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HEARTBROKEN 4 CRYSTAL: Incorrect American Idol Winner Suggests Flaws in Idol Voting Methodology


The photo says it all.


Incorrect American Idol Winner Suggests Flaws in Idol Voting Methodology
   — National study reveals that American Idol winner did not reflect viewer’s choice–
Flemington, NJ, May 27, 2010 – A national study conducted among 3,901 American Idol viewers revealed that the contestant who was selected as the winner of the season 9 competition did not accurately reflect the viewers’ choice.
The Idol Democracy study was conducted during May 25-26, by HCD Research using its website, to obtain American Idol viewers’ perceptions of which contestant should be chosen as the winner on the May 26 results show. HCD Research conducted a series of studies among a nationally representative sample of Americans, which paralleled American Idol voting to determine the weekly winners based on a democratic, “one person, one vote” methodology.
During last night’s show, Lee Dewyze was selected as the winner of the show for this season. In contrast, viewers participating in the national Idol Democracy study, which employs a “one person, one vote” system, reported that Crystal Bowersox, who received 66.2% of the votes, should have won competition last night by a large margin. Dewyze only received 33.8% of the votes in the Idol Democracy study.
The discrepancy in results between American Idol and the Idol Democracy study may point to a flaw in the American Idol voting methodology. The American Idol voting methodology allows viewers to vote multiple times for multiple contestants. However, the Idol Democracy study only allows viewers to vote one time for one contestant, as in a democratic voting system. To view detailed results visit:   
To register for weekly Idol Democracy studies go to:
“I would be interested to see a frequency distribution of the number of votes per person for the American Idol final vote,” commented Glenn Kessler, president and CEO, HCD Research, “My guess is that you would see a smaller number of people voting many times, which does not give an accurate reflection of which contestant the majority of viewers wanted to win.”

Among the findings:
Respondents were asked to pick the one contestant that they thought should advance to the next round of the competition:


% that voted for contestant to move on

Crystal Bowersox


Lee Dewyze


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The New Look of Yours Truly….

Yours truly, Aeverine Nieves, will soon be sporting a new look in the near future thanks to a firndly wager between Patrice Rafferty, a former co-worker at ATE Media Corporation from 1990 to 1999 and currently the president of ATE Media, involving American Idol’s ninth season.

The friendly wager has nothing to do with the recent fiasco NoSirGifts and ATE Media have been involved in, but Mrs. Rafferty and I made a friendly wager on right after Siboahn Magnus was eliminated and I officially endorsed Crystal Bowersox and my decision to post the “At 9:00 PM Eastern, call 1-866-IDOLS-##… for Crystal Bowersox” and I voted non-stop with my landline and cell phone as well as Angie’s cell phone (and yes, it was worth every text on the cell phones and call on the landline.) Almost 4,000 votes for Crystal have paid off to get her into the finale.

So far the vote status on my Facebook profile as well as my page and Ava’s Rant (as well as NoSirGifts and INNewsCenter HD) has apparently worked. Even a few people I went to school with commented on my deicison and are supportive of the makeover that will happen in the near future. A majority of my Facebook friends and fans have been supportive of yours truly on the decision to endorse Crystal and mostly for my upcoming makeover.

Details of the wager between Patrice Rafferty and Aeverine Nieves
Which American Idol Season 9 contestant would not make the….
Top 3
Ava gets
Patrice gets
Crystal Bowersox
Ohio Vacation
Terminates its Fox affiliations  in Lexinton and Toledo
Lee DeWyse
Chicago Vacation
a sigh of relief for ATE Media stations in Lexington and Toledo.
Casey James
Texas Vacation
Michael Lynche
Florida Vacation
Note: Bold type indictates contestant eliminated
Conestant 1
Contestant 2
Ava gets
Patrice gets
Crystal Bowersox
Lee DeWyse
a sigh of relief for ATE Media stations in Lexington and Toledo.
Crystal Bowersox Casey James COMPLETE FEMININE MAKEOVER if Crystal wins
a sigh of relief for ATE Media stations in Lexington and Toledo.
Lee DeWyse
Casey James
NO MAKEOVER, NoSirGifts Columbus Venue loses Fox affiliation
Terminates its Fox affiliationsin Lexington and Toledo
Lee DeWyse Crystal Bowersox
GURANTEED COMPLETE FEMININE MAKEOVER a sigh of relief for ATE Media stations in Lexington and Toledo.
Note: Bold type indictates contestant in the finale
Winner of American Idol
Conestant 1
Ava gets
Patrice gets
Crystal Bowersox to cut Patrice’s hair a hair cut from Ava
Lee DeWyse
ABSOLUTELY nothing, already getting a makeover
absolutely nothing
Note: NoSirGifts’ Chicago and Columbus (OH) venues are talking smack. The Columbus venue is talking smack about DeWyze and the Chicago venue is talking smack about Chicago.

I will say my new look will potentially be beneficial, but rather it was badly needed according to my neighbors.  The question now is: “Where will Ava get the makeover?” I will give you a hint, The hair will either be done at The New Look in Gas City or Classico in the North side of Marion (since I know someone I went to high school with that works there). The manicure and pedicure, I am still negotiating since that will be the first place to start the makeover.

The force behind my potential new look has surfaced after a season two episode of Queen of the Willis (an animated sitcom that I created based on the short-lived comic strip Frank’s Life at Mississinewa High School but pulled for sexual content), after Ava Willis drops eyeglasses for contacts and has her hair lengthened?  Well, it is safe to say “For the first time ever, now that I have a wife and stepdaughter and they, as well as many of my co-workers at NoSirGifts and Carey Services and those that have not seen me since my high school graduation in 2001 have never seen me with a manicure, pedicure, and permanent makeup–and that is just the beginning of the makeover.” 

I will give you a hint about my new look coming soon, since I already look similar to Alexis Arquette, and I would not be surprised if someone mistakenly adressed me as “Alexis” or “Ms. Arquette” instead of “Ava”, “Ms. Nieves”, or “Ms. Zinn”

So, do you think Ava’s New Look will help or harm? Comment on Ava’s Rant or comment below. On Facebook, go to or on Twitter @aeverine_rant.

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Still Searching for 1st Home…

After finding out I wouldn’t be able to purchase my first home due to not enough funding, I found out from a mortgage company in Marion on the home I planned to purchase, after finding out the home actually violated a county code stating that fuse boxes are actually illegal.

After taking the fuse box into consideration, I told the realtor(s) that are selling the home at 415 W 10th “NO DEAL!”

However, it turns out from the mortgage company that I spoke to states that the home price must be at least $15,000 (I am now looking at a home priced between $16,000 to $24,000.)

UPDATE (12/15/08): If I play my cards right, the only costs I would have to pay are at least $450 but not more than $600. The home that I would be moving to will (90 percent) most likely result in receiving Fort Wayne and Indianapolis stations. There are two other homes that I do plan on looking at.

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After the Bright House/WISH-TV Dispute… NOW WHAT?!

After 26 days of negotiations, LIN TV and Bright House Networks finally reach an agreement.

Unfortunately, in the Marion area, WISH-TV and WNDY-TV are back on the cable TV lineup. I was expecting WANE-TV to be back on the cable system. That did not happen according to a Bright House Networks source.

As they say, “One Thing Leads to Another,” now as one dispute ends–another begins. That was not enough to stop me from finding a new place to live.

I am currently in the process of buying a home in Marion. I plan on telling a customer service representative at BHN, which I currently live next door to, I am moving, but not transferring the cable service I have. What’s the use of watching Bright House Networks if I can’t watch WANE-TV?

NOTE: You may have noticed that there have been no updates to INNewsCenter or uploaded any videos on INNewsCenter. After I reach an agreement with “my new andlord” things will return to near normal.

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Reaction to WISH-TV off Bright House…

Personally, I, as well as the other 200,000 plus Bright House Networks subscribers, are appaled, shocked, etc. LIN TV’s decision to pull WISH-TV (Indy) and WANE-TV (FWA) was a colossal cunt move. Due to the fact that INNewsCenter’s web server is located in Marion, I get WNDY with very little problem. I spent approximately $500 at Radio Shack to make that possible. I may have already broken my lease with my landlord–if I haven’t already. I was prepared for the worst.Last night I purchased a 13′ outdoor antenna and I get WISH and WANE with little problem on analog, but a little trouble as far as the digital signal.

In nearly the ten years that INNewsCenter has been online, this has probably one of the most shocking and scary stories ever on INNewsCenter.

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