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Remembering Heidi Mason

There’s no doubt that friends, family and fellow Ole Miss Class of 2000 alumni are remembering Heidi Mason.

From professors at Mississinewa High School to classmates and friends like myself to the moderator panel and villains on “Vote for the Girls”, the State of Indiana paused to remember the 35 year old I had a privilege of meeting for the first time back in the fall of 1995.

Heidi Mason died Friday at 35 years of age, after spending 22 years fighting Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a very rare inherited connective tissue disorder. Her name trended and on Vote for the Girls with hastags such as #RIPHeidiMason on Facebook.

“I’m so sadden by the passing of Heidi…I have known her since grade school. And Even though our friendship was not the same since last year.. All the years before we made so many memories..I will miss her dearly.. I am so upset that we will never have the chance to get our friendship back to the way it used to be.. But I am glad that we had talked a few times in the last two months on Facebook. And I will always be thankful for all the time we did get to spend together.. And my heart goes out to her family. Especially to her mother and her two boys… And I pray they are able to find comfort and peace in this sad time,” wrote alumnus Rhamey Furnish.

Friends and former classmates that went to school with Heidi remembered her beyond the sacrifices she made — “People who didn’t like her had to respect her,” my close friend Holly Everman said.

In the Mississinewa Community Schools Special Education Alumni, she was a hero and a sweet girl, wrote one person on Facebook.

And on “Vote for the Girls USA” a 35 second tribute aired after the eliminations of supermodel Amber Rose and “The Brady Bunch” actress Maureen McCormick on “Dancing with the Stars”  (video below)


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Three VFTG Victories for Ava Zinn and Kymberly Alvaraz, Makeup Competitions not wasted


What’s better than a Vote for the Girls victory in America? Two victories: one male and one female on Vote for the Girls.

On American Idol XIV, Team Ava & Kymberly became the winning moderator as their pick of Nick Fradiani defeated Clark Beckham and Jax Cole even though it was, unfortunately an all-male final as Jax finished in third place and since the Moderator Panel of Zinn, Alvaraz, Holly Everman, Kellie Rock, Julia Passalt, Kendra Ray, Thia Tola, Tracia Ward and Lanise White all voted to pick Jax, the Moderators’ Save was used on Jax to decline the loss and effectively allowed Tracia Ward the dual winning moderator with Zinn & Alvaraz. This gave Zinn her 11th moderator victory and the first for both Alvaraz and Ward.


Then on The Voice 8 Final, as Koryn Hawthorne finished fourth and Joshua Davis finished third, that left Meghan Linsey and Sawyer Fredericks as the Top 2 and securing the DOUBLE VFTG Victory (instead of what would have been a Vote for the Girls loss had Fredericks not been a Vote for the Girls pick). However, since the web site decided to allow Sawyer Fredericks as a Vote for the Girls pick as well as Meghan Linsey, this necessitated the male and female victories….Sawyer’s win gave Thia Tola her first American VFTG Victory and her second overall after Maneepat Molloy won the first season of Thailand’s Got Talent (of which got imported onto the American version of Vote for the Girls following the cancellation of the Thai version of Vote for the Girls) and Linsey’s victory (as the female winner) also gave both Zinn and Alvaraz their respective 12th and second moderator victories.

And on the Dancing with the Stars 20 final, as Noah Galloway finished third, another Double VFTG victory occurred as Rumer Willis defeated Colorado-born Riker Lynch and giving Kendra Ray her very first Vote for the Girls victory in the United States and Lynch’s runner-up finish also gave the male VFTG Victory, securing the 13th and third moderator victories for Zinn and Alvaraz, respectively.

It may not make sense, but after research of the voting habits, the time finally came after we became successful with Nick Fradiani and Jax Cole on American Idol, the web site announced some very big changes for the web site’s seventh season in which a male soloist (known as a FLEX pick) can be allowed as a VFTG pick in addition to the existing VFTG picks (male-female duos, predominately girl groups, and of course, female soloists).

As for any make-up competitions, Ava has decided to give the entire moderator panel the summer off and as a result of the male and female victories on American Idol 14, The Voice 8, and Dancing with the Stars 20 as well as the victory on Dancing with the Stars 19, none of the moderators face any punishment for failure (such as the Leg Beards for Breast Cancer and No Shave November) nor participate in the America’s Got Talent 10 nor So You Think You Can Dance 12 competitions.

Just because the main moderator panel on VFTG were given the makeup competitions off, she’s not letting it go to waste as the participants of Santa Ava 23 will take turns as the main Vote for the Girls moderator panel. But not to worry, the main moderator panel’s positions are safe.

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Vote for the Girls USA: Ava Zinn plans “radical” changes to next season’s shows

The very popular American version of Vote for the Girls could end up being very different to any of the previous seasons.


After ratings for the current run continued to decline despite the additions of So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD), America’s Got Talent (AGT), Dancing with The Stars (DWTS) as make-up competitions, changes are already in the works and thought up for next year’s Vote for the Girls.

Changes that took effect were the additions of the Moderators’ Save that was used to decline the defeats of Valerie Rockey of So You Think You Can Dance 11, DaNica Shirey of The Voice 7, Jax Cole of American Idol 14, and Meghan Linsey of The Voice 8–the two latter were declared the “Female Victories” with American Idol 14 winner Nick Fradiani (chosen as a Vote for the Girls for Team Ava Zinn and Kymberly Alvaraz) and The Voice 8 projected winner Sawyer Fredericks (chosen by newcomer Thia Tola).

Another change that took place was Alvaraz’s move from the pink team to the purple team after Kymberly (Christian) Alvaraz began a long-term relationship with Ava Zinn, resulting in the first duo moderator on the Vote for the Girls moderator panel, and proved to be popular in both Indianapolis and Denver, with the web site has shown growth in Denver with Alvaraz on the moderator panel (and the fourth strongest moderator on the panel behind Zinn, Holly Everman, and Kellie Rock) while the site saw growth in Pennslvania and Indiana.

Speaking about the future of Vote for the Girls USA, Ava Zinn (yours truly) admits that there are currently a few plans on who would be on the moderator panel. I know Kymberly, Julia, Kendra, Holly, Kellie, Thia, Lanise, Tracia, and I will be back on the panel…. with three other duo moderators besides myself and Kymberly, Julia and her transgendered daughter (Rachael) on the purple team and two duo moderators on the pink team: Holly & Nermal Everman (Holly’s niece) and Kellie and her transgendered wife (Megan).

“Things have to change, I’m not talking about people on the site, we’ve got some ideas which I’m excited about.”

Ratings for Vote for the Girls on YouTube this year have been some of the worst in years, with the spring cycle viewing figures getting close to below 2,000 viewers. Most of blame has to be the combination of several show presentations shown on one episode, construction/renovations at the YouTube Broadcast Operations Center that began on March 16, 2015–the same day as the DWTS 20 season premiere, and ongoing disputes/impasses causing schedule conflicts with Ava Zinn.

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October is Leg Beards for Breast Cancer Month

It may be the 21st of September 2014 and as is typical punishment for failure when a female contestant or a Vote for the Girls pick on my site — — doesn’t win (ex: runner-up or worse), I take part in what has become a tradition that I’ve taken criticism for since I launched the site nearly five years ago.


I’m not the only woman or transwoman that many have had audacity to say that have called me a f***ot, and far worse derogatory terms that is typically used in the trans community.

Sure, prior to my gender transition, I had a beard and had it shaved after I graduated from Mississinewa High School some 13 years ago.

It was during the month of October of 2012 while watching Fox 59’s newscasts that the guys (notably Brian Wilkes and Ray Cortopassi) have grown their beards out. At the end of the day, I put two and two together and realized back in 2011, I didn’t know a whole lot about Beards for Breast Cancer until I learned it was an Indianapolis-based organization that asked only the guys to grow a beard during the month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In the past, I posted daily pictures of the unlady-likeness of the hairy leg until Haloween night or the morning of November 1. (As I did last year)

But not this year: Because I called off the competition and announced I was auctioning off my virginity to the highest female bidder on April 18, 2014 that ended a little early due to low bids, I decided back in August that I wasn’t going to shave my legs for the remainder of 2014 (to coincide with the vegetarian diet that will end on January 4, 2015) and since I’m often free to ignore the rules of Vote for the Girls as I see fit.. this Leg Beard for Breast Cancer punishment has become a real bitch in 2014. Yes the legs was bid adieu in August as I prepared for five  straight months of leg hair oriented charitable causes (Beards for Breast Cancer in October and No Shave November) .

The rules seem simple enough: Have clean-shaven legs on October 1st (for me earlier than that), grow a leg beard for 31 days, donate money–the latter is usually non-existent. I’m sure there are more rules, but anything that allows me to not shave my legs for a month (or longer) while still supporting breast cancer awareness and gets my vote as a worthwhile charity endeavor.


About this Leg Beards for Breast Cancer and No Shave November Vote for the Girls Punishment for Failure

After a Vote for the Girls Loss is claimed when a girl doesn’t win shows like American Idol, The Voice, and/or Rising Star, the Vote for the Girls USA moderators (myself, Holly Everman, and other female friends) take part in the the great annual events called “Beards for Breast Cancer since October 2010 and for the first time in November 2014 “No-Shave-November” where guys and girls alike unite in the height of laziness agreeing to not shave their beards or legs (respectively) for the entire months of October and November.

After all, they are the busiest parts of the semester or work year, and you are the farthest behind on sleep, so why waste the time? Plus, it’ll cold enough to wear scarves or jeans (respectively) to cover that unsightly hair.
Everyone, young and old, male and female can participate in Beards for Breast Cancer and No-Shave-November by following this simple calendar of guide-lines. The festivities shall unfold thusly:

  • October 1 (or the first day of Beards for Breast Cancer): Razors are stowed, indifference ignited. Beards for Breast Cancer begins.
  • October 1-7: The week of scratching that itch. Push yourself, control the desire to shave and relieve the itchiness.
  • First Wednesday: Itch hump day.
  • October 14: Finally the women do look ridiculous.
  • October 27: Finally the boys or follicularly-challenged do look ridiculous.
  • November 1: Razors are stowed, indifference ignited. Noshember begins.
    Nov 1-7: The week of scratching that itch. Push yourself, control the desire to shave and relieve the itchiness.
  • Nov 30: Photograph day. Take your best hair exhibiting celebration photos. You have truly completed something great.
  • Dec 1: Great festival of many razors, shaving commences.

Among Beards for Breast Cancer and No Shave November traditions, perhaps the strongest is the beard and/or leg hair contest (or armpits or whatever…be creative). Lets see who is the fullest, bushiest, and most natural after a month, and then join in a ritual corporate shoring of our hides!


Girls Rules of the Game

Ladies (and this applies to transgendered and transsexual women as well)! Don’t think that just because you can’t grow a burly beard you can’t participate in Beards for Breast Cancer and No Shave November…You can! Now it may not be on your face, but hair does grow on your body…the most commonly sported female hair is on the legs and under the arms. Now its quite uncommon for even males in our society to be unkempt in general, but its especially uncommon (and unusual) for females to go all natural. So we want to give you a special word of encouragement and thanks for supporting the ways of the hairy. Only a few select women (as part of Beards for Breast Cancer Awareness) have what it takes to participate in this tradition. I think I have been commended for this, as well as my friend Holly  you.

A note from one of the female No-Shave November Facebook groups:

“For all the girls who think they can go for all of November without shaving. We are standing up for our right as women!”

“How long can you go? *oh, btw, this group is only for legs. feel free to shave other places as you wish, cuz i’m not gonna go there*”

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Ava Zinn to auction virginity (as a male) with a catch – SHOCKING

UPDATE (4/20/14): I just published the site of my virginity auction. It is at AvaZinn.US. Once the auction is completed, I will turn to a message board/wiki type

It's Official, Ava is selling her virginity (as a biological male)

It’s Official, Ava is selling her virginity (as a biological male)

This is one of the biggest posts and quite frankly the hardest decision I’ve ever made. I had hoped that something like this would never happen and unfortunately it is something that I feel is now necessary after the factors that lead top my final decision to auction of my virginity. Yes, it means that I have unfortunately decided to have sexual intercourse (as a biological male for the last time) with a biological woman. After years of relationship failures as a male that led to a fateful prom night that changed everything.

I posted on Facebook:

Thank y’all so much for your kind words and support over the five years on Facebook and 20 plus years I’ve been friends with a majority–especially Holly Everman Willis, Alec Dailey, Karly Cope, Elaine Ellis, Ramona Reed Tyler, Ashley Dawson, Wendy Becker Simpkins, Telissa Hunt, Justin Planck, Veronica Schmerber, and Kayla Battishill,

Though many long-time friends will be critical of what I will announce on YouTube Friday, I know the true meaning of friendship lies in the heart and being loyal. Since 1994, a dark secret desire of mine was hidden of what eventually lead to this ongoing gender transition (and since the transition began 10 years ago this December, I’ve been more successful as a woman) and a clear evidence is Vote for the Girls USA – Official which has had success last year. Before I came out as ‪#‎MtF‬ in 2003 Megan Stone and Blake Pattison were the last individuals ever to see me as a male (as far as living as a male) and today had I not came out back then I would have taken my own life.

I am so much more than what you hear or see on Vote for the Girls and online (of which I often curse, occasionally bullying, telling those who to vote for) – it’s about being passionate, it’s about fulfilling a goal, it’s about fulfilling an obligation.

Everyone that I have met over the years have proven that to me since my kindergarten year over a quarter-century ago. Thank you for the support over the years allowing me to be far more successful as a woman

Whatever the consequences and repercussions of what I announce on YouTube Friday, I will always become a woman of my word and remain hopeful the best is still yet to come. Thank you all so much for your understanding!

To ensure I am not doing a porn site (of which I have threatened to do if Alex & Sierra did not win The X Factor USA in December), there will be a section of this web site with a link at the front page of about the virginity auction in the days to come.  I will also dedicated a section of to discussing my difficult decision to sell my virginity. Sure my views on prostitution won’t be posted, and what you will discover that this decision has something to do with Jessica Meuse landing in the bottom group on American Idol (You can bet that this will make national headlines such as “MARION TRANSGENDER WOMAN SELLS VIRGINITY” in the Marion Chronicle-Tribune or “INDIANA TRANSGENDER WOMAN SELLS VIRGINITY FOR LOSING ‘iDOL’ BET in The Indianapolis Star), of which was the final factor in this.

The factors that lead to the decision to auction off my virginity has to be:

  1. The prom my senior year (of which the prom date showed three hours late and 12 years later stripped her of the title) and consequent IWU dis-enrollment
  2. Years of rejection as a male finding a mate (WILL BE FINALLY RESOLVED)
  3. Years of being bullied for being different in the 1990’s
  4. A fourth factor has to be as a Vote for the Girls Punishment for Failure, I think it will make people start realizing that the site needs more support and realize voting for males on American Idol is a serious crime–regardless of how good he is (no offense)

As I hope you can tell, I have devoted a great deal of time, thought, and study to this decision. I have cherished every last moment, and already this will become the historic experience of a lifetime.

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Ava Zinn misses Vote for the Girls deadline – X Factor Top 16 and The Voice Knockouts results

For the second time in Vote for the Girls‘ 5-season history, I missed the deadline to complete an episode, and yes it .

On Tuesday night, due to a schedule conflict with The X Factor and The Voice. From capturing video to rendering to editing and sound, all of our equipment needed to get the episode online were taking longer than expected  and we were unable to finish episode 510 and 511 in time.  When episode 511 finally got on YouTube NBC took the episode down, and requiring yours truly to redo the episode

VOTE for THE GIRLS 2014 – THE VOICE KNOCKOUTS & VOTE FOR THE GIRLS 2014 – X FACTOR TOP 16 RESULTS  will be uploaded Sunday, November 3.

So what caused Vote for the Girls team to  miss the mark? A little problem called a schedule conflict between The X Factor and The Voice, required yours truly, Holly Everman, and Ariel Swaringen. Also during the episode Holly and Ariel got into a heated feud over Holly Henry losing and I had to break up the dispute. Ava Zinn said, “It’s heart-wrenching to miss an air date but after four years of multitasking by delivering the show to YouTube at the last possible minute, I guess it was unavoidable.”

More details will be posted as soon as more info becomes available.

Ava tries to tell Holly and Ariel to calm down after the most shocking elimination since Pia Toscano

Ava tries to tell Holly and Ariel to calm down after the most shocking elimination since Pia Toscano

Ava's pounding the counter and something almost hits her in the face..

Ava’s pounding the counter and something almost hits her in the face..

Ava swears Shelbie Z will win The Voice.

Ava swears Shelbie Z will win The Voice.

As the host and admin of Vote for the Girls, she has to take a lot of heat not just from the moderators Holly Everman, Ariel Swaringen, and Michelle Steele, but also nearly 30 million viewers that watch The Voice, The X Factor, and American Idol

As the host and admin of Vote for the Girls, she has to take a lot of heat not just from the moderators Holly Everman, Ariel Swaringen, and Michelle Steele, but also nearly 30 million viewers that watch The Voice, The X Factor, and American Idol

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Ava Zinn’s Vote for the Girls: 122 bleeps used among three YouTube videos

Often times since I launched Vote for the Girls on this web site as a campaign that since moved to its own URL, there will be cross promotions between VFTG and

Last Tuesday, while I was recording a VFTG episode, there were at least 55 bleeps used to mask the swearing.

But the following two nights, approximately 70 more were added.

In summation, it is pretty much may be official since everyone around Marion will describe yours truly as a foul-mouth transwoman. On Vote for the Girls, when you are passionate on a pick to win the singing competition, that kind of behavior depicted in these three YouTube clips are necessary. Many people will probably tell you, “Wow, Ava Zinn is like the Gordon Ramsay of American Idol.” A web site like VFTG are run on emotions, during the American Idol 12 finale was a clear example. I might get upset, but most of all it is not 100 percent personal.

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AVA ZINN on You Tube: Vote for the Girls Emotional Victory

To fill the void in between posts I thought it would be appropriate since Candice Glover won American Idol on May 16, 2013.

There is simply no other way to raw emotion after that just one week ago that my pick of Angie Miller was eliminated and then a week later, a wild card pick officially wins.

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I may be creating a new internet meme that is basically the predecessor of RickRolling.


PiaRolling–I said it correctly–Pia Rolling is the new internet meme involving the music video for the 2011 Pia Toscano single “This Time.” Just like RickRolling, the meme will be bait and switch.. For example I post a URL on one of my Facebook friend’s wall that is seemingly relevant to lets say Same Sex Marriage  in Indiana, but it leads to Toscano’s video. The link can be masked or obfuscated in some manner so the Facebook friend cannot determine the true destination of the link without clicking. A person lead to the music video is officially piarolled.

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Ava Zinn falls to lowest January since 1994

The last time yours truly had endured a low January, Bill Clinton was president, Evan Bayh was Governor of Indiana, and Stacie Thomason was a sophomore at Mississinewa High School.

January 2013 is a memorable way to start my 30’s — for all of the wrong reasons. The weekend of my 30th birthday while shopping at Aldi — the shelves normally filled with inventory were empty, and even worse nearly two weeks later turned out to what might possibly be the very last visit to the Marion Aldi store, 2007 South Western Avenue.

After I posted the following on Facebook:

It is official, I have been kicked out of Aldi in Marion until 10:00 AM April 21 following today’s incident.

However, due to the relocation to Indy, I will probably mark today’s visit to the Marion Aldi as the final in Marion.

The post triggered 40 comments (mostly from my family and close friends visibly shocked and in disbelief), and is not sitting well with my family

Aldi Instant CoffeeImagine shopping for the absolutely the lowest price for an eight ounce jar of instant coffee for under $4 and the only place in town happens to be at a store you would most likely never return to for $3 or staying in-town and obtain the second lowest price for $4.25 at Dollar General.
Dolalr General

Clover Valley (Dollar General)

During the visit to the Aldi store in Marion on the afternoon of January 19, 2013, I had purchased two $3 jars of instant coffee (left image) and the clerk got it the all rang up & realized my little girl, Tabitha, misplaced the EBT card as part of a cruel prank, thus not in my wallet and wasn’t with me. I had asked the clerk to suspend the transaction, having to run all the way home to get it, then have it all rang up again (the clerk disrespected AVA ZINN — yours truly — while my GF Amanda saw the clerk put back my ENTIRE cart of groceries) and when I returned to what quite frankly, might be my very last visit to that particular Aldi decided to use the “you disrespect me, I’m going to disrespect you” tactic that has been used since my maternal grandmother first used that tactic back in the 1930’s.

In the end, I had lost my temper (but could have been worse since no one was injured, which would be classified as the sixth time I ever lost my temper).

There was only minor damage to two packages of granola bars (if I recall) near the checkout lines.

At the end of the day, Tabby (my daughter) caused the problem by hiding the EBT card and her punishment was no Internet or cell phone until 10 AM April 21, 2013 (the same I day I am allowed to return to the Marion Aldi); the clerk at Aldi that disrespected me (and got disrespected back) got what she deserved.

Here are some of the comments that were posted on my good clean version Facebook profile (not the page):

Shayla “Sooner” Zinn (my niece):

“When did getting groceries become a dangerous task? Last time I checked it wasn’t always that way.”

Elisa Everman:

It seems like Marion is going down like a California mudslide. No wonder Ava’s leaving Marion effin’ Indiana, Ava.

I will say Ava’s are right on about the permanent solution by relocating to Indianapolis and the store problems she is now facing (as well as TV provider BS from five years ago) will definitely be gone. I really can’t blame Ava. What about the friends of Ava’s that live in Indy that are supposed to be helping you relocate from Marion to Indy? Are they really helping you? I do not think so one bit.

I really don’t want to make Ava’s post on Facebook a bitch fest as this became. I mean if AVA already resided in Indianapolis she would not be dealing with all this fiasco. Let’s just say for example Ava Zinn gets kicked out of the Indianapolis Aldi on North Keystone — easy solution, there’s another Aldi that Holly  goes to which happens to be IN CASTLETON (9505 Uptown Drive in INDY)


Lynsey (Everman) Matthewson:

Ava, this has really got out of hand, blown out of proportion, and I mean it’s not like you have Alzheimer’s or a drunk shopper. All this is about ONE SIMPLE REQUEST from AVA ZINN to a (expletive) clerk at a grocery store that happened to ring up three items — a paper bag and two eight ounce jars of instant coffee totalling $6.10, and simply did not have enough cash and asked the cashier to suspend the (expletive) transaction while you had to go to the ATM to get a $20 bill and back to Aldi. You had ASSUMED they would not restock those three items and you were really mad at them for not doing what you asked them to and may I say, Ava, I really applaud you for standing up for what YOU KNOW IS RIGHT! You may have proved to have kicked the cashier’s ass at Aldi and vow never let ever, EVER happen again. Even at NoSirGifts you never let that happen and I remember just one time (yes I remember that day very well because the next day you were like sweating vodka) you fired Olivia Hillers after you saw her not suspend a customer’s transaction.

EDITOR’s NOTE: Lynsey Matthewson and Elisa Everman are the sisters of moderator Holly (Everman) Willis.

If you want to comment on this story post them in the comments or on Facebook – Your comment could appear on or on AvaZinn on YouTube.

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