptions identified in this release, but not limited to, our ability to satisfy the closing conditions for the VFTW acquisition discussed in this release, including obtaining required governmental approvals, our ability to obtain financing to fund such acquisition, our ability to maximize our operating synergies in connection with the acquisitions, the impact of changes in national and regional economies, the volatility in the U.S. and global economies and financial credit markets, successful execution of outsourcing agreements, pricing and demand fluctuations in local and national advertising, volatility in operating and overhead costs, our ability to identify and consummate investments in attractive non-internet assets and to achieve anticipated returns on those investments once consummated, and any other risk factors set forth in Ms. Zinn’s  most recent reports on Form 1040, as filed with the Internal Revenue Service and the Indiana Department of Revenue. There can be no assurances that the assumptions and other factors referred to in this release will occur. Ms. Zinn undertakes no obligation to publicly release the result of any revisions to these forward-looking statements except as required by local ordinances of Marion, Indiana, governing laws of The State of Indiana, and Federal law.

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I may be creating a new internet meme that is basically the predecessor of RickRolling.


PiaRolling–I said it correctly–Pia Rolling is the new internet meme involving the music video for the 2011 Pia Toscano single “This Time.” Just like RickRolling, the meme will be bait and switch.. For example I post a URL on one of my Facebook friend’s wall that is seemingly relevant to lets say Same Sex Marriage  in Indiana, but it leads to Toscano’s video. The link can be masked or obfuscated in some manner so the Facebook friend cannot determine the true destination of the link without clicking. A person lead to the music video is officially piarolled.

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It’s Official, Ava Zinn may have killed Vote for the Worst

In case you had not been watching American Idol and not watching that particular programme, I would suggest that NOW may be the right time to do so, regardless of what you think about the judges this season.

I had made a resolution for 2013 after Phillip Phillips won season 11 that I was done watching the programme. But that did not mean I did not vote. However, once I got alerted that there was one guy left in the American idol competition, I wrangled with the decision to resume watching American Idol after an 11-month “boycott.”  I made good on a promise that sounded like a threat when I launched Vote for the Girls three years ago after Siobhan Magnus was voted off and asked everyone on this web site (then located on to vote for eventual runner-up Crystal Bowersox that year.

The following season, I asked again on this web site, but that year began on deaf ears after the first five eliminations were all female. The video(s) I posted on my YouTube channel from April 2011 should ring a bell…. and most recently MY VOTE FOR THE GIRLS web site from Thursday.

You might as well say that it is safe to say the following quotes: “Ava Zinn took down Vote for the Worst? Really?”

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Ave Zinn to resume watching American Idol

As most of you are likely now aware, I wasn’t watching American Idol after Jessica Sanchez was robbed of last year’s crown. It was also a 2013 resolution.

I wrangled for weeks whether or not to resume watching the Fox reality singing competition.

Once the finals began, The first four contestants were all male.

“When the word about Burnell Taylor getting voted off Idol, an obligation to watch the programme was deemed necessary,” Ava Zinn commented.

So there… After two straight New Years resolutions were kept the not watching Idol resolution will be broken.

In other news I have decided to expand Vote for the Girls across the Atlantic Ocean into the United Kingdom.

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Hell’s Kitchen fans angry at AVA ZINN for pre-emption….

The blind auditions continued on The Voice season 4 two night première and 17 chefs were competing on Hell’s Kitchen Tuesday night.

You would think that I, Ava Zinn, could watch both programmes at the same time (via online streaming). Expectations were high, only to find out the stream to watch Hell’s Kitchen wasn’t working, but The Voice was and likely surprised, disappointed and in some cases, downright angry, when I had tried to view the West Coast Hell’s Kitchen feed, but that too, was plagued with problems and did not see the Hell’s Kitchen programme until 12Midnight, because I decided to watch The Voice.

When I learned in February that the Hell’s Kitchen would air on Fox Tuesday 8 to 9 p.m., and just after Cassadee Pope won season 3 of The Voice, season 4 would air on NBC Tuesday from 8 to 9 p.m., I knew I had a problem — a scheduling conflict.

Watching the fourth new episode of Hell’s Kitchen would mean forgoing the second night of the season four two-night première and postponing The Voice Updates on Vote for the Girls on a week when a historic Vote for the Girls victory is lurking. Going with The Voice would mean postponing Hell’s Kitchen by a day. I decided at 7 p.m. Tuesday to go with both and see if it would work, bypassing broadcast of Hell’s Kitchen, earning the ire of Hell’s Kitchen fans.

It was a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. What people need to realize is that I have certain obligations when I launched Vote for the Girls in 2010, and of course I wanted to watch The Voice show as well as local news. I did learn (based on a similar ruling) that I could not re-air Hell’s Kitchen, insisting it be watched live (when it airs). “Hell’s Kitchen people are angry (but) if I hadn’t done this, the Vote for the Girls people would have been angry,” I added, who couldn’t say how many angry phone calls and tweets I had gotten. “Turns out, Hell’s Kitchen fans are quite vocal.”

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Watching “The Voice” for the first time Monday night

So I have heard a lot of buzz about the NBC singing competition, “The Voice” from one of neighbours, Derrick several months ago.   However, while I was going through my usual newsfeeds and research, and the fact that I am relocating to Indianapolis after 2013 as it is the only way to permanently resolve a four year Cold Civil Case, as my niece-in-law, Sheena, says is not as major as it seems. As you may recall a windstorm knocked my landlady’s outdoor antenna onto the apartment complex on the afternoon of June 29, 2012 definitely sealed my fate in Marion after 16 years, and having to rely on internet streams as a television provider (in addition to FREE over-the-air television reception) after missing a fateful episode of Duets where I swore nearly 90 times in a 15 minute YouTube video–such behaviour, in my opinion was necessary and demonstrating a passion to grow an alliance of transwomen and lesbain women to vote for the female contestants (I’m not sure this would be classified as to combat the alliance of grandmothers and ladies that vote for the cute male contestants 100 pecent yet) and putting the WGWG (White Guy With Guitar) BS out if its misery. There is a reason why Vote for the Girls lanched in 2012–not to destroy Vote for the Worst, but a real alternative to said site, to post attack ads on the Vote for the Girls YouTube channel.   I would not believe Vote for the Worst’s picks at all and to simply put it in layman’s terms–It’s Politics As Usual.

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