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2013 Year in Review

The following is a list of events on AvaZinn.com and Vote for the Girls in 2013. Events listed include information about changes of Zinn Family and friend, controversies and  disputes.

Month Day Event LINK
January 1 Six months after a television tower collapsed, Zinn began an over-the-air/Internet stream (via AT&T U-Verse) hybrid as a television provider
(replacing Bright House), the Indianapolis stations (except WNDY and newscasts on WISH, WXIN and WTHR) were replaced by
out-of-market (and out-of-state) affiliates of the corresponding networks, including stations in Chicago (WBBM-CBS, WLS-ABC, WGN-CW, WMAQ-NBC, and WFLD-Fox), Miami (WPLG-ABC and WSVN-Fox), Tampa (WTVT-Fox and WTSP-CBS), New York (WCBS-CBS and WNYW-Fox), Chattanooga (WDSI-Fox) and Harrisburg/York (WPMT-Fox).  The substitution began on July 15, 2012 and continues in 2014.
12-13 Zachary Thien, a 2004 graduate of Mississinewa High School, is accused of shooting Megan Chipman near the Hotel Marion on 4th Street. Ava Zinn issues an apology involving comments made about Thien in a post on the Fox 59 Indianapolis Facebook page. Ole Miss 2004 Grad Arrested in Marion Homicide
19 Yours truly suspends grocery shopping at Aldi #18 (2007 South Western Avenue in Marion) due to a dispute.
The dispute is resolved on April 21.
Ava Zinn falls to lowest January since 1994
February 1 Nearly three years after my wife’s death in June 2010, I exercised the option to adopt Angie Willis’ daughter, Ashli, outright.
7 Nexstar Broadcasting settles a lawsuit against Granite Broadcasting that alleged that the latter company controlled advertising sales through its carriage of five network affiliations on two Fort Wayne stations (WISE-TV and WPTA, former Marion Cable Channels 18 and 21, respectively), resulting in that market’s Fox affiliation returning to WFFT-TV (former Marion Cable Channel 2) from WISE’s second subchannel on March 1, reversing a 2011 switch that resulted from a dispute between Nexstar and Fox over retransmission compensation.
7 After four years, yours truly, announces that she will leave Carey Services (amid rumors of being laid off and wanting “to make Mark Draves’ job a little easier”) on May 31 to focus on my pending move to Indianapolis, declining mental health, unstable home life stemmed from a fateful prom 12 years earlier, a very big family, as well as Vote for the Girls USA. Ava Zinn Stepping Down at Carey Services
22 Marsh Supermarkets announces the closure of its southside Marion store and will not renew the store’s lease. The only remaining Marsh store, 1013 North Forrest Avenue has been the Marsh yours truly currently shops since my IWU dismissal since the Adams Street Marsh store is located in my NO IWU Zone.  The last visit to the Marsh on Adams Street was in 2000. March closing southside Marion store
March 5 Vote for the Girls USA posts American Idol voting information even though yours truly said since the American Idol 11 finale she was not watching does not mean that she did not vote. VFTG Encourages You To Vote for Angie Miller
18 Jackie Florea and yours truly reunite after a 21 year absence.
23 Yours truly attend the funeral of Ashley Rheam
29 Vote for the Girls USA declares its first ever clean sweep win, with all five female contestants (Kree Harrison, Candice Glover, Janelle Arthur, Angie Miller, and Amber Holcomb) being saved by public votes before the male contestants (Burnell Taylor and Lazaro Arbos) and Devin Velez being eliminated on American Idol. VFTG Clean Sweep Win! Sorry, guys. Idol’s just not into you.
April 8 Nearly a year after announcing yours truly was done watching American Idol (and making a 2013 resolution reflecting this), the 2013 Resolution is broken for a good reason with a Vote for the Girls victory on the line. Ava Zinn resumes watching American Idol
11 Yours truly gets the first Vote for the Girls Victory after the elimination of Lazaro Arbos. This marks the first time in VFTG history that a victory on American Idol occurs. Candice Glover wins American Idol on May 15 VFTG Victory: American Idol 12 (VotefortheGirls.us)
12 Vote for the Girls gets the first victory of 2013.
May 4 Your truly has a meal at Flores Mexican Restaurant for her first and only visit.
9 Vote for the Girls USA pick of Angie Miller is eliminated.
13 Yours truly acquires infamous web site Vote for the Worst. The purchase of Vote for the Worst, which announced in January the site is shutting down on June 1, is expected to be approved by GoDaddy.com in February 2014, will be redirected to Vote for the Girls (and will add America’s Got Talent and Dancing With The Stars in the Vote for the Worst section of Vote for the Girls). Ava Zinn to acquire VotefortheWorst.com
21 Vote for the Girls USA declares its another clean sweep win, with all seven female contestants (Danielle Bradbery, Judith Hill, Michelle Chamuel, Sasha Allen, Sarah Simmons, Holly Tucker, and Amber Carrington) being saved by public votes before the male contestants (The Swon Brothers) with Kris Thomas and Josiah Hawey being eliminated on The Voice. VFTG Clean Sweep #2: The Voice 4
22 Yours truly sets a YouTube record for going on a profanity-laden tirade—one of the most censored events of Vote for the Girls USA history, though it results in some of the highest ratings of VFTG.
June 1 The British version of Vote for the Girls (Vote for the Girls UK) debuts with The Voice UK series 2 knockouts after earlier announcing the UK version would launch.
18 Vote for the Girls USA gets second victory for 2013 with Danielle Bradbery winning The Voice USA 4 VFTG Victory: Danielle Bradbery, (AvaZinn.com)
22 Vote for the Girls UK gets the first victory in site history with Andrea Begley winning The Voice UK VFTG Victory: Andrea Begley  (Vote for the Girls USA)
July 10 Severe storms cause another power outage causing major inconveniences
17-18 I attend the wake and funeral of Travis Simpkins, I clearly saw raw emotional pain from Wendy’s part.  I would have stayed a longer (and wanted to utilize the six hour time frame) but was asked to leave. Initially it was a concern of my safety due to inadequate transportation (I am well aware of the Heat Advisory and willing to believe that is the case) or someone blew the whistle when Ashley (Dawson) alerted me about something, or what I could have seen was another wake-up call (similar to Jessica Berg’s wake in April 2010)–this time it may have something to do about the fact that upon relocating to Indy, I’ll be adding and making new friends down there in addition to existing ones in Grant County.
After a Zinn family meeting and review, it was determined I was asked to leave the wake and Sheena Fromholz, another party in the Mississinewa 500 Cold Case, asked me to sit in the back row, thus violating the civil rights of yours truly and penalized $175 per appointment policy.
This will be the main question I’m looking into whether or not I should change a funeral policy of mine in the Zinn family books since 1987.
The second question is somehow unrelated given the fact that there was a heat advisory while biking from Marion to Gas City. This the basis of the possible new funeral policy of mine since I had no other choice to bike to the wake and funeral. Had I knew about that and asked for a ride (which probably would have happen I asked nicely), I believe that would made a difference.
Additionally, Holly (Everman) Willis rules against Ms. Fromholz for being asked told to leave the wake of Mr. Simpkins due to the heat advisory (which was wrong of that person at the end of the day) and tells her to sit at the back row for the f***ing funeral just because yours truly doesn’t have a car or does not even have a Driver’s License, which was wrong of Ms. Fromholz to do that. Willis later reveals that were clearly other options available for yours truly while she biked from Marion to Gas City on the afternoon of July 18 and the morning of July 19, 2013.
An updated Weather Related Emergency Policy Bill was signed into policy that will go into effect January 4, 2014.
Ava Zinn considering making changes following snafu
22 The 21st season of Santa Ava is called off. It is later revealed that the 22nd and 23rd seasons of Santa Ava are called off due to low revenue. However, beginning with Santa Ava 24 (2016), a format change will take place. Santa Ava Called Off
29 Another Zinn Family Policy, 2-5-10-BANNED FOR LIFE is signed into policy. In October, a complaint was filed challenging the policy. The policy will go into effect July 4, 2014. 2-5-10-BANNED FOR LIFE POLCY signed into Policy
August 8-15 As a Vote for the Girls Reward for the victories of Candice Glover (American Idol 12) and Danielle Bradbery (The Voice of America 4), I attend the popcorn festival in my hometown of Van Buren while my BFF Holly (and US chief moderator of VFTG) attends all days of the Indiana State Fair with Bradbery’s concert falling on August 10. I attend the Indiana State Fair on August 13 and 14 as well as continue negotiations (and start serious negotiations) with various apartment complex leasing managers in Indianapolis.
October 1 Vote for the Girls fifth season premieres at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis. It is the first season to open in Indianapolis. VFTG USA Opens at The Indiana State Fair
2 I announce on AvaZinn.com that Vote for the Girls Australia will debut. Unlike the USA and UK versions, the Australian version will be tape delayed but will obtain voting information on the VFTGAU Facebook and Twitter feeds. The site is scheduled to debut July 4, 2014. Ava Zinn to launch Australian version of Vote for the Girls
6 Vote for the Girls UK gets second win with the Over 25’s mentored by Sharon Osbourne is all female on The X Factor UK 10. VFTG WIN: Team Sharon (The X Factor UK 10)
8 The UK version of Vote for the Girls moves to its own site at VotefortheGirls.co.uk VFTGUK site goes online
November 6 For the third time in 20 years, I had to declare single as a relationship status due to Mandy’s behaviour after she shut off my laptop as a way to get my attention, an argument and brawl later pursued that evening, causing significant damage to my home. Mandy Davidson no longer Ava Zinn’s significant other
December 5 Vote for the Girls declares its first loss of 2013 with the eliminations of Ellona Santiago and Rion Paige Thompson on The X Factor. The loss is reversed two weeks later. Ava Zinn Gets First VFTG Loss of 2013
10 Yours truly presents a Vote for the Girls USA episode clad in a black swimsuit.
15 Samantha Bailey wins The X Factor UK 10 VFTG Victoty:  FACTOR UK 10 (AvaZinn.com)
17 Tessanne Chin wins the fifth season of The Voice of America VFTG Victory : The Voice of America 5
19 Alex & Sierra wins the third season of The X FACTOR USA. The pick of Alex & Sierra marks the first time in Vote for the Girls history that the loss declared two weeks earlier had been reversed. It is also the first time in site history that an Ava Zinn’s Vote for Best of Worst pick had won any talent show. VFTG Victory : The X Factor USA 3

Family Changes in 2013

Date Name Previous Relationship to Zinn New Relationship to Zinn REASON
July 4 Tiffani Zinn (formerly Timothy Rags Zinn) Son Daughter Gender Transition
September 21 Kree Angie Alley N/A Granddaughter
September 21 Chaz Lazaro Alley N/A Grandson
November 6 Amanda Davidson Significant Other* EX-GIRLFRIEND End of Relationship

*Davidson was the girlfriend of yours truly from January 4, 1993 to December 20, 1997 (as Davidson’s boyfriend) and from June 3, 2012 until November 6, 2013 (as Davidson’s girlfriend).
Friend Changes in 2013

Date BFF # Previous
October 5 13 Rachel McPherron Ashley Dawson November 1
October 5 27 Ashley Dawson Robert Craven November 1

Deaths in 2013

Date Name Age Notability to Ava Zinn LINK
March 16 Ashley Rheam 28 Mississinewa High School Class of 2002 Alumnus, fellow alumnus Ashley Rheam (1984-2013)
May 6 Braylee Rice 14 Friend of Ashli and Tiffani (then Timothy Rags) McCulluogh Tragedy
July 13 Travis Simpkins 34 Husband of Ava Zinn long-time friend Wendy Becker Travis Simpkins (1979-2013)
November 21 Vicki Little 59 Former cousin of Ava Zinn.
December 3 Salome Padilla 30 Mississinewa High School Class of 2001 Alumnus Salome Padillia (1982-2013)


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