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Kymberly Alvaraz to become significant other of Ava Zinn

MARION, Ind. (November 29, 2014)– Kymberly (Christian) Alvaraz from Denver, Colorado and Ava Zinn announced Friday a comprehensive, long-term relationship agreement with an option to extend the LTR in 2018.
Under terms of the agreement, Ava Zinn (yours truly) will change her relationship status from single to “in a relationship with Kymberly Alvaraz” with Mrs. Alvaraz’s significant other will change from “married to Dan Alvaraz”, Kymberly’s husband since 1994, to “in a relationship with Ava Zinn” beginning January 4, 2015.

Kymberly Alvaraz and Ava Zinn will be in a relationship effective January 4, 2015
Kymberly Alvaraz (pictured) and Ava Zinn will be in a relationship effective January 4, 2015
As the new girlfriend of Kymberly Alvaraz,  Ava Zinn, as a transwoman 32 years of age, becomes the stepfather of Mrs. Alvaraz’s four daughters (Stephani, Haley, Benita, and Denise (formerly David)) from Alvaraz’s ex-husband Dan. Kymberly will also become the stepmother of Zinn’s four children: Samantha, Tiffani, Ashli, and Tabitha.
Kymberly Alvaraz, 47 and nearly 16 years older than Ava Zinn,  agreed to the relationship with yours truly as part of a deal that CONFIRMS that Ava Zinn had successfully auctioned her virginity for a long term relationship to the former news anchorwoman Denver.
The relationship with Mrs. Alvaraz and yours truly will make Alvaraz  the oldest significant other of yours truly, knocking Angie Willis down to second-oldest.
Experts said the sticky issue of relationship agreements and agreeing to be friends by strictly voting for female contestants and paying Ms. Zinn was behind the reason Zinn and Alvaraz will be in a LTR as well as Zinn auctioning off her virginity as the punishment for failure on Vote for the Girls and recently renewed close friendships with Holly Everman and accepted close friendship deals with Rachael Passalt, a transgender woman from Minneapolis that begins her own gender transtision on Monday (December 1–coincidentally 10 years to the day yours truly began her own transition and the same day that Denise, Kymberly’s youngest child, will also begin her own transition). Reports have been circulating that the remaining of Ms. Zinn’s friends had been renegotiating their own friendship agreements with Ava Zinn and Zinn confirmed one of the Close Friends of 13 were unwilling to ante up the kind of agreement payments that yours truly demands (such as paying $100 per year in case a female contestant finishes runner-up or worse on American Idol, The Voice, Rising Star, and/or The X Factor), according to sources.
“A female friend of Ava’s was kind of playing hardball on how much she was willing to pay and declining the Vote for the Girls clause  and perhaps did not take Zinn’s demands with Vote for the Girls seriously , said one source.

Of course, I didn’t take the virginity auction lightly, but I will continue to entertain outside offers as close friend renewal talks with existing friends and other allies.
“I always hope to work with the incumbent,” says yours truly. “But if the incumbent doesn’t meet the value that I perceive it to be, we will certainly and most definitely test the marketplace.”
That value is expressed these days in the fines and penalties to yours truly that most pay for violating the rules.
“The virginity auction and subsequent relationship agreement to Kymberly Alvaraz as well as the close friendship agreement with Rachael Passalt came down to the value that Mrs. Alvaraz and the junior Ms. Passalt offered in their entirety versus what one of my existing close friends were offering,” yours truly says. “Mrs. Alvaraz saw an opportunity in Indianapolis. The valuation that both Kymberly and Rachael put forth was more in line with what I am seeking.”
The switches are a devastating blow to those that currently and have been close friends with for nearly 20 years.
Of course, I have others that have been close friends with yours truly and so far, Alec Dailey thus far has been confirmed as the only remaining male friend in my Close Friends of 13 Circle have been renewed until 2023, as the remaining 12 are all female. I can say that the close friendship with Holly, Jessica, and Rachael,  are set to expire in 2026 with Wendy, Veronica, Telissa,  Elaine, Dara W.’s all expiring at the end of 2024,  Mona’s expiring in February 2022; and Lisa and Kayla’s having a lifetime clause.
I am still working on renewals with other long-time close friends, although I’m not going to say how many.
As far as going forward with those I have been friends with since high school and now as a woman, they are a large group of ours and I expect to further engage with them in renewing in where I have friends up for renewal.
“At the end of the day, from what I’ve been seeing on Facebook, I think if a close friend of Ava Zinn’s balks at her Ava’s demands, the close friend must recognize that other individuals might step up to take over the close friendship at less attractive terms.”
That doesn’t mean that I want the lion’s share of a close friend’s money, I think I am just asking for fair value, and agreeing to voice their support for Vote for the Girls in order to get a victory. I’ve been sort of putting a fire under close friends to go out and get as much as I can to continue as a webmaster.
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