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You want a piece of Ava? Every now and then, the Internet and the media are flooded with bulls#!t stories about Ava Zinn. AVA ZINN BS Alerts give you the inside-scoop- straight from Ava Zinn herself on what’s true and what’s bull.


Official Statement to David Della Terza of Vote for the Worst

As you know tonight was the final night of Vote for the Girls’ biggest competitor, Vote for the Worst and I have decided to issue a statement following American Idol’s 12th season finale and since I will probably ending up buying the domain. I had attempted to post an official statement as follows:

“Vote for Girls, a site that I launched on Ava in April 2010, wants say thank you for being a damn good competitor in the four years since your biggest competitor launched following Siobahn’s elimination on American Idol. I have posted one of the most emotional tributes in the Vote for the Girls site’s history on YouTube and want to say that this season was one of the most emotional in the site’s history.

First and foremost, this the same Ava Zinn that tried out for American Idol in Pittsburgh two years ago. It is also the same Ava Zinn that took off her shirt when she found out that Haley Reinhart and Lauren Aliana were in the Top 3 two years ago. It’s also the same Ava Zinn that got cyber-bullied on Encylopedia Dramatica six years ago.

When I first heard that Vote for the Worst was shutting down, I said I was waiting three years for the day to finally happen when Lazaro Arbos was voted off.

I heard the negativity from a few of the mods on my site and quite frankly the comment posted about spamming is absolutely NOT FUCKING TRUE AT ALL.

I cannot believe that you are a webmaster and if you watched Bob Barker and Adam Sandler fight on the Movie “Happy Gilmore”–just pretend you are Adam Sandler.

This will be my only comment I’ve ever posted on VFTW. Let me just say that your site finally has finally lost. However, I am more than happy to welcome all from VFTW on my site. Know that I remember everything.

I watched your site like a fucking hawk (as well as my moderators have) and Vote for the Wort basically knew the day would come when VFTW finally admits defeat.

As fellow member of the LGBT community, I have no problem since the webmaster is gay and the webmaster of your biggest competitor is transgenderd woman ranking with Alexis Arquette and Candis Cayne.

It was nice to be your competitor and finally telling you (and finally delivering a….
[img][/img] (The Price is Right losing horns)


Ava Zinn

PS: I am absolutely fine with your site simply blocking yours truly, but hey. Godd luck and God bless. Your site will be missed by many.”

On a more bitter-sweet note, I now know the truth. And you can feel free to spread the word with your friends and family. All those videos of Vote for the Girls of yours truly using f-bombs, frequenly losing my paitence, and occasionally loss of temper were 100 percent necessary and demonstrated passion.

I am officially known as “The Gordon Ramsay of American Idol.”

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More havoc wreaked on relationship search… (BS ALERT)

The hunt to replace Chrsity has been non-stop since November of 2010. Just this morning, I was chatting online with another woman I had met on the dating  web site, turns out she is a UK woman not interestd in dating a transwoman.     Here is the conversation for those interested (Note that the name of the chatter has been changed to “UK girl” have been used.  

AVA: Hi there

UK girl: hi

AVA: I did some research of the UK and tell me what you like about your locale

UK girl: not much hun

AVA: Are you considering moving to the US?

UK girl: yeah wht

UK girl: why*

AVA: I am also thinking about relocating as well.  From Marion, Indiana USA to Indianapolis, USA

UK girl: ok

AVA: London is also a good place.

UK girl: lol no it aint

AVA: What do you like the least about the UK?

UK girl: its a dump

AVA: Tell me more about yourself.

UK girl: what you wanna know?

AVA: You met on Are You Interetested.

UK girl: yeah

AVA: You look very stunning, nonetheless.

UK girl: ty hun

AVA: What do you like doing as far as your hobbies?

UK girl: reading writing and watching tv

UK girl: mainly

UK girl: you?

AVA: Same here, in addition to shopping, scrapbooking, and a lot more.

UK girl: ok your active

AVA: Did you lose your connection?

UK girl: no why

AVA: you said your active

UK girl: yes i said your active

AVA: is that a uk term

UK girl: nvm

AVA: my meggenger lingo is not what it used to be

UK girl: huh??

AVA: I am kind of nervous right now.

UK girl: i can tell

AVA: I did audition for the 11th season of American Idol

UK girl: ok

AVA: I made the initial cut but did not get to meet the judges.

UK girl: congrats

AVA: How long have you been single?

UK girl: about a 2 years

AVA: Wow. 😡

UK girl: you?

AVA: I have been single for nearly a year and a three months.

UK girl: not long then

AVA: I have been in three relationships. My first one started on my 10th birthday until my freshman year of high school.

AVA: The second was from my freshman year until the start of my senior year. After I graduated from high school I got married

UK girl: maybe i am not suited for you then?

AVA: To tell you the truth, I am a transgendered lady 29 years of age. I hope I didn’t upset you at all.

UK girl: good bye never contact me again

UK girl: you liar

UK girl: i am going to report you

My point in posting that chat is that this is even worse than being rejected. This post has to be classified as an AVA BS ALERT

Stay with, Ava Zinn on Facebook and @aeverinezinn on Twitter for more information as soon as I get more developments.

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Errors in the Ant Tales 2010 are: improper gender pronouns (a lack of them due to gender transition), punctuation errors, and inaccuracies. This is considered to be declared an AVA BS.

The corrected version should read:

October’s club member is Aeverine “Ava” Zinn-Nieves. She has one brother, Albert, who passed away in August of 2002. Ava also has four dogs named Katie, Deanna, Samantha, and Timothy Rags and two cats named Coco and Tabitha Ellen. In her free time, Ava enjoys shopping, eating, and surfing the internet for hobbies. People not meeting “Ava’s standards” is what she consideres to be a pet peeve. Ava’s favorie color is pink and also purple. Her favorite foods are Deep Dish Pizza (aka Chicago style), tenderloins, and Weaver Popcorn, because they are all made in Indiana. Her favorite show of all-time is “Rescue 911” followed by “Hell’s Kitchen, in addition to broadcast television from Fort Wayne and Indianapolis and animated comedies. John Mellencamp would be the person that Ava admires the most because they were both raised in Indiana. If Ava could meet anyone famous it would be Alexis Arquette and Candis Cayne since they are also transwomen, as well as Gordon Ramsay.

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It’s Official, Ava’s in a relationship.

A few weeks ago I quietly began seeing a woman that I met at a support group in Marion just a few days after I suffered a heart attack. Of course, just only two days after Angie’s death, the same woman asked me out and unexpectedly went out on a date with her–unusual for a widow 27 years of age–at a local bar.

After the date I blew the lady a kiss to let her know I am very interested in developing a relationship and she says she might not be 100% ready for a relationship. Eventually, she did tell me about her future plans including a potential move to Florida and I recommended she save up for a vacation home in that state since she told me she is from Florida and went to school there. I also told her everything on what happened while I was on vacation in Indianapolis.

Just a few weeks after the first date, I heard from other sources she was caught drinking and was hospitalized at a mental health institution. I did give her a “Thinking about you” card since I figured her birthday was coming up, even delivered the card to her in person. She did say “That’s very thoughtful of you and very sweet of you.”

So, today I was clicking through my usual Facebook roll of reports looking for stories for, when I noticed that almost everyone I went to school with are married or taken. I wasn’t surpised and was curious if they knew that they were supporive of a 27 year old transwoman (yours truly) dating a 30 year old woman (Christy) on the transwoman’s website that is “On It 24/7”. This is also the first time I’ve ever dated as “Ava” and the last time I was dating was during my senior year of high school (if my memory serves me right).

I also did some research on Christy Johnson (as I do with everyone else by googling the individual’s name), and according to a search on She is from Cocoa Beach, FL, which is approximately 60 miles east of Orlando. She did say she is also a widow, mentioned that she was single for too long and reminded me of her first boyfriend.

After someone in my family learned of the news that I have started dating just two days after Angela’s death and reportedly leaked the news onto the Internet. I belive Christy may not handle being depicted in the media with someone whom she believes to be a “famous stupid tranny”, and in the event Christy and I are not girlfriend and girlfriend, only to discover I am well-educated, articulate and quite accomplished. I may be, in fact, smarter than Christy is, something I think Christy may not know how to deal with.

During the date with Christy, I briefly mentrioned Angela as an urge to unburden my emotions of grief and loss since Christy did indeed ask me about Angela. The imortant thing is I was on a date and I owe it to Christy as much as to myself to see that I indeed had a wonderful time. I was careful of subconsciously comparing Christy to what Angela did or looked like, but in an ironic twist of fate Christy did in fact, mentioned that I was compared to Christy’s first boyfriend. I shared a damn good relationship with Angela for nine years, at least now is the time for me to look ahead and explore other experiences.

Unfortunately, there are some “idiots” that don’t believe a word of the hog wash about yours truly dating too soon since I later found out it may take a minimum of nine weeks to begin dating after Angela passed away in June of 2010. I never saw my mother begin dating after she left my dad when I was 10 months old. Many of my Facebook friends and fans really ought to real happy about that. But there are some bad apples that may potentially responded with shock at the fact that I am seeing someone too soon. Among the comments that WILL be deleted (if they are posted):

  • “How stupid of Ava dating way too f***ing soon. There is something seriously wrong with you, Ava.”
  • “As bad as what you’ve went though in 2002 and 2010 – NOW—- (bleep) PATHETIC. Ava as a Hoosier Transgendered icon was the only reason I’ve been following Ava online. Who cares now?”
  • “I am sooo glad that Ava was sexually assaulted in Indianapolis. The tranny bitch got what she deserved ”
  • “This is just ridicoulous! Makes me so sick to my stomach, I will NEVER be Facebook friends with Ava again!”
  • “ just committed suicide. The site just lost 35% of its audience for the rest of 2010.”
  • “Aeverine Zinn’s never going to find true love again. If she never found love as ‘Frank’ why in the Sam Hell makes her think she’ll find love now?”
  • “Oh, Aeverine Zinn, she’ll never have someone to settle down with. It’s just the same s**t from high school.”

I will say on the other hand, some positive comments may already see a silver lining:

  • “Well Alexis Arquette and Candis Cayne don’t identify as lesbian, look how succesful they is. It will happen to Ava once her gender transition is completed. I belive a few lesbians will probably be jumping and very lucky to have Ava.”
  • Have you seen the news about Aeverine Zinn and Christy Johnson? You know, a lot of these great transwomen carry their “female condoms” around in their purse. But Aeverine carries one… in her panties.
  • Yeah, so Aeverine Zinn and Christy Johnson are reportedly now a couple. Apparently, the transwoman (Aeverine) blew the woman (Christy) a kiss, and… the woman gave it right back!

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Another Ava BS post that should have been posted on April 3, 2009.
Ava BS (as of 4/3/09): Two men anchoring; Ava's pet peeve

According to ED: Ava was first noticed on the internet in early December of 2006 when she posted a rant about how she was convinced there was a great conspiracy afoot when it came to two men anchoring a newscast. Ava, however, saw this as an opportunity for her to shine and decided to do something about it…


Aeverine Zinn statement:

I have stated on the Indianapolis Star’s web site that I was afraid of watching two male anchors especially when he is subbing for the female co-anchor, but never mentioned that the last time I remember seeing to males anchor a newscast was when I was a two year old boy living in Van Buren on November 23, 1985. I want to apologize to anyone that was offended by my rant back in December of 2006.

On April 3, 2009, as part of a NoSirGifts April Fool’s Day prank, I decided to confront the pet peeve and finally watched the April 3, 2009 edition of WXIN-TV’s morning newscast, and even posted on INNewsCenter in High Definition.


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This is very first Ava BS Alert ever. In all BS Alert Posts you will see a screenshot or an image from the source of the rumor. There are three colors that indicate the serverity of the rumor. For this BS Alert, the color is orange or a Level 2.

LEVEL 2: ED Similarity to Chris-chan

How the BS Alert Posts with the word “BULLS#!T” in the following colors:
Red is a Level 3 Rumor – EXTREMELY SERVERE
Orange is a Level 2 – SERVERE
Yellow is a Level 1 Rumor – CAUTIONARY
Green is a Level 0 Rumor – “BULLS#!T” will not appear

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New Feature on Ava BS

So I’ve been watching TMZ on TV recently and over the past few months, I’ve been reading the web site of Britney Spears, and with the dispute with Encyclopedia Dramatica that has been ongoing since August of 2007, I’ve decided to kick up a notch.

What is an Ava B.S. Alert?

If you’ve been watching shows such as Entertainment Tonight or TMZ, plus if you read the blog of Britney Spears, you probably have an idea what I am talking about. Anytime you see an Ava BS Alert on this blog from now on, you will also see an image with the word “BULLS#!T” for those of you that want a piece of Ava. Very often since the Encyclopedia Dramatica dispute began, I’ve been plastered all over with bulls#!t stories about Aeverine “Ava” Nieves (yours truly).  This blog on has this new feature “Bulls#!t Alerts.” This will give you the inside-scoop- straight from Ava herself on what’s true and what’s just BS plus a bunch of bunk.

Effective July 4, 2010, if you see or hear about a potential rumor of Aeverine “Ava” Nieves that you belive meets the treshold of an Ava B.S., it should be reported to yours truly Aeverine Nieves Facebook page ONLY (not on the Facebook profile)! If your tip is approved, a free gift from NoSirGifts with a MSRP of $9.99 will be sent to you at the expese of yours truly.


Examples of Ava B.S.

Ava B.S. images are shown are screenshots from the internet in three colors depending on the serverity.


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