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Reaction to WISH-TV off Bright House…

Personally, I, as well as the other 200,000 plus Bright House Networks subscribers, are appaled, shocked, etc. LIN TV’s decision to pull WISH-TV (Indy) and WANE-TV (FWA) was a colossal cunt move. Due to the fact that INNewsCenter’s web server is located in Marion, I get WNDY with very little problem. I spent approximately $500 at Radio Shack to make that possible. I may have already broken my lease with my landlord–if I haven’t already. I was prepared for the worst.Last night I purchased a 13′ outdoor antenna and I get WISH and WANE with little problem on analog, but a little trouble as far as the digital signal.

In nearly the ten years that INNewsCenter has been online, this has probably one of the most shocking and scary stories ever on INNewsCenter.

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Amy Jacobson Scandal One Year Later…

When this story broke last year at East Central Indiana’s Action News (back when it was just INNCD Internet Television.). The story broke around 4:45 PM when word that now former WMAQ NBC 5 reporter Amy Jacobson had just resigned after 11 years.

The person doing the special report is was not shown, but you have probably heard her voice, and also on another show that is the voice of Heather Willis on “Queen of the Willis.” That person was yours truly, Ava Nieves. At the time, this was one of the most shocking stories ever in the history of INNCD Internet TV and INNewsCenter.

The above video was ranked #17 on July 13, 2007 as one of the most viewed on INNCD’s YouTube account. Enough said already, but I should say that “The Amy Jacobson Scandal” has really gave me a wake-up call.

Back then, the INNCD News department was only five months old and everyone thought “INNCD News would never survive.” That changed after CBS 41 (here in Marion) and FOX 12 (in Kokomo) were acquired by NO SIR GIFTS and created a Media Department, and even though I am freelancing at both stations–I don’t think I will be behind the anchor desk anytime soon–unless NO SIR GIFTS Venues goes out of business.

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Not surprised at all.. but a reconsideration

I was not surprised by the departures of WXIN morning anchor Tracy Forner and former WRTV main anchor Ray Cortapassi. Their contracts may not have been renewed by the respectable stations.


WRTV may have scored ratings growth with “Todd and Trisha,” which debuted at 5:00 PM on September 10, 2007–and I might as well declare WRTV as the second best station in Indy Television.


As I read on Susan Guyett’s column on The Indianapolis Star this morning–I was surprised about former WANE-TV anchorman Scott Kline (now Scott Jones) coming to WXIN.


I wonder what will happen with “Scott and Angela” on WXIN? Will WXIN overtake WISH?


I do know that it will be an interesting 2008.


As for the April Fool’s day program I was supposed to produce at CBS 41 and INNCD (pairing two women and two men on different newscasts), that will not happen April 1 of 2009. I’m sorry to burst everyone’s bubble.


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Franky Zinn announces gender transition

A divorce and marriage announcement that is shocking for the Mississinewa High School Class of 2001 Alumni. The 20 year relationship between yours truly and living as a male is over. Instead, yours truly will be hitching up with the female gender identity named “Ava.” The decision to come out as a transwoman and identifying as a lesbian is over a Zinn family fullfillment.

If you have been the family of the late Margaret Zinn, you’ve seen her as a longtime employee of NoSirGifts, the mother of the late Albert Zinn, an Eastbrook High School Class of 1996 and automotive mechanic. The late Margaret Zinn has had two sons, Albert and Frank. But within ten years, Margaret’s youngest son will be undergoing a gender transition from male to female and the late Albert Zinn will be the only son of the late Margaret Zinn. What does that mean for you–a loyal friend and fan of Franky Zinn?

“As a woman, I will still pursue a typical male-female relationship. I’m still going to be a father. I’m still going to continue the typical male chores. I will not be wearing male underclothes and I will not be wearing any male clothes like a suit, dress shirt, and tie,” commentted Zinn.

Zinn says that living as a woman and becoming a lesbian is more contempoary and it is what people want to see.

“As a male, I am not attracting the young female demographics, and I am not attracting the new generation, the new generation of socialism.”

Franky Zinn is part of a developing group of biological males that are part of a new Indiana law that prohibits discriminates against someone’s sexual orientation and gender identity. In return for leaving the male gender and joining up with the female gender, INTRAA or the Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy and Alliance, plans on seeing Zinn as a major coup.

And that marriage between Frank and Angela, a biological male and female, will be biologically straight, but as Ava and Angela, they will be lesbians.

“More people say to me since high school, ‘I know you like women a little bit older than you, and you have a hard time pursuing a relationship, I just can’t see you as a gay guy.’ So I think, I will be able to convert future realtionships with women in the event should Angela and I divorce to lesbians.

Aeverine Zinn’s decision to live her life authentically represents an important step forward, both for her personally and for all who are committed to advancing discussions about fairness and equality for transgender people. Coming out as a transwoman and lesbian is an extremely personal decision and one that is never made lightly. We look forward to hearing Ava’s story in her own words in the future. We do encourage media outlets to cover this story accurately, as we do with all other public figures, and to avoid speculation about the details of Ava’s story before she is ready to tell it in her own words. The Associated Press Stylebook call on media to use the name and pronoun preferred by the transgender person – in this case, referring to her as Ava and using female pronouns.

The changes are scheduled to be taking place next year.

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My thoughts after the passing of my mother and brother

The outpouring of support following my mother’s death in May 2002 overwhelmed her family that she left behind. Of course there was no autopsy done on my mother. So I obtained a report from Ball Memorial Hospital and after I read the medical reports, which became a shocker!

On April 4, 2002, she left the hospital AGAINST THE ADVICE AND RECOMMENDATION of the physician and Ball Memorial Hospital. That meant there was a “warning sign” that I missed until AFTER HER DEATH!. Sylvia O’Brien, my mother’s nurse, and I found my mother in a pool of dark red blood consistent with melena. That was on April 23, 2002. Days later, Dr. Nicki Turner found her esophagus that showed varicose with red wheal markings and a clot shown on the varix.

My mother was admitted to the Marion hospital in a comatose. Twenty-four hours later, she was admitted to the Ball Memorial Hospital. Her abdomen was distensed and tense. A theraputic and diagnstic paracentus was completed. She continued to have focal seizures and did very poorly. The hospital adjusted her fluid but she accumulated multiple liters of ascitic fluid. Despite three separate drainages, my mother re accumulated the ascities. The hospital had several discussions with Albert and myself, Albert chose to “remove the ventilator” and I DID NOT choose to “remove the ventilator.” Since Albert was next of kin, the hospital went with Albert’s decision. On May 10, 2002, the hospital made her a NO CODE and she passed away.

The reason why my mother died is that she did NOT get her way with many things. So that is what I believe what happened to my mother. I will beive this—no one else will ever know! But according to my case coordinator at Cornerstone, Steve Cooper, there was noting that I missed. I was told AFTER MAY 10, 2002 because my mother did NOT tell me the deciding factor to leave the hospital because she was going to die anyway! She was later cremated on May 28, 2002

My brother’s death—that is a whole different story. Albert died shortly after 6 p.m. Saturday at Pine Lake, Berne. According to the Adams County Sheriff’s Department, Albert had been sliding down a zip line that ran from a tower into the water. Ruth Shoop told Albert not to go into the swimmers area and he did so anyway. Upon reaching the water, Albert did not resurface at all. The paramedics began CPR on Albert after lifeguards recovered his body from the lake at 6:23 p.m., Adams County Coroner Leslie L. Cook said, adding that an autopsy revealed Albert died of asphyxiation. Ms. Cook said that I had told authorities that Albert was not a very good swimmer. Funeral arrangements were still pending as of August 13, 2002, she said.

Albert was a mechanic at Leroy’s Automotive Service. My maternal grandmother-in-law (Elanor Nieves,) my cousins, Sharon, Linda, and Patty, and myself are the only family members that are left in the Zinn family. His funeral was held on August 17, 2002 10 a.m. at Bethel Worship Center, 1715 East 38th Street (across from the VA Hospital), with the Reverend Gary Dalton officiating. Burial was at

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Albert Zinn (1977-2002)

Frank Zinn (August 10, 2002 7:56 PM) –There is another death in the Zinn family. 24-year old Albert Zinn passed away at Pine Lake in Berne, Indiana at 6:04 PM. The brother of yours truly, was an employee at Leroy’s Automotive Service, 2218 West Ninth Street in Marion. He was a member of Bethel Worship Center in Marion. He was born to the late Willis F and Margaret H Zinn in LaGrange, Illinois. He was a 1996 graduate of Eastbrook High School and 2001 graduate of IVY Tech State College.

Survivors include brother, Frank (myself); a sister-in-law, Angela; maternal grandmother, Elanor Nieves, Irondale (Birmingham), Alabama; three pet sons, Weasel, Later, and Baxter; two pet daughters, Sooner and Renee; some very special friends: Roger and Joyce Knodereer, Robert and Tina Craven, Ruth Shoop, John Lopez all of Marion, and John Tetrick, Noblesville.

Services: Gholar and Gholar Funeral Home, 526 South McClure Street, is working on the information and will be on the “Chronicle-Tribune” and will be at Bethel Worship Center Saturday, August 17, 2002 at 10:00 AM. Visitation: There was be a visitation. Burial will be at Grant Memorial Park on Monday, August 19, 2002.

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