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Another 9/27 Copycat…

A woman will be confronted with disrupting the schedule of yours truly after attempting to interrupt the production of the UK version of my popular American web site (Vote for the Girls) Friday afternoon. The woman, whose name will not be released due to doctor patient laws, will be sanctioned.
The woman will be disciplined for attempted disruption three and half hours before the start of the “Strictly Come Dancing” (UK version of Dancing with the Stars) and the UK version of “The X Factor”. The clash caused a chain reaction.
The moderator panel of Vote for the Girls UK, including Tracia Ward, was startled.
“All of a sudden, after an hour and a half after I finished the plans of the competitions I sensed something wasn’t quite right since it was Friday, ” said Nermal Everman.
The incident might have been deliberate, “but I can’t verify it.”
ORIGINAL STORY: We’re learning more details about a schedule clash that caused the UK version of Vote for the Girls that is set to premiere it’s second season tomorrow.
Around 1:30 pm, as I was going to lunch, was caught off guard for the third time, but this time, it proved to be the last straw as I had tried on at least seven occasions tried my hardest to avoid more schedule conflicts.
This incident occurred on the eve of the 13th anniversary of my dis-enrollment from IWU.
This story will be updated.

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