Ava Zinn to investigate Smoking Bans and Bus Fare Evading in Fort Wayne
- April
Posted By : Ava Zinn
Ava Zinn to investigate Smoking Bans and Bus Fare Evading in Fort Wayne

FORT WAYNE, IN (AVA ZINN) – April 28, 2022 – Ava Zinn today announced two “Ava Zinn Wants To Know” investigations of the fifteenth anniversary of Fort Wayne’s smoking ban that has since been expanded to include vaping/use of electronic cigarettes and the epidemic of public transportation fare evasion on Fort Wayne CitiLink buses.

The smoking ban’s 15th anniversary will be the first of two investigations as the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana’s fifteenth anniversary of the municipality’s smoking ban took effect. The investigation will also include smoking bans in colleges and universities (Ivy Tech Fort Wayne, Purdue Fort Wayne, and Indiana Tech), film/television (including the recently announced “Caprice & Ella: The Movie” set to be released in the summer of 2023), some housing projects/areas including the Fort Wayne Housing Authority’s ban on smoking that went into effect in 2013.

The second investigation will be an investigation of public transportation fare evasion on the Fort Wayne CitiLink. As Ava has seen from watching news reports about public transportation fare evasions in New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Boston.

The investigations will be available to watch on AvaZinn.com and on Ava Zinn’s YouTube channel. For those interested in an uncensored version (where available), they will be available on Ava Zinn’s Retail Nightmares channel as a community service of Aeverine Zinn Digital Media Group.

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