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Another Close Call… (3/8/17)

The last time I attempted to take my own life, Joe Keenan was filling out the remainder of Frank O’Bannon’s second term as Governor of Indiana, George W. Bush was President, and yours truly, Ava Zinn had lived her final days living as a biological male.

Fourteen years later, unlike last time, I did not need psychiatric treatment but I took some corrective action after realizing there was something I just could not live without — a bed I’ve had since 1994 called a Sealy Craftsmatic. I’ve had that particular bed specifically built for my mother and inherited the bed on May 11, 2002.

Wednesday, someone from one organization had the audacity and the nerve to come in my home and basically didn’t like the bed’s condition and I made it clear it was fine the way it is. I was not going let someone force me to take that bed to the dumpster for any reason even though I have NEVER had bedbugs.

That really sat off a traumatic experience and I was not going to let that happen. I knew whatever solution that someone offer will not work, and therefore an unacceptable resolution, yet praised at the improvements I’ve made. That should have been enough if someone just did not stick their nose where it didn’t belong.

Wednesday night, I had to make a choice because I spent most of the day with a back injury the individual caused when I was forced to take a perfectly good bed to the dumpster because I NEVER GONE WITHOUT AND NEVER WILL GO WITHOUT A BED FOR ANY F**KING REASON. It was either suicide or put my bed back together — it was obviously my bed that give me nearly 25 years of service and I don’t believe even for one minute a Craftmatic bed should ever be thrown out until the day of one’s death.

I am considering suing the organization for my back injury they caused and since the bed wasn’t in my home I couldn’t rest at all until I recovered the bed from the dumpster.

I’ve posted this in the Facebook Transgender Alliance group….

TW (M2F)? Came close to suicide on March 8, 2017….

but this transwoman went with her own gut instinct instead to retrieve something I just could not live without – a bed. A Sealy Craftsmatic I’ve had since 1994 and no plans of changing the mattress for any reason (the closest thing I’ve come up with has to be a DIY mattress).

Yesterday, someone came to my home and told me that I needed to replace my bed. Then I suffered a third back injury for the third time in 17 years, spending most of the day injured and traumatized (had been diagnosed with PTSD after going through three rapes).

Yet last night, I had to make a choice…

My death and the local newspaper’s headline as well as Indiana would have said “Vote for the Girls Founder and Webmaster Ava Zinn dead at 34”

… or…

Recover my bed and bring it back where it belongs. I obviously chose my bed, even though that same person made me throw out the bed (and I’VE NEVER HAD BEDBUGS and NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS) and I wasn’t going to let that happen and I was make sure I had one at all times 24/7 and then the second I went outside that little instinct of mine said “Get your bed out of the dumpster and restore it.”

I’m still alive obviously and the last time I’d encountered something like that was April 18, 1996. My friends know the story and I remember it like it was yesterday.


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Announcement from Ava Zinn: January 23, 2017

On January 19, 2017, while during a dentist appointment at Lifetime Smiles in Marion, Indiana, I had seen the upper roof of my mouth had a lesion. Upon checking out, I had learned my insurance didn’t cover the injury and I knew something was wrong, obviously at the hands of my own girlfriend.

My girlfriend of two years 49-year-old Kymberly Alvaraz, had overcooked a fateful Christmas dinner that caused great oral injury consistent to injuries confirmed by Doctor Schindler at Lifetime Smiles. After reviewing what my options were about a way to pay a $650 dental bill, I was really upset. But nothing compared to what I would endure moments after leaving the dentist on the afternoon of January 19.

Two days earlier while I was at my family physician at the South Side Medical Park in Marion, I was unofficially diagnosed with a stomach ulcer caused from an unrelated incident that turned out to be one of my closest calls in 30 years, if not the closest call in my life. I had that instinct I knew something wasn’t right and the fact it was the close call was ON MY BIRTHDAY two weeks earlier after enduring an illness that was stemmed from a December 29, 2016 incident near downtown Marion. I had vomited for two days straight right after The Voice 11 finale.

After returning home from the dentist, things escalated to the point where I’ll never forget the actions of my 22-month-old son, Kenneth, and what my 13-year-old daughter, Tabitha, did. Kymberly pushed me on to the living room couch as hard as she could and the stomach ulcer was acting up. She tried to chock me as hard as she could, but fatherly instinct kicked in. I knew what my next move was since I tried to scream yet muffled. Kenneth came in and that was when I knew what my next move was–gouging one of Kymberly’s eyes and then got up and made a citizen’s arrest. Tabitha pulled Kymberly’s hair as a method of restraint as Kymberly was arrested and I asked Kymberly to leave my home. Another daughter of mine, Ashli, transported to local police where she finally charged with second degree strangulation, domestic battery, and assault.

I then realized I’d been in familiar territory I’ve only been in before with my first girlfriend and the mother of my eldest daughter some 20 years ago and the second time was October 2013 with the same woman–my first girlfriend (Amanda Davidson). I knew it was domestic violence. I knew it then when Amanda pushed me hard when I was living with my mom in Van Buren in 1994 and I knew it when Kymberly laid her hands on me on January 19.

Aside from enduring domestic violence both as a guy (I was an 11 year old boy) in 1994 and as a transgender woman now 34 years of age. I saw the same signs, Kenneth saw on January 19. What I saw in my son, Kenneth, that day and my now-oldest daughter, Samantha, in 1994 was me nearly 35 years earlier when my parents got into a domestic spat (I remember sleeping through the ordeal).

The differences from the 1994 incident with Amanda and the 2017 incident with Kymberly was, Kymberly was three months pregnant with my twin girls (to be named Alisan Wé and Saara Jessica) at the age of 49, which is a rarity, while in the 1994 incident, Amanda wasn’t. For all I know, I must have missed the warning signs about postpartum depression that I should’ve known about. I had suspected Kymberly had postpartum depression, yet wasn’t sure about the facts until I watched an episode of “Deadly Women” on YouTube recently. In particular, after watching one particular episode or two of “Deadly Women” had Paula Sims and Kelly Silk if I recall had in my opinion had even worse postpartum depression that didn’t end well.

Another difference was the fact, is It is the same Kymberly that was declared the highest bidder when I auctioned off my virginity in 2014. Amanda, on the other hand, did not pay for the long term relationship rights. Kymberly was the first to pay for the Relationship Agreement.

Will this mean my relationship with Kymberly end in a breakup or even legal action? Since my virginity auction is considered prostitution in Indiana, I’m basically been a “gay hoe” (or an awful slang term describing a slutty transwoman being a prostitute) for the money. If Kymberly wants to mend the long-term relationship after this incident, she will need to be on some psychiatric medication that will definitely help her and with the fact Kymberly approaching menopause, I think there is a slight chance the relationship can be saved. Kymberly will also need some psychological help professionally to help her postpartum depression and with being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder myself (a matter of what will work for yours truly).

There is a reason why I still have a Dating and Relationships policy since January 4, 1993. The six Relationship Agreements I made with Amanda, Elisa (Everman), Angie (Willis), Christy (Johnson), and Kymberly are basically treated as marriages in some way. In all of those relationships, the aforementioned five women are automatically sex partners of yours truly — no ifs and/or buts about that. It may be one of the strictest relationship policies as it’s considered to be a legally binding agreement and a date when the contract ends. On two occasions, the relationship ended after I caught her cheating since I’ve never did do any infidelities and loyal. On another occasion, the second relationship with Amanda ended after she effectively caused major property damage.

Another issue or two to consider whether or not to even thinking about ending the long term relationship with Kymberly has to be the question whether to impeach Kymberly under Jessica’s Policy (enacted on January 4, 2010 in honor of the late Jessica Berg and initially a tougher dating and relationship policy) á la a Presidential Impeachment. The second issue, also since Jessica’s Policy went into effect, which is how will Kymberly react to getting that “Dreaded Dear Jane Letter” I will send if and when should I have to end the long term relationship with Kymberly.

With that in mind, I am giving Kymberly ONE LAST CHANCE since Kymberly and I have invested more than I’ve invested in Angie and Amanda combined. If Kymberly doesn’t fulfill these expectations in what’s effectively a reconciliation, I may have to end the relationship with Kymberly on January 3, 2018 (the same day the current agreement expires). So we’ll have to wait and see.

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Ava Zinn Statement Regarding March 12, 2015 Arrest


MARION, INDIANA (March 13, 2015) – On the afternoon of March 12, 2015, I was in negotiations with officials regarding the future of the Aeverine Zinn Holdings facility in Marion, Indiana (while I’m still also in negotiations with various apartment complexes in Indianapolis and will start serious negotiations in Muncie that will end over 30 years in Grant County and nearly 20 years in Marion). I’m sure that the parties involved that Thursday afternoon less than a mile from Walmart and Lowe’s in Marion are doing the best they can during the renovations that will displace yours truly, my girlfriend, Kymberly, and my family that will result (as far as my sources have told me) will cause me a major inconvenience.

When my mother passed on May 10, 2002, I swore to her on her death bed the night before at Ball Memorial Hospital, I would do a better job at raising my existing children and future children of mine–to this day nearly 13 years after and a gender transition from Margaret Zinn’s youngest son to now her only daughter, I am far more successful in over the ten years living as a woman. Otherwise, I would be in a gravesite (and no plans to do so).

Unfortunately, with the WISH-TV/Bright House dispute in October 2008 now the causing just 89 percent of the financial problems I’ve faced since my dismissal from Indiana Wesleyan University on September 27, 2001, and the solution that will resolve those two disputes once and for all by relocating out of Marion. That solution nearly came to a close last year, but fell through due to someone who THINKS HE OR SHE KNOWS MY BEST INTERESTS (when that person really doesn’t).

Last year, when I announced that was auctioning off my virginity and having sex for the final time as a biological male on April 18, 2014 (after I had threatened to do following Ellona Santiago’s elimination and such announcement was made after Jessica Meuse landed in the bottom two) of which resulted in a long term relationship with my current girlfriend (Kymberly Alvaraz). The sexual act happened on August 28, 2014 at my home and took every single precautionary measure available. That resulted in Kymberly cheating on her husband at the time Kymberly and I had sexual intercourse (Kymberly’s ex-husband, Dan Alvaraz, has since passed after he filed for an at-fault divorce).  As part of the deal, I did not have any meat from March 1 to December 25 resulting in pretty much have since adopted a low meat habit (from now on, I will only eat meat if a female contestant wins or on a major holiday). Also as part of the deal, I have added all of the major Denver sports teams in addition to supporting the Colts and Bears (as they’re in different conferences and became a problem in Super Bowl XLI), the Pacers, the Fever, and Notre Dame (typically in generally only watch such sporting events when a VFTG competition isn’t happening)–but I figured since Indianapolis doesn’t havre an MLB or NHL team, I’d support Kymberly cheering on the Coloado Avalanche and Colorado Rockies as well as the Denver Broncos (since Peyton Manning has some popularity in both Indianapolis and Denver) and Denver Nuggets (in addition to the Pacers by coincidence both the Pavers and Nuggets were part of the NBA-ABA merger). Other parts include the fact that Kymberly spent nearly $50,000 since the relationship formally began on January 4, 2015–such occourances include was when I ran out of food, Kymberly managed to pick up a couple of restaurants chain gift cards and is more than willing to find real solutions to problems I face, of which I commend her for doing an awesome job for a biological woman that relocated from Colorado to Indiana after spending nearly all of her 46 years in Denver.

Then towards the end of 2014, when I announced that Kymberly and had reached an agreement, and after she was found not guilty of involuntary manslaughter, I knew Kymberly was an honest woman from the day she sat foot that night in May 2010–what I saw in Kymberly clearly told me from staring at her eyes and long brunette hair told me the story she was passed over for a job promotion (of which she mentioned happend in 1993, and she said she wouldn’t go through that again.)

Once “Stalker” drew to a close on WISH-TV as the final CBS program to air on that station before moving to WTTV (channel 4), I had a feeling that justice was served somehow when WISH-TV lost its CBS affiliation, and given the changes that I made to Vote for the Girls to allow my moderator panel to decline DaNica Shirey’s defeat on “The Voice.” I realized that and the fact I was now with a woman 16 years my senior, and after being alerted about another resignation–at which point one era ended and another era began (ala from Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck).

Fast forward to being alerted on February 25, 2015 at 6:00 pm and that’s when I went to battle mode and ready for a fighting until a favorable solution is found. I alerted everyone involved and there’s going to be a problem and when I learned of the date the renovations were starting on the same March 16, 2015 season premiere of Dancing with the Stars–find a neutral site became my top priority for Vote for the Girls and that is what started this whole mess (and because of changes I made in 2002, the person that causes the schedule conflict or is found to be the prime suspect will be confronted). It’s the basis of what is considered to be “ProducersNews Directors Have a Choice, Viewers Don’t” and the fact since taking over the Zinn family Head of Household in 2002 some new rules I’ve implemented such as not being forgiven until one’s death and abolished old rules such as the no TV punishment (which was the first rule I got rid of, and the closest thing to it now is pretty much not letting any of my children watch my YouTube videos for Vote for the Girls–which are typically TV-14 (generally I don’t allow my little girl Tabby to watch such programs until March 27, 2017–the day she is 14 years of age), TV-MA (generally the uncensored versions) and those TV ratings that are on the upper land corner when uploaded by yours truly are there as many of my friends have children of their own.

Then was the day that could have spawned another April 18, 1996 or September 27, 2001–both those dates fell on a Thursday as did March 12, 2015.

There was a reason why I had no choice besides resign from Carey Services on May 31, 2013 after four years beause of the circumstances of keeping up a facility that’s housing the set of VFTG and your own home to keep costs down, in addition to declining mental health (and I believe the incident on March 12, 2015 could’ve been another mental health scare depending on who you ask), and a family that needs my attention.

When I learned about the the solution that was offered (which didn’t meet my expectations) and it will be declined because it does not meet my needs and that is what I believe caused me to eventually have a very bad night in nearly 20 years that got me arrested earlier in the day and ejected from the Vote for the Girls set March 12, 2015 is the fact that as the webmaster of one of the most popular reality-based fan sites like Vote for the Girls is that the are certain rules and standards that I must comply by is the fact that when I made the agreement when I launched Vote for the Girls, all of the active moderators and producers (in my case, the webmaster, host, head moderator, and excecuitive producer) MUST be present at the set on the performance and/or available to tape the presentation of results program on the American version from 7 PM until all of the moderators have voted on performance night as well as the final product ready for upload on to the You Tube channel (a process that takes as much as 12 hours to render a 45 minute clip and another six to be uploaded onto the YouTube channel) on results night, and that cannot be delayed, interrupted, pre-empted (unless the last female contestant’s elimination leaves no Vote for the Girls picks remaining at which point the competition ends and the subsequent remaining episodes will be replaced by a “Classic VFTG”) or delayed for any reason–even weather delays, cable TV blackouts, television reception issues, etc. A violation of this occurred in July 2012 and that didn’t go too well and it is something that cannot happen on Vote for the Girls again. I Know that sounds like an unreasonable demand, but it is necessary as there are no other television providers that will ever meet my needs.

Upon learning the available options didn’t meet my standards, I knew this was a dangerous situation and it was quite clear  the only solution I came up with was the hotel room for a week (a third would eventually stay in the facility during renovations when the competition is in progress usually 24-48 hours). I had preferred to “do a temporary transfer of AT&T U-Verse” from my home to the neutral site and back until renovations were completed (that was a solution Kymberly came up with). Then, that “heat of the moment” when I was pretty much went Judge Judy on the official and in attack mode as if my life in danger. I’m sure that 25 years of client experience will say, “Well played, Ava” while others will simply say “What we’re you thinking?” Clearly emotions were high that Thursday afternoon as I’ve seen in various scenarios (more recently between moderators on VFTG) from fights to outbursts to yours truly at times being a bitch for being extremely passionate, which often times I do swear, I demand perfection, and very rarely blowing cigarette smoke in someone’s face (ala Morton Downey, Jr.)

Was I right to get in an official’s face and yelling at someone? Was it unavoidable? Was it the first time I’ve lashed out? Was it gonna be something that made me proud now, but in 20 years won’t be?

Sure getting in a screaming match, pounding the table, and getting in someone’s wasn’t the best way. When I did that, the first thing I figured, “My life is gonna be screwed up, so is yours for screwing up mine.” Another thought just went through my mind, was the outfit wore a black shirt and black pants (and it was the first time that particular outfit was the appropriate attire since I tend to wear such when I am in a fight mode or when someone connected to me or Kymberly dies). I knew I that I was right to wear that outfit, and nonetheless, I was arrested for assault and disorderly conduct.

I have learned this year, that doing these risky behaviours in 2014, were necessary and demonstrating passion.  Other times that became necessary and didn’t have any alternatives also included some past notable events and often are very brutal Vote for the Girls punishments for failure (if a female contestant doesn’t win). The examples are being without a hotel room in Indianapolis (twice in 2010 and 2013) and Pittsburgh (2011), biking four hours one way from Marion to Muncie (three times in 2011, 2014, and another will happen in 2015), biking three hours from Marion to Wabash in 2011, biking two hours in what felt like 95° heat from Marion to Upland in 2012, as there other reasonable solutions available. The risky behaviours are due to the fact that I have lost faith in Marion and want out as quickly as possible and the reason there are certain stores in Marion I decided to stop going to altogether (examples include Aldi and Lance’s New Market in Marion after being falsely accused of leaving the scene of an accident on July 14, 2014, of which an Aldi store in Muncie and Lance’s New Market in Gas City serving as replacement.)

As a result of this incident and arrest, I have decided to postpone the launch of the Australian version of Vote for the Girls until August 2015 (as a result, my moderator panel will participate will participate in the next Dancing with The Stars Australia competitions for five years, regardless of the outcomes of any subsequent “X Factor Australia” and “The Voice of Australia” competitions) and call off the second series of the United Kingdom version of Vote for the Girls pending the winner of The Voice UK 4 that will end on April 4, 2015 (in the event should a male contestant win The Voice UK a 4 and/or the Moderators’ Save is used to decline the VFTGUK Loss, My moderator panel will not be participating in the Britian’s Got Talent 9 makeup competition and will instead participate in five “Strictly Come Dancing” makeup competitions, regardless of the outcome of any subsequent competitions of “The X Factor UK” and “The Voice UK”, yet will participate in Britain’s Got Talent 10 instead).

I have also decided after Sarina-Joi Crowe’s elimination the night of March 12, 2015, that my moderators on the Vote for the Girls panel in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia will all participate in the typical Leg Beards for Breast Cancer Awareness in October 2015 as well as No Shave November 2015–even if a female contestant and/or a supported contestant on all three Vote for the Girls adaptations wins American Idol 14, The Voice USA 8, So You Think You Can Dance 12 (if a female contestant does not win American Idol ), America’s Got Talent 10 (if a female does not win The Voice), The Voice UK 4, and The Voice of Australia 4.

The 28 year relationship between the mental health clinic and yours has always provided me the right to reject objectionabe solutions or treatments that doesn’t meet my needs. And just because I’ve been emotionally disabled for nearly 30 years when I was diagnosed with Autism (later Aspergers Syndrome and diagnosed as a transsexual woman) doesn’t mean I lack the knowledge and such behavior can be justified.

If my actions on March 12, 2015 have caused more Americans to pay more attention and get more fans to Vote for the Girls and showing support, I believe I will have accomplished a mission of mine.


© 2015 – 2017, All rights reserved.


Marion Cable TV provider pisses off Justice for Ashley Rheam Supporters…

Ahley Rheam 1984-2013First and foremost, I am speaking on the behalf on anyone who has cable or satellite in Grant County. Secondly, I also speak to anyone that like yours truly whom until the WISH-TV/Bright House dispute of October 2008 decided to end the cable television subscription just because the cable company no longer carries the big four Fort Wayne television stations, and forced some to whom I say I applaud you to now rely on over-the-air television.

Given the number of conversations in-person, emails and messages following the WISH-TV/Bright House Dispute five years ago on this website (as well as the former INNewsCentrer, a web site I launched in November 1, 1999 as a Mississinewa High School junior that discussed the television industry changes that only covered Fort Wayne and Indianapolis before expanding to all 10 markets that serve all of Indiana’s 92 counties until June 2011 when the site closed when WFFT lost the Fox affiliation and has since rejoined that network) about where the big four Fort Wayne stations were and no longer being carried on Bright House Networks for Marion, Gas City, and Jonesboro subscribers, I thought I would try to explain the issues for like yours truly that share their frustrations and could not watch the Indianapolis 500 live since the 2009 race LIVE (via WPTA-TV, former Marion cable channel 21) and more recently WFFT’s (former Marion cable channel 2) news coverage of what I will call “Justice for Ashely Rheam” coverage.

First, some background (WHERE DID WFFT-TV GO):

Industry-wide, the United States is divided into 210 television markets. The largest is New York City, with Glendive, Montana, the smallest. The Fort Wayne market is the 109th largest, with approximately 600,000 television homes. Each market has defined boundaries. Fort Wayne has 11 counties.

However, the Fort Wayne market does not include Grant County – which is, unfortunately, in the Indianapolis market, which is the 26th largest with approximately 2.5 million television homes in 32 counties.

Why is that important?

In the case of WFFT, the Fox Broadcasting Company (FOX) is enforcing contract language with companies that retransmit a FOX station’s signal –for example Bright House (Marion, Gas City, Jonesboro) and Comcast (Upland, Fairmount) – that only the affiliate for that market be provided on a channel lineup. As such, the signal of WFFT, unfortunately–despite being significantly viewed in Grant County, has been removed from the channel lineups in those areas I mentioned, such as Grant County, where just WXIN (Marion Cable channel 11) is provided.

This is absolutely not being done at the request of either WXIN or WFFT and like many of my friends, fans, followers in Grant County–like you–no longer have access to WFFT.

In the case of WANE-TV–the Fort Wayne CBS affiliate (former Marion cable channel 20), five years ago LIN TV of Providence (which also owns fellow Indianapolis CBS affiliate WISH-TV), began enforcing contract language with Bright House that retransmits the signals of WISH and WANE. Unlike the case of WFFT, is affiliated with FOX, whereas WANE and WISH have been very close sister stations for as long as I can remember. However, five years after the WISH-TV/Bright House dispute and  seeing this from what I believe, and thus have a theory led to the Marion repercussions that soon followed with the removal of WPTA and WISE-TV.

My theory is that five and a half years ago right after my 25th birthday in January 2008 while INNewsCenter was in operation, I had revived an email from a LIN TV Indianapolis official concerning YouTube videos I posted on the INNewsCenter YouTube channel, that not only paved to my eventual decision to take INNewsCenter offline in June 2011.  The theory is that LIN TV of Providence (Rhode Island) knew that what the big four networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) were going to try to do were basically create a pay TV-big five (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW) television network (or the lesser Pay TV-Station) model of strict contractual policies against network signal duplication (Marion’s a clear example since Bright House is the only major cable television provider)  from out-of-market signals in other markets (thus Bright House still carries mostly Indianapolis’ big four stations and eventually discontinuing of Fort Wayne stations on Bright House), basically meaning discontinuation of out-of-market distribution; all of the communities listed have their own broadcast network affiliates.

The networks aren’t “picking” on WFFT, WANE, WPTA, and/or WISE. In fact, those stations would expect that in Huntington County – which is part of the Fort Wayne market – that systems there will be seeing WTTK or WNDY removed from the lineup at some point in the near future for the same reason.

While the network’s programming may be the same on Fox stations WFFT and WXIN; CBS stations WANE-TV and WISH-TV; NBC stations WISE-TV and WTHR; and ABC stations WPTA and WRTV, many other shows – particularly the FWA and INDY newscasts, football shows, IndyStyle on WISH-TV, are unique to aforementioned stations. If a cable company chose to carry WFFT (and very unlikely re-carry WANE-TV, WISE-TV, and WPTA) for local programs, the cable company would have to block out all the network shows that are duplicated from the network – and in most cases cable companies do not provide a channel when they have to block out so many programs.

Viewers like myself that lost WANE-TV on October 2, 2008, WPTA and WISE-TV on January 1, 2009, and WFFT via Bright House Networks have just ONE Option–get the Fort Wayne stations with an outdoor antenna (no higher than 60 feet as an FAA requirement–if your apartment complex allows this in the lease), but success with an indoor antenna isn’t guaranteed given the distances involved.

I ALWAYS OFFER THIS ADVICE (and have done so since my mother founded NoSirGifts, a gift/media retailer that has since closed stores due to Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in 2013)–make sure to get an antenna that receives BOTH VHF and UHF signals. As assigned by the FCC, WFFT’s broadcast signal is on Channel 36.1 (PSIP 55.1); WANE-TV is Channel 31.1 (PSIP 15.1); WPTA is channel 24.1 (PSIP 21.1); and WISE-TV is 18.1 (PSIP 33.1). The Indianapolis stations, however,  BOTH use VHF and UHF signals that’ll come in pretty much handy should a cable/sattelite dispute like the WISH-TV/Bright House dispute in October 2008, WXIN/DirecTV dispute in April 2012, and WTHR/DISH Network dispute in September 2002.

As for why the networks will do this, at the end of the day, it all comes down to protecting the local affiliate within a select market.

Four Examples:

  1. If a viewer in Grant County living in Marion watches “American Idol” on WFFT “Fox Local 55” and records that with Nielsen, WFFT does not get ratings credit for it because it’s outside the Fort Wayne market. And because that viewer in Marion didn’t watch WXIN “Fox 59”, they can’t get credit. So, Fox 59 doesn’t get any credit for a viewer that watched American Idol. With Fox Local 55 (and basically all the Fort Wayne stations) taken off the Bright House Networks system in Marion, viewers in Marion, Gas City, and Jonesboro (and eventually Comcast will do the same in Hartford City/Upland/Fairmount)  there will have to watch Fox 59 for American Idol – and WXIN and FOX will get the appropriate credit.
  2. If a viewer in Ripley County watches “The Voice” on WTHR “13NBC” and records that with Nielsen, 13NBC does not get ratings credit for it because Ripley County is outside the Indianapolis market. And because that viewer didn’t watch WLWT, they can’t get credit. So, WLWT-TV doesn’t get any credit for a viewer that watched The Voice. With 13NBC off the Comcast system in Lawrenceburg/Versalles, viewers there will have to watch WLWT for The Voice – and WLWT and NBC will get the appropriate credit.
  3. If a viewer in Kosiusco County living in Warsaw watches “Dancing With the Stars” on WPTA “21Alive” and records that with Nielsen, 21Alive does not get ratings credit for it because Kosisoco  County is outside the Fort Wayne market. And because that viewer didn’t watch WBND-TV “ABC 57”, they can’t get credit. So, ABC 57 doesn’t get any credit for a viewer that watched Dancing with the Stars. With 21Alive more likely to be off the cable system in Warsaw, viewers there will have to watch ABC 57 for Dancing with the Stars – and WBND-TV and ABC will get the appropriate credit.
  4. If a viewer in Tippecanoe County living in Lafayette watches “The Price is Right” on WISH-TV and records that with Nielsen, WISH-TV does not get ratings credit for it because Tippecanoe County is outside the Indianapolis market.  And because that viewer didn’t watch WLFI–even though there’s no ABC, NBC or Fox affiliate in the Lafayette market, they can’t get credit, and WLFI may as well be a semi-satellite of WISH. So, WLFI doesn’t get any credit for a viewer that watched Dancing with the Stars. With WISH more likely to be off the cable system in Lafayette, viewers there will have to watch WLFI for Dancing with the Stars – and WLFI and CBS will get the appropriate credit.


We know it may not make a lot of sense. Marion, Muncie Central, and Anderson High Schools are in a conference with a Fort Wayne area high school while Mississinewa, Eastbrook, Oak Hill, and Madison-Grant are in a conference with a high school in the Indianapolis DMA, for example. Or maybe you just like Fort Wayne and/or Indianapolis newscasts better. I don’t blame you for that. However, in this case, we’re all paying more when you come to think of it.

SOURCES: WLUK-TV “Where did Fox 11 (Green Bay) Go?”

© 2013 – 2017, All rights reserved.


New Policies going into effect today

Today I am turning 30 and I know it seems that I am at that point where I have to start making changes now that just hours ago I was in my 20’s.

One policy of mine has something to do with my sexuality since I came out as a transwoman 10 years ago this upcoming November… For the first time I will add trangendered males to the dating pool in the event should Amanda and I break up and the current long-term relationship expires. What this means for the transgender man if he is non-op and keeping his female reproductive system intact as a condition of the long-term relationship with my first ever boyfriend. This may sound like a strange but the reality as a transgender woman wanting children is that as transgender individuals wanting children prior to going on hormones is very expensive sperm or egg banking and when I first made my transition attempt my 7th grade year in 1995 I thought I would be able to go through the normal pregnancy other women do like a uterus transplant, fallopian tubes and ovaries.
Once I came out as a woman I knew the truth of living as a transgender woman and according to research I found online I would have to store sperm before going on estrogen and progesterone.

After realization I could not afford sperm banking the only choices I have left are selling my virginity on Ebay or keeping my male parts for the time being until I have enough children.

THAT is why I am allowing transgender men to the dating pool with biological bisexual females since I have been in two relationships with such ladies with such sexual orientation.

Another new policy going in effect is Renters Insurance due to the close call I had back this past Labour Day Weekend. I had an apartment that was truly HOUSING HELL.

After that close call back in September I knew I wouldn’t even consider having sexual intercourse in my home in that condition or let alone conceive a child in filthy conditions I was living in when I lived with my mother.

So that’s it for me.

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Aeverine Zinn launches “Housing Hell”

Aeverine Zinn announced today that she is launching a new internet series titled “Housing Hell.” The internet series will be launched on both YouTube channnels.

Housing Hell will feature Ms. Zinn on a quest to fix horrid houses, awful apartments and just plain bad group homes.

After more than half a decade of running prodction rooms in Van Buren, Gas City, and Marion, Indiana; Ms. Zinn knows firsthand the crucial importance of surpassing tenants’ highest expectations. In Housing Hell, Zinn will endure homes and apartmensts at its worst – from pack rats and unsnitary conditions to dreadful utilities and incompetent household members – all Ava Zinn has seen .

After she has uncovered all the dirty secrets, Zinn will put the homeowners and/or tenants to work as she attempts to turn around these failing venues.

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Still Searching for 1st Home…

After finding out I wouldn’t be able to purchase my first home due to not enough funding, I found out from a mortgage company in Marion on the home I planned to purchase, after finding out the home actually violated a county code stating that fuse boxes are actually illegal.

After taking the fuse box into consideration, I told the realtor(s) that are selling the home at 415 W 10th “NO DEAL!”

However, it turns out from the mortgage company that I spoke to states that the home price must be at least $15,000 (I am now looking at a home priced between $16,000 to $24,000.)

UPDATE (12/15/08): If I play my cards right, the only costs I would have to pay are at least $450 but not more than $600. The home that I would be moving to will (90 percent) most likely result in receiving Fort Wayne and Indianapolis stations. There are two other homes that I do plan on looking at.

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After the Bright House/WISH-TV Dispute… NOW WHAT?!

After 26 days of negotiations, LIN TV and Bright House Networks finally reach an agreement.

Unfortunately, in the Marion area, WISH-TV and WNDY-TV are back on the cable TV lineup. I was expecting WANE-TV to be back on the cable system. That did not happen according to a Bright House Networks source.

As they say, “One Thing Leads to Another,” now as one dispute ends–another begins. That was not enough to stop me from finding a new place to live.

I am currently in the process of buying a home in Marion. I plan on telling a customer service representative at BHN, which I currently live next door to, I am moving, but not transferring the cable service I have. What’s the use of watching Bright House Networks if I can’t watch WANE-TV?

NOTE: You may have noticed that there have been no updates to INNewsCenter or uploaded any videos on INNewsCenter. After I reach an agreement with “my new andlord” things will return to near normal.

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Reaction to WISH-TV off Bright House…

Personally, I, as well as the other 200,000 plus Bright House Networks subscribers, are appaled, shocked, etc. LIN TV’s decision to pull WISH-TV (Indy) and WANE-TV (FWA) was a colossal cunt move. Due to the fact that INNewsCenter’s web server is located in Marion, I get WNDY with very little problem. I spent approximately $500 at Radio Shack to make that possible. I may have already broken my lease with my landlord–if I haven’t already. I was prepared for the worst.Last night I purchased a 13′ outdoor antenna and I get WISH and WANE with little problem on analog, but a little trouble as far as the digital signal.

In nearly the ten years that INNewsCenter has been online, this has probably one of the most shocking and scary stories ever on INNewsCenter.

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