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AVA ZINN on You Tube: Vote for the Girls Emotional Victory

To fill the void in between posts I thought it would be appropriate since Candice Glover won American Idol on May 16, 2013.

There is simply no other way to raw emotion after that just one week ago that my pick of Angie Miller was eliminated and then a week later, a wild card pick officially wins.

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I may be creating a new internet meme that is basically the predecessor of RickRolling.


PiaRolling–I said it correctly–Pia Rolling is the new internet meme involving the music video for the 2011 Pia Toscano single “This Time.” Just like RickRolling, the meme will be bait and switch.. For example I post a URL on one of my Facebook friend’s wall that is seemingly relevant to lets say Same Sex Marriage  in Indiana, but it leads to Toscano’s video. The link can be masked or obfuscated in some manner so the Facebook friend cannot determine the true destination of the link without clicking. A person lead to the music video is officially piarolled.

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Ava Zinn falls to lowest January since 1994

The last time yours truly had endured a low January, Bill Clinton was president, Evan Bayh was Governor of Indiana, and Stacie Thomason was a sophomore at Mississinewa High School.

January 2013 is a memorable way to start my 30’s — for all of the wrong reasons. The weekend of my 30th birthday while shopping at Aldi — the shelves normally filled with inventory were empty, and even worse nearly two weeks later turned out to what might possibly be the very last visit to the Marion Aldi store, 2007 South Western Avenue.

After I posted the following on Facebook:

It is official, I have been kicked out of Aldi in Marion until 10:00 AM April 21 following today’s incident.

However, due to the relocation to Indy, I will probably mark today’s visit to the Marion Aldi as the final in Marion.

The post triggered 40 comments (mostly from my family and close friends visibly shocked and in disbelief), and is not sitting well with my family

Aldi Instant CoffeeImagine shopping for the absolutely the lowest price for an eight ounce jar of instant coffee for under $4 and the only place in town happens to be at a store you would most likely never return to for $3 or staying in-town and obtain the second lowest price for $4.25 at Dollar General.
Dolalr General

Clover Valley (Dollar General)

During the visit to the Aldi store in Marion on the afternoon of January 19, 2013, I had purchased two $3 jars of instant coffee (left image) and the clerk got it the all rang up & realized my little girl, Tabitha, misplaced the EBT card as part of a cruel prank, thus not in my wallet and wasn’t with me. I had asked the clerk to suspend the transaction, having to run all the way home to get it, then have it all rang up again (the clerk disrespected AVA ZINN — yours truly — while my GF Amanda saw the clerk put back my ENTIRE cart of groceries) and when I returned to what quite frankly, might be my very last visit to that particular Aldi decided to use the “you disrespect me, I’m going to disrespect you” tactic that has been used since my maternal grandmother first used that tactic back in the 1930’s.

In the end, I had lost my temper (but could have been worse since no one was injured, which would be classified as the sixth time I ever lost my temper).

There was only minor damage to two packages of granola bars (if I recall) near the checkout lines.

At the end of the day, Tabby (my daughter) caused the problem by hiding the EBT card and her punishment was no Internet or cell phone until 10 AM April 21, 2013 (the same I day I am allowed to return to the Marion Aldi); the clerk at Aldi that disrespected me (and got disrespected back) got what she deserved.

Here are some of the comments that were posted on my good clean version Facebook profile (not the page):

Shayla “Sooner” Zinn (my niece):

“When did getting groceries become a dangerous task? Last time I checked it wasn’t always that way.”

Elisa Everman:

It seems like Marion is going down like a California mudslide. No wonder Ava’s leaving Marion effin’ Indiana, Ava.

I will say Ava’s are right on about the permanent solution by relocating to Indianapolis and the store problems she is now facing (as well as TV provider BS from five years ago) will definitely be gone. I really can’t blame Ava. What about the friends of Ava’s that live in Indy that are supposed to be helping you relocate from Marion to Indy? Are they really helping you? I do not think so one bit.

I really don’t want to make Ava’s post on Facebook a bitch fest as this became. I mean if AVA already resided in Indianapolis she would not be dealing with all this fiasco. Let’s just say for example Ava Zinn gets kicked out of the Indianapolis Aldi on North Keystone — easy solution, there’s another Aldi that Holly  goes to which happens to be IN CASTLETON (9505 Uptown Drive in INDY)


Lynsey (Everman) Matthewson:

Ava, this has really got out of hand, blown out of proportion, and I mean it’s not like you have Alzheimer’s or a drunk shopper. All this is about ONE SIMPLE REQUEST from AVA ZINN to a (expletive) clerk at a grocery store that happened to ring up three items — a paper bag and two eight ounce jars of instant coffee totalling $6.10, and simply did not have enough cash and asked the cashier to suspend the (expletive) transaction while you had to go to the ATM to get a $20 bill and back to Aldi. You had ASSUMED they would not restock those three items and you were really mad at them for not doing what you asked them to and may I say, Ava, I really applaud you for standing up for what YOU KNOW IS RIGHT! You may have proved to have kicked the cashier’s ass at Aldi and vow never let ever, EVER happen again. Even at NoSirGifts you never let that happen and I remember just one time (yes I remember that day very well because the next day you were like sweating vodka) you fired Olivia Hillers after you saw her not suspend a customer’s transaction.

EDITOR’s NOTE: Lynsey Matthewson and Elisa Everman are the sisters of moderator Holly (Everman) Willis.

If you want to comment on this story post them in the comments or on Facebook – Your comment could appear on or on AvaZinn on YouTube.

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The American Idol Experience in Pittsburgh

The very first post of 2012 may seem kind of useless, but it may appeal to American idol fans and those that auditioned at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh on July 15, 2011.   Nevertheless, here is a YouTube video I posted of the American Idol experience of yours truly — Ava Zinn. Watch below.  

I had to follow strict orders from Fox and not reveal my status in the American Idol season 11 competition until tonight. 

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Aeverine Zinn on YouTube: Mississinewa High School Class of 2001 Reunion Part 1 of 11

To fill the void between posts, here’s raw video of my high school reunion from July 29, 2011 at the Pour House in Gas City.There are tem nore videos that will be uploaded  


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Aeverine Zinn to audition for Season 11 of American Idol

CREATED: April 18, 2011 8:14 PM
UPDATED: April 19, 2011 2:11 PM

MARION, IN – Aeverine Zinn announced today that the is intending to audition to be a participant in Season 11 of the television series entitled “American Idol” during the summer of 2011 to take place either in Indianapolis or online via MySpace.

Aeverine Zinn commented, “I did not think much about my decision until one of my best friends brought this up on Facebook but the interested lead me to make this decision to audition.

The announcement was made 15 years to the day yours truly broke a classroom window at R.J. Baskett Middle School, making this the only time yours truly ever lost her temper as a boy and 15 years later, fellow Marion resident Zach Randoplh from the Marion High School Class of 2000 sings a 4 year, $71 million deal with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Aeverine Zinn is known in Indiana as a civil rights fighter, LGBT advocate and Mississinewa High School’s first Transgendered Alumnus — the groundbreaking transgendered woman that has informed Grant County since 2004. She never sought the role, but this has been her life since April 28, 2001 — the day that her prom showed up late and were only together for 50 minutes at the Mississinewa 500. Aeverine was later dismissed from Indiana Wesleyan University five months later on September 27, 2001.


Golden Globe-nominated actress, platinum-selling recording artist, movie producer and entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez and multiple Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Steven Tyler, the frontman of Aerosmith – the best-selling American rock band of all time – have joined American Idol as judges. Lopez and Tyler will join returning Idol judge Randy Jackson for the 10th anniversary season, which premieres January 2011 on FOX.

In addition, Jimmy Iovine, chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records, co-founder of Beats Audio and one of the world’s most successful and prolific music producers, will join American Idol as an in-house mentor. Throughout the season, Idol will go behind-the-scenes to feature Iovine working with and lending his expertise to the contestants as they compete to become the next American Idol.

Before AMERICAN IDOL, Lee DeWyze worked as a paint store clerk in Mt. Prospect, IL. Kris Allen was a college student from Conway, AR. David Cook tended bar in Blue Springs, MO. Chris Daughtry was a service advisor at a car dealership in Greensboro, NC. Carrie Underwood lived on a farm in Checotah, OK. Jennifer Hudson was a cruise ship performer from Chicago, IL. Kelly Clarkson was a waitress from Dallas, TX.

One audition changed the rest of their lives.

American Idol is created and executive produced by Simon Fuller, Founder, 19 Entertainment, a wholly owned subsidiary of CKX, Inc.; and executive-produced by Cecile Frot-Coutaz, CEO, FremantleMedia North America, Inc.; Ken Warwick, Executive Producer, FremantleMedia North America, Inc.; and Nigel Lythgoe, President, BigRed 2 Entertainment.



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