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Posted By : Ava Zinn
Coverage of Ava Zinn’s Relocation to Fort Wayne prompts changes for Week of March 25

From Sunday March 25 to Tuesday March 27, Ava Zinn will be on assignment on the impending relocation from Marion to Fort Wayne.
Due to the coverage, there will be some changes to the regularly scheduled “Vote for the Girls USA” tapings and regularly scheduled commitments as Founder, Owner/CEO and principal webmaster of Aeverine Zinn Holdings.
As a result, Ava Zinn will not be hosting “Vote for the Girls USA” for that week only and will not be penalised at all. Had Ava Zinn not been the winning moderator of “The Voice 13” and in a rare move (as Chloe Kohanski won and Addison Agen finishing runner-up), Ms. Zinn decided to flex out American Idol 16 (and former America’s Got Talent 9 pick) Mara Justine and The Voice 14 pick Christiana Danielle to Alexandra Moffitt.
Zinn said, “With my successful runs by picking Addison Agen as my local Vote for the Girls pick and Lindsey Sterling finishing runner-up, I decided to abstain from making a pick on American Idol 16, The Voice 14, as well as the upcoming mini-season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and as someone about to relocate to Fort Wayne, I wanted to give Alexx her moment by my decision to flex out Mara and Christiana. Abstaining on Vote for the Girls is something I rarely ever do. Other moderators chose to abstain on “The Voice 5″ almost five years ago and I figured the timing was right to walk away while I’m ahead.”
Kathi & Karly Jameson will fill-in for Ms. Zinn as guest host with VFTG co-host Alexandra Moffitt.
Sunday 8:00pm – American Idol 16 Episode 5 “Auditions” will be seen Thursday March 29 at 7:00 pm.
Monday 8:00pm – American Idol 16 Episode 6 “Hollywood Week” will be seen Thursday March 29 at 9:00 pm.
Monday 8:00pm – The Voice 14 “The Battles, Part 3” will be seen Wednesday March 28 at 5:00pm.
Tuesday 8:00pm – The Voice 14 “The Battles, Part 4” will be seen Wednesday March 28 at 7:00pm

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