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Save Us Ava Zinn: Vote for the Girls in CRISIS!
Vote for the Girls USA
Vote for the Girls USA
In a video I uploaded on YouTube channel (the good clean version obviously), I address the issue that caused me to launch Vote for the Girls USA in April 2010 and the UK version last June.
As you know the site only gets victories when either all the males are voted off and/or a woman wins these competitions. Right now all the males are white guys with guitars and the ladies of American Idol 13 need your help more than ever. Thank fully, with the voting limited this year, there is hope for the site’s victory streak that began when Cassadee Pope won The Voice of America 3 in December 2012 and going for a fifth straight victory.

As you know I’ve been voting for the ladies on shows like American Idol, The Voice of America, and The X Factor USA. In a Twitter post to Vote for the Girls, I was alerted about several white guys with guitars that auditioned for American idol 13. The video speaks for itself

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